One Thursday

I took his hard cock into my mouth and started sucking back and forth on it. I deepthroated him and he soon started moaning as he enjoyed the early morning blowjob. He's cock soon started shooting his cum into the back of my throat as I continued to suck him. He moan as he came in my mouth and once done he pulled out and moved away from me. I went to the bathroom to spit his cum into the basin.He then got dressed and I walked him downstairs and too his car. He gave me a kiss goodbye and told me he would be home late as his flight back only departs at 7 from Cape Town. I said goodbye and waved as he drove off and then made my way back to bed for another 40 mins before waking my daughter to get her ready for crèche. After dropping my daughter off, I made my way to gym and there after home. As I was pulling into my garage I saw Nick walking towards me, to come and visit.As I got out the car we greeted each other with a kiss on the lips and then made our way in. Telling him that I came from gym and that I was going to shower. He said cool and joined me upstairs in the bathroom. I stripped down naked in front of my lover and hopped in the shower. Nick and I chatted about his exams while I washed myself. Once out he helped dry me and once I was dry I asked him for two minutes of privacy to change my tampon. He waited in the bedroom for me while I change my tampon and I then joined him in my room. I sat naked on the bed while chatting to him and putting cream on my body. He then asked, can I help put cream on your boobs and back? And i replied to him saying that would be lovely. He creamed his hands up and then placed them onto my boobs. Rubbing the cream into them. My nipples grew hard as I enjoyed the way Nick was touching me. Once he finished with my boobs he asked me to lay on my stomach and he then massaged cream into my back, neck and shoulders. I gave off soft moans as I enjoyed the massage he was giving me. He then creamed the back of my legs and finally my bum. As he massaged cream into my bum he said fuck I'm horny now and it sucks that you on your period. I said I know it really does suck. He then asked me if he could place his cock between my bum cheeks and thrusted as if he is having sex with me. I was a bit confused as to what he was exactly meaning and said sorry I'm not in the mood for anal hun. He replied back saying that it's not anal and my cock won't penatrate you anywhere. Still rather confused I said ok and he then stood up rather happily and started stripping himself. I sat up on the edge of the bed and once my handsome lover was naked and standing in front of me, I first took his hard cock into my mouth and started sucking him. I deepthroated him for a while and then stopped and asked him to show me what he meant earlier. He said sure as he took the cream and creamed up his cock. He then asked me to lay on my stomach again and he put more cream between my crack spreading my bum cheeks as he did so. He then climbed on top of me and laid down, placing his hard cock between my bum cheeks and started thrusting back and forth. I laid there on my belly as my lover continued thrusting up and down between my bum cheeks. He then groaned as his cock exploded shooting his hot cum between my crack and onto my back.Once he finished cumming he got off me and then got tissues to wipe his cum off me. I asked him if he enjoyed that and he said yes with a big smile on his face. I smiled back at him as we both then got dressed and went downstairs where we had a cup of coffee. While drinking a cup of coffee we discussed for Nick to come over next week Wednesday after his 3 hour exam starting at 9am. That was also going to be his last exam and there after back to work on the Thursday. My husband would also be away that night as he was going on a three day business trip leaving the Tuesday morning. Nick said he can't wait to see me next week and nor could I. After we finished our coffee Nick and I said goodbye giving each other a big hug and kiss ending an enjoyable time with my lover even though I was on my period.