How much longer could he stand the way his life was swinging from high to low? How could he stand the way his wife was behaving? The man stood in front of the mirror musing, as he carefully applied the scarlet lipstick to his immaculately made up face. Like tonight, for example, he’d received a phone call to let him know how she wanted him dressed and made up, so he was complying, but she was already 1 hour late. What was worse, was that he could not be sure even if she would come home, as she had stopped out on more and more occasions. He sighed deeply, but, just in case, he checked himself from top to toe.His feet were slipped into six inch patent stilettos and his professionally depilated legs were encased in sheer black seamed stockings. Four taught suspenders on each side held his stockings in place stretching from the tightly boned corset, which was hidden under his satin maids dress, the front of which bulged out where his false breasts sat in the conical 1950’s style bra. Finally, he checked his saucy little maids cap, as he waited for her to arrive,(If she did!)A stinging slap to his face woke him from a doze, as he had tired waiting for her, and sat in front of the T.V. “You useless slovenly slut!” she screamed, “You should be waiting for your mistress, and cleaning the house.” “But mistress I’ve been working all day and I’m....” he started to whimper, but under her fierce glare he stammered into silence. “You dare to talk back to me?” she growled, “Well, for that you will suffer in as many ways as I feel necessary!” He kept his eyes downcast as she inspected his appearance.“You’ll do,” she murmured as she stood behind him. “Now stand still while I put your blindfold on.” He stood silently as she slipped the blindfold into place. “Kneel, Slave and worship your mistress,” she whispered. He bent down and waited until his face felt her slickly wet and smooth pussy rub against it, whereupon he started to lick, gently at first, but slowly getting harder and faster. In one of his previous lessons he had learnt not to touch her in any way, but with his tongue. She ground herself on his face rubbing clear juice all over him, smudging his lipstick and ruining his carefully applied makeup. Shudders racked her frame as with a mewling noise deep in her throat she orgasmed, her hot cunt pulsing in time with her heartbeat.“That was adequate,” she said coldly, “ Now ,open wide.” He shivered as he heard these words, as he knew what was coming next. He had spent a fortune redecorating the house at her behest, and it wasn’t until the first time he had heard those words, he realised why she had parquet floors put in. He opened his mouth wide, and the first salty spurts hit his tongue, as she started to piss on him, the stream getting stronger and hotter. He heard giggles from her and what sounded like an echo from across the room. Slowly the stream slowed and with a few final spurts stopped.Silence reigned. Then he heard her walk away and what sounded like whispering. Her footsteps returned, and then with surprise she started to pee again, the flow seeming even stronger than before. He lapped and swallowed as fast as he could, and as the flow stopped he put his tongue out. Mistress always liked to be cleaned after peeing. His shock was even more profound as his face was rubbed into a very wet, but hairy cunt. He had been forced to drink another woman’s piss!Raucous laughter filled the room as his mistress shouted, “ I told you he was toilet trained!” “Yes, but I didn’t realise you meant trained to be a toilet!” the other woman chuckled. “Now, Slave, I will take your blindfold off so you may watch as I get properly pleasured!” He heard another set of footsteps approach, and suddenly bright light made him blink fiercely. He looked up into a very sultry looking face, but a face with an expression of devilment in it! He swiftly dropped his eyes so as not to incur his mistresses displeasure, but she sternly commanded him to watch.Sliding her hands up the other woman’s nyloned legs, the mistress gripped the sides of her friends skirt and tugged it down . Running her tongue up the inside of the other woman’s leg, the mistress reached the hot wet pussy at the top and lapped gently at the swelling bud of the woman’s clit, enjoying the ripples that shuddered across the soft downy belly in front of her eyes. Slipping, first one, then two and finally three, carefully manicured fingers into the slick wetness of the pussy in front of her, the Mistress stopped licking for a second to give her slave instructions.“Take down your knickers” she growled, “And then crawl to me on your belly!” He tugged down the tight rubber panties, used to restrain his throbbing manhood, and squirmed across the floor to his mistress. His erection sc****d painfully on the waxed floor, as he made his way to the feet looming large in his view. “God, you disgust me!” shouted the Mistress, “Look at that filthy mess!” The slave turned his head to see a glistening trail across the floor where his penis had leaked pre-cum. “Lick it clean, then come back to heel.” The anger was evident in her voice and in her actions, as she rapidly increased the speed her fingers pumped into her friends squelching cunt. Pushing her young friend backwards onto the leather Chesterfield, the addition of the mistress’s firm tongue to the engorged clit of the mewling woman had immediate results.A shriek of ecstasy rent the air as the woman shuddered and trembled into a huge orgasm, the Mistress gulping down the spurts of creamy liquid expelled from her friends pussy. The slave looked on in envy, as he finished licking the floor clean, his first sight of a female ejaculation and all for the enjoyment of his mistress. He crawled back to the feet of his Mistress and knelt in supplication. “Clean her up,” the Mistress snarled, “And do a good job!”With a swift jerk, the slave twisted to one side and buried his face into the sweet syrup running from the woman’s still twitching pussy. Using long strokes of his tongue, he cleaned all of the matted hairs of their musky secretions, taking his chance to bury his nose deep into her juicy peach, and inhale that heavenly smell. THWACK!!! “You little shit! I told you to clean her, not to make love to her!” yelled his Mistress, as she struck his defenseless backside with her favourite riding crop.“You will do as you are told, or you will never be allowed to serve me again! Do you understand?” she spoke quietly, but with venom. The slave nodded. THWACK!! THWACK!! “That’s not a proper answer!” she screamed into his face, the spittle hitting him on his cheeks, “Answer me properly, Slave!”“I hear and obey your every wish and command, my mistress,” he whimpered. “That’s better,” she purred, ”Now watch, as I show you how a woman should be fucked. You may stand and follow.” Taking her friends hand, the mistress led them both up to her bedroom and, after first securing her slave to a set of rings on the wall, she sat her accomplice down on the edge of the bed. “I just have one or two adjustments to make ,”said the Mistress, as she gently caressed the cheek of the young woman. Leaving the woman sitting on the edge of the bed, the Mistress walked over to her slave, who was teetering on his high heels.Running her nails up the inside of his thigh, the Mistress reached the top of his stocking and grasped his still hard cock. Pulling it downwards with difficulty, she reached down to the floor with her other hand. Too late the slave saw what she was going to do, as he heard the jingle of the chain and saw the padlock she had been carefully threading through his Prince Albert cock piercing. With a gentle tug, she pulled him down so she could slip the padlock through the chain, and, with a sharp snick, closed the lock. The slave tried to stand upright, but the pressure was too great on his tormented member. Swiftly putting on a pair of wristcuffs, linked by a heavy chain, the Mistress smirked as she stepped away for a second. Reaching upwards, she grasped a hook attached to a pulley system, hanging from an eye bolt in the ceiling, and hooked it under the chain between the cuffs. Using a discreetly placed winch handle, she wound the pulley up until the whimpers from her slave had reached a high enough level.“That should keep you amused !” she chuckled evilly, as she watched the pain in his eyes and noted with a wry grin that he was even more painfully erect, and his prick was dribbling copious amounts of clear pre-cum. “Oh by the way,” she said, “ I have another surprise for you both!” She strode to the large fitted wardrobe, and slid open the door. Inside, strapped tightly to the clothes rail and the floor, stood a hooded figure. His firm, muscular thighs and taut stomach framed a penis of generous proportion, the ebony shaft glistening in the reflected light. A fine sheen of sweat covered his skin and with the opening of the wardrobe door his cock had started to engorge, pulsing upright to the beat of his heart like a majorettes baton. The head of his cock turned an aubergine hue, purple/black and smooth. The Mistress knelt and ran her tongue the length of his weapon, from underneath, and with a gentle push inserted the tip of her tongue into the weeping eye at the end of his penis. A groan escaped from the dildo gag filling his mouth, as she used her fingernails on his heavy, full ballsack.She chuckled as she turned to her friend and said, “I told you we would be having fun tonight!” The Mistress stood and quickly removed the hood from the sweating black figure. “It makes a slave know his place, when he can look but not touch,” said the Mistress out loud, knowing her two male slaves could hear, and enjoying the expressions flooding across her husband-slave’s face. He had not had a clue as to why his Mistress had sent him out earlier that day, to run an errand before she left for a business meeting. The looks of jealousy, passion, fear and longing fought for position on his face, as he saw his Mistress grasp the erect cock of her cupboard captive and start to stroke it.“Come over here,” she whispered to her friend. “Now, kneel down and close your eyes.” Swiftly, the Mistress increased the speed of her strokes on the hard black prick, squeezing and massaging the full sack bouncing just below the throbbing weapon. With a groan of ecstasy the black slave started to spurt great gobs of white, stringy spunk across the upturned face of the Mistress’s friend. The Mistress laughed at the sight of her other slaves cock, still chained down, twitching and jerking uncontrollably, and his legs, shaking under tension, still balanced on his high heels.“Keep your eyes closed,” she said as she helped her friend to a standing position, and then led her to the bed. “Lie down for a second,” she whispered, as she pushed the young woman onto her back, and then, with short rough strokes of her tongue, the Mistress licked the rapidly drying face pack of cum from her friends face. Laughing, the Mistress’s expression changed to a crafty grin and before her friend knew what was happening, her wrists had been fastened to the rings on the corner of the bed. “Untie me, you bugger,” the young woman laughed nervously, but with no effect, as the Mistress swiftly secured her kicking legs, and, with an evil grin, wiped a pair of panties between her shaved pussy lips. Her subdued friend watched in fascinated dread, as the Mistress mopped up more and more of her own sweet secretions, before re-approaching her new victim.“Open wide,” the Mistress commanded, but with a shake of her head and lips pressed tightly together, the young woman refused. “Last chance, or you’ll be sorry,” the Mistress said resignedly. Another shake of he head. “Oh well, I suppose training has to start somewhere,” muttered the Mistress, and she grasped the bound woman’s left nipple. A viscious twist, and a shriek, swiftly muffled rent the air, as the soaked panties were shoved into place, gagging the young woman. Using a discarded stocking, the Mistress tied the gag in place and watched as a tear trickled down the young girls cheek. “I hope you are ready for sex like you’ve never believed possible,” said the Mistress as she opened a drawer and reached inside.The young woman’s eyes went round with incredulity and lust, as she saw the heroically proportioned double ended dildo being held in front of her. She squirmed on the bed at the thought of what was about to happen, and against her will, her cunt started to leak, the slimy wetness lubricating the inside of her thighs. The Mistress stood, legs spread, and fed the bulbous end of the dildo up inside her pussy. The only sounds were the heavy breathing of the two male slaves, the whimpering of the tied woman and an obscene squelching noise as the dildo was pushed into place. With a soft sigh, the Mistress felt that the dildo was far enough in and she deftly attached the waist straps.Approaching the bed, the Mistress caressed the end of the dildo that preceded her like a figurehead, and kneeling on the end of the bed, she started to approach her victim. Still stroking the dildo, and ignoring the frantic struggles of her captive, the Mistress started to lick her way up the inside of the young woman’s legs, running her hot tongue up the inside of the smooth thighs, until reaching the hairy pussy that was her target. “I think you are enjoying this more than you wish me to believe,” chuckled the Mistress, as she flicked her tongue over the engorged clit that was her target. A quiver shook the frame of the young woman and a fresh spurt of juice leaked from her pussy. The Mistress did not linger, but moved up the soft body taking first one nipple then the other into her mouth, noting the groan, as she bit gently into the nipple she had previously tweaked and realising that it was not a groan of pain, but pleasure.Reaching down between her legs, the Mistress grasped the protruding part of the dildo and pushed the head firmly into the other woman’s cunt. Removing her hand, the Mistress looked deep into the eyes staring at her in worship, as, with a thrust of her hips, she rammed the dildo deep into the awaiting pussy, and with a smile of satisfaction, felt the body underneath shudder into the first of many orgasms. The Mistress’s own breathing started to quicken, as, with every thrust, the raised rubber nodules on her part of the dildo harness, rubbed her clit in an excruciatingly enjoyable fashion, and the thick rubber dildo spread her pussy lips wide, giving her a delightfully full feeling. The Mistress increased her speed and with a guttural shriek, thundered into an orgasm, hardly noticing the woman beneath her shuddering into an orgasm of her own, a look of adoration for the Mistress in her eyes.Resting on top of the young woman, the Mistress gently nibbled the other woman’s ear, before whispering a question. “If I remove your bonds, you will not try to escape?” A shake of the head. “You are mine and will obey my every command?” Swift nodding. “Good,” said the Mistress, and with a sucking noise pulled the dildo clear of the young woman’s pussy. Swiftly undoing the woman’s bonds, the Mistress stood by the bedside and unbuckled the straps to the dildo. Pulling it out of her pussy, the Mistress held it in front of her and commanded the young woman to kneel. “Lick this clean, and start at the end that has been in your Mistress’s cunt,” the Mistress ordered. With a sigh, the young woman complied, swiftly cleaning the creamy residue from the still warm rubber with long laps of her tongue.“Thank you, my precious,” said the Mistress as she took the double dildo back. “It’s always better for me to have a dry end in my pussy, the feelings are so much more intense!” and with a shudder, inserted the dildo back into her cunt. Fastening the straps, the Mistress wiggled her hips and laughed at the sight of the bulbous end of the dildo in front of her jiggling up and down. “Oooh, that feels good!” she sighed tremulously, “Now, young lady, kneel on the edge of the bed.” The young woman moved swiftly to obey, with a look of concern on her face. “I’ve heard you’re a virgin, my sweet,” said the Mistress, “Is that true?” The young woman shook her head, no. “Oh, so you’ve had your arse fucked before?” “No, Mistress,” whispered the young woman. “Well, there’s a first time for everyone,” said the Mistress, with a wicked grin.The young woman heard some noises, as she buried her face in the quilt, and then she felt hands stroke and caress her buttocks. A sudden ringing slap made her howl, as the Mistress started to rain a fullisade of spanks on to the young woman’s unprotected bum. Imperceptibly the sobs from the young woman turned into sighs, as her upraised bottom started to glow and blush redly in the subdued light. The spanking slowed to a halt, and then the young woman felt the shock of cool, slippery fingers slip in between her buttocks. First one, then a second finger, slipped carefully up inside her arse, the feeling strange but not unpleasant.Thoroughly lubricated, it was with a feeling of disappointment, that the young woman felt the fingers being withdrawn, leaving her feeling strangely empty. The Mistress’s hands stroked the young woman’s hips, and then took a firm hold. The young woman breathed in deeply, as she felt the thick head of the dildo butt up against her tight little rectum, and with a slow but irresistible pressure, slid deep up her arse. “That’s my girl,” the Mistress breathed, “Now let’s see how much you can take!” Pushing forward, the Mistress eased the dildo further and further into her slaves bottom, until it was in up to the hilt. Determined to get some more reaction, the Mistress pulled back and then slammed forward, driving the thick dildo home, increasing the speed at which she fucked the virgin arsehole, pounding in harder and faster, as the only reaction she got was delighted moans of ecstasy from the young woman.Slipping the dildo out, the Mistress stood to one side of the woman with a pensive look on her face. “Stand!” snarled the Mistress, and she watched as the young woman stood trembling at the side of the bed. The Mistress walked over to the wardrobe and hurriedly released the black slave. “Walk to the bed and lie down!” she ordered him, and he obeyed with alacrity. “Now, young lady, straddle his thighs,” commanded the Mistress, and the young woman somewhat awkwardly slipped across the black slave, her wet pussy rubbing against the thick mat of curls at the base of his stomach. “Reach down and slip that thick truncheon inside that wet little box of yours,” the Mistress ordered, and the young woman obeyed, feeling the hot, thick cock slip deep into her waiting cunt. “Now bend forward,” said the Mistress, as with a look of glee, she approached the young woman from the rear. The Mistress admired the way that the woman’s pussy lips seemed to suck in the thick black cock, as the male slave kept up a slow, and almost invisible , in and out movement. Grasping the young woman’s hips, the Mistress eased the head of the dildo back into the little brown rosebud of the woman’s rectum, and then with a slow push, eased the instrument in to the hilt. The young woman groaned in disbelief as she was subjected to this indignity, but what really surprised her, was the fact that she was enjoying the full feeling of the two weapons filling her orifices. If she was really good, perhaps her Mistress might free the other slave later so she could take his salty maleness into her mouth, and suck until he exploded down her throat. The thought was too much for her and she shuddered into an orgasm the like of which she had never known.The young woman’s body shook and trembled, her pussy pulsing in time with her heart, grasping the black slave’s prick tight in its’ velvet slickness, and with a groan of despair, the black slave came, his white sperm spurting deep up inside the young woman’s cunt. The Mistress rammed the dildo into the young woman’s arse hard and fast, as she was close to her own orgasm, and the little rubber bumps at the base of the harness, coupled with the heavy thick dildo in her own pussy soon took her mewling and gasping into a powerful orgasm of her own.“Satisfactory,” said the Mistress, as she recovered control over her senses, and with a swift movement pulled the dildo from the young woman’s bum. Thhhruuuppp! A loud fart ripped from the young woman’s arse as the air that had been pumped deep inside escaped. The Mistress scowled and reached over to her bedside table for a riding crop. Thwackk!! Thwackk!! “You disgusting little slut!” screamed the Mistress, “You had better learn some control, or you will suffer! Now get off that useless object!” The young woman clambered off the quiescent slave, feeling the still thick and hard penis slide wetly out of her cunt. “Now, stand there and watch, as I feel further training is required for this useless object!” said the Mistress as she gestured at the supine black slave.“Stand, you useless piece of shit!” screamed the Mistress, and the black slave rose to a standing position alongside the bed, his eyes downcast, knowing he was to suffer for coming without permission. “Now bend forward, and spread your legs,” she said, kicking his legs further astride to bring his bum low enough, for even with her stilettos on, the Mistress was much shorter than the heavy set slave. Approach slowly, the Mistress stroked the firm arse cheeks of the black slave, sliding her hand in between his legs to fondle and jiggle his heavy balls. “Eeeuuww,” groaned the Mistress, as she made contact with the slaves’ hot cock, still covered in a combination of pussy juice and seminal fluid. “You, girl, come and sit on the floor in front of us,” commanded the Mistress and she stood and waited, while the black slave made room for the young woman to sit on the floor with her back to the bed.The young woman sat there, transfixed, with the slippery black cock bobbing up and down in front of her eyes. “I want you to lick it clean for me,” said the Mistress to the young woman, “But if you feel this disgusting creature is near to coming, you will stop immediately, or you will never see me again. Do you understand?” The young woman nodded frantically, and winced as she was slapped. “Yes, Mistress!” she squeaked, at which the Mistress smiled, and watched as the young woman started to lap at the black weapon with relish, gulping down the tangy mixture. Leaving the woman at her task, the Mistress stalked over to her husband/slave and stared him in the eye. “Are you enjoying yourself?” she asked. The tortured look of jealousy, love and worship told the Mistress all she wanted to know, as she returned to the bed. Taking her tube of cool lubricant, she squeezed a small amount onto her fingers, and, with a grin slipped her fingers between the black slaves arse cheeks, and pushed two fingers deep into his hot bum.Withdrawing her fingers, the Mistress grasped the protruding section of the double dildo, and inserted it between the taut black buttocks of her slave. Placing her hands on his hips, the Mistress pushed forward, eliciting a groan from the black slave, as the thick dildo buried itself deep in his arse. The Mistress started to pump the dildo in and out, watching on the outstrokes her female slave licking the throbbing black cock, and sucking the heavy balls into her mouth, the smooth sack shining with the young woman’s saliva. The sight, coupled with the exquisite sensations in her cunt were too much for the Mistress, and she slammed the dildo deep into her slaves’ arse as she shrieked into an earthquake of an orgasm.The young woman watched in disbelief, as the black slaves’ ballsack tightened, and she realised with horror, that he was about to ejaculate again. Desperately, she grasped the base of his cock and squeezed, hoping that the pressure would prevent him from coming, and keeping her eye on her Mistress, whose eyes were still shut in enjoyment of her orgasm, the young woman licked the few dribbles that had managed to get past her grip. The black slave grunted at the effort of trying to prevent himself from coming, and luckily for them both the Mistress thought that the sounds he was making were as a result of her treatment of his arse.The sounds of sex slowly subsided, as both the black slave and his Mistress regained control over their senses. The Mistress eased her hips back, and with a squelching, sucking noise, pulled the dildo from the slaves bum, eliciting a groan from him, at the empty feel of his hot passage. The Mistress looked down at her young female slave, and smiled condescendingly as she saw the look of fear and longing on the pretty little face. “Go and stand by that other useless object,” the Mistress told the black slave, “And do not move again until you are given permission.” “Now, my pretty you may stand and see what other pleasures I can devise!” the Mistress said with relish. With an imperious air the Mistress strolled towards her fettered husband/slave, the young woman following sheepishly, her cheeks flushed with a combination of shame, embarrassment and anger, at the way she had been so easily enslaved.Crashhh!! The Mistress had been more tired than she thought, after the sessions she had been through, and had not noticed the discarded clothing laying on the floor. One of her spiked heels had caught in the young woman’s skirt and the Mistress had come crashing to the floor, hitting her head a glancing blow on her dressing table chair. Silence reigned. With shocked expressions, the three slaves realised that the Mistress was u*********s and then the looks on their faces turned to glee as they understood the opportunity that had been handed to them. A chance to turn the tables, a chance to remind the Mistress what it was like to be a slave. The black slave rapidly moved to the husband, and to the husbands great relief, removed the padlock and chain from his cock, which slapped upwards against his belly, a string of silvery fluid arcing into the air.Winding the husband/slave down, the black slave released him from the wristcuffs and they stood silently looking down at the mistress, joined by the young woman. Even u*********s, the Mistress cowed them into silence, but they knew what they were going to do. The black slave went over to the Mistress’s cupboard, and removed a few choice objects. The first to be put in place was a collar with two wristcuffs, attached by spreader bars, holding her hands away from her face. The next was a wide spreader bar, with two ankle cuffs, fastened to keep her legs apart and finally the black slave gave each of the others a riding crop, keeping one for himself, and with a look of cruel enjoyment, struck her a heavy blow to the inside of her thigh. A muffled groan came from the Mistress, as she recovered consciousness.“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!!” the Mistress yelled, as she shook her head to try and remove the muzziness she felt, and discovered the fact that she was trussed and quite helpless. “Release me this instant!” she commanded in tones of ice, and, such was the force of her personality, her slaves moved to obey. “Stop!” shouted the young woman, “Don’t listen to her. She’s the slave now!” and with a look of intense enjoyment, she struck the Mistress several times across her full breasts, enjoying the way livid weal’s sprang into relief across the smooth expanse of skin. “You little bitch!” screamed the Mistress, as she writhed on the cold floor, “You’ll fucking suffer for this!” “On the contrary,” whispered the young woman, “It is you that will suffer, suffer a most exquisite torment. We will begin.”The black slave roughly grasped the Mistress under the armpits and stood her upright. Leaning the Mistress forwards, the black slave grabbed a tube of lubricant, and, slipping the nozzle up the Mistress’s rectum, squirted a copious amount up her bum. “You wouldn’t dare!” squeaked the Mistress, as the black slave lowered her slowly backwards on to his engorged cock. A low moan came from the Mistress, as she felt the large cock invade her bumhole, the thick hot male weapon spreading her sphincter, filling her up. The Mistress’s eyes widened as she saw her husband/slave approach, and with a gentle shove, he pushed her backwards so she was lying on the black slave. Grasping his erect cock in one hand, the husband/slave shuffled forward, and eased his throbbing prick into the Mistress’s tightly stretched cunt. The Mistress whimpered, as she strained against her bonds, and against the increasing pleasure she was feeling, as the two cocks plunged alternately into her pussy and her arse, her pussy running wet, despite her desire to resist.The final part of her degradation was to occur, as the young woman climbed onto the bed and carefully eased backwards until her fanny was above the Mistress’s face. “No, no, no, you can’t!” wailed the Mistress, her scream wetly muffled, as the young woman ground her soaking cunt onto the Mistress’s face, smearing creamy juice all over the Mistress’s nose and mouth. “Lick, you fucker!” snarled the young woman, “You’ve only got to make us come for the next three hours!” The Mistress breathed deeply, inhaling the sweet pussy smell. Perhaps this was not going to be that bad after all!