She Has a Ladder In Her Nylons...Should I Tell Her

She was obviously a manager or someone higher in the company, maybe even the boss,as her style of dress wasn't cheap, and of course my eyes were drawn to her legs, which were covered in a very shiny silky smooth nylon possibly as sheer as 7 denier and of natural in colour type, to the untrained eye may have appeared as bare legs, she rounded the look off with a pair of coffee coloured heels that matched her jacket and very smart above the knee pencil skirt.Her whole demeanour was of total femininity, she was sexy but didn't flaunt it but i suppose she didn`t have to she knew it already, everything about her oozed sex, as she slowly sipped her coffee,she sat upright with one nylon clad leg crossed over the other, you could sit opposite her all day and you would have never got a hint of stocking top or a pantyhose or pantie triangle glimpse as she knew the ladylike ways of the world, this lady was class and i could only admire her from afar as i knew I'd stand no chance of any kind of sexual activity with her.I had to stop myself from staring at her lovely long legs, as i didnt want to appear a letch, which at that moment was exactly how i felt, so to distract me i looked at my music magazine, there was lots of articles to interest me, but nothing could stop me from occasionally glancing at her legs, she crossed and uncrossed her legs but as stated earlier no chance of anything more than the sight of her nylon knees and as nice as they were i really wanted to see more.The sun changed direction and i noticed that it had moved round facing the lovely lady opposite, it seemed to shine directly on her legs and made the nylon material so very shiny, and made her legs look very sexy, but then horror i noticed that she had a run in her nylon it was on her left leg and would have ruined the look of her outfit at the office.Now i dont know about you but when i notice something like this my eyes are drawn to it , and i kept staring and after me looking for the umpteenth time she looked over and tutted at me, this made me feel bad and a bit sad as i thought id never come across as a dirty old man, but i suppose at 46 thats exactly what I've become.I then decided to rescue the situation and so i approached her, and said excuse me, she looked at me up and down and not in a good way and said "YES WHAT IS IT".I started by apologising but explained how the sun was shining on her legs and that although they were fantastic legs, (at this remark she frowned) id also noticed that she had a run in her stockings near her ankle and that it was a shame to ruin her look, she immediately looked down and saw the run."OH! DEAR" and "ERR! THANKS, LUCKILY I HAVE ANOTHER PAIR OF TIGHTS IN MY HANDBAG", ah! so that put to rest the idea of her wearing stockings, but either stocking or tights, I'm equally excited, with stockings you get that lovely fleshy thigh, with tights you get to rub a nylon clad pussy not a bad set of options eh!, she added "I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE WORN THE SAME PAIR TWO DAYS IN A ROW"!oh,! my god what a lovely thought that she had worn the same tights around the office for a day and a half, and no matter how careful she was, she was bound to leak a little feminine juice on them either natural pu**y or a slight dribble of pee, the thought of this made me embarrassingly and immediately rock hard in the trouser department..So i said "SORRY, FOR MENTIONING IT, I LIKE THE LOOK OF NYLON ON LADIES, AND THOUGHT YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT THE RUN...ILL LEAVE YOU BE NOW", again she thanked me and sort of apologised for being short with me, although to be fair i did stare quite a lot, she then offered to buy me another coffee, but i said i was o.k thanks.I went back to my table, She then got up and as she walked past me she smiled and said "I'D BETTER GO CHANGE MY TIGHTS"...i swear just the thought made pre-c*m dribble out of my c**k.I could only imagine her kicking off her coffee coloured heels, and hitching up her skirt and pulling down those wonderful sheer tights and hopefully leaving them in the bin of the unisex toilet, where i`d look after she was out of sight, and then pulling out the new pack opening the box, stretching out the tights, and then placing one foot in to the nylon material and making sure the toe seam is straight and then placing the other foot in, and then slowly pulling while smoothing the tights up over her ankles over her knees and then up ontonher waist snapping the waistband into place and then a last smoothing pulling in place until her legs were totally perfect and re-covered in nylon.What ever happened i thought I'm going to have to w**k soon otherwise ill be like a dog on heat all afternoon.After what seemed an age, she appeared and again gave me a lovely smile, made her way over to the table and gave me a little twirl, "ALL CHANGED, EXPERTS OPINION,WHAT DO YOU THINK? ", i was lost for words but managed to nod and say "LOVELY"..."LOVELY SHE REPLIED, I WAS HOPING FOR SEXY BUT NEVER MIND"!, With these words a blush appeared in my cheeks and i`m sure another pre-c*m dribble released, i corrected myself and said "OF COURSE VERY SEXY AS WELL, I JUST DIDNT WANT YOU TO THINK BAD OF ME"!She laughed at this and and placed a finger on my lips, that was when im sure with that i definetly did c*m in my pants, the movement of her finger to my lips was too much, she then told me, "LOOK I'VE GOT TO GO, BUT HAD TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE SOMETHING AS YOU DIDN'T WANT A COFFEE", she then produced a cookie bag from the the coffee shop, telling me it was a peace offering, i thanked her for it, and said id eat it later, she then said "MAYBE I'LL SEE YOU HERE AGAIN AND WELL HAVE THAT COFFEE, IN THE MEANTIME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WITH HELPING LADIES WITH THEIR NYLON PROBLEMS.We both started laughing at her comment and with that she smiled that smile and left me in a very aroused state to go back to work, again i watched those wonderful legs sadly disappear maybe never to be seen again, she knew i was watching her walk away, as she stopped, turned around and with her hands on her hips shook her head but this time laughing, i shrugged my shoulders in a I've been caught kind of way and then she was gone.After she left i thought to myself, do you know what all that nylon excitement has left me a bit peckish so i ordered another tea and thought id have a munch on the cookie she bought me, i opened the bag to look inside and with that i nearly fainted, inside alongside a big chocolate chip cookie was another cookie bag with her worn tights in, All nicely folded up with a post it note, stuck to them, obviously being surrounded by lots of cafe patrons i didnt pull the tights out of the bag, but i took the note out and read it to myself...IT READ.Hi sorry about the misunderstanding earlier although you really shouldn't stare too much at ladies legs lol! was a bit obvious you had a nylon fetish by the way you stared at my legs, so i thought id induldge you, here are my worn laddered tights, to do with what you like, i know sometimes you guys like to wear them, and nothing wrong with that if thats your thing, but i know from past experience that you guys like to smell a ladys scent on them, and i can only imagine what a mess you'll make of them while doing this, so although i had worn them for a day and a half, i didnt think they were smelly enough so before taking them off i pulled the tights up tight around my pussy and had a rub of myself through them for you, i came a little and as you can see they have a built in pantie so no need for panties so they should smell quite nice, maybe you can tell me how you liked your present if we bump into each other again.ENJOY!...YOURS NAUGHTILYMISS NYLON.(karen)