Rewarded Again For Being a Good Neighbor

That Wednesday night I got a frantic phone call from Michelle. Michelle said “help!!! Jim, water is shooting out from under my toilet and is flooding the whole bathroom”. I knew right away what it was, the shut off valve under the toilet broke. I told Michelle to open the garage door, I went in the garage and shut off the water valve to the house. I checked under the toilet and sure enough the valve was broken. Off to Lowes I went, got a new valve and grabbed my tools and shop vac. The valve took fifteen minutes to fix the valve and I spent another half hour vacuuming up the water. Michelle planted a big kiss on my face and said “thanks, my silver haired devil, see you on Saturday at seven”. Saturday rolled around, I had the grill ready, got out my best wine and waited for my young honey to come over. Michelle arrived and she looked gorgeous, she had on a white one piece swim suit and a flowing red see through long beach skirt. You could see the outline of her beautiful body under the flimsy cotton skirt. She kissed me hello, and joked “no bikini tonight my boobs keep popping out”. We sat down at the table had some grilled chicken and hour de overs and my wine. This woman was downright beautiful and I was glad to be in her company. After dinner I said “God it’s hot, let’s hit the pool”. I refilled our wine glasses as Michelle dropped her dress revealing her long shapely legs and new swimsuit. After a few minutes I approached her by the side of the pool and we began French kissing. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth’s as we held each other in a passionate embrace. Then I felt a warm hand going into my swim suit and grabbing my now rigid cock. Michelle slowly stroked my organ until it reached its full seven inches. Then she whispered in my ear “remember when I said I don’t fuck on the first date” well who said anything about the second”. She pulled down my suit as I reached for the straps on her suit and pulled it down past her small breasts, down to her waist and then to her ankles as she slid out of it. Once again I got to look at her firm tits and her large nipples that stood out like small cherries. I was one lucky old man to fuck this woman but first I wanted to do something special for her. Now every woman I have ever known says nobody has ever eaten pussy like I do. My ex-girlfriend was bi-sexual and taught me how perform cunnalingus on a woman. After my “lessons” I got pretty good at orally satisfying a woman. Well I knew Michelle didn’t get laid very often so I wanted to make tonight special. I grabbed her by the waist and sat her by the edge of the pool on top of a cushion I had strategically placed there earlier. I said to Michelle “let me get you nice and relaxed first”. I placed my head between her legs and began working my way upwards to Michelle’s pussy by kissing her inner thighs up to her pussy. To further excite her I kissed and licked all around her pubic mound as I placed the palm of my hand on her pubic bone and rubbed it gently by massaging it. Then I further stimulated Michelle by lightly running my tongue up and down her outer labial lips. At this point Michelle lay back moaning with each machination of her body.I sensed that Michelle was ready, and I inserted my tongue all the way into her eager vagina. I flicked the tip of my tongue over her clitoris as I licked her labial lips. With that Michelle’s body began to respond, her hips began to slowly gyrate up and down as my tongue explored her pussy. I always stopped at her clitoris to provide my lover with some extra sensation. Soon I only focused on kissing Michelle’s swollen clitoris and gently sucking it into my mouth as my tongue flicked across the top of her sensitive nub. Michelle hips gyrated more rapidly now and it took some effort on my part to hold her still as I kept sucking and licking her pussy. Finally, I had to place my arm across Michelle’s stomach and hold her down as I sucked her entire clitoris into my mouth as my tongue rapidly flicked back and forth over it. By now I had set Michelle a fire. Then it hit, Michelle let out a loud scream as her first orgasm of the evening wracked her body. I sucked Michelle’s entire upper pussy into my mouth as my tongue moved rapidly over clitoris. Michelle’s pussy exploded in a torrent of love juices as she squirted her feminine juices all over my face. Simultaneously, Michelle moaned loudly and said “don’t stop, don’t stop”, as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body. Finally, my mouth was exhausted from my efforts and I had to slow down. I continued to bring her down slowly by gently kissing the entire area between her legs. For fifteen ten minutes now I had been making love to Michelle’s pussy and I knew she loved it. Michelle calmed down and said, Jim, where did you learn to do that, nobody has ever done that to me”. We both went underwater to cool off and I got two more glasses of wine. We sat at the table and both of us totally out of breath. But still my cock was so hard it stood out to its full seven inches. After another cool drink Michelle kept staring at my fully erect cock. She leaned over and whispered, “Jim it’s been months since I have had a man, let me have that cock”. Michelle gathered up a bunch of chair cushions and made a bed right by the pool. She laid back and spread her long legs. She was just beautiful. I inserted my cock right into her swollen pussy with no trouble. Then I began my slow rhythmic fucking to start off. My cock filled her all the way as I fucked her. She moaned softly as I increased my rhythm giving her full thrusts. Soon she was meeting each thrust at every turn. This lady was in great shape and her ass and hips moved smoothly up and down my cock. Michelle was an incredible fuck. I was ready to explode and just could not hold it any longer, I shot a huge load deep into her pussy at the same time she was having her second orgasm of the evening. Indeed it must have been months since Michelle had gotten laid. She was very quiet as she continued to thrust her hips upward to meet each downward thrust of my still erect cock. We just kept fucking in a dance of intense love, both are bodies were in perfect rhythm as we thrust up and down unaware of how long we were making passionate love together. Then Michelle’s body shuddered as she once again attained an orgasm as she fell back on the patio cushions. I thrust my rock hard cock deep inside her and deposited another load of my semen into her pussy. The sensation was incredible as I slowly fucked her as she lay still underneath me. Then I too fell back exhausted. Well I know how to treat a women, I am a big believer in “after care”. After sex you hold your women in your arms, kiss her gently and softly and gently massage her body. Good aftercare to women is almost as good as good sex. All of a sudden Michelle got up on all fours. I was shocked when she said “go in my purse and get the lube and stick your finger in my ass! My ex-husband used to do that”. I had heard of anal stimulation before, but had never done it to a woman. Apparently, this mother of two was not so refined after all. I lubed up my index finger and slowly inserted it in her small ass. She just moaned as it entered her all the way to my knuckle. Apparently, Michelle loved anal manipulation as she soon began thrusting her ass on my finger as I reached under her and fingered her clitoris. She arched her whole body and came like she was having the orgasm of her life. She was reaching a level of orgasm where it looked like she was having a seizure or something. Then she relaxed and fell back flat on the cushions as I pulled my finger out of her throbbing rectum. As we basked in the glow of our lovemaking she said “hey you silver haired devil” do you want a full-time job as my handy man”.