The bar was kind of slow that night not too many cute guys that weren't taken so not much hope of scoring some free drinks unless someone showed up she was bored but not for long when excitement did show up she got more than she bargained for! Suddenly the door burst open and in strode a gang of rough looking bikers they were a mean hard riding nasty bunch a bartenders worst nightmare they blew in like an evil wind and settled down at the end of the bar...Patricia pretended they were not there but kept peeking at them through the mirror she looked around to see if the other patrons were nervous about these guys and that's when she realized everyone else had already left she was alone with these guys OMFG she did not want to seem scared these guys fed on peoples fears so she gulped her drink at seven fifty a pop she was not going to waste it the drink gave her a brain freeze though and she staggered a little as she attempted to leave she ran into a wall or what she thought was a wall she looked up and there was the biggest man she had ever seen in her life he looked seven feet tall tiny though she was at five and a half feet tall she was also built really nice for an Asian girl with long black hair and great legs she had never had any trouble attracting men and she wished she had not attracted this one either...He smiled down on her like some mythical god or something and she felt his hands settle on her shoulders “Don't leave without saying goodbye to my cock!” He growled and pushed down on her shoulders until she was forced onto her knees his crotch was almost eye level he was so tall and when he unzipped his fly and his cock sprang out she gasped it was huge long and so thick it looked like her own arm with a cock head on it Patricia was staring down the barrel of the biggest penis she had ever seen holy crap and hold the mayo she was in trouble she opened her mouth to try to talk her way out of it she was good at that kind of thing but when her lips parted his cock got shoved in it opened her mouth wide it was so big his huge dick head filled her whole mouth and she mumbled around the cock “What's that baby shove it in deeper why I sure will!” The giant biker purred with a menace in his voice barely checked by his attempt to sound sexy...His cock pushed back into Patricia's throat and she gagged his huge hand was behind her head preventing her from escaping while the other felt her breast roughly slowly he pushed his cock down her throat she watched in horror as it disappeared into her mouth inch after inch until his balls rested on her chin she could not breathe he had her airway blocked and black spots began to dance behind her eyes she heard someone say “Let her breathe Kong!” The giant did not hesitate he let me back off his cock but kept it in my mouth she had to make him cum and quick so she used every skill she had ever learned on this thing she sucked hard used both hands to stroke it she ran her tongue up and down it until Kong began to grunt then Kong came and he gushed a huge load into her mouth then he sprayed her entire face with it filling her nose eyes everything with hot white thick cum Patricia had never seen so much in her life it dripped off her face like rain and the rest of the bikers laughed and cheered on their hero! You would have thought that Patricia would have been scared you would have thought she would be trembling on her knees begging to be let out of the bar but no not this girl not Patricia they did not know who they were messing with when she has a face full of cum Sweet Patricia turns into Super Slut Patricia there is something about the smell and feel of it that excites her so she took her hands scooped off all the cum she could pushed it into her mouth smiled and then swallowed it all she then took off her clothes placing them gently on her bar stool she stood there in all her naked glory and what a hot example of Asian beauty she was luscious red lips perfect milky white skin that looked almost translucent it shined with a healthy glow and her body was toned from years of yoga and exercise had made her body incredibly toned right down to her long sexy toes her blood red nail polish completed the look she was a goddess and she knew it! “Who's next?” Patricia demanded throwing her head back like a warrior princess preparing to do battle! She sneered at the bikers who were they but mere men what could they do to her that she had not already had done...She was going to find out right now! They stared for a moment not believing what their eyes were seeing then they rushed her and picked her up and carried her to the pool table where she was placed with her legs hanging over one side and her head over the other and cocks began to be inserted into all her orifices she gamely took them on with her mouth full of big biker cock and her pussy filled to capacity she thought to herself it is going to be a long night hope I can outlast these clowns the biker in her pussy his name was “Kegger” because the woman all said his cock was as fat as a beer keg and he was stretching Patricia little Asian pussy to the tearing point pounding it mercilessly driving it balls deep again and again Patricia began to cum for the first time of a hundred others that night and her muffled cries were heard by all present she sucked even harder on the cock in her mouth until it gave up it's treasure spent it slid out of her and she opened wide to receive the next one “Kegger” began to grunt like an a****l and with a roar gushed a gallon of hot cum into Patricia's smoking hot pussy which seemed to drink it like a soft drink her pussy grabbed and milked his cock dry and “Kegger” slid out spent and bragging about how he had made the bitch cum! They got creative after that putting her on top of another biker who slid into her pussy while another big biker cock got rammed into her tiny pink little anus Patricia did gasp a little as that monster dick opened her like the doors of a store on Black Friday flung open to let in a stampede his cock plowed deep into her dark tunnel filling her colon stretching her insides as she took him as deep as he could go “GAAAAAAAAAAA,GAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Patricia said around the cock using her mouth they all laughed and applauded the spectacle and Patricia held out her hands and flexed her fingers “She wants more cock boys!” A voice from behind said...It was “Spider Man” the leader of the gang he was called spider man because of the spider web he had across his body with a huge black widow poised down near his cock and lucky was the girl that got to pet it! He just observed the show and was impressed by this amazing Asian woman she had guts she was also incredibly hot he liked em hot and this bitch was smok'in he would have to have a private session with her later when the boys cooled off...Patricia made every man in that bar cum at least once including the bartender who showed up in front of her with a huge hard on he smiled and shrugged and Patricia just waved him over and sucked his cock too and after he came all over her pretty face there was no more...She looked around and they were all sated guys were watching and back to drinking at the bar and it was just her and the bartender who had just splooged all over her face she licked a blob of cum off her lip smiled pretty and said “May I use the ladies room to freshen up?” The bartender laughed and said “Go into my private office this is my bar and you may use my shower and towels get cleaned up and come out for free drinks and whatever else you would like you sure earned it tonight!” Patricia climbed off the pool table and scooped up her clothes off the bar stool she got a few booty pinches along the way but the guys were tame now just like little puppies she giggled to herself as she went off to shower what a night it had been she had never seen so much cock in her life this woud be a night she would never forget!When she emerged from the back office Spider Man called her over to the bar she sat next to him and looked him over he was handsome in a dangerous crazy biker kind of way but he had kind eyes and those eyes were looking into hers right now “Sorry the boys got a little rough with you Patricia they can be a bit unruly at times and it's best just to give them what they want and you sure did! We took a vote while you were cleaning up and we decided to make you one of us we like your style and we think given the opportunity we can show you our better side...So what do you think?” He held up a vest a woman's vest with their logo emblazoned on the back and spiders running all over the front he held it out to her and smiled “I'd really like you be one of us!” How could she refuse those eyes she smiled back and took the vest and put it on to the great applause of the rest of the gang!She posed for them spinning around and smiling then Spider took her hand and said “Now it's my turn Patricia!” He led her back to that office where a back bedroom awaited them and he took off her clothes and then his and as his spider web covered body covered hers she spread those long milky thighs and sighed okay so one more for the road...Her cries of passion could be heard out in the street as Spider unleashed himself onto her Patricia was amazed at how many times more she came that night and then much later as she rode behind Spider with her legs hooked around his with her vest flashing behind her long black hair they roared off into the distance and their laughter and drunken yells could be heard for miles it was a sound Patricia was to know for many years to come she was a biker babe now and Spider's girl and her nights were never boring ever again!.Never,The End