Playground Tales Chapter One

He began to pound his thick cock into me while pulling my hips back so my ass slammed against him, my moans and shrieks of pleasure muffled as I buried my face into the blanket beneath me, my back arched to get him as deep as possible. He drilled me for what seemed like hours, my eyes rolling into the back of my head, then he pulled out, and lay back on the blanket, his cock glistening in the light coming through the windows. I wasted no time climbing on top of him, my fingers getting sticky as I held his cock still so I could lower myself down onto it, easing him deeper and deeper inside me until I was sitting on him. He pulled me forward to kiss him, a big mistake with a tease like me, so I started lifting my hips so just the head of his cock was still inside me, bobbing up and down quickly a few times, and then letting my hips drop, driving him all the way inside me. He only let me get away with this half a dozen times before he couldn't take it any more, he pushed me back up and pulled my legs to get my feet on either side of his body, so I was squatting over him, his cock stretching my slick pussy. He grabbed my hips again, and got his heels buried into the blanket behind me, and began thrusting up into me so fast, I couldn't see straight. He did this until he had to stop or he would cum, then he lifted me off of him and laid me back on the blankets, pushing my knees back and I watched his big cock easily slide back into my wet hole, watched my body stretch to accomodate his thick member, moaning when it all disappeared deep into me. Spread so prettily under him, his cock pumping in and out of me, he shyly asked if he could fuck my other tight little hole. I giggled and said sure, moving quickly when he let me up to get my ass in the air again. His tongue tickled against my skin as he licked me to make sure I was ready to take that big cock, then pressed the head against me, pushing it in slowly while I pushed back. The feeling was delicious, I slipped my hand down to rub against my slick clit while he pumped his cock in and out of my ass, exclaiming he had never done this before. Within minutes he was ready to explode, and when he asked where I wanted it, I begged him to fill my ass. I could feel every throb and pulse as he dumped his load into the confines of my asshole, then felt his cum dribbling down my pussy and thighs when he pulled out, spent and sweating, to lie back and catch his breath.After a few minutes of giggling and panting, we dressed and gathered up our things, making sure the office was as we found it, then snuck back out of the building with our delicious secret safe.