Scarborough pub pull another drink later.

Well after MrsC and us recovered from the open air spontaneous stranger sex, we made a move to another pub on the sea front, the place was packed out with people spilling out onto the street but we managed to find our way to the bar, We all needed a drink after what had just happened, after being served we shuffled to the corner of the bar Tony and MrsC now got to chat and get to know each other smiles all-around knowing what had just happened, MrsC realised I was not talking not that I could any way because of the karaoke going on and all but us singing away, the place seemed a good laugh and a good night out and we very nearly went but thankfully we settled in the Turks head or our night would not have gone so well and it was still happening, anyway she realised and turned to me with a smile "are you ok? Did you enjoy yourself" too right I said she turned to Tony and asked the same he replied saying very much so, well she replied you two are mine tonight and I am going to enjoy this while I can, with that she turned to kiss me with both hands holding my face she kissed and stayed there a few seconds pulling away and smiling at me she then turned to Tony and did the same, with her now being so relaxed she stood so close to Tony her new friend, he turned to grad a vacant stool and offered it to MrsC, she declined saying you have it and we can shuffle together, he sat down and she slotted in between his open legs, she looked mesmerized and so did Tony I felt on top of the world after seeing her fucked by another man and now look at her she doesn't regret it and he is still with us.MrsC was loving the moment and beginning to get so close to Tony again she turned to me to ask if she could kiss him and if I would mind, of course you can it's your night you enjoy it and do what you like now, she kissed me again longer and slower just enough passion before people would start to say get a room, and in one move she turned and did the same to Tony just longer and slower, she turned to have another sip of her drink and back to Tony, raising her arms around his neck and they were off again, then kissing in front of me like that was amazing such a dream come true, they stopped and smiled at each other and again she turned to me she pulled me closer and placed her arm around my waist and hugged me we stayed like that for a few minutes and listened to the next song being ruined, she said to me what next after this, that's up to you we had not planned this we had to just suck it and see as they say, I said you decide I will watch, it's fun the people will be wondering who you are actually wife if they see any more, she said I think I now like that actually let the think what they want anyway know one is looking she kissed me again and turned to Tony and get straight back into kissing him, a little while later I noticed her arm was not on his shoulder anymore so I moved to have a quick glimpse and she was rubbing his bulge through his pants, with that glimpse I then noticed his hand was again up her skirt, here we go again how long will this last in here, wow I though they look great and this is very risky again she was begging to shake a little so I tapped her on the shoulder and said slow down a little it looks a little obvious, with that she pulled away from Tony and turned to me, sorry she said I didn't mean to miss you out this is addictive with that she kissed me squeezing me closer to her touch me she said so I couldn't resist, I looked around first and know one was looking so with one hand I lifted her skirt she was so warm and so wet she felt so good she reacted with every gentle touch of her clit kissing more and more passionately each time, I said we need to move on soon, to that she said you said it was my night so I say let's stop a little longer your enjoying this I can tell so shush, she reached down and began to open my zip, then releasing my cock I twisted to block any view and moved my arm down to block the view with that she shuffled back between Tony 's legs causing me to shuffle with her, MrsC asked Tony to stand up and she opened his zip to free his cock, now with one cock in each had and alternating who she kissed, with all this going on Tony said stop he was close again with that she stopped and said your turn the I can hide my pleasure you two do me, we made our selves decent again and Tony sat back down, all three of us went back to our drinks a few sips and MrsC said come on who's first.Tony and I looked at each other but before we managed to decide she turned to her new friend and said your turn with that she took his hand placed it close to her leg and Tony took over she lifted the skirt and off to work he went, still between his legs she turned to face the bar picked up her drink and let Tony pleasure her she kept turning her head to look at me and wow she looked amazing the smiles she tried to do whilst he rubbed her I will remember for ever, she turned to Tony and smiled then back to me saying your turn, I went there as well thinking Tony had moved as I felt his hand he looked up and began to move away, MrsC said no both play please its a nigh of firsts and I have my dreams as well, oh really I said well why have you not said before? Because ladies don't she said, lady look around you are there any more ladies in here doing what you are doing? Shut it she said let me enjoy myself, so I began to feel my way around with the little space I had, Tony slipped down to touch inside her leaving me to pleasure her clit again, she closed her eyes enjoying herself again now with two men playing with her, with the position we were all in I move my hand to allow Tony back up and I took my hand out from under her skirt, she wasn't too pleased and said where are you going, put it back keep going, I put it back but this time I went from behind, she opened her legs to let me easily play, wow she was dripping she felt so good, two hands playing again so I thought I would try my luck, I touched her other hole to see what reaction I got, nothing different she continued to sip her drink and enjoy, no reaction and because she was so wet I easily slipped in and began to play away just the one finger but enough, MrsC turned to look at me over her shoulder raised her eyebrow then turned to face forward again, wow I though it was then I realised she wanted this, she actually wanted one of us to try it she seems to be enjoying this could she be up for the dp? That's nice she said, it feels weird but nice, so I asked is this another dream you have not told me about, erm I might have she replied, and are you wanting to try it, I might do she replied see how it goes but if I say no it's no, with that Tony and I smiled and stopped, we better make a move then this lady wants to treating with that we finished our drinks and made our way out, and rushed down the street guiding Tony to our camper van, I wish I had parked it off the main road or had booked a hotel but nothing was going to stop us, I had been given the nod and I was going to try make it happen.We got to the camper unlocked it MrsC was a giggly excited mess we all stepped in putting the lights straight on, black out blinds dropped in record time, luckily we had already set the bed up knowing we would not be sober upon our return, never mind what situation we were in so good thinking, MrsC told us to sit down on the bed and then turned some of the lights off a began to seductively strip off, well in a drunken way grinning and giggling, first she slipped down her summer dress revealing her lovely tits to us both, she then lifted the bottom of the dress to show us what we had to play with, the whole thing then slipped down and off, MrsC stood there smiling and said come on then be gentle but you better make me happy, with that she said get your gear off and let me see them cocks, we didn't need asking twice clothes off in seconds and stood there, MrsC stepped up to us kissed Tony then kissed me took hold of both our cocks and bent over and sucked us once each stood up again and said that's your lot you two treat me, she walked in between us and crawled onto the bed showing us her arse as she did, she turned around and with one had on her boon and other other rubbing her pussy she said come on then lick!.I let Tony step up first and starting from her feet he kissed his way up to her clit and bargain to lick, once he had settled she placed her hand on his head and began to tell him what she wanted doing and how then controlled him by her hand pressure, she was good at that her hand movements made her get it done just how she enjoyed, once both were busy and Tony taking the hand orders I made my way past him and kissed her from the belly up our mouths met and she grabbed me one of the best kissing moments we have ever had, MrsC reached for my cock and began to stroke, I moved and guided it into her mouth kneeling over her we had played in this position before with us imagining someone else pleasuring her and here we were, she was so good at sucking cock and fully loving the moment, suddenly she began to orgasm and Tony did his best to keep there but it looked so intense she flopped flat back down and asked for him to stop for a while so she could recover, she guided him up to her face and sucked us both alternating between each a pulling us together so we touched together and tried to suck us at the same time, not too easy when to men are trying to stay upright above a lady laying down, we give up and flopped over her laughing, come on then fuck me will you she said, hold on I want a lick please and Tony needs sucking, he wasted no time and lined his cock up ready, I went for a taste gently at first knowing she had just cum and she is super sensitive just after, spreading her lips apart I could feel her pulsing as I licked, with that and knowing she was relaxed I placed my finger on her bum hole and began to ease it in, one finger in and out her incredibly wet hole pouring down helping lube, two fingers in and I could feel her muscles pulsing even more she began to moan with her mouth full, nice sounds showing she was relaxed and enjoying what we were doing, she stopped sucking Tony and asked him to go in front of her and then turned over, one leg went over my head as she turned over then I moved back to allow her to lay back down, now she was on her belly legs open and sucking Tony expertly again, so I went back down to continue playing with her back passage, she felt ready and her muscles were pulsing soon after I restarted so I thought this is the moment, MrsC lifted up onto all fours, Tony lifted up too and they continued I entered her pussy and began to fuck her gently increasing the pace to match her cock suck timing, a couple of minutes of fucking her and admiring the view of my wife and Tony when she moved one arm around to her bum and pointed to the other hole, she was telling me she wanted to try it, with that she stopped with Tony he sat down beside her and began to kiss her back with hands all over, I made sure she was soaking and began to enter her slowly slowly pushing in deeper each time, a few gasps from her but she was going well in no time I was all the way in, wait she said keep it there, ok gently please she said God she was so tight I began to move slowly all the way out and back a few moans the Tony she said can you go in the cupboard next to you? Eh what's this I thought? Here am I with my cock all the way home and she is thinking of something in a cupboard? In there there is a pack of baby wipes get them ready and use them when your both done, good God she is good she knows what she wants and obviously does not want any delays and for us to be clean, so this must mean Tony is going there as well, but he was bigger than me, oh well let's go, I let Tony follow orders and I started to go again, I reached around to rub her clit and enjoying her back side, she was pulsing like crazy and gasping and moaning Tony just sat and watched waiting for MrsC to be ready for what ever she wanted next, she was enjoying it so much her face now burried in the pillows moaning away nicely, she stopped lifted her head and said ok Tony you next, I began to pull out but she said oh no your in there Tony in the front, with that I was grinning again ok let's try if your ready, we had never done this so I left it to her, she had me rolling over whilst still inside her, erm no failed instantly, a quick flip over and her trying to straddle me and guiding me back up, nope failed, Tony lay down please MrsC get on him I said laughing and we will start again, reluctantly she agreed Tony in a few minutes of her getting used to him and relaxing again, now it's my turn again, one finger lubed and in again this could be ok I thought let's try it, she stopped moving on Tony and ordered me to be gentle and we tried one little push and nothing another gentle push again no luck, third time lucky I'm in a huge gasp from MrsC her hands reaching back to control my actions, with that she spread her cheeks to help all she could and I pushed again slowly guiding my cock in, Tony began to kiss her so one hand moved so she could prop herself up, this distracted her enough to push all the way home, another gasp from her and that was it both in and all the way home, bloody gentle you two she said, how does it feel I asked, f-ing weird she replied but nice so far just be slow and let's see, Tony began to move first slowly like she asked once she was happy she began to kiss him again, my turn slowly I tried the same time as Tony, erm no said MrsC that's too much, let's alternate then, Tony first out, me in, me out Tony in, we managed to find a rhythm and she started to relax more and enjoy it, now with her head up in facing the roof I asked her again what's it like are you enjoying it? God yes what a strange feeling it's great I have never felt the feelings like this before its great, gasping for air she continued to tell me what she was feeling, during this me and Tony were working her faster now in a good team rhythm her voice changing all the time getting lighter and softer she sure was enjoying it and good we had talked about it, well I had talked about it she never let on she liked the idea, her breathing increased as did the noises from her again she said in a very quiet shaky voice I cannot hold it back any more God I'm,,, and with that she flopped onto Tony's chest and shoulder fully her legs tensed up and moaned, her muscles tightening and releasing constantly oh God she yelped, wow, shit, wow we both pumped like mad she was no longer bothered, she just flopped there and enjoyed every second, she seemed to cum for an age but it was well worth it we were also enjoying listening to her noises and the words she attempted to say, she quietened off and the only noises from her were a few little moans and heavy deep breaths, she looked satisfied, we slowed right down to a near stop and as I began to pull out she stuttered stop no wait, God wait I will pee myself! Weird but ok let's stay here, God she said that was so nice I'm shaking all over and tingling inside and out my God it is so nice, wow ok it was for me too and I'm sure Tony is still enjoying it because your holes are pulsing like crazy, I can hardly hold back myself now, can I come out now, just a minute longer please let the feeling stop it's weird but nice, ok so there we were two cocks deep in my wife unable to move because she was enjoying us doing nothing and was worried about home her body would react if we pulled out, a good few minutes passed and she was just lightly breathing so I began to pull out she did not say any thing once I was out she lifted off of Tony kissing him as she did, and dropped onto the bed lifting her hands to her face, wow I'm doing that again she said, why didn't you tell me if felt so good, ? Erm love I have asked you for years nagged you in fact argued about me asking you, I have been called every name under the sun I laughed and now what I am getting told off for not doing it sooner? I cannot win but you remember you said that lass because I will hold you to it, she stopped me and said two can hold me to it if it is that good every time, get me a drink please and you go wash I want that again this time your under me so you can get your wish of seeing my face as another man's cock goes in me, you missed it earlier in the dark I realised that after, so let me calm down and do it again please, this time you two get to cum in me isn't that another wish of yours, so let's tick that box too while we are at it.And with that we gave her it again I got many of my wishes ticked off my list so did she, Tony got more than he planned as did most of the passers bye on the seafront in Scarborough, I bet that camper van was rocking like a good one, and MrsC made it clear what was happening to her.All the best thanks for reading, sorry about the spellings and grammar.