Older Woman Who I Hooked Up With

I wanted to get with her off the site so I asked her for her number. To my surprise she gave it to me. I called her the next afternoon and we talked briefly because she was on her way to the mall. She asked the usual question of what I was looking for and made small talk with some laughter. I told her if she was comfortable with it I could stop by and pay her a visit later so we could spend some time and have a drink. She had to go because she was finally in the mall. She told me to text her a couple pictures and that she’ll text me when she gets home. I text her the pictures and she started giving me a hard time saying I look so young like I’m 16, etc. I let her know that I heard that all before and that it was because of good genes. I also let her know that it’s not the case in different areas. She questioned me about that and I let her know that I may have a baby face but I’m a man where it counts. She was intrigued texting back saying, “is THAT so, so you’re telling me you’re a man. A big man lol”. I text back saying “yeah I’ve always been able to relate to older women”. She said that she sees. The next thing I get is a picture of her backside showing off a big juicy booty asking me if I can handle that. The first thing I thought was god damn she thick, a true pawg. I immediately got hard and said yeah, only if you can handle this; sending her a full body nude pic. She said she could see why I relate to older, younger girls can’t handle it. She let me know I was free to come over and sent her address. As I opened the door she had her feet propped up watching TV. I immediately grew a hard because she had sexy feet with blue nail polish. She had on women’s capris sweat pants with a buttoned t-shirt. I walk over, hug her, and kiss her on the cheek introducing myself. We talked about random stuff with some laughs in between. After about 40 minutes of talking I use the bathroom so I could make a move when I sat back down. I walked out and complimented her feet and rubbed them as I leaned in to kiss her. We started making out sucking each other’s tongue. She had to catch herself telling me not yet and that we had all night as she rubbed my chest. She wanted to watch a stupid TV show first. I stayed patient because I knew I was getting some milf pussy. She was complaining about her back aches so I offered her a back massage for later. She weighed a good 160 with most of the weight on her ass. I got peeks of how deep her crack was when she would lean forward for something. I don’t know if she was doing that on purpose, but all I know is if I could see the bulge in my jeans then I know she could too as she would rub and pat my leg. I couldn’t help but think about burying my face deep in her ass and have her sit on my face smothering me. Her hips were wide and proportionate with her ass. She is the thickest female that I have ever done anything sexual with. I was anxiously waiting for the show to end as my dick stretched the seams of my jeans. The show ended and she stretched out and got up walking to her bedroom asking if I was just going to sit there. As we were laying on the bed I offered her the massage and mounted her big booty and started massaging her back. She was extremely tense and appreciated the way I caressed her. I had to go pee, however when I returned she was assed out laying on her side showing her booty waiting to get its proper servicing. I kissed and rubbed her ass for at least five minutes before I did anything. I wanted her and I to enjoy the moment for all that it’s worth. As I was kissing her, she talked back telling me to kiss her ass and asked if I liked kissing it in a horny domineering fashion. She knew the answer but I buried my face in her cheeks and shook my head yes as she got on all fours. She told me don’t get too far up in there, she wouldn’t want me to get lost as she spread her cheeks showing her asshole which showed signs of use down through her years. I let her know it would be fun finding my way out. I started licking her inner crack and tried to lick from top to bottom, but she was so thick it was hard to do it. So, I spread her cheeks and asked if she liked her ass licked and started licking her asshole. She let out an “oouueee yeah that’s it, lick my ass” as she spread her cheeks for me starting to moan in pleasure. I rimmed and tongue fucked her asshole making it real wet while fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit area at the same time, eventually bringing her to an orgasm. I told her to come suck my dick and get it nice and hard. She started sucking me off like a real slut. Taking me as far down her throat as she could, sucking and licking the head while jacking me off. I told her don’t forget my balls as she quickly switched to sucking both in and out of her mouth. Her head wasn’t the best but her pussy was tighter than any female I’ve ever had sex with. She had her legs spread laying down rubbing her pussy. I put the condom on and slid in but was met with difficulty, she was super tight. I eventually got in and stretched every part of her tight, wet pussy. She told me to slow it down some and give it to her slow. I slowed down and watched my dick slowly slide in and out parting her pussy lips with each thrust. I could barely look at her for fear of cuming too quick. She looked good when she curled and wiggled her toes in tune with my thrust. I put her legs on my shoulders and started giving it to her a little faster. Our bodies smacked loudly against one another as my balls hit against the bottom of her ass with every thrust. She started moaning louder reaching out to hold on to something telling me how my cock feels so good. I knew she was about to cum so I slowed down some to make her wait for it. I put her legs down and put her feet in my face kissing and sucking on her toes as I filled her up. “Oh God Yes” she moaned telling me don’t stop. I picked up the pace and made sure she was going to cum hard. Grabbing her by the thighs I started fucking her as fast as I could. Her moaning got real load, she started arching her back and grabbing all over me. She had a real big orgasm and seconds later I couldn’t hold off any longer and told her I was about to cum. She told me to cum inside her and I shot big bursts of cum deep inside her. I had ended up taking the condom off midsession, we both agreed to do it. I almost fainted I came so hard; I was also seeing stars. We both gathered ourselves for a minute. My dick stayed hard the whole time. When she gathered herself, I told her to bend over so I could get that ass from the back. I slid back into that pussy and didn’t take it slow. I got to pounding her back in and smacking her ass real hard. She loudly moaned as I asked her if she liked having young black dick fuck her. I talked real freaky to her as I licked my thumb and worked it deep into her ass. “oweee yes, give it to me baby” she moaned; letting me know I was going to make her pee. I figured that was code for squirt so I kept at the same pace and didn’t let up. She started cuming again and shot stream after stream of her hot fluids on my dick and off the edge of the bed. She was done but wanted to get me off again so I had her sit on my face and jack me off. I told her to grab and squeeze my balls while doing it. The pleasure of having my face smothered in between her ass cheeks sent me over the edge. I couldn’t hold back from cuming and came in her hands. She ate every drop and didn’t waste any, she was greedy for my nut. I cleaned up and left shortly after because she had to wake up early in the morning. I went back to school the next day and texted her a couple times, but that was it. We both shared a fun moment which turned into a lifelong memory for me.