My older nieghbor

I was 15 when she and her husband moved across the street from us. I was instantly intrigued as she was a small older woman. She was about 5' 1" tall and probably weighed about 95 #s. I have always been turned on by small older women and this was no differnt. Her and her husband were both 38 when they moved in and he was a big guy that worked some kind of construction. Thayer moved into the old house which was directly across the street from my bedroom and I could see directly into their room if the lights were on. I used to spend alot of nights jerking off to seeing the fuck at night.We'll after about 2 years he left her for someone else and she was alone with her 2 small boys. They liked our yard because it was flat and theirs was on a hill so we used to thow a baseball or football around my yard when I was home. She used to come home and call them in for dinner and would always thank me for being such a cool nieghbor. After a while she would invite me over for dinner and I would accept. I always had a hard on when I went over there but thought I hid it well. She started to ask me to come over when the boys were at school and do some things around the house that she couldn't. She always offered to pay me but I knew she was stuggling to keep up with the bills so never took any money from her. This went on for a year after her husband left and I would still jerk off whenever I saw her in her room at night getting undressed or just going to bed. One day when I was mowing the lawn she came over and asked me to move some boxes from her attic to the first floor so she could go through them. I went over there and pulled the ladder to her attic down and climbed up to get them. I couldn't find the ones she wanted so asked her to come up and find them for me. It was really hot up there. She came up and we went through a bunch of stuff till she found what we were looking for. By now we were both really sweaty and her being in a teeshirt and shorts I could see her tits through the wet material. I got an instant hard on. I had on sweat shorts so it was really had to hide. She went down the ladder and stood at the bottom as I handed down the boxes. After I gave her the last one I felt her hand slide up my shorts leg and cup my balls. I turned to look at her thinking it was an accident and she grabbed my cock through my shorts. She said to me thank you so much for all your help and I want to give you something. Before I could answer she pulled my shorts down and my cock popped out right in front of her face and she took the whole thing right down her throat. With her nose in my pubs she grabbed my nuts and I shot off right down her throat. She swallowed everything I had. She held me in her mouth while looking up at me. I didn't get soft so she sucked me some more as she looked at me. My knees where getting weak and I was abut to fall off the ladder and she felt it and pulled off my cock with a pop. She looked directly into my eyes and said " I need that cock in me now " I took the last 2 steps down and she turned around and got on her knees on the floor. I got behind her and shoved my cock deep on the first thrust. She took it and groaned and said fuck me hard. I started pounding her and within a minute she yelled yes I'm cumming at which point I shot my second load into her. We both laid down in the hall out of breath and smiled at each other. She reached down and put her finger in her cut and grabbed some of our juices and liked them off her fingers and moaned. Then she went back to her cut and scooped some more up and feed it to me. When I liked her fingers clean she let me know this wasn't the last time.