Public Transportation

I had my heavy coat on over my white blouse and skirt, but it was really warm in the back seat of the bus on the ride home, so I took it off and sat on it. At the next stop, a guy that looked like he was probably homeless got on the bus and took a seat in the very back on the opposite side from me. He smelled of booze and seemed pretty out of it as he slumped into the corner.Another rider had been staring at me for a while. He was a much older man, so I let it go. After most had gotten off, he moved to the seat beside me and started talking to me. Soon he asked if he could see my tits. When I said no, he pulled out his wallet and offered me $60 to let him see them. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so my nipples were slightly visible through the white shirt, which is probably what attracted his interest. I took his money and began to unbutton my shirt. I was sitting by the window in the very back, so he was the only one that would be able to see, and the homeless guy, and maybe someone outside if they were looking.When I got the last button unfastened, I opened my shirt while turning slightly toward him and leaned against the side so he could see better. As I slid my blouse back off my shoulders, he reached out and took hold of both nipples. They were already hard from the act of exposing myself to strangers, but stiffened to their maximum when he touched me. I looked over the seat in front of us to see if anyone was looking, as I slipped my arms out of the sleeves. We were the last few riders. With me turned like I was, my legs were spread quite a bit. While I was checking to see if anyone was looking, he pulled up my skirt to reveal my shaved pussy. My attention turned back to him when he touched the tip of my very erect clit. I gasped as he dragged his finger across the tip, giving me an orgasm. I looked over at the homeless man to see him watching as he was rubbing his crotch through his pants. Once the stranger touched my clit, I turned to putty and let him do anything he desired. He took the shaft of my clit between his thumb and forefinger and started to stroke it. Then he pinched the tip hard, making me cum again. He then slipped his fore and middle fingers into my pussy while positioning his thumb to continue stimulating my clit shaft and tip, moving up and down the shaft as his fingers moved in and out of my hole. It took allot of effort on my part to keep from letting out any more than a few soft moans. Next he moved closer and started suckling my tits as he pushed his ring and little finger into my asshole. I believe it’s called the “Vulcan”, and under these circumstances with a total stranger, it was quite out of this world. It was about this time that I realized he had no teeth, and that he was gumming my tits, or chewing on them with his gums. It was kind of gross when I thought about it, but it felt very nice. He could chomp down as hard as he wanted on my nipples and not do any real damage. While he fingered me and chewed on my tits, his free hand was busy unzipping the side of my skirt and then he pulled it free. I was now sitting totally naked in the back of a public bus while being m*****ed by a dirty old man whose name I didn’t even know. This time the homeless guy had his cock out when I looked as he was jacking off watching us.After having another orgasm, I suddenly realized we had just passed my stop. I’m pretty sure I exposed my naked self to the bus driver and people outside as I turned and reached up to pull the cord for the stop bell. Since they were driving special routes for the severe weather, the driver didn’t stop for another few blocks. I was in a hurry, so I just pulled my jacket around my shoulders and held it closed as I rushed to the door to get off before the driver closed it and moved again. The old man got off behind me carrying my clothes. There was over a foot of snow on the ground. Luckily I had on knee high boots to keep me out of it.“Hey, do you want your clothes back?” said a voice from behind me. I turned to see my error and the old man holding up my blouse and skirt, with the homeless guy a few feet behind him. There were also people in the adjacent yard shoveling snow that were able to hear.“Follow me” I told the old man as I struggled to get my arms through the sleeves of my jacket without flashing everyone while knowing that the bottom of my ass was visible because my jacket wasn’t long enough to hide it. We walked to the corner and then I took them into a dark alley, where I bent over and pulled up my coat. “You have ten minutes to fuck me in the ass” I told him, as he tossed my skirt and blouse on a car.He shoved his cock in my butt in one quick thrust, and then reached into the front of my coat to knead my tits. I was cumming pretty hard from the thrill of public sex when he slipped my jacket completely off me and tossed it onto a snow cover car a few feet from us. Now I was butt naked, except for my boots, in a dark alley while a stranger was fucking me in the ass. Could I be any more of a slut? Well, the answer is yes. The homeless guy stuck his cock in my mouth as I was bent over getting fucked, and in my public frenzy, I sucked it while he squeezed my tits until he ejaculated down my throat and moved away. The stranger then shot his load into my bowels, and let go of my hips as he pulled out, causing me to collapse naked into the deep snow. When I got up, they were nowhere in sight, and neither were my clothes or jacket. I can’t believe it. The old man got to fuck me, and then one of them robbed me, taking back the money he gave that was in my jacket, as well as my blouse, skirt, and coat. Somehow I now had to make it the few blocks to my house butt naked while trying not to be seen and without freezing to death. Fortunately, my little wallet with my I.D. and key was safe in the side of my boot. I made a dash for the woods two blocks in the wrong direction from my house. I don’t know how many people saw me streaking in the freezing temperatures, but I was seen. Several passing cars honked their horns, which got the attention of anyone else that might have been out shoveling snow. At least once I got into the trees I could make it to my backyard more easily without being seen. It was a longer route though, so I just hoped I didn’t get hypothermia before making it home.I finally made it through the woods to my backyard. I was chilled to the bone when I got inside, so I quickly slipped off my boots and went upstairs for a hot shower. As I warmed up, I began thinking about the events of an hour ago. Replaying it in my head just made me horny again and woke up my big clit, so I fingered myself in the shower until the water started to go cold. “I might have to take the bus more often” I thought to myself as I curled up in bed and fell to sleep with a smile on my face.