My Wife Adores Anal

First of all a little about herself which when I describe her, I am sure you will easily be able to picture her in your mind. She (Mrs P) is 5'2" and extremely petite. Her gorgeous breasts with very sensitive nipples that she cannot get enough of having them pulled strongly and twisted in any direction measure a (UK size) 34E. They have reduced in size from a 36E as she's also shed a few pounds and taken up weight fitness training.Mrs P weighs a mere 114 pounds and is a UK size 10 in skirt or trousers and a UK size 14 for a top. A stunning readhead with shoulder length natural red hair, she is the complete package. We met when she was in her mid 30's and I was a squaddie. I was definitely the toyboy in this relationship as I am 14 years younger. We married six months later and have been together for over 30 blissful but not totally trouble free years.Now Mrs P loves as mentioned to have her nipples twisted and pulled severely. She also loves anal. In fact when she knows we are planning a special anal night she will get prepared so she is fully clean and empty and ready to receive the type of hard anal pounding she enjoys.For the warm up to her birthday, I suggested to her that she should get ready for an evening of firm but pleasurable experiences that would push her to her limits. Now she does not like being told what to do (I am sure many of you can relate to that) but she does enjoy being told what I intend to do with her. That way it gives her something to think about all day and she as a result gets very fidgety and keeps coming up to me while I work in my office (I work from home) to give me a caress or a kiss or a seductive fondling. I swear we are like newlyweds when she starts getting in this sort of mood.So on to the evening just a few days before her 66th birthday and she looks stunning dressed or undressed. I can tell you she literally looks around 40 at most. We've got ourselves ready having luxurious bubble baths with scented oils and candles and together enjoyed a glass of wine to help us both unwind after a long and laborious day.Mrs P strolls leisurely into our bedroom and presents herself naked before me, ready to accept whatever I decide to bestow. I start behind her with a gentle kiss at the nape of her neck which always sends tingles down her spine. Taking hold of her glorious breasts I roll the nipple of each one and then grab a handful of each breast keeping my thumb and forefinger on each side of her nipples. Squeezing as tight as I can I elicit a deep and longing moan from her as I pull her nipples forwards and twist them about 60 degrees. This makes her push her gorgeous ass back against me. Her sweet tasting cunt starts to moisten and I have yet to touch it.I then push her forwards so she collapses face forwards on to the bed, never letting go of her sensitive nipples. Releasing one breast I move a hand down towards her cunt, stopping just above and grab her pubes. She maintains a lovely trimmed red haired bush which is just perfect to take hold of and pull away from her body. The gentle pain excites her and she rubs her mound against the sheets in anticipation of what is about to come next.Taking my index finger and fore finger I place each digit either side of her prominent and rapidly engorging clitoris. Squeezing my fingers together with her clitoris in the middle, like the filling of a sandwich, I squeeze and release repeating this for about two minutes. All this time I am still pulling on one of her nipples and kissing her back and neck. By now Mrs P is starting to get very wet and is getting very vocal begging me to fuck her. In the daytime she is demure. Here in bed this evening (like many evenings) she becomes a totally submissive and aroused woman who awaits whatever I have planned for her pleasure centers to experience next.Without warning, I throw her over on to her back and chomp down on her cunt, taking her extremely sensitive clit between my lips and bite gently. Mrs P explodes with noise, panting in pleasurable excitement. I then circle her labia dipping in to her cunt with my tongue, tasting her juices which start to pour.Returning to her clit I lash it with my tongue both vertically and horizontally, adjusting the tempo to maximize the pleasure that she experiences, drawing her closer to a violent climax. Taking two of my fingers, wettened from her cunt juices, I push them in to her ass without any preamble or preparation. She lifts off the bed, grinding her cunt against my mouth, which is being bombarded by my rapid licking tongue.With a scream that can be heard by passers by (we keep a window open to make it feel more naughty), Mrs P climaxes with a deep and prolonged shudder. We wait a few moments so she can recover before I kneel before her presenting my cock to be sucked and licked.Her cock sucking skills have just got better and better over the years we have been together. It's literally as if she has learned what totally arouses and satisfies me. She starts by taking about a third of my prick into her mouth so it is covered about two inches below the thick dome. Sucking on it hard like a popsicle, she lashes the sensitive end and underside with her tongue, cupping my balls and encouraging the spunk to build up to a climax.While I am experiencing a really amazing blowjob, I am not negecting her. Plunging three fingers into her cunt and massaging her insides makes my hand very wet, so that she can then take four fingers without discomfort. As she continues to suck on my cock with me towering over her, I use my thumb to gently touch her by now over sensitive clit, keeping my four fingers deep in her cunt, rubbing the lining and walls and twisting my fingers into a half grip to clutch the vicinity of her G spot.Mrs P gives out a mewling scream, muffled by her mouth being full of cock and she starts to lick even faster, sending my pleasure centers into overdrive. I don't want to come in her mouth, as fun as it is. Instead I start to fuck her mouth pushing my cock deeper and up to her gag reflex point. Switching my four sodden fingers from her cunt, I push two, then three and finally all four into her ass, which dilates to accept my hand. She moans louder, clamping harder on to my cock and redoubles her efforts to lick me to climax.Now getting closer to exploding, I need to slow her down but she wants none of that. She is now like a woman possessed and eagerly wants me to come. I force her off and roll her over on to her side, spooning behind her.Mrs P now eagerly and with much excitement pushes her ass back against my cock and because she is now so dilated, my thick cock bottoms out in her ass in one single stroke. I immediately place one hand on her pubes to pull them as I thrust as hard as possible in her ass. Her screams out "fuck my ass harder". Applying more weight to her back I roll her on to her stomach, forcing her legs together but keeping my cock deep inside her. I then move my hand from her crotch and play both hands on her breasts that are being squashed against the sheets. Taking her harder anally and squeezing both nipples rythmically, I lift her body up off the sheets, releasing one breast and clutching her gorgeous red hair, pulling it back harshly. Taking my hand still on one of her by now painfully sensitive nipples, I alternate between her tender breasts and her cunt, pulling her further over towards me so her body is now lifted off the bed and three quarters on top of me facing away.Plunging deeply into her ass she begs me to fill her with spunk. With a rapid and very deep thrust, I roll her back on to her front, applying all my weight on her and bellow as I shoot my spunk into her bowels. Holding her tight for a minute or so, I slowly uncouple and she lays there, flushed, dishevelled and thoroughly satisfied.That was Friday that's just gone by. Tomorrow is her birthday and we have plans for another repeat performance tonight. For the two of us, sex just gets better with each passing year as we are in tune with our needs.