Pee For Me

"Pee for you?" Janet asked. "You mean, so you can watch me... or did you mean... well, something else." Paul looked away, his face lightly flushed, and Janet had her answer. "So... would you want it in your mouth, maybe... or, on you... you know, down there?" She indicated what she meant with a brief nod of her head and it was apparent, from her vantage point, that she could make out the bulge of his erection pressing against the fabric of his swimming trunks. The questions she had just posed were asked so matter-of-factly, without any hint of self-consciousness, or implicit disapproval, that Paul was almost taken aback. When they had begun talking about fantasies, he had been hesitant to broach this particular one, even though they had experimented with other, more than vanilla, activities in their four months together. But, even now, and notwithstanding her apparent casual acceptance of the notion, Paul was still a little embarrassed."Maybe... maybe both," he finally ventured shyly. Janet responded with just a simple little shrug and then drained the last of her wine."Well... I'll need a few more of these first, then" she told, then smiled almost wickedly. "If I'm going to... you know, do both in one go..."Some thirty minutes later, after more wine (with Janet drinking three glasses to Paul's one), they arrived back at their suite. They were already both primed for this new adventure but, while Paul had assumed they would use the bathroom, Janet had other ideas."Why don't we do this outside?" she asked. "Is that okay?" Paul nodded, and then excused himself to quickly use the washroom. When he returned, a moment later, he saw that Janet was already out on the balcony. Their suite was on the top floor of the hotel, shielded from the view of others by screens to each side and, over the railing, the view of the moon dappled ocean was only partly obscured by a small stand of tall palms.There was a wooden chaise-lounge on the balcony and Janet had removed the plastic mattress that covered it and had placed it on the concrete deck. She had also d****d her beach towel across the center. Paul stopped and stared, already feeling his erection beginning to reassert itself again. Janet smiled at him and beckoned."Well, come here, then" she said.Paul walked out to her, excited but still nervous. He stood before her awkwardly, unsure of what he should do. Janet, though, had no such uncertainty. Gently, she reached out with her left hand and cupped the underside of his crotch before sliding her hand up and allowing her thumb and forefinger to lightly grip his shaft, stroking it from the base to the sensitive head where it lay trapped within the tight confines of his trunks. She squeezed the head ever so slightly and then traced the tip of her finger back along the length before using two fingers to 'patter' up and down the swollen cylinder of flesh."So... are you imagining what it's going to feel like?" she asked with a naughty little smile, her tone clearly intended to tease and arouse. Paul nodded dumbly, not daring to speak and then, suddenly, she slipped the fingers of both hands into the waistband of his trunks and deftly slipped them off. All at once, his turgid member sprang free, bouncing as though in excited anticipation of what was to come. "Lie down," she commanded him, a near urgency in her voice.Paul's pulse was pounding as he lowered himself to the towel covered mattress and he watched silently as Janet undid her bikini top and tossed it aside. She had taken a lot of sun in the past week and her small breasts gleamed like pale alabaster in the moonlight. She looked down into his eyes and then with a graceful economy of motion stripped off her bottom and stepped out of the tiny garment.Janet now stood over Paul fully naked and his cock throbbed at the sight of her. She did not shave herself completely down below, leaving a tuft of ash-blonde curls atop her mound, and beneath it, her smooth lips were swollen, plump, and delectably parted. Her clitoris, the largest, and most exciting, Paul had ever encountered, was poking stiffly out from beneath its thick hood, glistening wetly. Janet was, Paul could see, every bit as aroused as he was.He watched as she stepped over him, her feet straddling his upper thighs, and then she lowered herself to her knees so that the prominent thrust of her mound was just an inch or so from his stiffly standing cock. Leaning forward ever so slightly, she reached down and grasped the base of his swollen root and shuffled forward, exhaling sharply as the bulbous head grazed the straining point of her engorged clit. She raised herself and his throbbing glans slid into, then down the soft inner folds until he was wedged tightly between the slick inner labia. She closed her eyes then, like a meditating nun, and then he saw her stomach muscles tense...For a moment, everything went silent... even the music from the pool-side bar far below seemed to recede and fade to nothing... and then, like rivulets of lava, her pee broke over the tip of his cockhead, running in thin streams over the swollen flesh. It was just a trickle at first, hot and wonderfully exciting, but it lasted for no more than a second or two. Janet's eyes flickered open for an instant and then, with a little grunt, she tensed herself once more and let go..."Oh, Jesus," Paul gasped.The trickle had become a sudden gushing torrent, exploding over him in a burning flood, splattering his lower abdomen and coursing down all sides of his shaft to bathe his ball-sack in a hot caress. The force was focused squarely on his own urethra and it almost felt as though it was spreading him open, searching for entry inside. The sensation was exquisite and his fingers dug hard into the towel beneath his thighs as he struggle not to come.In less than a minute, the flow suddenly stopped... not dribbling to a finish, but abruptly cutting out. Janet, released him, her eyes now open and glistening with excitement and she allowed herself to sit back on her haunches. Paul's cock was now free, with droplets of her dew still clinging to the shaft and, at the tip, she saw, was a glistening bubble of sticky fluid."God... I almost made you come, didn't I?" she asked, clearly impressed. Paul nodded vigorously. "Wow..." she whispered, softly. Then she looked into his eyes. "I saved some," she told him. "Did you still want to... do you want to taste me? Are you still ready for that?" She didn't wait for a response but, instead, began to climb to her feet. Paul started to rise also but she motioned him back down. "No... stay like that," she told him.Janet now stepped astride him once again but, this time, directly over his upward gaze, facing his feet. Slowly, she lowered herself, squatting down just inches from Paul's nose so that her pretty butt crack was spread open and her delectable little asshole winked at him from the shadows. He could smell the rich, musky scent of her arousal and, just beneath that powerful perfume, the sharp tang of the nectar droplet still stippling her plump nether lips. Unable to help himself, Paul raised his face to her and hotly kissed the twisted little orifice of her anus, causing her to shiver with delight."Not yet," she warned him with a little giggle. "If you get me too excited, I won't be able to pee again!"Paul lowered his head again and Janet leaned forward slightly, grasping the root of his cock. She dropped lower still, the heat from her pussy now radiating his lips and then she went still. Once again there was a long, tantalizingly pause and then she let herself go again, directing the stream of her amber nectar squarely into Paul's waiting mouth.It was the heat he noticed at first, and it wasn't until he swallowed the first near mouthful that he could savor her too. It was a little salty, but mostly it was tangy and sweet at the same time, and the combination of the steaming heat and intoxicating taste made his cock throb. He swallowed hungrily as Janet began to tug at his shaft, sliding her fingers up and down the length of it. When he had taken all she could give, she suddenly dropped onto him, pressing herself tightly against his mouth and rocking back and forth. She gasped as the turgid pink tip of her clit rubbed roughly over his lips and pressed down tighter still."Make me come," she grunted urgently. "Make me come..."Paul himself was beyond the point of no return and, seconds later, they came together. He, spurting his thick, viscous semen over her his belly as she flailed at his aching member, and she, riding his face as though urging a racehorse to the finish line. For a full minute, they were each locked in a private world of intense, almost unbearable pleasure and then they both collapsed, panting in exhaustion. Afterward, when the last after-shocks had subsided, Janet disengaged herself and flipped over to kiss him."You know," she said. "If you want to play this way again, I'd like it if we both did the peeing..."