On the train

After a few stations the train gets even more empty. I have a look around and I am alone in the carriage. Very well, I am pretty tired and I can fall asleep. I am woken up by the sudden stop of the train. I notice a man on the platform, tall, brown skin, clean shaved face. He wears a black old t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. He jumps on the train and I hear the door of my carriage opening, he walks along the corridor, and sits right in front of me. We just glance at each other and I turn my head away. His legs are quite muscular, you can see veins in his hairless calves and legs, he is very fit. He has abroad chest and thick arms. I can see his nipples pushing through his t-shirt.He looks at my legs too, I am wearing shorts Just above the knee and a t-shirt. I can't say it's an unpleasant look, but I am not used to men looking at my that way. The train leaves the station and I close my eyes falling half asleep. A voice wakes me up:“Tired?”“Yeah a bit”“Partied tonight?” “Not really, I staid up studying for an exam”“Oh, you study at the University? You look so young”“I'm 22”“Well, you look 18-19”The guy wants to talk, but I am not in the mood so I don't reply. There is a moment of silence then I hear. “You are very cute.”I don't know how to react but before I can reply something the guy seats next to me. “You look a bit like my boyfriend”And he takes out from his pocket a small picture of a young guy in a hat. I lean forward to look.“He is cute” I say. He puts the picture back and I feel his hand on my knee. I't a nice soft touch, and I look at him a bit surprised. “Do you like it?” he asks. “I...I don't know”. He moves his hands and caress my leg, then moves his hand up above my shorts. I flush and don't know what to do. I don't even know if I like it. But I don't stop him. He goes on with his hand, moving it all around my leg. He wants to feel me, he squeezes it and moves up and up. His hand has now reached my crotch and I can feel it moving towards my cock. I realise I have an erection. I can feel his hand on my cock now, he moves it from top to bottom, as to check how big is it. His hand goes down to the base of my cock and more, he has now reached my balls, I can feel his hand through my shorts while it touches them with one finger then two and then squeezes them gently. I moan. “Want more?” he says“Yes” I hear myself say. “Follow me”He stands up and walks along the corridor. I see his wide back, his strong ass and calves and I find myself thinking how would it be to squeeze his buttocks. I follow him along the corridor, he opens one door and now he is in between the carriages. He turns to look at me, opens the toilet door and goes in, closing it behind himself. I look around, there is none. I don't know what should I do. But what could happen? I opened the toilet door and close it behind me. I lock the door. The toilet is tiny, it barely has space for 1 person. I found my face close to the guys one. I step back and hit the door Im leaning against the door as he says. “Undress”.I am so horny right now I take away my t-shirts and my shorts immediately. I stand in shoes and underwear. I am sure he can see my cock pushing on my underwear. I cannot hide my excitement. “Everything”.I obey and take my underwear down in one move.I glance down. My cock stands out, erect. My foreskin is completely retracted and the red head of my penis pulses and shines. “Do you want me to undress?”I nod.He takes way his t-shirt first. His breasts are huge, his nipples are hard and red. He has some hair on his chest and down the belly, where his 6 pack stands out. I can feel my cock gets bigger and bigger. I have never been so excited.. “Shorts too”. I say. He removes in one move shorts and underwear and now he is standing before me, completely naked apart from shoes and socks. I glance down at his cock. It's not hard. But it's thick. Thicker than mine I think almost black. His balls are hanging down, big black balls. His pubic hair are black and curly. I reach out to touch his chest. I put one hand on each breast and start to caress them as he did with my legs. My hands move form the chest down to the nipples and behind his back now. He has a strong back and I can feel the muscles nuder my fingers. Our heads are very close now. I start to kiss his neck and he does the same. His hands are around my ass and he pulls me towards him. I feel my cock touching his leg. He is hard now. I look down and I see our cocks touching each other. His big cock rubs my belly, back and forward, our dicks touch now and then. His hand reaches down and takes both cocks in his fist. He starts to rub them against each other. I feel his strong fingers around my cock and my penis touching his cock, then his balls, then his cock again, I feel his dick growing even bigger, My hands are down on his ass now. I squeeze his buttocks, they are so hard and muscular.My fingers move between them and he relaxes. I can slide 2 fingers between his bums and to his butthole. I feel it's wet, I keep his butt wide with one hand and with the other I rub my fingers on his butthole. He starts to moan. He has still both our cocks in his hand, but now he uses both of them and I can feel I am getting too excited. “I am going to come like this” I say. “No” he says. And stops touching me and pushes me slightly away. I am standing now with my back on the door. My cock is hard as a stone and already dripping some cum. He kneels down and starts to kiss it on the edge. I see him with his tongue out and licking the head. My cock is pulsing and dripping more cum. I am about to explode. “Fuck my mouth” he says. This is what I was waiting for. I put my hands on his cheeks and slide my cock into his mouth. First on his lips, then he opens his mouth a little and I slide the head, then another 1, 2, 3 inches in. I can feel his tongue licking my cock and his saliva mixing with my sperm. I can't resist anymore and push all my cock inside his mouth. I hear a coughing sound, some liquid drips down his mouth. I can feel my cock rubbing against his palate now. Against his cheeks and teeth. I start to slide it out and in his mouth, once, twice, faster and faster, deeper and deeper in his mouth. The more I thrust the more wet his mouth becomes. Now he places his hands on my butt and opens my buns. I go on fucking his mouth, one two three times more. I can't hold it anymore, I can feel his finger on my asshole and I explode in his mouth. One, two, three spurts and more. I unload all my semen in his tasty mouth. After some moments I slide my cock out and I look down. He looks at me and swallows.