Once You go Black

A friend had loaned Carol a DVD of interracial sex after they had chatted about the good-looking and hung black men they had seen on the beach one day. She ran upstairs and got her Magic Wand and black dildo from the dresser drawer and hurried back down stairs. She took the DVD from on top of the mantle above the fireplace and put it in the player. With a pillow under her bum she lay on the floor and started the movie. She watched as an attractive, mature white woman, much like herself, was fucked by three black men with huge cocks. It made her very horny and fingers gave way to the vibrator then the dildo and she bucked her hips as her orgasm coincided with a black cock spewing a great quantity of creamy cum in the open mouth and over the face of the woman. It scratched her itch temporarily but served to make her more eager to see Jimmy.It was difficult for Carol to concentrate on anything but Jimmy's arrival and as seven o'clock neared she was shaking with excitement. She wasn't sure how to achieve her goal of seducing Jimmy, perhaps in a similar fashion to the way she had Joel. It had worked well and she certainly knew how to tease men, especially when she was dressed for it. Jimmy arrived at ten after seven and Carol welcomed him in, hoping he didn't notice how nervous she was. He handed her the shrimps and she asked him to follow her into the kitchen. She was wearing a black, mid-thigh-length dress, black seamed stockings and heels. She felt his eyes on her and that was exactly what she wanted. She placed the shrimps in the fridge then fumbled in her purse for money. Faking an absent-minded move, she lifted her dress to scratch her thigh and revealed a sliver of stocking top and naked flesh. Her hand lingered, making sure he had a good look then turned to face him. He didn't seem to know where to look but as Carol stared at him standing there in just a t-shirt, shorts and sandals and she could see a huge bulge in his crotch. "Now or never," she thought and walked over to him and placed her hand over the bulge. "Oh my, Miss Carol, Miss Carol," he stammered and took half a step back."You want to fuck me don't you? I know you were looking at me and I can see and feel what it's done to you," she squeezed his erection through his shorts to emphasize the point. "I want you to fuck me with this big cock, you want to don't you? I've never had a black man before and I want you to be the first." Before Jimmy could respond she knelt down and pulled down his shorts. She just stared for several seconds at the big, hard cock she had exposed. "Oh Jimmy, it's beautiful, sit down," she said huskily, pointing to a kitchen chair. The big cock twitched as she took in every detail, from the mushroom-shaped glans and thickly-veined shaft, to his big, loose balls. She placed first one then the other hand on his erection and it responded quickly to her deft touch and became incredibly stiff. She swallowed hard with excitement. Jimmy watched as his cock was expertly masturbated and kept murmuring, "Oh Miss Carol, oh Miss." "Take off your shirt," she said and he pulled the t-shirt over his head revealing his hard body. One hand caressed his firm body, developed from a lifetime of outdoor physical activity; it roamed over his stomach and lingered on his nipples and she aroused each one to a hardness that matched her own. Her other hand other continued to masturbate his erection. She was fascinated by his rich, milk chocolate skin and when she looked at his extremely hard, massive erection and the beautiful head of his cock she regretted that she hadn't taken a black lover years ago. All of her previous fears dissipated and seemed inconsequential now that Jimmy's cock was in her hand, so big, so beautiful and so hard. His knob glistened and Carol put her tongue on the underside of it. She licked all over it, teasing it with the tip of her tongue, enjoying the taste of a dribble of pre-cum. She opened wide and breathed her hot breath over his knob. She was enjoying this and intended to take her time exploring his penis. She put just the head in her mouth and closed her lips over it, flicking her tongue over the tip. She quickly co-ordinated her breathing with sucking and took him deeper into her throat. "Wait here, I'll call you in a minute, she said and let go of his cock. She walked out of the kitchen and over to the foot of the foot of the stairs where she took off her dress and threw it to one side. She wasn't wearing underwear and she slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. She was very excited and wet from handling and sucking Jimmy's big, black cock and with the anticipation of it soon being inside her. She climbed to the third stair and spread her legs. All the men she had known loved to look up at her naked bottom and pussy, especially when she was wearing heels and stockings and she knew Jimmy would be no different. He would be very excited looking at her this way before she took him upstairs to her bed and she called him to come. He leered at the erotic view from the bottom of the stairs and when Carol turned around she stared at his erection. It was massive and twitched every few seconds. She stared at it then looked into Jimmy's eyes and smiled, he returned the smile and jerked his huge hard-on a few times as if to say, "You're going to love getting this and I'm going to love giving it to you." She shuddered at the thought of his cock inside her and turned to continue up the stairs but as her left foot touched down on the next step she felt Jimmy's hand between her legs. His long fingers slid easily inside her and probed her vagina then moved to her clitoris. He kissed the cheeks of her ass and toyed with her most sensitive spot and she soon had an intense orgasm. She moved upstairs, walking in a provocative manner to show off her shapely legs, bottom and pussy. Jimmy watched intently and stroked his cock in long, slow strokes. When she reached the top of the stairs she got down on all fours and lewdly displayed her rear and pussy. It was a horny invitation that he couldn't resist and he mauled her ass then fingered and licked her wet slit and clit. He watched while she crawled into the bedroom and climbed up onto the bed, as she had done for Joel. She lowered her head onto the sheets, forcing her bottom higher and exposed her pussy again. She turned her head and saw a look of pure lust on his face, a lust that she shared. He climbed onto the bed and knelt behind her, she opened her legs, anxious to feel his erection enter her pussy for the first time. As he settled behind her and his huge cock neared her labia Carol was eager to know what it would feel like. She moaned the instant his cock touched her. It brushed up and down along her pussy lips and over her clit then nudged into the opening of her vagina. She was wet but surprising tight for a mother of three and someone who had been fucked as much as she had, by Glenn and other men. Jimmy was very thick and he pushed the head of his cock gently inside, realizing that she needed a few moments to adjust to him. She pulled her ass cheeks apart in an attempt to spread her pussy to its limit allowing the huge, black cock to thrust deeper with each stroke. She had never felt quite so filled, even with her two big cock lovers but was soon ready to push back onto the black dick, forcing it deeper and deeper inside her. "Aah Jimmy, that's so good, give it to me," she panted as Jimmy buried his cock with long, steady strokes, "Yes, yes, yes, that's it, oohhh that's it, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she screamed as he held her hips and slammed against her bottom. He mauled her ass as she squealed and whimpered with pleasure. "Oh Jimmy, fuck my pussy, do me, do me hard," she implored. He stood beside the bed and he pulled Carol over the edge and continued to pump her hard from behind. Orgasms ripped through her as Jimmy's balls slapped against her clit. "On your back and spread your legs," he said with an air of authority in his voice. She lay on her back with her legs together, feigning shyness. "You want more of this black meat?" he asked, stroking his cock."Yes," she replied coyly."Then spread your legs and show me your wet cunt." She slowly opened her legs and placed a hand near her aroused clit, exposing herself to him. "Now spread your pussy open, show me where you want this big, black dick," Jimmy ordered as he shook his huge erection. Carol placed the fingers of both hands on her pussy and spread the lips. "That's not wide enough for my meat, spread it wider." She repositioned her fingers and spread her labia as wide as she could. "Yeah, that's very nice, now it looks like a pussy that is ready to be filled with black dick; do you want this dick in there?" "Yes Jimmy, give it to me, I want it, fuck me with your big, black cock," she pleaded. He positioned his cock so the head just touched her labia. She looked down at it, "It's so big, put it in me, put it in me now, I want to feel you all the way in." He quickly got on top of her and his cock sank in to his balls. "Ooohhh," she cried and put her heels on his buttocks to keep him buried deep and when he began to move in and out the heels of her stilettos on his buttocks helped him on the downward stroke. "Pump it in me, baby, cum in me," Carol moaned. She began to understand the phrase, 'Once you've had black you never go back', and although she had no intention of giving up white men, she would certainly want more black cock. Her head lolled back and forth and she clutched his back locking him in an embrace as the huge black dick ploughed into her. She didn't want it to stop as erotic sensations rippled through her at breakneck speed. She was lost in a world of sex, lust and pleasure. She moaned, cried out and whimpered through multiple orgasms and begged Jimmy to fuck her over and over, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Jimmy had ideas of his own, this wasn't the first time he had fucked a horny white woman and Carol was beginning to understand that. She didn't know it yet but he was a regular visitor to the big white house on the hill and already had the notion that she might be an ideal candidate for what took place there. Without taking his cock out, he stood and lifted her. Her hands locked around his neck and all she could do was cry, "Ooh, ooh ooohhh," as Jimmy's cock stretched and pummelled her pussy as she bounced wildly up and down on it. Jimmy placed her back down on the bed, turned her around and picked her up again. It this position he ate her pussy and she sucked his dick. After placing her back on the bed he lay down and she straddled him and took hold of his erection and directed it into her willing, hot pussy. She rode him, wildly bucking up and down on his dick and crying out through frequent orgasms. She sensed that he was getting close to ejaculation and encouraged him by whispering in his ear, "Pump it in to me, fuck me, shoot that cum Jimmy, give it to me and fill my pussy." He moaned and she felt the first of many searing splashes of semen that flooded into her. He kept pumping until his sperm covered his cock and balls and her labia.