Pokémon Catcher......Get's caught.

The recent Pokémon craze has taken our planet by storm but this little story will make you all go checking your gardens at night time..It was really humid last night and I was out in my garden as per usual smoking a big fat joint. Relaxing after the nightmarish day I’d had at work. There was this young girl who lived a few blocks away that I’d seen nearly everyday for the last 3 weeks and she was addicted to searching for Pokémon. She was tall with red short hair and a wonderful thick psychic. I’d say she was around 19 -20 years old. She was very flirtatious and cheeky and used her strong feministic ways to get exactly what she wanted from everyman that showered her with attention. She worked part time in the local Chip Shop as a take out girl. When I couldn’t be bothered to cook I’d pop up. We would always exchange pleasantries. Standing in the que that early afternoon I over heard her saying that there was a Pikachu on my road and tonight was the night she was going to get him... So my chance had come to catch something very tasty... As I sat in my garden with a flash light waiting. It was 10.32 exactly when I saw her black figure climb over my fence. I watched as her hour glass figure came under the moonlight. She looked beautiful as the moon beamed onto her face. Searching around the top of my garden for a few minutes the tiny light from her iPhone 6s was very bright. (I thought she really doesn’t care does she.) She soon descended down the garden path until she was no more than 10 feet away. See I was one step a head of this young woman. I also had the app and I knew exactly where the Pikachu was... Undoing my jeans I let my large flaccid cock fall out. I shined the flashlight directly at the startled women before me. “ Don’t move this is private property, “ I whispered. Placing my joint in the nearby ashtray as it slowly burnt out.She remained still. Her app was buzzing. She knew she was close. “ How much do you want this Pikachu M.? There are penalties for entering Private Property. I should really phone the police young lady!” I asked. Realising who I was she paused for a moment. Smiling at me she could see my cock rising in the moonlight sky. “ Turn off your torch number 35.. I’m sure we can come to a mutual agreement. No need to inform the police of any of this. “ ( her nickname she’d given me )Without hesitation she walked over to were I stood placing her phone on the table. Next she took down her black leggings and took off her black jumper exposing her small but firm breasts. She pushed me back up and into my conservatory. Sitting me on the wicker chair. She flicked the switch to turn on the dimly lit lights I had installed. As she sunk down to the rug below I passed her a large pillow for her knees. Smiling back up at me she grabbed my large cock with both of her hands. Grinning with amazement of the sheer size as she opened her mouth as wide as it would go. As she engulfed my head and half my erect manhood with her first suck I braced myself as a wave of pleasure ran through my body. She continued to suck faster and faster as my legs kicked out on ever sides of her. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed hers right down until she gagged hard. Pulling away from my cock. She stood up turned around and slowly took down her black thong. It was truly mesmerizing the way she wiggled that perfect PAWG ass of hers. Reaching round she grabbed my love pump and slowly she took what she could inside her. This little Brat was good, real good as she began riding me like a true cowgirl could. I reached up and grabbed at her plump little tits as she moaned with waves of pleasure. I grabbed at her thighs pushing her forward as I stood and spun her round pushing her knelt down on the wicker chair. She was close to an orgasmic finish as was I. Grabbing her shoulders as she pushed back as hard as she could onto my full length. Her legs began to shake as hot wet juices gushed out of her. Her body was shaking uncontrollably but I wasn’t done. I grabbed her arms making her spread her cheeks as far wide as she could. Fingering and licking her tight little asshole. She soon realised what was coming next. I pushed my big fat helmet deep into her ass. She bit her lip and moaned with ecstacy as I could only fit about half of my huge cock inside. She grabbed my hand and bit my knuckles with every thick stroke I gave. I increased the pace and began fucking her hard. Pulling out I placed my hardness back into her gaping pussy.“Omg!! “She screamed as my final few pumps released an explosion deep inside her cunt. I carried on pumping away until my flaccid penis dropped out of her. We lay there motionless for just a moment. I walked into my kitchen and fetched her an ice cold drink as we both stood naked. She embraced me as I kissed her on her forehead. Grabbing her phone and giggling she lit up the remainder of my joint I had left on the garden table just wearing her knickers she ran into the garden all excited and buzzing to claim her Pikachu. As she danced a happy jig.