Poolside Posers

After we’d dumped our stuff in our hotel rooms we met to explore the hotel. We found it had a swimming pool. By the pool entrance was a big notice showing a nude man and a nude woman from behind, and something written in German. Babs speaks German so we asked her what it said. Babs grinned as she translated it.“It says nude swimming after nine pm, mixed sex, over eighteens only.”Babs gave Lucy a mischievous look, which Lucy returned. Tony grinned lewdly at me and I knew he was thinking what I was thinking – Babs and Lucy nude! I'd heard the Germans were into that sort of thing, but finding it here for real was a shock! I couldn't help looking at my watch; it was five to nine. Then after a moment’s hesitation when the same thought must have been going through all our minds, Lucy spoke.“I'm up for it. Come on boys! No one will ever know! Don't you boys want to see us girls nude?”I’d dreamed of seeing Babs and Lucy nude many times with my cock hard in my hand but I’d never expected it would be so easy to get their clothes off!“Ooooh! Come on boys!” echoed Babs.As Babs spoke she arched her back a little so her blouse tightened over her big breasts and she spread her mini skirted legs a little wider as if to give a taste of what was on offer. After that it was impossible to say no! Ten minutes later I was standing by the pool wearing just the white towelling robe that came with the room, very conscious of my iron hard erection pushing out the robe in a bulge, hoping Babs had got the translation right and wondering if I was about to make a fool of myself. My nervousness was short lived. The girls came in together a moment later, then Tony, all of us in identical hotel robes with Tony's showing a bulge just like mine. The girls looked at each other, Lucy giggled, then Babs and Lucy simultaneously undid the cord of their robes, slipped their robes off their shoulders and let them drop, and stood there nude.My erection cranked up a notch harder at the sight of two nude girls with superb figures, long legs, big round breasts, Babs’ smooth shaved love slit and Lucy’s neat dark bush. The girls stood there rather self consciously for a moment while we ogled them, then Babs spoke.“Come on boys! Strut your stuff for us!”As if to encourage us Lucy ran her hands smoothly down her thighs and rocked gently on her feet in a sensuous movement that swung her breasts and tightened my erection even more. Tony and I took off our robes and stood there naked. Our penises were both about as erect as a guy's cock can get, bending up from our hairy balls to point almost straight up at the vaulted ceiling above us. Tony, obviously not the slightest bit self conscious, spread his legs, shoved his kit toward the girls and wiggled his erect shaft. I fingered my straining cock almost involuntarily. The girls ran their eyes over us and I certainly noticed how their gaze lingered on our sex kit.“Mmmmmmm!” purred Lucy, “I can see what's on your minds boys!”We swam for a while but my thoughts were on anything but swimming! My eyes locked on Babs and Lucy every time they climbed out of the pool, and I followed their every step as they walked with swinging thighs and boobs, wiggling bum cheeks and inviting cunts along the poolside. My stiffly erect penis dragged in the water as in my thoughts I was already wrestling naked on my bed with one or other or both of them.As I swam toward the end of the pool I saw Lucy squatting spread legged on the edge just where I would arrive. Water was trickling down between her breasts and dripping from her nipples, and glistened on her dark pubic hair. Her vagina, pulled open by her spread legs so her pink inner labia were on show, was right in front of my face as I stood in the shallow water. “Shall we all go up to my room?” Lucy said, swinging her legs a little bit wider.She could not have adopted a more erotic pose and she was making it pretty obvious what I might expect up in her room! Minutes later all four of us were in Lucy’s hotel room. There was a double bed, the usual minibar you get in business hotels, and a big TV screen. The girls tossed off their robes and so did Tony and I. We poured ourselves beers from the mini bar and sat on the bed, all four of us naked. I was sitting next to Lucy, and I couldn’t help noticing how she moved closer to me and pressed her bare thigh against mine. Lucy’s bra and panties were still on the bed. I picked up her panties and ran them through my fingers. They were just a tiny white cotton thong, with a slight yellow stain where her cunt would have been. Lucy’s eyes met mine and she gave me a little smile that said as clearly as if she’d said it out loud: “I left them there for you to play with.” My penis was rising from playing with Lucy's thong and realising she might have more to offer, when Babs made the suggestion that really kicked things off.“Let's watch the porn movie on the TV!”Babs picked up the TV remote and flicked through the channels. I'd already browsed the hotel's TV guide and seen they had a good selection of porn. Knowing the reputation of German porn, if our nude swim and now this hadn’t happened I'd planned an evening of watching porn and solitary masturbation. Moments later we were watching what looked like a beach orgy. Two nude girls were having lesbian sex one on top of the other in sixty nine position while four naked well hung guys with hefty boners stood around them watching and fondling the girls, and wanking their hard up penises.“Oh boy!” Lucy gasped. “Look at those guys’ cocks!”As we watched, the camera zoomed in between the lower girl’s spread legs, showing the upper girl finger stroking and licking the lower girl’s vagina. I heard a moan from Lucy. Glancing at her I saw her fingering her nipples, which were peaking with arousal. As I watched, Lucy’s hand slid slowly down her front from her breasts, over her navel, her legs parted a little then her hand went smoothly down between her thighs and through her bush till she was fingering her pussy. Sitting on a bed naked, with two sex mad nude girls, one so hot she was about to masturbate, while I was fingering her used panties and watching hard core porn, my penis felt taut enough to snap! I looked between Tony's legs and saw his hard up erection making it clear he was feeling the same as me.On the screen the lower girl was squirming, clutching the top girl’s thighs, pressing her face against the upper girl’s pussy and wrapping her legs up over the top girl’s back. She was obviously about to come. Lucy cried out.“Ohhhhh! I've just got to come!”With that Lucy got into a kneeling position on the bed next to me with her knees spread wide, thrust her hips forward and began to masturbate with her fingers down between her legs stroking and massaging her vagina. Her big firm breasts bobbed with the rhythm of her stroking hand and she was grunting and crying out with sexual pleasure. She suddenly paused, looked at me, grabbed my arm and pulled me toward her.“Touch me! Touch me! Touch my tits … my legs!” Lucy gasped.I've had the pleasure of wanking with a naked girl next to me magnifying my sex pleasure and straining my shaft even harder by tickling my balls and the inside tops of my thighs and my arse while I stroked my rod. Remembering that I knew just what Lucy wanted. I also knew that unlike just a guy's cock and balls, almost every inch of a woman’s body is an erogenous zone!I quickly stood in front of Lucy and began to run my fingers lightly over her naked body, especially over her breasts, catching her taut peaking nipples, and over her legs, especially over the insides of her spread thighs. I was close enough to her that the big soft head of my erect penis brushed against her smooth flesh, and she reached out with her spare hand to fondle my sex kit and hold my shaft. But Lucy wasn't just getting it from me. Tony got on the bed behind her and ran his hands over Lucy’s bottom, tickled her down her bum crack, kissed her all over her back and around her neck and reached his hand so far right under her between her spread legs to tickle that sensitive spot between her arse and her vagina that his fingertips peeped out below her cunt. It drove her wild! Her grunts and gasps of sex pleasure became high pitched cries, and her methodical rhythmic stroking of her pussy became frantic. Her cunt hair was wet with her juice and I could see her fingers were in between her vagina lips massaging and circling her clitoris.Lucy climaxed with a shriek, thrusting her hips forward like she would against a guy fucking her, and bouncing her breasts in the pulses of what was obviously a meaty orgasm that went on for ages. She remained kneeling on the bed afterwards with her breasts rising and falling with her panting and her hand clenched over her pussy. Then she looked up at me with her big brown eyes, gave my sex kit a playful tickle, and said softly.“Jerk your cock off over me … I love watching men masturbate. Come over me!”Boy was I ready to squirt my cream! Standing in front of Lucy I spread my legs, braced myself for pleasure and shoved my penis forward so my helmet was brushing against her just below her belly button, smearing her with pre cum. Lucy fingered my shaft and balls, reaching under me to tickle my balls and right under me between my legs. I felt like I had a steel bar between my legs by the time I wrapped my fingers and thumb round my shaft and started to masturbate. I made sure I put on a good show for Lucy with lots of grunting and full length rhythmic strokes and tugs of my shaft.Tony wasn't missing out of the action. He was kneeling on the bed behind Lucy still fondling her bottom and with his erect cock aimed at the valley between her bum cheeks. I was wondering if he would jerk his load off over her bum when Babs came and knelt next to him. She reached down to fondle his balls, then her hand smoothly transitioned from playing with his balls to sliding around his cock and she began to hand job him. I could see her giving him what must have been delicious full length strokes up and down his penis with her whole fist wrapped round his length. Tony’s penis shaft was glistening with some cream I guess Babs had squeezed from a tube I saw on Lucy’s bedside cabinet and used to lubricate his muscle. As Babs wanked him Tony continued fondling Lucy 's bottom and now fondled Babs too, running his hand over her bottom, thighs and between her legs.Masturbating ogling pictures of naked girls is of course exquisite, but masturbating while ogling two naked girls for real and running my spare hand over one of them, especially over a sex crazed hot little beauty like Lucy, while watching the girl other hand job another guy was infinitely better than the solitary wank viewing porn I'd promised myself! As I stroked and tugged my hard straining penis I ran my spare hand over Lucy’s soft smooth flesh. Lucy’s pussy must have still been throbbing from her own orgasm and she quivered and squealed with excitement every time my fingers ruffled her juice soaked pubic hair or slid between her vagina lips. My penis head was pressed against her belly, dimpling her soft flesh, and my wanking hand was going pat pat pat against her every time my hand slid up over my helmet.But as well as Lucy’s naked body to play with, over her pretty brunette head I could see the TV screen, where one of the guys was leaning back against a rock shoving his cock forward, with one of the girls squatting wide legged on the sand in front of him with his cock in her mouth sucking him off while another of the girls stood next to him with her thumb and forefinger round his shaft stroking in time with the other girl’s lips.I edged my cock to the exquisite brink a couple of times, straining to hold back my cum so as to build up the ultimate pleasure, though Lucy made it difficult (but much more enjoyable!) by tickling the tip of my penis with her finger. While I was masturbating, I saw Tony’s face twist like he was in agony or ecstasy, he gave that so familiar strangled grunt every guy gives when he jerks his load, and he thrust his hips toward Lucy’s backside. I guessed Babs had just finished helping Tony wet Lucy’s bum. Lucy reached behind her to feel her bottom, and confirmed my suspicion by bringing back her hand sticky with Tony’s semen. Then my own orgasm came!“Lucy!” I grunted.I grabbed her shoulder. She looked down to watch me squirt. I involuntarily shoved my cock forward towards her belly so my helmet was pointing straight up between her breasts. Lucy squealed with excitement when I came and my hefty dollop of semen fountained exquisitely up over her breasts and into her cleavage. I stepped back with a string of semen hanging from my swinging half erect penis, while Lucy remained kneeling on the bed watching my sex cream dripping off her nipples and trickling down her front from her cleavage, over her belly button and down to catch in her bush and mix with her own sex juice.“Ohhhhhhh! That was so horny! I love watching men wank and cum over me!” Lucy gasped.It was getting late, but not too late for more fun. “Now lets you and me go to my room!” Babs said, grinning mischievously and taking Tony’s hand. Babs and Tony put on their white towelling robes and headed for Babs’ room, leaving me and Lucy naked together on Lucy’s bed. Lucy and I took a shower together to wash two guys’ semen off Lucy and the sweat off me. Masturbating had been hard work, but certainly very rewarding! We spent ages soaping each other then getting the lather off each other with our tongues and hands. Lucy’s breasts, bottom and cunt, and my cock, balls and bum must have been the cleanest they’ve ever been! My erection was pointing at the ceiling again by the time we tumbled out of the bathroom and onto the bed. We poured ourselves cold beers and switched on another porn movie. It was about a porn photographer who took pictures of women stripping and in incredible nude poses. The hotter the poses got the hotter he and the model got, until the expected happened. We were watching him photograph a pretty housewife perched on her kitchen table slowly unbuttoning the front of her dress. But we never saw her finish her striptease because before she’d reached the bottom button Lucy and I were wrapped round each other exploring each other’s naked body. With Lucy arching her body into leg spread, breast thrusting positions every bit as erotic as the poses of the porn models on the screen I got her moaning and gasping wild with my fingers and tongue on her breasts, her bottom, between her legs, and tickling the inside tops of her thighs. She was red hot with her vagina soaked with juice and her nipples peaking hard when she flopped on her back and spread her legs as wide as if she was doing the splits, reached her arms out toward me and pleaded with me to give her an orgasm any way I wanted. I got my head down between Lucy’s legs and got going with my tongue on her labia and clit. When her orgasm came she shoved her pussy up against my face and squeezed my head between her soft warm thighs while she cried out her orgasm shriek and her body bucked on the bed. When Lucy’s thighs finally relaxed and let me go I worked my way up her body kissing her as I climbed on top of her till my helmet was pressing against her love lips. Her pubic hair brushed deliciously against my shaft as I slid in deep. Her legs folded up either side of mine. She was so aroused she climaxed again almost as soon as I was in, beating my bum with her feet and clawing my back in her excitement. Then I took my time with deep, smooth rhythmic thrusts till I filled her. With an early start and busy agenda next day we reluctantly left it at that and I headed back to my own room to collapse into bed. That was just night one of the three we were to spend in that hotel! As you would have guessed, the next night I had Babs and Tony had Lucy, but what we did, and how we spent that memorable third night, is another story or two!