Part 2 - The Surprise Unfolds

Finally she was pulling into her driveway. She saw the other cars parked along the front of her house. After she exited the car, she walked around to Josh's door and helped him out of the vehicle and led him to the front door. Again in her stern but teasing voice she gave more instructions. "Now stand there while I get the alarm and the dogs. Don't move an inch."Shannon rushed inside to find that Carrie had pulled five chairs up on ether side of the sex swing. She also had two chairs ready to be placed in front of the swing when the time was right. On one chair she had the lubes, toys, harness, dildos and 3 cameras laid out and ready to go. As well, Carrie was sporting her favorite harness and dildo. As Carrie was rushing around, her fake cock was swinging and swaying in front of her. Shannon smiled at the surreal vision. Glancing up, Carrie spotted Shannon staring at her harness and fake cock. Smiling she quipped to Shannon. "Well is the stud here and ready to go?"Shannon could barely contain her excitement as she answered her girfriend."Oh yes, he's more than ready. He's standing outside blindfolded with a huge hard cock about to rip a hole in his pants. I think I could just lick the tip and he would explode. He's wound up like a two dollar watch and horny as hell."Carrie had a wicked smile of her own now and returned. "Good, so I guess it's time to let the games begin."Shannon was even more turned on after seeing how hard she had made Josh's cock. Like a giddy schoolgirl going on her first big date, she almost squealed out her reply."Oh my yes it is. I want his ass. I want to hear him beg me to fuck his ass and take his anal cherry. Now where are the other girls?"Nodding down the hall, Carrie replied."They're in your guest room getting their "cocks" ready."Carrie walked down the hall and stuck her head through the guest bedroom doorway."Oh my. You girls look hot. Ready to pop some cherry ass? Well best get your sweet bodies out here. It's time! He's waiting outside all hot, horny and ready to be taken."The four girls came out of the bedroom. Each one was sporting their favorite strap-on harness and dildo. And sure enough, Clare was wearing her favorite 14-inch monster. At first Shannon could just stare in amazement. These girls did look hot, even if their strap-on harnesses and dildos looked a little menacing. Shannon leaned to Carrie's ear to relay a bit of her unsuspected effect this entire event was having on her."Carrie, this role reversal is quite the mental charge. And you're right, the power and control thing just adds to the excitement. Shannon turned to the other girls, and taking control she repeated her initial instructions just so everyone understood.Now all of you be quite until I give my queue to let him know you're here. Then just follow my lead. I want him to really get into this. It's more for his pleasure than it is mine, or yours. This is HIS fantasy that he wanted to have fulfilled. I know by doing this, it will give him immense pleasure that only I can give him. That alone is another turn on for me, BIG TIME. Carrie, have one of those cameras ready. His ass is ours! It's "cherry popping time" ladies!"Shannon turned and went to the door. Sure enough Josh was standing in the very spot she had left him. She checked and the blindfold was still securely in place, and his hard cock looked even bigger. The damp spot had grown to a considerable size. Shannon licked her lips thinking of how sweet his pre-cum would taste. When she took his hand, Josh almost jumped. With his hand in her one hand, she used her other hand to grab the front of his pants right at his belt buckle and guided him to the door. With a firm hold on his pants, she released his hand so she could open the door. After locking both doors, she carefully led her blindfolded lover into the den. Guiding him in, she placed him near the swing and released her grip. Just to show her girlfriends how excited she had Josh, and how much control she was of the situation, she teased Josh for the benefit of her girlfriends."OK lover. I see you're excited. Your cock looks like it's about to rip your pants in two. So, are you glad to be here with me? Are you ready for tonight's fun? Are you ready for a night you will NEVER forget?Josh was almost panting in aroused anticipation as he gave his answer."Oh God Shannon, you have me so turned on I was getting dizzy. Yes I'm glad to be here with you - but glad isn't the word, I'm ecstatic. And I'm more than ready for this evening. If it's anything like the way it has begun, I'll never forget it - NEVER!"Shannon glanced to her Carrie and nodded again toward the cameras with a devious smile. She then turned to Josh and with a rather stern voice, she gave him his next instructions."You say you're ecstatic. Well I want you to show me. Strip for me. Right now. I want you buck naked. Show me that hard cock of yours. Strip. NOW I SAID!"Josh jumped slightly when she raised her voice. But he was more than just turned on. He quickly started removing his clothes, not caring where they fell. Quickly he was completely naked. His hard cock standing at full attention and profusely leaking pre-cum. Ashleiegh smiled and looked around at her girlfriends as they surveyed her lover standing before them. She then turned towards Josh continuing her demanding tease. "Very nice. Now turn around for me, but slowly. I want to see all of you. Especially that cute ass and your cock." As Josh started to turn, Shannon nodded and her girlfriend began taking pictures. Josh could hear the faint shutter clicking in the background and thought Shannon was just having some more fun. Shannon continued her demands of her blindfolded lover."Very nice, now stroke your cock for me. Be sure to cup your balls with your other hand. Make sure to pull your ball sack out and stretch nicely for me, just like the way you like me to do it for you. Show me how much you want me. You do want me don't you? But, don't you dare cum. Not yet. I have plans for that cum."With his right hand, Josh slowly began stroking his cock for Shannon. His left hand cupped and massaged his balls before grasping the sack and stretching it outward for his lover. He was biting his lip to keep from cumming. Again, he heard the clicking sounds of a camera.Shannon walked over and removed Josh's hands from his cock and balls. She took his right hand and again slid it under her skirt. Slowly she worked it over her fishnet stockings to the flesh of her inner things and finally to her soaked pussy. Together their fingers pushed into her pussy. Josh was puzzled briefly as how could she being using her hands to guide his hand and still be able to take pictures. Then he had a "Well Duh" moment himself as he thought it must be this Carrie woman Shannon had mentioned. This was going to be the kinky threesome he had thought about earlier. The thought was brief as the feel of Shannon's hot pussy soon had his mind reeling in other directions. He was lost in the world Shannon had created for him. He was hers for the evening, and Shannon knew it. Shannon slowly removed their fingers from her pussy and guided them to Josh's lips. He wished to savor the taste of Shannon' pussy. He murmured a low moan as their fingers met his lips. The taste and aroma were sending him into another level of lust for Shannon. As soon as their fingers were clean of her juices, Shannon took further control of the events by diving Josh his next set of instructions."Now, you must remove my clothes. But you can only remove them. You cannot take liberties and try to fondle me or touch me. Is that understood?"Josh looked puzzled and clearly displayed a new level of sexual frustration. But it was a sexual frustration that was just as pleasurable as it was frustrating. This was just another part of the Big Tease. As such, Josh nodded his acceptance of the new rules.Shannon made Josh remove her clothes slowly. First she had him remove her top. Then she guided his hand to the zipper on the side of her skirt. As Josh leaned in to unzip her skirt zipper, her hand brushed against his cock. Josh jumped, as did Shannon ... Josh from the unexpected contact and Shannon from the unexpected heat. As her skirt fell, Shannon could feel her nectar flowing from her pussy and down her thighs. Thankfully she had turned the A/C setting up or she would have become chilled. She didn't realize it but the camera was still going as Josh was removing her clothes. There were several shots that clearly showed the nectar on her thighs glistening in the lighting of the room.Taking Josh by his cock, Shannon led him to the swing. She turned him round and slowly sat him back onto the swing. Josh's cock began to twitch as he realized this was Shannon's sex swing. As Shannon reached down and took his left ankle, Josh instinctively allowed her to guide it to the stirrup. Similarly he did the same when she took his right ankle. As Shannon took one belt, she looped it round his left ankle twice and then buckled it round the chain along side the stirrup. She proceeded to do the same with another belt around his right ankle. The camera was capturing her every move. As well, the new erotic sensation of being restrained and completely spread open for his lover was having an added effect on his cock. It was bobbing and throbbing with each beat of his pulse. As well, pre-cum was flowing quite copiously. Shannon could not help but take note of the effect all her actions were having on Josh. This sense of control and knowing she was completely responsible for all his pleasure was quite a head rush for her as well - a very erotic head rush.Once his ankles were secure, Shannon tuned her attention to Josh's wrists. Similarly she used two more belts to restrain his wrists to the chains at the top of the swing. Looking down, she admired her handy work. She also admired the overall effect everything was having on Josh. Damn his cock was looking very inviting. She thought for a minute. And smiled another big smile. Looking directly at Carrie and the other girls she nodded as to give them a clue to follow her lead. With a wicked smile, Shannon continued her verbal teasing."Oh baby. Your cock looks so swollen and hard. And look at how wet it is. Did all my teasing have this effect on you?"Josh's mouth had become dry. He could not speak and just nodded. He thought just what kind of kinky threesome did Shannon have in mind? Shannon again used her fingernail to slowly stroke the length of his cock, over his balls, and then lightly around his puckered rosebud. As her fingernail stroked his rosebud, Josh moaned again. Shannon verbally teased him all the more."My my my. Just look at that cock. Doesn't it look inviting. Now what shall I do first? How am I going to USE my little FUCK TOY first tonight?"Carrie was the first to chime in."Oh yes, it does look inviting. I think your fuck toy is enjoying what you're doing to him. And look how his ass winked for you when just your fingernail touched it. You know, if you plan on DOING ANYTHING with HIS ASS, you should probably allow him to cum at least once first. That will help him relax before the next build up."Mandy was next to tease."His hard cock is so excited that it's leaking. Maybe it needs some sort of FEMININE ATTENTION."Phyllis sighed loudly before speaking."Look at how swollen his balls are. I bet he has lots of cum in there just begging to be released. Think he has enough for ALL OF US? I hope so."Following suit, Jamie piped in."Look how spread open he is for us in that swing. Shannon we could do ANYTHING we want to with him tonight."Clare was the last to add her teasing."Look at that PUCKERED ROSEBUD ladies. It's winking for us. Is that some sort of INVITATION? I think it is."Shannon almost laughed aloud as she saw the look of confusion and surprise on Josh's face. Startled or not, Josh's body betrayed his true thoughts. His cock throbbed and his ass winked even more. Shannon took this as her queue and again allowed her fingernails to trace down the length of his cock, teasingly over his balls and finally down to his rosebud. This time she lingered there and began to draw little circles around his puckered and winking rosebud. Smiling, she began to verbally tease Josh even more."Oh my. Do you think he would like me to do something with his ass? Tell me my little FUCK TOY; do you want US to play with YOUR ASS tonight? Do you want to GIVE ME YOUR ASS like a good fuck toy? Do you want me to POP YOU ANAL CHERRY tonight like you said you did? Do you want US ALL to FUCK THAT CHERRY ASS tonight - ALL NIGHT LONG? Do you want your biggest fantasy fulfilled?"Josh's head was beginning to reel even more. He thought to himself."How many women were here with Shannon? This was not a threesome with her friend Carrie! Did he count right? Were there 5 other voices? Had complete strangers watched him strip for Shannon? Were they here watching him as he had stroked his cock for Shannon? Now not only was Shannon able to see him completely spread and open for her, but so could all these other women. This was becoming more and more intensely erotic by the moment."Shannon became more stern with her teasing lament."Answer me. Does my fuck toy want me to take his ANAL CHERRY tonight? If so, I hope you know WE plan on playing with your ass ALL NIGHT LONG and using you as OUR fuck toy ALL NIGHT. Are you sure this is what you want? Do you want to GIVE YOUR VIRGIN ASS to ALL my girl friends and me tonight?Josh's head was spinning from all the teasing and erotic build up. His answer was immediate and was just as Shannon expected he would answer."Oh God yes Shannon. Take it. Take my anal cherry. It's my gift to you my sexy lover. Damn you have me so damn turned on. Make me your fuck toy for the night. You and your friends can do what ever you want for as long as you want."Shannon beamed as she turned to her girlfriends."Did you here that girls? He's all ours. HIS VIRGIN ASS IS ALL OURS! Good boy. Now I want to take advantage of that hard cock before we do anything else. Then it will be time for you to say good bye to your anal cherry because WE are going to POP that cherry plenty tonight. This is going to be an ALL NIGHT ANAL GANG BANG my little fuck toy!"Shannon walked over to the swing. She used one leg to step over the swing and then the same with the other until she was positioned right above Josh's throbbing hard cock. Josh could feel her thighs on either side of his waist. When her hand grabbed the base of his shaft, his hips involuntarily jerked upward. Shannon lightly slapped the side of his hip to remind Josh she was in charge this evening. Then with a slow deliberate movement, she lowered herself down just enough to slide the head of his cock along her swollen pussy lips. The clicking of the camera was a distant thought as Shannon felt the heat of his cock sliding along her soaked pussy.Josh and Shannon both moaned as the head of his cock hit her clit. With no warm up, Shannon took the head of his cock and worked it into the opening of her hot pussy. He had teased her all week and then she turned the tables on him today by teasing him without mercy. Now her pussy was more than ready, as her nectar was flowing like a river. The heat from his cock just excited her even more. In one quick motion, Shannon impaled her pussy down onto Josh's cock, taking the entire length deep inside her. Then as if she had become a wild banshee, Shannon began to fuck down hard on Josh's cock. Up and down, over and over, with each movement she ground down hard onto his cock forcing her clit to grind into his pelvis. She was using his cock for her own gratification. At this point, he was indeed her fuck toy.Carrie had been taking pictures when Shannon was just teasing her pussy with Josh's cock head. Now she was taking shot after shot trying to capture as much of this erotic happening as possible. The other girls were lost in the erotic sights that had begun to unfold. Each of them had begun playing with their clits and nipples. Ooohs and ahhhs were escaping their lips while also encouraging Shannon to fuck down with even more wild abandon. Shannon had worked herself into a state of total euphoria. She had been turned on all week. And tonight had just brought her eroticism and lust to a resounding crescendo. She knew it wouldn't take her long to cum this first go round. She was right there and just needed a little push over the edge. She began an onslaught of more erotic teasing, as much for her as it was for her fuck toy lover.'Oh that's it. Fuck me with that cock lover. Be my good fuck toy. Give me that cock. Give me all of it. Make me cum like a good fuck toy. Oh yes. That's it. Right there. I'm almost there. Oh yes baby that's it. Now cum in me, cum hard. I'm going to cum, cum with me. Ahhhhh yes ohh ohhh ohhhh ohhh. Uh huh. Uh huh."Josh began to erupt jets of hot cum into Shannon. His cum had been building all day. It felt as though his cum was beginning at his toes and boiling up his thighs before being released deep in Shannon's hot pussy. Volley after volley exploded into her steamy tunnel. Shannon was rolling her head from side to side in her own beautiful release. Each shot of cum that bathed the walls of her pussy just ignited her cum even further.As she gained some sort of composure, she looked down to see Josh's cum starting to ooze from her pussy and pool at the base of his cock. Sliding her hand down, she held it in place right above her clit as she slowly lifted herself of Josh's cock. As soon as her pussy was free of Josh's cock, she slid her hand over her pussy to trap his cum. And just as she did when she straddled Josh's cock; she reversed the movement to climb off him and the swing. With her hand in place, he walked to the head of the swing and positioned herself so she was now straddling Josh's head. Looking down at her lover, she began her next instructions."Here my lover. I have something for you, so stick out your tongue like a good boy. That's it, show me you want it. Now be a good fuck toy and clean the mess you've made."The words had no sooner left her lips than she removed her hand. Her eyes were glued to the cum dripping from her pussy onto Josh's outstretched tongue. The camera zoomed in for a close up of the cum starting to cover Josh's tongue and then followed Shannon' pussy down onto Josh's tongue. Shannon sighed deeply as she further taunted her new fuck toy."Oh my, that's a good fuck toy, clean me good. Lick that pussy and clit you love so well. That's it. Lick it good. Build me up so I can cum again. And you know when I cum I'll squeeze my pussy muscles hard and push all that cum juice out of me. Oh yeah baby. That's it. Right there. Make me cum. Eat my pussy. Suck our cum out of me. Maybe I'll let you lick my ass as well. I know you want my ass. I know you like sinking your tongue into my ass. That's it. Lick that spot right there. Make me cum baby. That's it. Oh yes, good tongue. Eat me."Shannon established a rhythm of rocking her pussy and clit across Josh's tongue and lips. Over and over she rocked back and forth. All the time Josh was eating her, the camera was clicking away. It wasn't long before Shannon felt her cum building again. As it started to roll along her spine, she could feel it getting closer and closer. Finally it was upon her. It was if an electric explosion went off along her spine and sent shock waves straight to her clit and pussy. He pussy contracted as she came and in doing so, flooded Josh's mouth with her cum and his as well. The mingled juices just heightened his own pleasure as he continued to lick his lover. Slowly Shannon removed her pussy from Josh's mouth. Damn, she could stay there all night and just let him feast on her. But, she had other plans. She had a virgin ass to take and make hers.Josh tried in vain to follow Shannon' pussy as it was removed from his driving tongue. Shannon smiled as she noticed him trying to regain that intimate contact. She also noticed the copious amounts of both hers and his cum around his lips. Leaning over, she whispered in Josh's ear."Ok lover. That was just the icebreaker. The rest of the evening has yet to come. And believe me, we will both be cumming all evening. And your ass will be mine. Now would you like a sip of wine before we continue? I know I'm parched."Josh could merely nod. Looking down, Shannon took her finger to get a small smear of their cum on Joshs face. Scooping it up, she pushed her finger into Josh's mouth allowing him to savor their mixed juices for her. Shannon then went to the fridge and poured glasses of wine for everyone, first handing one to each of her girlfriends and then taking the other two toward the swing. Setting hers on the table, she helped Josh hold his head up enough to take a couple of sips of wine from the glass as she held it to his lips. After Josh nodded that he had enough for now, Shannon took a big gulp of wine from her glass. She was still turned on, and how. This was going better than she had imagined. Again she helped Josh with the rest of his wine before finishing hers. She slid her hands along Josh's legs and thighs to make sure he was still comfortable. As her hands slid down his thighs, she could not help but slide over his now semi-erect cock. It jerked at her touch as if trying to reach out for her. Josh's moan caused her to lavish even more attention to his cock. Taking it into her hand, she began to slowly stroke the entire length. At the same time, she began to roll his ball sack in her other hand and gently pull on his ball sack trying to stretch as far as she could, as she knew Josh enjoyed this attention immensely. Carrie spoke up to help guide Shannon along this important journey"Hmmmm, Shannon, you have quite the magic touch with your fuck toy. I think he's just about ready for the next round don't you?" Shannon continued her manual torment of Josh's cock and balls. Without missing a beat and with almost an evil snicker in her voice, Shannon looked at Carrie with a wicked smile and answered."You might be right. What do you think girls? Are we ready to begin this anal fuck fest? His cock is getting hard again and his balls are so warm. And look, his puckered ass is really winking at us now. Now that's an invitation that we just can't pass up."Josh could hear the camera clicking away as a chair was being dragged across the floor. He could sense the warmth of a body between his legs. Then Shannon's hands were once again sliding down his inner thighs. This time when they approached his cock, they made a distinct detour and began to massage his ass cheeks. The hands massaged and pried his ass cheeks even further apart. With each stroke of the hands, they began to work closer and closer to his puckered virgin opening. Soon fingers were tracing circles around his puckered rosebud. The soft pads of his lover's fingertips were massaging the area around his ass, stimulating the nerve endings there. Carrie leaned forward and offered Shannon some helpful guidance."Here, why don't you slip this on. You don't want your beautiful nails to hurt your fuck toy."Shannon allowed her Carrie to slide a medical exam glove onto her hand. Once in place, she watched as her girlfriend applied a generous amount of the mint-flavored lube to the covered fingers. Shannon had a devious grin that spread even wider across her face as she watched Josh's reaction when he felt the lubed fingers rolling around his ass. Gently, Shannon took her index finger and began to encircle his puckered opening, applying more and more pressure until it opened and allowed her finger to begin it's journey. At first there was a little resistance, but soon Josh was pushing back on the finger and it slid in past his muscled ring. Steadily Shannon began an in and out movement, with each inward thrust working side to side teasing Josh even more. Josh's moans let her know she was doing everything just right.Shannon didn't want to lose the attention and support of her girlfriends, so she gave them a most welcome invitation."Ladies, while I'm beginning to get this hot cherry ass ready for us, I hate to see his cock and wonderful mouth go to waste. Since you're my guests here for the entire night, if there is something you see that you like, just help yourselves. I'm sure OUR fuck toy won't mind. Will you?"Shannon emphasized the last question by completely sliding her index finger into Josh's ass. His head merely nodded as he moaned aloud for her. Shannon marveled again in her newfound control.His moan was replaced by a low whimper when she removed her finger entirely. But it soon turned to an even louder moan when she now placed two fingers at his opening. The mint lube began to tingle as an added effect and Josh's opening once again began to wink its invitation to Shannon.The girls didn't need additional coaching. Mandy had her hands slowly stroking Josh's cock back to complete hardness. Jamie was massaging and tugging on his ball sack, trying to stretch it as far as Shannon had done earlier. Phyllis was sucking and nibbling on Josh's chest and nipples. Clare had straddled Josh's face was feeding him her ass and pussy from between her harness straps. Carrie pulled a chair up along side Shannon to assist her and take as many close-up pictures she could. Carrie began to encourage Shannon even more."That's it Shannon. Look how his ass is opening for you; work them into him now. That's it. Slide them in as deep as you can. Search out that walnut sized gland. Crook your fingers upward slightly. You can find it and once you do, begin to massage it. That's it. Watch his cock. Each time you massage it, he'll respond by ejaculating more seminal fluid. That my dear, is how you milk his prostate. He can cum and cum and cum that way. Milk it. That's it milk it. Make him crave your special attentions. Make him want to surrender his ass to you completely. Look at all that cum oozing from his cock. YUM!"The coaching urged Shannon on. As the camera continued to click away, she added a third finger and continued her milking motion. At the same time, as she took an outward stroke, she would spread her fingers trying to open Josh up even more. Josh's cock was producing more and more seminal fluid as she massaged his prostate. Shannon couldn't help herself and leaned over taking Josh's cock into her mouth. Mandy stroked his cock while guiding it deep into Shannon' hungry mouth. Shannon could taste her own pussy juice from when she fucked him earlier. Plus, she was amazed at how his cock pulsed more seminal fluid into her mouth each time she massaged his prostate. This was a head-trip for her by knowing the control she was having over Josh and how she was providing him with so much pleasure. This just spurred Shannon on to want to do even more. She felt a tap on her shoulder and saw the first toy being handed to her. It had already been lubed for her. The toy was a series of graduated balls on a flexible rod. Each ball was bigger than the previous - starting at about the diameter of a single finger and worked up to about an inch and a half in diameter.Mandy was eager to take Shannon' place sucking Josh's cock. She suckled all the seminal fluid Shannon's milking was producing. After receiving a mouth full or two, she begrudgingly backed off to allow Jamie and Phyllis to have turns.Just as before, when Shannon removed her fingers from his ass, Josh's moans were momentarily replaced by a soft whimper before once again returning to moans as the toy was being worked into his ass. Each time a ball passed through the muscled ring of his ass, it gave a soft "pop". The next ball spread the muscled ring wider before allowing it to "pop" as the ring once again closed. Then the next ball opened it even more. As the final ball spread Josh open, Carrie grabbed Shannon's wrist and firmly pulled her hand back causing the toy to quickly be removed from Josh's ass. The balls made a rippling sound of little pops as it was removed. Shannon's hand was then being guided back to reinsert the balls all over again. With little more than that brief tutorial, Shannon began a repeated in and out fucking of Josh's ass with the balled toy. Each time she rapidly pulled it free, Josh would moan even louder. The camera was capturing the in and out training of Josh's ass.Shannon momentarily looked up to see Mandy, Ashley and Jamie licking Josh's cock like a Popsicle. One by one they each took turns sliding as much of his cock into their throat before backing off completely to allow the next girl have a turn. Further up, Clare was humping against Josh's lips and tongue. Shannon knew all too well how well Josh loved eating a woman's ass, pussy and clit. In a way she was envious of the other girls. But she had other things on her mind, and they were her guests. Then she heard Clare begin to cry out. "Damn Shannon. His tongue is driving me crazy. He drove his tongue up my ass like a good fuck toy, and ass fucked me until I thought I was going to explode. Talk about a good tongue fucking of my ass. WOW! And now he's eating my clit like there's no tomorrow. I'm going to cum all over our fuck toy's face in no time. In fact ... I'm ... I'm . Ugh Ugh Ahhhhh Right there. Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!"Shannon and her girlfriends watched intently as Clare flooded Josh's face with her cum. In a way it was funny. Her dildo was balanced across Josh's forehead as she fed him her pussy and clit. Shannon momentarily allowed her hand to drive the balled toys deep into Josh's ass and just stay there.Just as before, a tap on her shoulder let Shannon know it was time for the next larger toy. This one was a miniature vibrating cock. It was only about 5 inches long. But unlike a real cock, it started out tapered at the tip and slowly flared out to about 2 inches. Eagerly, Shannon again quickly removed the beaded toy balls causing Josh to moan into Clare's quivering pussy. Shannon just inserted the tip of the little cock and worked about half of it into Josh's ass. She then turned the little switch to the "on" position. Josh began to moan even louder and his hips were trying to work down onto the buzzing invader. As Josh's moans began to echo around the room, the camera clicked away while Shannon drove the entire length into Josh's ass. The moans were soon silenced as Mandy was the next to lower her wet pussy onto Josh's eager lips and tongue. Josh tried to push back onto the new toy but the restraints kept him from being able to do so. This was Shannon' show to run. She had his ass and it was hers for the taking but only how she so desired. Josh's cock was rock hard and with each inward thrust more seminal fluid would spasm from its tip. After a few minutes, Shannon removed the vibe and took note of how Josh's ass was starting to maintain a significant gape. The camera also caught a good close up of this initial gape. His ass was opening up for bigger and better things to come. Just one more toy before Shannon would take his anal cherry.As Shannon continued the in an out fucking of Josh's ass with the toy, her girlfriend lubed up the third toy. This was an even bigger version of the cock shaped vibe Shannon was using now. However, this one would rotate side to side as well. The length was about 7 inches long, however the maximum diameter was almost 3 inches - great for stretching his virgin ass. As quickly as she could, Shannon swapped out the toys. There was a little resistance to the new toy as it was thicker. But with patience, Shannon worked it in. Once she had it completely in Josh's ass, she flicked the switch to the on position. Josh almost came unglued when the vibe started to gyrate in his ass. It was stroking his prostate and stimulating every nerve bundle it touched. His tongue must have been driving Mandy crazy as she started to moan aloud. Again Shannon began a slow, teasing in and out fucking of Josh's ass. As the camera clicked away, she began to increase her tempo. Soon she was almost pounding Josh's ass with the toy. Josh was moaning as his head rolled from side to side between Mandy's thighs. His cock was almost purple from being so swollen. The camera was trying to keep up with this high tempo fuck fest. Mandy screamed again as another cum rolled through her body. This just served as a queue to Shannon.With a final inward stroke, Shannon pressed the toy in as far as it would go making sure Josh felt the full 3 inch diameter. As the vibe gyrated inside him, Shannon began to stroke his cock. Phyllis, Jamie and Clare were running their hands all along Josh's body. Their lips were kissing and nipping his chest and nipples. That was all he could take as he began to cum jet after jet of hot sticky cum onto Shannon' outstretched tongue. The camera caught at least 3 jets of cum as they spattered down onto Shannon' outstretched tongue. Carrie surprised Shannon by leaning in and kissing her. Carrie's tongue swirled into Shannon mouth to share Josh's cum. With a surprised look on her face, Shannon slowly pulled from Carrie's lips. Carrie had a lust filled glaze in her eyes as she stared back at Shannon and licked her lips savoring Josh's cum. Glancing down, Shannon saw Josh's cock still oozing cum for her. In one eager stroke, Shannon took Josh's entire length into her mouth and tried to literally drain his balls dry while the vibe gyrated deep inside him working it's magic. After being satiated temporarily with her mouthful of Josh's cum, she slowly pulled the vibe from his ass. Finally, she had a good 2 and a half to 3 inch gape. A smile spread across her face in self-appreciation of her accomplishment. Glancing up she saw Mandy slowly removing herself from Josh's cum covered face. Phyllis was right there to take her place, lowering her pussy down onto Josh's cooperative tongue and lips.Without giving it a second thought, Shannon snaked out her tongue and began to at first tease her lover's opened ass. The mint flavored lube gave his ass a pleasant taste. It also tickled her tongue. As if by instinct, her teasing soon became a serious tongue fucking of her lover's ass. The camera was working frantically to capture this intimate tongue fucking of Josh's ass. Josh's vocal moans just drove Shannon on, as well as having a pleasing effect on Phyllis's clit. Phyllis was fucking down on Josh's tongue. She had her hands on either side of Josh's head guiding him to her favorite spot. Phyllis began to cum quickly. She had worked herself into a frenzy watching everything that had transpired before her. It may have been quick, but her cum was intense. Slowly she climbed off Josh's face. After doing so, she leaned forward and licked some of the pussy nectar that was smeared all over Josh's face. Shannon had to force herself to slow down and regain control of the situation. It was time to take this virgin ass and claim it as hers.