Ode to Joy

We had just finished chatting . I had to take a shower after work. All hot, dirty and sweaty. I was a bit disappointed that I had to shower alone but sometimes, that’s life. As I got undressed, I thought about you, Joy, and how nice it would be to share the shower. As I opened the door to the shower, I heard the water running and the steam was leaking out. How is this possible?Imagine my surprise when I saw you standing there under the stream in your glorious nudity. You saw me with my mouth open with astonishment and beckoned me to come in. So I did. You guided me under the hot water and I felt the sweat rinse off my body. With a wash clothe full of soap, you rubbed down my body from top to bottom. As you moved down, you got down on your knees and cleaned my cock and balls. Suddenly, I felt my cock in your mouth. The water had washed away the soap and I was squeaky clean. I felt myself growing. The hand with the wash clothe moved back and was caressing my asshole. This caused my usual 8 inches to grow another inch as I filled your mouth. From my cock, you moved down to my balls and sucked on them. And then you turned me around and rimmed my asshole with your tongue. Amazing. I almost came right then. Now it was my turn to do you. The texture of the clothe on your breasts caused your nipples to harden and stand out. Bending down, I teased them with my tongue and sucked hard on them. I could see from the expression on your face that you liked this. You grabbed my cock and as I sucked harder, you grabbed me tighter. As you, I got down on my knees in order to wash between your legs. As I parted your lips and discovered your clit, my tongue went right to it. I heard you moan with pleasure as I sucked on your clit. With one hand, I was able to enter with two fingers to your pussy. You were wet from the shower and wet from your own juices. My other hand went to your ass and massaged your round mounds. And then, a finger found it’s way to your anus. I began to finger fuck your ass, finger fuck your pussy and tongue your clit. You grabbed my head and pushed me hard against your pussy so that I couldn’t get away from you. Not that I wanted to….As I stood up, you turned around and guided my hard cock into your waiting pussy. The heat of your cunt, the heat of the water and I was ready to cum. I was holding onto your breasts and squeezing your nipples from behind. My hand was strumming on your clit. And then I slipped out of you. Hmmm, I thought. Let’s try something. I took some soap and soaped up your anus. Slowly, I entered there. You gasped as I filled your ass with my cock and you started to move with my to that I was fully inside of you. I could feel you squeezing my cock with your ass muscles as I thrust back and forth and finally exploded inside of you. I could barely stand, but then, neither could you. As I slipped out, I saw the foam around your gaping hole and wondered was it my cum or was it the soap that was foaming like that. Spent, we turned off the water and dried each other. A final hug and a lover’s kiss and I stepped out of the bathroom with only my towel wrapped around me. When I opened the door, my wife was standing there.“Did you have a nice shower?”