Santa Clause Woke Me Up

Any way 3:00am had passed and my eyes started to shut. Then I heard the squeak of my door handle, I shut my eyes tight a prayed “Please let it be him”. As my bedroom door opened I felt the cold air from outside brush against my face gently, I froze, My whole body went stiff and I started to breath heavily. “Calm down” I said to myself, “He will know you’re awake” So I just lay on my back, still and as calm as I possibly could be, as I hear the footsteps creeping gently on the floor around my bed.I noticed the footsteps passed my sack at the end of the bed and I heard no sounds of rustling like the sounds of gifts filling my sack only the footsteps coming around to the side of the bed, “Ok this is weird” I said to myself as I felt the bed covers that hung over the side of the bed moving. I now froze once more and started breathing heavily again, I felt a warm leather gloved hand stroke my penis under the cover, “What the heck is going on” I thought as my penis started to get stiff from this warm leather gloved hand gently jerking my foreskin back and forth. I couldn’t quite make it out as I lay there with my eyes shut in the dark, aroused and being jerked by Santa Clause but it felt like the tip of a warm sticky cherry was being gently rubbed over my lips and chin, so gently I could hardly make it out. It did feel a little moist and sticky whatever it was.After about 5 minutes my penis was rock hard, I felt the covers pulled down exposing my full naked torso then pulled down further slowly over my erect penis until my pulsing hard penis pinged out from under the cover.Then I felt the tickle of fuzzy hair stoking my thighs, balls and penis just before I felt a warm wet mouth open around the tip of my penis and swallow up the whole thing, I could feel a huge fuzzy beard covering my thighs, balls and belly and a large, fat, wet, warm tongue slurping away at my erect penis and swollen balls, I could also feel a pair of large hairy balls bouncing against my hand as I lay there pretending to sleep through the whole thing.I couldn’t take it for long until I felt my load explode into the warm fuzzy beard as I was sucked and licked franticly, simultaneously it felt like someone sprayed my whole torso and face with warm milk.I lay there naked and exposed on my bed, wet, hard and trying not to wriggle and squirm with pleasure, as I heard the sound of a belt buckling and the footsteps retreat from my bedroom.As the bedroom door shut I shot up quickly and checked the end of the bed to see I had gifts in my sack…. But there was no sack….. It was not Christmas….. All that was there was my wife lying in bed sleeping next to me.…..