Rainy Day III

Mike drove my Toyota while I sat like a lady in the passenger seat. We were off to Provincetown MA which is an open gay community. M. asked if I would agree to an open relationship for now but I was his GF. I would mostly be in girl’s clothes whenever possible. He was to be my BF and he wanted some freedom to have some cock on the side. I cheeringly agreed even though I wanted more from M.. He said he had a live in guy for a few yrs whom became too jealous. I asked M. if I was a good fuck like he said. He beamed saying my butt was the tightest warmest cleanest hole he ever fucked. He said my hole had a nice scent to it not gross at all. This was so awesome to hear his words. I wet my panties a bit, bit my lip like a girl and asked if I may play with his boy. He smiled as I reached over & rubbed his thigh getting oh so close to his boy. I slowly rubbed him higher until my hand was on his cock. Mike drove .I rubbed his cock now as it hardened. “Mike I really need you. I want you. " I got closer and unsnapped his jeans then slowly unzipped his fly. I made a loud noise and we both laughed. “Watch the road. Lift your butt”. I very carefully pulled down his jeans. I guided them off. I saw his blue boxers then reached in to help myself.“You naughty boy. You are getting a hard on . What do you want me to do with this”. I gently held his prick with my soft girly hands. It was boning fast. I asked him to pull over to a rest area as I held him and rubbed his spongy crown. He has the crown. I am his Princess. "Mike park over there away from the other cars. NO lights too." I wanted to blow him and feel him harden totally in my wanting mouth. He pulled in the spot as I pulled down his boxers while M. lifted his butt. I gazed at his prick so hard then into his eyes whispering my affection. I lowered my head down twisting my body as my lips wrapped around my ultimate prize. I sucked that mushroom head into my mouth trying to get the boy juice out. He was totally hard in my mouth. I felt so proud & thrilled. He was excited by & for me. M. moaned as I held his tight love sac. My lips now went up & down his hardness. Male hardness is my new joy in life soon my favorite joy. I licked kissed and sucked up & down this beauty. I got to the top or tip again. He leaked some pre-cum which I slurped up and swallowed. The scent of his clean hard cock with the pre-cum so tart way so intoxicating. My lil girl dickie jumped in my panties. I was leaking too. My girl panties were so tight. I could not bone. It all felt so right . He moaned twitched jumped and let loose. I kept my mouth on his crown, holding his hard on as he fires some sperm that went down my throat. I sucked harder squeezing him firmly. He filled most of my tiny mouth. I tasted his sperm on my tongue and swallowed slowly enjoying the taste sounds and touch. Removing him from my hungry mouth, he dripped some on my face and chin. He moaned low. His cum in my tummy , mouth and on my lips and chin. It was dripping out as I rubbed his prick on my girly face & chin. I took out my phone and snapped Mikes softening cock with sperm droplets & my cummy face. “Kiss me baby.” Our tongues met in a French cummy kiss. I held his softening cock bending down kissing his cock gently & licking a few cum drops from his tummy. "I really do like you Danielle. I want you to be my GF and have plenty fun times.” {BLUSHING. } I replied ,"I do want & need you. I like your mind and body & our hard friend” .We laughed. I fixed my clothes. I touchéd my soft cock but I did not cum. My need was to suck him off not cum off myself. We talked . He sucked me off in this same car yesterday now I was sucking him today. I kissed him again. I was feeling so fulfilled. So girly & free. The evolution of my life was always to wear a dress & suck handsome cocks. I could never be a real man but I can be a real woman & please cocks all my life. I re-did my lipstick and he started the car smiling at me.” Did you cum off." " No. Just leaked in my panties.”He asked if I wanted to go to a motel now or wait till later. "Lets wait till later but you will carry me over the threshold as your bride. Then I am all yours.” Mike grinned growled and drove on.