My Wife's Date Night Blacken

My husband sat down for dinner while I hurried in to take a shower. I stood under the hot water allowing the hot water stimulate my already aroused nipples. I'm fairly well endowed and the water was hitting my nipples making it feel as if someone was nibbling on them.I closed my eyes trying to envision my boyfriend James nibbling on one of my nipples. It took a week before the little marks he put on my breasts finally cleared up the last time we were on a date together. I allowed the water to hit my pussy which I recently shaved completely bald. James loves a bald pussy. If anyone has seen my movies than you know what I'm talking about. James has large hands with thick fingers. I've always found that the size of a mans hands usually indicate the size of his cock.I love big muscular masculine black men and James fits that bill perfectly. James is a big man. Very tall at 6' 4". I'm 5'8" and kind of tall when I'm wearing my 6 inch fuck me pumps.I finished my hot shower and checked out my nails which I had painted earlier in the day. They were a bright red. Now don't ask me but I find that most black men love red nails on a white woman. James is no exception to that theory. He will hold my hand and play with my fingers and just stare at the red nail polish. He also gets a thrill out of wiggling my wedding ring on my finger when we hold hands.James likes to kiss a lot. Try to imagine me dressed in a tight short revealing low cut dress. I'm setting on a sofa holding hands with James while he's kissing me very passionately. Now, add my husband setting directly across from us with his big brown eyes focused on me and James and his hand stroking his little cock through the material of his pants. These are some of the things that are on my mind when I'm dressing for a date with one of my black boyfriends. My husband isn't always present when I'm on a date. It all depends on what's planned for the evening.If I'm going to film a movie than my husband most likely tags along. There has been a few occasions where my husband is traveling on business and too busy to be the camera boy so I setup everything myself. I makes sure everything is recorded so my husband can enjoy the movie later. When he's there he loves working the camera. Sometimes he'll bring two cameras. My husband says he likes to position one camera near the foot of the bed to capture the big black cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. He likes to hold the second camera capturing angles from the side of the bed. He is able to capture the most intimate moments with that camera.Passionate kissing and perhaps a few intimate words exchanged between me and one of my lovers. I seldom even notice the presence of my husband in the room when I'm involved in passionate love with one of my lovers.I know you woman can relate to what I'm saying. James for example is very thick and long. He's just big and fills me up inside. James loves to kiss me passionately while slowly pushing his cock deep inside my belly until it can't go any further.He'll slowly pull out only to repeat his thrusts inside me as we kiss knowing my husband is nearby watching his every move. I'll wrap my legs around his thick meaty ass while he drives deep into me. I might still be wearing my heels. My husband loves those shots where my heeled feet air stretched high into the air as one of my lovers pounds my white married. pussy. On this particular night, it had been about three months since I fucked anyone besides my husband. I was extremely horny and wet with anticipation of getting screwed this evening. James was out West on business and I promised him I'd stay horny for him until he returned. I think I stopped taking my birth control a few weeks ago. My doctor wanted to prescribe a different pill but I forgot to get the prescription filled before James returned from his trip. It never even dawned on my to fill the prescription. I was so excited to see James that I just forgot. I picked out a nice black dress with a touch of white under my breasts for the evening. It was short and left most of my large breasts exposed. I knew James would want to take me as soon as he arrived at the hotel later this evening. I picked out James's favorite perfume and gave a few short squirts in all the right places. Just a light touch where James would smell them as he kissed and searched around my body once we got together. I was applying my makeup when my husband walked into the bathroom. He commented on how sexy I looked giving me a kiss on my bare shoulder just above the material of my dress. He told me he thought James would love seeing me in that dress tonight. I did debate weather to bring my husband along but when I saw the way he looked checking out his camera gear I couldn't leave him behind tonight. I know there would be other evenings I could be alone with James. We arrived at the hotel later that evening. James was waiting for me in the lobby. I walked in going straight toward James where he took me in his arms giving me a hot passionate kiss right there in the middle of the lobby. I wondered what the people thought at the front desk when they saw us kiss. My husband stood directly behind me holding his camera bag.James took my hand as we walked toward the elevator. My husband pressed the floor James had told him. There was another couple on the elevator watching as James continued to kiss me as we traveled up to out floor. I told James I missed him in between out little kisses.We entered our room where the intimacy between James and I continued. During this time my husband is unpacking his photo gear and mixing drinks while James and I get reacquainted. I say my husband unpacks his camera gear first since he loves getting the movie camera up and running just in case things get hot and steamy before he finishes the drinks.James and I were holding our drinks and whispering back and forth when my husband excused and left the room momentarily. I smiled at him on his way out. I likes to allow me to set and relax with my lovers while he takes a little walk before things get hot.I looked over and saw the little red light on his camera knowing he left it running before he left the room. He never misses a thing. My husband says that's what makes the whole movie experience different than anyone else's.He loves to see everything from start to finish.I sometimes think my husband is psychic because he always returns once I get my boyfriends shirts off and we are on our way for more hot fun. My dress was already off and I was stretched out on the bed as James got on the bed next to me. We kissed as he stroked my pussy. I reached down and started to stroke his cock as he slid over on top of me. He started kissing his way down my breasts than tummy and finally working his way to my pussy. He was holding my hands as I spread my legs open for him. He slid his massive body in between my lets and started to lick my inner thighs.It didn't take him long to zero in on my wet pussy. His hot tongue felt good as it parted my pussy lips. James let go of my hands and pushed my legs back against my chest. It didn't take much longer before he twisted around and we were locked in a 69 position. I think I saw my husband for a brief moment standing along the bed taking my picture as I sucked on that big black cock.James moved around again and positioned himself between my legs. He reached down to insert his cock between my pussy lips. As soon as I felt the head of his cock I knew he would push forward with one long thrust. I prepared myself pulling my legs back as James pushed forward sending his cock deep inside my pussy. I let out a loud groan as I felt his hard thick cock filling my pussy. When James is fully inside me I feel totally stretched and filled. I can feel the heat of his whole body on top of me as he places his wet lips over mine. We'll lock in a heated kiss while he rams that massive black cock into my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his body locking my heeled feet around his ass. James loves it when I dig my nails into his back when he fucks me. I really don't have a clue where my husband is at this point. I'm just totally involved of making love to my man at the moment. I think we switched positions several times before James stood up and had me wrap my arms around his neck. I quickly figured out what he was going to do next as he cradled my ass in his big hands and stood up and fucked me in mid air. He bounced me up and down his thick cock like I was a little girl.My legs were stretched out as James worked my pussy up and down his big shaft. He carried me over and sat me on the sink counter where he continued to fuck me. I did manage to see my husband standing near up with his video camera in one hand and his other hand playing with his cock. James carried me back to the bed where he had me ride his cock while my large breasts swayed back and forth just inches above his face. We changed positions a couple more times until James was on top of me again.I could tell by the way his cock swelled that he was ready to cum. I think James had brought me to three orgasms by this time. James picked up the temple that without any warning he let out a loud grunt like a bull.I actually felt his hot seed shooting inside me. I felt his cock flex a few more times as he emptied his hot potent seed deep inside my belly. He flipped off me a few minutes later so my husband could get a nice cream pie shot.I fucked James again that evening. James shot three more potent loads of seed inside my belly that night. I didn't remember about taking birth control until the next morning. I told my husband but he kind of brushed it off. I guess he never imagined that I would become pregnant with a black baby that night.That was confirmed a few weeks later when I took a self test and later saw my doctor who confirmed that I was definitely pregnant! It was a strange way that I broke the news to my husband. As always. It was a Friday night and I had a date with James. My husband wanted to film me talking about my date so he was filming me when I told him the news.I'm pregnant, I told him. He knew he had a vasectomy and he knew right away that I was pregnant with a black baby. He filmed it just as I told him. I told James later that evening but his was not surprised after all the sperm he pumped into me. He asked me about my husband and told him we still had to talk about the pregnancy.James fucked me half the night that night before I returned home and had a long conversation with my husband. Over the next few months my husband filmed me as my belly grew larger. My belly got really big too!