Sex Education & Single Parents Part 9

"Elly! Why didn't you tell me that you could get pregnant?" Ron asked as he looked at his daughter."Because I didn't want too! I love you Daddy and I wanted you in me even if that meant I would have your baby." Elly said as both Monica and Ron grew pale."When did you first cum in her Ron?" Monica asked him."Yesterday after we got home from your office. Please tell me that it can be longer than just twenty four hours." Ron asked with obvious concern."Yes but it is best if within seventy two hours. Elly, I know what is to love your Daddy but you are way too young to be thinking about getting pregnant. There can be all kinds of complications for a non-taboo impregnated person your age. When you couple that with the taboo nature of the sex it could be a disaster.""But I love feeling Daddy’s cum in me!" Elly protested."I understand that because I wanted it too. Let's go in the bathroom and get cleaned up. I think we need some real frank girl talk." Monica said as her and Elly went away.The two guys pulled on some clothes and waited in the living room to see what would happen next. Then the doorbell range and Brad went to answer it. Ron looked up when the boy returned with a man who appeared to be in his late fifties and an extremely sexy woman with coffee cream skin. She had an incredible smile. "Ron this is my Grandpa and his friend Courtney." Brad said introducing everyone. "Grandpa this is mommy's new boyfriend Ron who lives next door.""Hi Ron. Nice to meet you! Please call me Ted." Monica's Daddy said.Just then Monica and Elly returned."Hi Daddy!" Monica said as she hugged the older man then she turned and hugged Courtney as well."So who is this pretty little thing?" Ted asked as he looked over the sexy red headed teen."This is my daughter Elly and I agree she is a pretty girl." Ron said feeling proud of his daughter."This pretty little thing and I will be going to the Pharmacy as she has little situation. Can you stay for a while, Daddy?" Monica asked."Sure Baby girl. I was just introduced to your new boyfriend and I would love to get to know him." Ted said. "Perhaps Courtney would to join you ladies?""That will be fine as it will give us girls some time to talk about you guys." Monica said with a laugh as the three women left."Hey Brad would you give your Grandpa a few minutes alone with Ron?" Ted asked and Brad headed off to his bedroom."So tell me Ron just how serious is the relationship you are having with my daughter?" Ted asked."We have been neighbors and friends for a while but in the last week we kind of found out we have a lot in common." Ron said and waited to see what was on Ted's mind."I'll be honest with you Ron. Monica had a horrible first marriage because of not being picky about the men she associated with. I will not let that happen again." Ted said as he tried to size up the man he spoke with."I know about her x-husband and what he was like. However, you underestimate your own little girl's changed tastes. For instance you and I have much in common." Ron said as he watched Ted's eyebrows arch."Really, just what do we have in common?" Ted asked."We both like fucking our daughters and we both fucked Monica in the last twenty four hours." Ron said as he looked at Ted who started to smile."So she found her a man into taboo sex just like me. That is great!" Ted said."Yeah and she told me that you like younger women but damn you got a hot girl just how old is she?" Ron asked."She is twenty two and she is also Monica's half-sister." Ted said with a grin."Fucking two are getting married?" Ron asked and suddenly got real interested."The beautiful thing is no one knows that I am her Dad but the idea of marrying my own daughter is pretty fucking kinky and then that hot little Monica had an even more perverse thought." Ted said with mischievous grin."What would that be?" Ron asked."She suggested that Brad get Courtney pregnant. Shit just think Monica will be the aunt to her own grand k**! Or Brad can be the daddy to his cousin." Ted said as he laughed."Well shit you would have a k** and great grandk** in one!" Ron said as he roared laughter."Ron, I just want you to know you are alright in my book and you can fuck my daughter as much as you want." Ted said shaking his hand."Which daughter?" He asked half joking but Ted just smiled."Either one you want but is there any way I can get some of that sexy little redhead of yours? Fuck she looks great!" Ted said."I'm sure she will want that. We just got done having a little orgy but by the time they get back we should be ready again." Ron said with a smile.A short time later the three sexy women returned. Monica looked like she was enjoying a secret thought. "So Daddy, did you and Ron have a nice discussion while we were gone?" She asked still having that sexy smile that hinted at a naughty idea she was having."Yes we did. He told me what a nice fuck you are! Of course I would never disagree with that." Ted said as he stood up and wrapped his arms around his sexy blonde daughter."That is so sweet! Did he tell you that he was fucking my asshole earlier while was I sucking Brad's nice dick and licking little Elly's sweet pussy?" Monica said as everyone in the room became aroused."No he did not share those specifics with me but it does sound like fun." Ted said as he looked intently at Elly."Well I think we should play little game. I call this game "Sexual Chicken". In this box there are several choices of sex acts. Each of us will pick one and then a name out of the name box. You have to perform the act for at least three minutes. If you do not perform the sex act you will lose the game. If you are the name picked and you chose not to go through with it then you are out. The winner gets to have first choice on who they get for partner for the orgy later. Now we all need to get naked!" Monica said with a giggle.Courtney got to go first and she pulled a card and then looked a little embarrassed."It says that I have to lick someone's asshole." She said and then she reached into the name box and pulled Ron's name."Well how about it you two are you going to play or give up?" Monica asked.Ron decided he could do it so he bent over the couch and spread his ass open. He waited and then felt Courtney's tentatively lick his asshole. He was surprised how hard his cock got as the sexy mixed woman ate his ass. Then he felt her hand wrap around his dick and jerk him."Time!" Monica said as Ron sat down with his cock throbbing. "Daddy it is your turn!"Ted reached in the box and read what was on the card and smiled."It says perform oral sex. Sure hope I pull a woman's name!" He said as he reached in the name box he read the name: "Monica"!Ron watched as the older father buried his face into Monica’s pussy. In seconds Monica was rolling her head as her Daddy knew just how to do it."Time!" Ron said and both the father and daughter looked at him with disappointment. "Elly is next." He said and watched as she pulled out a card."I have to use a vibrator on my partner." She giggled. Then she reached in and pulled out a name. "It is you and me Brad!""I don't think so! I'm not going to let you put that up my ass!" Brad said with more than just little shock.Elly stood up and walked over to him and whispered in his ear. He looked a little worried but he then moved onto his hands and knees. Elly turned on the vibrator and then placed it against his asshole. Then the sweet red haired girl put her head between his legs and started to suck his cock. Brad grunted as his ass felt the sex toy but Elly's mouth felt so good!"Time!" Monica said but she was rubbing her clit as she watched the two youngest members of the party showed tremendous creativity.When they finished the two teens sat together and kissed. It was clear that they intended to play together real soon.It was Ron's turn and he picked his card. "Fuck the other person! I sure hope this is a woman but if not get the lube guys!" He laughed as he picked out a name and frowned; "Ted"."Alright big boy let's do this!" Ted said as he bent over. "Bring the lube over with you."Ron picked up the tube but then he just laughed and set down."Sorry to disappoint you all but I'm too straight to fuck another man. I lose!” Ron said with a laugh."Well now I know you can be bluffed!" Ted laughed as everyone else did too!"I think we have had enough drama! Daddy I declare you the winner and you get to pick your partner for the first fuck. Who will it be?" Monica asked and hinted she would love to be picked."Elly! It’s been a long time since I had me a fine teen girl." He said."Ok but I want Brad too!" Elly said as she pulled Brad over to the couch.Courtney walked over and sat with Monica. The two sisters kissed and let Ron watch as they teased each other's tongues. Ron walked over and stood with his cock out and looked down at the two. Monica devoured his cock as Courtney watched. Then Monica placed his cock against her sister full lips. There was a soft moan as the mixed beauty opened her mouth and started sucking his dick. Monica smiled and watched as her new lover enjoyed her sister's oral skills. Elly was on the couch with her legs open as the old man lowered his mouth on her sopping wet pussy. Brad was kneeling next to her head and the sweet girl was happily sucking his boy dick.Monica slipped on her knees and placed her face into her sister's sloppy wet cunt. A hand came a pulled her face into the pussy as she could hear the wet sounds of Ron's cock being sucked. She thought how sexy all of this was but how much sexier it would be if Ron was somehow related. As her mouth worked her half-sister’s pussy she thought if Ron was her husband then he could fuck his sister in law or then she thought after her Daddy's wedding he could fuck his mother in law!On the couch Brad was showing his Grandpa how to stimulate Elly's pussy to make her squirt. Brad had two fingers rubbing her g-spot as Elly grunted with delight. Ted was rubbing the sexy girl's asshole as his other hand pulled on her nipples at the end of her tiny tits. Ted was just wondering if Brad was exaggerating when Elly blasted his surprised face like a drinking fountain."Oh Fuck! Yessssssss!" Elly screamed as her body jerked with the a huge orgasm.Ron was now up behind Courtney and watched as his white cock disappeared into her brown pussy. Monica was kissing his face while fingering her pussy. Ron kissed her with an open mouth and could taste Courtney's pussy on her lips."Fuck her Ron! It is so sexy seeing that big cock dripping with her juices. Fuck look at how she is creaming on your dick! Let me taste it!" She said as her face moved to the small of her sister's back.When Ron pulled his cock out it was covered with a frothy white coat of her girl juice. He watched as Monica licked and then sucked the juice off of the cock.Ted was holding his cock at the entrance to the girl who was young enough to be his granddaughter. He smiled and pushed his old cock into her as she moaned with pleasure. Her pussy was like a fiery inferno as he pumped her hard as he could. Brad was fucking her freckled face nearly as hard as his Grandpa was the girl's pussy. He could see Elly's pretty blue eyes looking up at him with nothing but burning desire to be used. Then he felt her begin to rub his ass with her finger. At first he was not too sure but then it felt so good.Ron now had the two sisters on the couch with Monica on her back as Courtney knelt in a doggy position so that their faces were together. The two passionately kissed and moaned as Ron moved his cock from one pussy to the other."How are my daughters pussies?" Ted asked he grunted while fucking Elly."Nice and wet! You’ve been teaching them real good! How is that sweet teen pussy?" Ron asked as he pushed his cock into Courtney again."Fucking Awesome! I hope you all want to be a part of the family from now on." Ted said as he could barely keep from filling the girl with his cum. "Hey Ron you ever did a blow bang?" "Nope but as long as I don't have to do anything but get blown I probably would like it." He laughed."I was just thinking it would be fun to bust a nut on all these sluts together." Ted said."Let's do it!" Ron replied as he pushed Courtney and Monica on their knees.Elly quickly joins them and soon all three men stroked there cocks as the three women licked their lips and stuck out their tongues as the boy's got close to shooting. Brad was the first to unload and his spunk hit all three of the smiling women. Ted moaned and a giant blast of cum hit the back of Elly's throat. Ron blasted Courtney's face and the Monica's as well. Ron watched as cum seemed to splatter the three sexy women from all directions at once. Then after the men quite summing they watched as the cum dripped off their faces. The men all sat back and watched as the women licked and suck the sperm from each other."They are some sexy ladies!" Ron said."Hey watch what you are saying we are no ladies! We are fucking hot sluts!" Courtney said as the three came and sat in the laps of their men. To Ron's surprise and delight Elly cuddled up into Brad's arms. Monica wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck."Welcome to the family!" She breathed into his ear.Six months later....Ron looked into Ted's face as the wedding march began to play. He looked down to see Elly looking so stunningly beautiful in her bride’s maid dress. She smiled at her daddy as she walked toward the alter. Then she looked to see Brad looking so grown up in his tux standing next to the two older men. "She looks good enough to eat! Which I probably will later." Ten whispered to Ron.Then they watched as Courtney appeared. She was obviously pregnant with her nice baby bump and swollen tits. Brad had proven extremely fertile and the young mixed beauty had an unmistakable glow about her.Then Ron's heart about stopped as he watched the sexy Monica step into the aisle wearing her white wedding dress. He knew she was wearing only a garter belt and stocking under the dress. He also knew that she had cum dripping down her legs after being double penetrated both her Daddy and son just a short time before. Of course his own sweet Elly was swallowing his cum about the same time.This was all part of the taboo marriage ceremony that they had developed that was intended to remind each of them of the vows they made to each other. When Ted and Courtney married things were similar with Brad and Ron actual doing a double penetration on Courtney while she was putting on her dress.Now he was about to marry the sexy blonde and make the family union official. They all listened to the preacher as he went through the exchange of vows. Then it was done.Ron gave Monica a lingering kiss and then was hugged and kissed by Courtney and Elly."Welcome to the family, Ron!" Ted said allowed but then he whispered in his ear. "Let's go fuck the bride!"The end....Thank you all who read along on this taboo story. I do appreciate your comments and votes of appreciation. I am going to end this group for now but please keep an eye out for other taboo stories to come.