raised as a daughter III

Ann said "my turn. You're stretching her to much". She slid her plastic dick out of my mouth, allowing me to close it and try swallowing some spit. Rebecca sat down in front of me and kissed my lips and asked how I was doing. I was coated in sweat, my eyes glazed over, and my jaw was killing me, I nodded my head. She smiled and said" open up sweety, you're going to learn how to suck cock for hours". She picked my head up and pushed her rubber dick in my mouth slowly. Ann climbed up between my legs and spat on my gaping hole. " you want to learn how to be fucked, I'm going to teach you how you little slut" Ann said. She pushed her fake dick in me and pushed deep. She pulled back just till the tip was in and started pounding into my butt. Her thrusts pushed me forward driving Rebeccas dick down my throat. I gagged and wanted to scream, but I kept sucking it. After twenty minutes of fucking Ann was finally tired. She pulled out and got off the bed. I tried to move my legs but they were weak and numb. I was able to move my arms and relax my back some, but not much as Rebecca pushed her rubber dick farther down my throat. I felt the bed shake and thought Ann was back to fuck me again. She rubbed my butt and asked how I was doing. I could only make noises. She said" good girl. This will help you feel better later", and I felt a cold liquid rubbed on and in my swollen hole. It felt so good. Suddenly I felt pressure on my gaping hole. Ann said" relax or this is going to hurt", as she pushed something hard in my butt. As she pushed it was getting wider till I felt my hole close around it. Ann said the plug will train my butt not to be so tight. She kissed my cheeks and licked up my crack. Rebecca slid her dick out and kissed my mouth. " you're doing so well sweety. Your a natural, and you'll be fucked by all the boys soon." When she stood up, I fell over. Throat raw, jaws aching, and my poor hole destroyed. I just wanted to cry. A few minutes later Rebecca came back and gave me a glass of water and my pills. " drink some water and put your panties on and get some sleep. We start again tomorrow". I tried to sleep but the plug felt strange. Finally I nodded off. I don't know what time it was when I was awoken with something being rubbed on my lips. Thinking it was Rebecca pushing her toy in, I opened my mouth and licked the tip. It didn't taste like the thing and it was warm. It entered my mouth and I wrapped my lips around it. Licking the head I sucked on it. I heard a moan. I opened my eyes and looked at a real cock. I reach out and stroked it while I sucked and pushed forward taking it all the way in. As it touched my throat I didn't gagg, in fact I took it all. He started fucking my mouth and saying thats it baby, make me cum. I sucked and licked him for five minutes then I felt it start to swell and then my reward for a good job. He yelled that's it, take it all. I welcomed the thick liquid coating my throat. Soon I heard the door open and Rebeccas voice," what the hell do you think you're doing." She came to the bed and grabbed her boyfriend by the hair and dragged him out of my room. I could hear him explaining he seen what you were doing and couldn't resist. Rebecca hissed" if you want to put your cock in someone's mouth come to me, you got that!