Secret meeting

Paul had continued to pop on there from time to time when he got a message from a local female who said she was close by, Paul asked her what she was called and she said Sasha and i'm 25. Paul knowing his daughters are that age was then very unsure, but they chatted for a little while, Sasha asked to add Paul as a friend so she could see his picture and he could see hers. After they had both taken a look at each others profiles, Paul thought Sasha would think 46 was too old and she was just teasing to get herself off, but she came back telling him she wanted to test his cock for real. well Paul was a little taken back at this and told her she was naughty just coming out with it like that, to which Sasha simply replied well you can spank me in person if you are brave enough to meet.After chatting a little bit more, Paul told Sasha his house was empty until 10pm and if she wanted the real thing to come and get it, he gave her his details and she said she would be there in an hour and that would give them 3 hours before she needed to be home.Well Paul made sure he was showered and fully shaved ready for Sasha arriving, she messaged through the website to say she was leaving and would be there in 5 minutes, living on a busy street Paul wasn't too bothered about what the neighbours saw.5 minutes later, he saw the stunning sight of Sasha walking through his gate and made sure he was was at the door to meet her, she looked stunning in dazy duke shorts and stockings topped off with a small crop top, Pauls eyes must have given away how hot he thought she was, as she just smiled and kissed him, then said I hope you have plenty of stamina to satisfy me for the next 3 hours as i'm going to drain you sack.Sasha was about 5'4" very slim with pert little breasts so Paul just picked her up and said it's this way and i've more than enough stamina don't you worry. He carried her upstairs her legs wrapped around him to his bedroom, there they started to kiss more, and Paul grabbed Sasha and put her over his knee, telling her she still had the spanking coming for being naughty, she just giggled, as Paul spanked her she said take my shorts down, which Paul did to find a bare arse she had no knickers on. He spanked her with his large rugby players hands and Sasha was screaming with pleasure loving every spank, telling Paul she could feel his cock throbbing against her chest.Paul then said to Sasha well you better do someing about that cock hadn't you, without a beat she dropped to her knees as Paul stood up and grabbed his hard throbbing cock and started to suck greedly on it, looking up at Paul while doing it. She was deep throating and gagging on it, then spitting on him which was only making Paul harder as he'd never had such an dirty energetic blow job, he grabbed Sasha's hair to force her further on to his cock and started to face fuck her, while doing so he realised she was playing with herself too.Sasha could feel Paul about to explode and started to suck faster, but Paul had other ideas and pulled himself out of her mouth, picked her up and dropped her onto the bed infront of the large mirrors on the wardrobe, he sucked her pert nipples while teasing her pussy, then worked his way down and started to suck and lick her pert throbbing clit. Sahsa was moaning and telling him to put his fingers deep inside her, so Paul wanting to test her limits slipped one into her pussy then started to tease her pert arse as it was dripping in her pussy juices, Sasha pushed her arse onto the finger saying I need that one inside me too, now eat me sir please. Paul couldn't resist double finger fucking her arse and pussy as he ate her she tasted so good, then she started to pant and scream, before he knew it she was squirting into his face and mouth.without giving Sasha chance to recover, Paul just moved up between Sasha's legs and with one thrust entered her pussy, which because she was still cumming was very tight, he stratched it wide again thrusting and slapping Sasha's breasts, well soon she was exploding again and asking for Paul's cum, to which he said when I'm ready as i'm in charge now!But as he pulled out and laid on his back thinking of his next move, Sasha took her chance and climbed on top of his cock, facing away from him and started to ride him, well Paul had her sexy arse so close to view and play with, he couldn't resist slipping a finger inside again, but this not only made Sasha explode again nearly instantly, but also due to the angle so did Paul.As Sasha climbed off his cock her pussy was dripping wet, a combination of her juices and Pauls cum.Paul still rock hard, just smiled and said ok young lady where do you want me now we have ages to go yet, Sasha just smiled and bent over to lick the juices off his throbbing cock, then kissed Paul and he could taste all the mixed juices.Sasha tried to tease Paul's cock, so he told her if she carried on her arse was is, and she just laughed. So Paul just rolled her on her side, slowly came in behind her, and due to the amount of juices eased into Sasha's tight arse. This had Sasha panting but pushing further back, then when Paul reached around and teased her clit, he found she was already starting to insert her fingers into her pussy too. After 5 minutes of deep anal Sasha started to shudder and before Paul knew it her arse contracted around his cock and she squirted across the bed.After using a baby wipe to clean his cock, Paul went to eat Sasha again, and in no time she was exploding so load he was glad the road ouside was busy with traffic.After taking Sasha doggy style over the bed, both of them watching in the mirror until they both exploded, Sasha asked what time it was and Paul said it 7:45pm to which Sasha said I need to go pick my daughter up at 8 I best be getting off, Paul laughed and said I'm not drained yet. Sasha sang to her knee's took his cock in her mouth and started to suck like a dyson, then slipped a finger into Paul's arse and teased his prostrate, then he exploded deep in Sasha's mouth, she stood up licked her lips kissed Paul and started to get dressed. Paul had to ask how he did being 47, Sasha turned winked and said lets just say my boyfriends not getting a fuck tonight but he will be eating your juices and mine in the morning.With that she finished getting dressed kissed Paul and left.She dropped him a message later that night and said next time i'm bringing toys and coming for a full night.The night is to follow