room service

She was naked on her knees, her wrists handcuffed behind her. Blindfolded, she could smell the deep new carpet of the hotel room and hear the movement of staff up and down the corridor interspersed with the regular burr of the air conditioning as it kept the room comfortable on a warm evening.For the previous 10 minutes she had been getting more and more aroused. They had talked about this for so long, planning every detail, imagining how incredibly naughty it would be. She had lived this so many times in her head that it felt oddly familiar to finally be doing it for real. As if she already knew what happened next. She imagined Sean down in the bar - meeting the guy he had picked to join them. Running over the rules one more time and spending a few minutes chatting to him to reassure himself that it wasn't some weirdo who was going to want to take over and ruin their fantasy. Emma knew nothing about this man, apart from the fact he was experienced at group sex. They'd agreed that Emma should be the only "swinging virgin" in the room. When she questioned him about the man he'd selected, Sean replied like a scratched record. He just said "trust me", over and over. And she did.Sean had done this sort of thing before. When he'd first mentioned his previous group experiences to Emma as they lay in bed after a drunken post-party fuck, she was shocked. But she'd asked him for more details. And then more... And the more she imagined it, the idea of being with two guys had become less like a porno script and turned into a fantasy that could actually become real.But the bit that never quite fitted was how to make it happen. She would just giggle if she had to answer the door to someone who'd been invited to join them for a threesome. I can't just say "Are you the pizza guy, or am I fucking you later?" she'd joked to Sean. "Where do I look first - his eyes or his cock?" And the idea of a swingers club - or worse, dogging with a bunch of pervy old men in a car park - was too much to think about.So here she was. Naked and blindfolded on her knees in a hotel room, waiting for her boyfriend and a stranger to come back. She was also wet. Very wet. Re-running the script in her head since Sean had left the room had turned her on. She longed to reach round and touch herself, but her handcuffs stopped her. Instead she tensed her pelvic muscles. She felt a pleasant tingle and, as she pushed herself up, her knees sank a little further into the soft carpet. How long did it take him to check this guy out? The guy had texted Sean to say he'd arrived in the bar, and he seemed to have been gone a while. Surely they'd be back soon.Then the click at the door, as the keycard registered with the lock. Suddenly she was terrified. It was happening - right now. Emma wondered how it was possible to feel both rampantly horny and absolutely terrified at the same time.She heard the door open and hoped that nobody was passing by. She'd positioned herself to face the door, at the foot of the bed, and suddenly realised that this wasn't a look she wanted the world to see. Hair tumbling over her shoulders, a black blindfold, a stripe of dark pink lipstick and her full breasts pointing straight into the corridor. Then another thought - which had never occurred until now - "I hope he fancies me."They had agreed there would be no conversation. Emma was adamant about this. This was just sex. No small talk - no talk at all. She didn't want to have to think how to reply. But that now left a few moments of awkwardness as the two guys stripped off. Emma thought she heard the sound of shoes being placed in the wardrobe, then a zip. Then what she thought was the sound of something brushing the edge of the bed. They were closer. It was happening.She wanted to tell them she was ready. She opened her mouth slightly and her tongue played on her lips for a moment. Did they see her?She kneeled up a couple of inches higher - her mouth still open slightly. She could hear their breathing, she was sure of it. Then something brushed her lower lip. It felt like a dog's wet nose, but when it returned it did more than just brush and she let her lips engulf the tip of the hard, wet cock.Mmmm... Precum. Sean didn't tend to get wet so soon, so this must be her visitor. Seemed like he must fancy her after all, Emma thought, as her tongue played around the end of his shaft.She heard a quiet groan of pleasure as she gradually allowed more and more of the cock to enter her mouth. As she sucked and squeezed with her mouth she felt a hand on the top of her head and her visitor held her head still so he could gently thrust himself in and out of her mouth. He didn't rush, which was good. She had agreed with Sean that savouring the excitement of her first threesome was as important as rushing to the finish line. This guy knew what he was doing.His cock didn't feel quite as thick as Sean's but it was a bit longer, she thought. Certainly it seemed to reach further back in her throat as she now was now being face fucked gently but firmly. As he held her head her new friend established a steady rhythm as he pulled back and then pushed himself back into Emma's waiting mouth. She could sense his excitement too - his breathing was getting faster. He let go of Emma's head and his hand reached down to play with her boobs. She wanted him to tweak her nipples hard, but he simply stroked underneath her breast and gave a gently squeeze.Emma felt like she wanted to burst. The build-up was paying off and she lifted herself slightly to tense her pussy again. As she did so a finger pressed her pussy lips apart and she heard a familiar "Mmmmmm" from behind her. She had almost forgotten about Sean, but he'd obviously been enjoying the show too, watching from behind her. His fingertip slipped inside her and she was amazed how wet she felt. She wanted it further in, but she knew Sean would tease her. And anyway - she had a mouthful of hard cock to enjoy, so she was hardly complaining.Sean's fingertip moved imperceptibly back and forth inside Emma and she shuddered. She managed a muffled "mmmm" which Sean correctly interpreted as an instruction to proceed further. She felt Sean's hand on her buttock and he lifted her slightly to give himself more room. One fingertip became two and they worked their way easily into Emma's silky cunt. She tensed around them as they thrust slowly in and out. Sean was matching his rhythm to the tempo of the blow-job. "Clever bastard - he's learned that from doing this before" she thought, glad that she was getting the benefit of his prior experience.Her hands still behind her back in handcuffs, Emma reached for Sean. She felt his forearm as he fingered her and she grabbed it, hoping she could pull him further into her. He got the hint, and his fingers moved faster and harder. Sensing that she was on the brink of orgasm, the guy in front of her pulled his cock out of her mouth and knelt in front of her. Now he was much rougher on her breast - tweaking and pulling her nipple. Sean must have told him how much she loved that. And he kissed her - his stubbly mouth pressed hard into hers as his other hand moved between her legs and started on her clit. With Sean's fingers inside her and another man's hand on her clit, Emma soon felt a wave of orgasm building within her."Jesus!" she cried - the first word spoken in the room since Sean had left her to go down to the bar. "Jesus fucking Christ!". Her left nipple was being pulled hard, her clit caressed and her pussy finger-fucked hard. She felt her body was exploding.It seemed to be a while before Emma recovered her composure. She couldn't believe what had happened. Her nerves all gone, she was revelling in being the blindfolded centre of attention of two horny guys. As her orgasm subsided, she felt Sean take her hands - still handcuffed - and guide them to his cock, as he knelt behind her. He was rock hard. Not really surprising, thought Emma, given the circumstances. She wanked him gently with both hands and she could feel his dick pulsing occasionally as she did so. In front of her, the visitor's cock was once again pressing against her lips. How had these guys managed not to come, she wondered. But that just meant there was more fun for later. She tried to mimic Sean's trick - timing her wanking of his cock to the rhythm of her sucking. It felt good.Sean certainly seemed to be enjoying the situation. Emma heard him groan with pleasure once again, as she tightened her grip on him, still working his cock with both hands. But then he pulled away and she heard him stand up. The stranger's hand lifted her chin slightly and he rolled the end of his cock around her lips. She allowed her tongue to flick it as he did so and he murmured with pleasure. Then he moved his cock to one side of her mouth and she felt a second cock alongside it. She'd told Sean that she had fantasised about taking turns sucking two guys off. He'd remembered - and now was her chance.Two hard wet cocks, side by side, both of them resting on her lower lip. She flicked her tongue from one to the other. Then she moved to engulf Sean's cock with her eager mouth. He deserved the best blow-job ever for arranging this, she thought. She could tell he was enjoying it as he felt so thick and hard inside her mouth. Still handcuffed, her head bobbed down hard on Sean's throbbing cock. She took it as deep as she could, then she felt him lift her head and move it back to the other cock - the stranger's. She took turns - giving each one five or six thrusts of her head then switching to the other as they stood in front of her.After swapping for one cock to the other a few times, Emma felt Sean back away. He took her shoulder and indicated that she should get up. She followed as he backed towards the bed and sat on the edge. She leaned forwards and bent down to suck him again. She knew that he loved watching her suck him as he lay back in the bed, her hair cascading onto his lap as her head bobbed up and down on his dick. As she felt his hands on her shoulders, she also felt a hand squeezing her left breast as it swung. She realised that the visitor was also now lying on the bed alongside Sean and so she switched to suck him for a while. She felt so slutty, as if she was in a porn film. Two meaty cocks standing to attention as she serviced them both. "God - why didn't I do this before?" she thought.Then - as she moved back to suck Sean again, she suddenly felt two hands grip her hips. Followed a second later by a hard cock entering her from behind. "Fuck! What's going on?" she thought. Sean and his visitor were both on the bed. Then two words spoken from behind her - "Trust me". It was Sean fucking her. The cheeky bastard. Trust him to double up. So who's cock was she sucking? Frankly she didn't care. Her threesome had become a foursome, but she was feeling so horny and slutty that she would have sucked anyone. For all she cared, Sean could throw the door open and invite the next passing guest to join them. As he fucked her, Sean unlocked her handcuffs and Emma was finally able to reach round to wank the guys she was sucking off.Sean pounded her from behind as she eagerly pulled and sucked the two cocks in front of her face. As his tempo increased she sucked harder and switched faster. Both of them were also playing with her tits and pulling her nipples. Their low groans of pleasure were only drowned out by Sean's thighs slapping into Emma's bum cheeks as he fucked her harder and harder. She knew what was coming. She lifted her head for a moment and cried "Oh God" as she felt her second orgasm engulf her. But as it did, she felt Sean tense up, he gripped her bum hard with his fingers and he shot his hot cum inside her.As she recovered her composure, Emma felt Sean turning her over onto her back. Her shuddering orgasm had made her forget for a moment that there were two horny blokes with their cocks inches from her face. Each of them silently took one of her hands and moved them onto their stiff dicks. Emma began to pull slowly on them - in time with each other - as she took first one and then the other gently in her mouth. Her hips were on the edge of the bed, and she felt her thighs being pushed apart and Sean's tongue found its place on her swollen clit. He knew how she was always ready for a licking just after she'd come. The bugger was teasing her though, she wanted it harder now and he was just flicking and teasing. Her thighs pressed together around his ears as a hint to give her more and more, but Sean knew how to keep her on the brink.Suddenly she felt a man's hand cover her left hand. Then another hand on top of her right hand. Both gripped firmly. Both guys were now wanking with their own hand on top of hers and she could feel them tensing up. She lay back, opened her mouth and felt two hot spurts of cum cover her face - one from each side. As they did, Sean's tongue finally pressed more urgently onto her clit and she felt another wave of orgasm building. As she came, she sucked hard on one cock, then the other, seeking to take every last drop of cum from her two visitors. The deep grunts of exhausted satisfaction told her she'd pretty much drained both of them dry.Then silence, apart from the sound of deep breathing from Emma and her three lovers. "Thanks guys" said Sean's voice and Emma felt the bed lift on either side of her as the two visitors quickly stood up. As she could hear them dressing she reached down to stroke Sean's head. "Mmmmmmm" was all she could say.A few moments later, just as the hotel room door closed behind two departing - and smiling - visitors, Emma felt the blindfold lifting from her eyes. She blinked in the light and Sean was next to her with the broadest grin she'd ever seen. "Enjoy that?" he asked."You know I did" she replied. "But talk about throwing me in at the deep end.""I told you - you just have to trust me" said Sean. "I knew how much you really wanted this, but I was worried the guy might not show up - even though I'd checked him out. So I lined up a substitute as well. In the end, they both showed, and I thought it was a shame to waste a willing cock. I had to change the script a bit down in the bar. That's why we took a while. But they were both up for giving you an extra surprise. Fuck - it was so horny watching you sucking them both when you thought one of them was me!""Good job I DO trust you" Emma replied. "But I'm not sure how you can ever follow that.""Oh, I've already thought of that" said Sean. "You'll love it. Trust me...."