Office Intern

Work has been very busy as of late, so my boss decided to hire an intern for the summer. I thought it was an excellent idea so we set it up that he would start on Monday. When Monday rolled around, he was on time and waiting in the lobby. I went out to meet with him and brought him back to my office. I had him come into my office. He introduced himself as Mike. He was very pleasant and well mannered. Young around 27 and very good looking. I felt a little twinge in my crotch. I asked him if he was ready to get to work and he replied Yes maam. I told him to call me Jennifer. Well we got to work and for a couple of weeks he helped me with this big project. As we worked together I got to know more about Mike. He is always ready to help whenever things needed to get done. It was such a pleasure to have him around. After a few weeks of working together he seemed to be more relaxed. Coming over and standing closer to me when I needed his help. I always noticed his crotch when he stood next to me. Always wondering what he had in his pants. Things were piling up so I asked Mike if he could work on Saturday. He smiled and said that would be no problem. I said great and that I would see him early on Saturday. When I pulled up in the parking lot, Mike was already waiting for me. We both walked into the building where I locked the door behind us. I told him that we would be the only two working. As we started to work, I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said no. I told him that was a shame since he was a very good-looking man. I told him if I was younger I would love to be his girlfriend. He started to blush. As we were working and him standing next to me I noticed that he had a bulge in his pants. He stood there and was turning away every time I looked down. I thought that this was a good time to find out what he had in his pants. I looked up at him and asked him if there was a problem? He looked at me and said that I was making him hard. I told him that we can take care of that problem if he liked. He smiled and told me that would be nice since he didn’t have a girlfriend. I swung my chair around and told him to stand in front of me. He moved over and stood right in front of me. He had a big bulge in his pants. I reach up and started rubbing it. I felt so hard and big. I was dying to see it much closer. I rubbed his cock up and down while he stood in front of me. I was getting hot wanting more. As I rubbed him I undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. When I unbuckled his pants and opened them up, I saw the prettiest pair of panties. I looked up at him and his face was red. I told him not to worry and that I really enjoyed the look of his cock in woman’s panties. I pulled down his pants and there in front of me was a beautiful cock under a pretty pair of blue and white panties. I was amazed how good his cock looked and wanted to stroke it. His panties were starting to get wet from his precum. My hands massaging his balls as my other hand rubbed his cock through his panties. I asked how long he has been wearing girl’s panties and he told me for a long time. He told me that they make him feel so sexy. As I rubbed his cock, I needed to have it out so I could get close to it. I slipped my finger under the waist band and slowly lower them down over his cock. His cock was beautiful. His shaft about 8-9” long, About 2-2 1/2 “ in diameter, with a beautiful head. This was the perfect cock for me to suck on. As he stood there with his rock-hard cock pointing right at me, I looked up at him and licked my lips. He knew that I wanted to suck him right in my office. I reached around and pulled him closer to me. I leaned in and started to lick the head of his cock. Licking the precum as my hand wrapped around the shaft. My fingers barely fit around the shaft. As I stroked his cock I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and down to his balls. I heard moans. I wanted so much to be sucking on this cock. My hand massaging his balls and sack as my tongue ran around his cockhead. While licking the head I opened my mouth so I could let his cock slide into my mouth. I sucked it like a lolly pop. Kissing and licking it as I let it inside my mouth. His cock was big but was I think a good fit for my mouth. Feeling the cockhead slide in and out, it was so warm and filled my mouth. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed and he was smiling. After a few minutes of sucking his cockhead, it was time to take more of his cock in me. Bobbing up and down, I let more and more of his cock enter my mouth. Out of all the cocks I sucked his was different. I fit so right as he pumped it into my hungry mouth. He swayed back and forth as I took him into my warm mouth. Stroking his cock as I matched to strokes. Getting used to the size of his cock, I took him till I felt his cockhead at my throat. After working my mouth over his cock and letting his cock get wet from my juices, I let it into my throat. Slowly working his cock in and out my throat. The head filling up my throat. Feeling his shaft and head going down my throat. He stared pumping faster but I pushed back on him. I looked up and he looked down and he knew that I wasn’t done. I worked his cock for about 15 more minutes so I could savor his beautiful cock. I sucked and sucked his cock as he fucked my throat. It felt so good to blow my intern. I knew his was near to Cumming.As I deep throated him I let him control the speed of which he was fucking my mouth. He pumped his cock in deep and then drew it out. I felt his hands on my head, knowing that his load was coming soon. I could hear his breath become labored and his moans were getting louder. Oh yes Mike give me your hot creamy cum. Fill my mouth with your hot load. Then I could feel his legs tense up, knowing I was about to take his hot load down my throat.His hands pulled my head onto his cock as I felt him unload into my mouth. A hot creamy squirt of cum went down my throat. Then another and another. His cum filled my mouth, dripping out of the corner of my mouth. I reach up and caught his cum and pushed it back to my mouth. Squirt after squirt his pumped his cum in my throat. I swallowed as he pulled his cock out before he pushed it in again. He cum was so hot and creamy. Then I felt one last push deep inside my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the shaft and sucked for whatever was left that he could give me. His cock started to go limp and I licked and sucked his cum before he pulled out of me. I licked my lips and swallowed whatever he gave me. I licked my lips as I looked up at him. I asked him If I could be his girlfriend? He looked down and said. OMG YES. I told him that I would clean him up so I went back to his cock and licked and sucked him dry. As I was doing that he was staring to get hard again. I knew then that we would have to work more weekends. …………… to be continued.