She socked my knocks off

There she was. I wad minding my own in the grocery store reading the labels of some new spices I wanted to use and just out of the corner of my eye I caught a pretty pair of feet walk by in flip flops. I looked up to see what I would call an absolute milf. She wasn't dressed fancy or had her hair all done up but to me she was very pretty. She wasn't ur runway model thin or ur ssbbw big but she had all the right curves in all the right places. And she just had these amazing pretty little toes and as she reached high for something g on the store shelf the arches of her feet just kept me staring. Seeing as how she was having a difficult time reaching for the item she wanted I walked up and asked if I could help. She went back onto her heels and gave me a small smile and asked if I could please reach what she was trying to get. I easily got down the box and handed it to her and she thanked me and went on her way. I tried to follow her with out her noticing but I guess I just wasn't that slick. A few isles later she stops dead in her tracks and asks "are u following me? " well I got a little embarrassed and told her I didn't mean to freak her out or anything we just happen Ed to be going the same way and that I would be here if she needed any thing from a tall shelf again. She smiled once more and thanked me again. The whole time I walked behind her in the store I was checking her out. She has a very nice ass and beautiful full breasts. But her toes just kept my stare most the time. I even caught myself emagining her naked but had to snap back to reality because I was in line to check out. I hurried myself along so I could find her again in the parking lot hoping to strike up another conversation so I could check her out again. Well luck was with me and I'd seen her loading her car up. I walked over and asked if she needed a hand with her things and she smiled and gladly accepted. We conversated for a few minutes and I found out her name is Jenny. I told her my name and asked if it were possible to get her number. She put her soft hand against my cheek and said "I am so flattered but I am married. " my heart almost sank but as she was getting in her car she said"maybe I will catch u here again" then waved and drove off. I went home and could not get her out of my head the rest of the day. I lay in bed that night thinking of those toes and feet of hers and just had to rub one out. All I could imagine was me sucking her toes and licking all over her feet. The rest of the week went by as usual. Then came time for my weekly grocery shopping trip once again. As I pull in the parking lot I notice Jenny's car there. What luck. I couldn't wait to get inside and find her and hopefully see those pretty toes once again. Sure enough I did find her. But this time she looked real wore out like she had a rough day. I walked right up to her and said "need help with anything today?"she smiled just a bit and said that she just might and if wanted to follow her again like a lost pup I was more than welcome. Well I guess she caught on to me staring at her the whole time we were in the store last week. And just like last week I followed her around and we talked about this and that. She told me her husband works a lot and she loved him but really missed his touch and him being around but understood that bills must be payed. I agreed with her and felt a bit sorry for her also. To me she was beautiful and it was a shame that her husband couldn't take advantage of her beauty more often. As we were checking out I asked if she needed help loading her things again and she said yes right away. Out side I helped her and just couldn't keep my eyes off her body. Especially her feet. Her toes were all natural and she for sure caught me staring. "U must really like my shoes or my feet"she says while giggling. I was caught. I must have turned every shade of red there was. Then I explained that I thought she had some very pretty feet and toes. Then she turns red a bit. She says"I really could use a foot rub. It has been aged since I've had one." Then the light bulb went off in my head. I told her I could follow her home and help her with her groceries and then would rub her feet if she would like. She said "I'm not so sure. We hardly know one another and like I said I'm married." I told her that I would be a complete gentleman and that I wouldn't try any funny stuff. (Even though I wanted to in a bad way) She agreed and I followed her to her home. I asked where her husband was and she said he would be gone for the rest of the week for work. Then is when I understood just how lonely she was but she was a faithful wife and I didn't want to push my luck and say anything that would get me out of the chance to rub those beautiful feet. After helping her put her groceries away she offered me something to drink and I said beer if u have any. She popped open a beer and handed to me. I took a few sips and said. "So, where do u want me to be for this foot massage?"she told me to sit on the couch and she would lay down and put her feet in my lap. I sat down at on end of the couch and she excused her self for a moment and said she would be right back. It was only about five minutes and she returned. She said that she had to wash her feet off because she was embarrassed because it was a hot day and her feet were sweaty so she wanted to make sure they were all clean for me. She layed down and put both of those beauties right in my lap. I grabbed one up and started rubbing the bottom and top at the same time. They were so soft I couldn't believe it. I worked her arch and heel. Then when I looked up to see her reaction she had her eyes closed enjoying the work I was doing. Then I start on her toes. Rubbing each and every one of them. O how I wanted to lick them. Then I moved on to her other foot. By this time I'm hard as a rock and was doing my best so she wouldn't discover what effect she was having on me. I looked to see her reaction again but her eyes were still closed and she hadn't moved in a few minutes. I said her name a few times but she must have fallen asleep. I didn't want to disturb her so I reached for the TV remote on the table next to me and clicked it on. As I watched TV I continued to gently rub her the whole time. Next thing I knew I was waking up on her couch alone. I hollered for her but didn't get a response. I started to walk around and search for her. She was in the shower because as I walked by I heard the water running. I hoolered for her from the door and she said that she would be right out in a minute. So I went back to the couch and did a little channel surfing. She came out in a nice big thick robe and a towel on her head. She apologized for falling asleep on me. I told her it was no big deal that I could tell she was tired and that I enjoyed giving her the foot massage. Then she said "let me get dressed and I will make u some dinner to thank u for being so nice to me and for the foot rub." I happily accepted and waited on the couch for her return. When she walked back in the living room I was almost floored. She had a tank top and shorts on and was bare footed. To me she looked awesome. My jaw must have hit the floor cause she did a little twirl and asked if I liked what I saw. I told that yes indeed I did. She said thank u and went to the kitchen to prepare a dinner. I walked in and asked if she needed any help but she said that she had it all handled and asked if I wanted another beer. I gladly accepted and went back to watch her TV. About 45 minutes later she called out that dinner was done and asked if I would like to eat in the living room so I could continue to watch TV or eat at her kitchen table. I opted to sit at the table with her so we could talk and get to know one another better. The food was good and the conversation was like we were two old friends. After dinner I asked her if she would like help with cleaning up and she said that would be great. I was wiping off the counter tops as she was doing dishes and I even took her trash out. When I returned inside she was in the living room and when she heard the back door open and shut she hollered for me to come in there. I told her it was getting late and that I really enjoyed the time we spent together and thanked her for letting me rub her feet. She said no problem and then floored me with a question that changed everything. She said"so u gonna go home and jackoff thinking about my feet?"Once again I was turning red. I kinda stammered a bit and finally got some words out. I told her that her feet were amazing and that I found her just absolutely sexy. She said "if u like u can give me another foot massage before u go."Holy shit! I couldn't believe my ears. I jumped at the chance and sat down once again at the end of the couch. She put her feet in my lap once again and I went straight to my task at hand. They felt amazing. It was all I could do to keep from drooling all over them. I looked to see her reaction and noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples we're hard and trying to rip through her shirt. I got an instant hard on. She kept shuffeling around and I was trying to keep her feet from discovering what effect she was having on me but she semed to be fighting my efforts. I looked up once again and her eyes were closed but I knew that she was enjoying every bit of my attention on her feet. The more I massged her feet the more she shuffled around so I just stopped trying to keep her from discovering my hardon and took a chance that maybe she wanted to find it. My instinct was right. As I had her right foot in my hands rubbing her so soft sole her left foot found what she was looking for. As it rested right on my Dick she started moving it up and down. I looked up to see if she had her eyes open and she did. Our eyes met and she bit her bottom lip as she smiled at me. The foot I had in my hand I started to bring to my mouth. The whole time not breaking eye contact with her. Then finally I got her big toe up to my lipps. Her feet smelled so good. I kissed each toe then started sucking on them. She closed her eyes once again and a small gasp escaped her lips. I continues to nibble on each toe and then ran my toungue up her soft sole. Her back arched and she moaned a bit. She was enjoying this just as much as me. I was so turned on I thought my Cock waz gonna jump right out of my pants. After I finished with her right foot it eas time to get her left foot. She put her foot right back on my Dick and continued to rub it up and down as I gave her left foot the same attention as I had her right. As I was running my tounge all over her sexy toes I glanced up to see her rubbing her nipples and still had her eyes closed. Her right foot was really doing a number on my Cock. Then out of no where she sits right up. Worried I'd done something wrong I asked her if everything was OK. She said"get that hardon of urs out so I can rub ur bare Cock with my bare feet and everything will be just fine" I jumped up and started to undo my belt but in my excitement I was having a bit of difficulty. She hopped up and said "here let me help"she reached down and got my brlt undone in record time. Then she undid my zipper and button. I thought she was just gonna pull my Dick out but she grabbed both my pants and boxers and yanled them down to the floor. My Dick sprang up and it hit her in the chin. She giggled and then said "o my, did I cause that?" I told her that it was all her that made me this hard. Then she proceeded to take my shirt off.then she said "we may as well have a bit of fun while I rub my feet all over that Dick of urs."Then in a flash she was naked and laying back down on the couch. She was just as amazing as I had imagined. She had beautiful large breasts. Her ass was just begging to be grabbed and her pussy had just a little landing strip and I know I had seen the wetness on her pusdy lipps. My mouth began to water. I was going in for a kiss but she stopped me and told me to go sit at the other end. A little dissapointed I sat back down and she went right to work with her feet. First teasing me with her toes. She would rub them very gently up and down my shaft. And every so often she would dip her toes in my mouth. That she managed to trap my harf Dick between her soles and she went to town. I caught her rubbing her pussy with one hand and her tits with the other. The foot job she was giving me was amazing but after a few minutes started to rub my Dick raw. I asked her if maybe she had some lube or lotion because the friction was started to rub me raw. She sat up and said "I got what u need right here." And with my Dick still between her feet she leaned over and put her mouth over my Dick. I thought I was gonna explode. I held on the best I could. I had never had a woman do that to me and it was amazing. She was really enjoying herself. Saliva was all over my Dick and the feet and toes. She looked up at me and noticed all my attention was on her. Then she amazed once more. As she went down on my Cock she opened her mouth a bit wider and suck a toe in at the same time. She did this several time and I just could hold back any longer. I warned her I was gonna cum and she sat back up and really worked those beautiful feet up and down my now well lubed up Dick. Then I'd shot a huge load into the air. When it hit her feet u could hear the splash. Then three or four more good loads came out untill it was just slowly Barley coming out and finally stopped. She continued to rub my Cock with her feet playing with my cum with her toes. I told her "that was amazing. I've never had that done to me before."then she said she would be right back. She ran off and I heard water running in the bathroom she returned with her feet clean once again. She lay back down on the couch and said that she loved doing that and that no one has ever paid as much attention to her feet as I have. I told her I could pay attention to other parts of her body if she would. Without saying a word she jumped at me and we started kissing passionately. God how that woman could kiss. Our hands were all over each other. I finally layed her down once more. I started once again sucking and licking her toes then her soles then around her ankles. Then I started working my way up her legs. Kissing and licking my way up to her pretty pussy. She smelled so good. I kissed the inside of each thigh gently and then started running my tounge on the outer lipps of her pussy. She was moaning and shifting around trying to get my toungue where she wanted but I enjoyed teasing just a bit. Finally I I parted her pussy lipps with my fingers and could she she was wet as could be. Her cum was dripping out of her delicious pussy down her ass. I couldn't take it any longer and drove my tongue right in. She almost sat straight up and gasped. I worked my tongue in and out of her tiny pussy getting all her juices I could then I went on the attack on her clit. She was screaming and Cumming. My face was totally soaked when I finally looked up. She sat up and drove her tongue right into my mouth. We kissed for what seemed like forever. Then I layed her back again and went to work on those big beautiful tits of hers. Massaging and kissing and licking and sucking each one untill her nipples were so hard u could have cut glass with them. Then I started kissing her neck and nibbeling her ears. I could feel my pulsing Cock rubbing up and down her wet slit. She reached down and made sure that my Cock found where to go. I slowly eased it in and she just clung to me Cumming and Cumming. After I was fully in I stayed still for her to get used to me being in her and so she could come down a bit. I felt her hips start to move so I knew she was good to go. I started a slow rhythm of going in and out while we kissed and licked eachother. This was no ordinary fuck. This was raw passion and I was loving it. She had her feet hooked behind me and was drawing every inch of me inside her she could. Then I sat up a bit and got her feet to my face and started sucking her toes once again while I was slowly giving her what she wanted. She went crazy and had a huge orgasm. After she calmed a bit she told me to get up and to sit back down on the couch. I did as told and she stradled me and began to ride my Dick for all it was worth. Her tits bouncing in my face were fantastic. She held them up and fed them to me while she rode me. She told just how much she needed this and that she loved my passion for her feet. Then I had her get up and get on all fours on the floor. She gladly did as told and looked back at me and said"give it me baby, I need it"and give it to her I did. From the moment I entered Jenny we were humping and pumping for all it was worth. I grabbed her hair and pulled her up so we could kiss while I was still inside her. I grabbed her beautiful tits and pinched her nipples as she had another huge orgasm. She fell to the floor on her stomach. I asked her if she was OK and all she could do was nod. I rubbed and kissed her back for a bit waiting for her to gather a little strength. About five minutes went by and turned to me and we started kissing passionately again. She was an amazing kisser. I once again mounted her. Her pussy was so wet but yet it was tight and felt great. We must have layed there for almost and hour kissing and humping one another. Then I felt that tingle I get when I'm about to cum. I sat up a bit and she put her feet on my face and her toes in my mouth right away. My pace quickened as I just loved having her toes to suck on. Then I knew it was time to blow. I pushed her legs to the side and was gonna pull out but she reachd up and grabbed me close to her. Looking in my eyes she said"please cum in me" I did and it was one of the most satisfyingly cums I have ever had. Pumping my load into her made her body go into spasms as her orgasm over took her. We both lay there in the living room floor covered in Sweat and cum. She finally spoke and asked If I would like to take a shower. I thanked her and headed to her bathroom. After the shower I couldn't find my clothes. She must have snuck in and taken them. I walked out and yelled for her and she yelled back saying she was in the kitchen. When I got there she said. "I made a snack and got u another beer and I put ur clothes in the wash for u." I thanked her and took a sip of my beer. She said she was gonna gonna grab a quick shower once again and would be back shortly. I saif OK and finished up my snack. I went back to the living room with my beer and continued to watch TV again while sitting there in nothing but a towel. I must have fallen asleep because I was woken up by her laying on the couch with my towel to the side and feet once again on my Cock. I told her that everything had been great but soon I'd have to leave. She said. "Ur not going anywhere for tonight at least. I want u to all night along." Well I couldn't argue with her. I actualy came back every-day untill her husband returned home. She text me a few days ago saying he would be leaving for work once again in a few days, and told me to bring some clothes because I wasn't leaving again untill her husband returns. I can hardly wait. Jenny has been on my mind from that day forward and I may be falling in love with her.