SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- Volume 2

THE HUSBANDGeorge knew the route by heart. Just past the underpass, turn right, up the hill and first left. The motel was next to a small McDonald’s. Sandra didn’t say anything. She never did during these rides. “Not too close”, she said finally as George’s car approached the Liberty Motel with its huge neon “Vacancy” still lit. George stopped the car. Sandra leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. She got out and didn’t close the door properly. George stretched and closed it from the inside. He watched his wife walk towards room 16 and knock. The door opened partly but George was already in the McDonald’s parking lot. “I’ll have some fries, a chicken sandwich and a diet Coke”, said George“The usual”, said the waitress smiling“Yeah, the usual”, answered George.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lola had wrapped a towel around her midriff to open the door then quickly slipped her thin naked damp body under the thin sheet. Her hair was dry, blonde and long. Sandra simply undressed as quickly as she could and put the alarm clock on for an hour later. “Do you HAVE to do this ?”, hissed Lola“Do what ? Set the alarm or fuck you ?”, hissed Sandra back Although they were both approaching 50, Sandra was physically very different from Lola. Plump and busty, she was about the same height but with short curly hair. “I don’t know if I feel like it anymore”, groaned Lola turning her head sideways to avoid Sandra’s kiss.“Oh yes you do…you know why ?...Because I want to”, yelled Sandra as she squeezed Lola’s jaw with her stubby fingers of one hand and slammed her mouth on Lola’s , teeth grinding against teeth. Sandra’s slightly drooping rack totally covered Lola’s small titties. Sandra pushed Lola’s legs apart with her knees and pushed her black hairy cunt against the smaller woman’s blonde mound. Even though she was angry, Lola still moaned when she felt Sandra’s wet puffy cunt lips rub against her pink crack. Sandra used her fingers to open up Lola’s cunt. Sandra moved over her prey faster and faster, flipping off the thin sheet as she was getting warm. The two women fucked, like men and women had fucked hundreds of times in that bed. As usual Sandra came first, a short quite violent orgasm which made her bump her mound hard on Lola’s mound enough to make her bitch grimace in pain. The scenario was always the same. Sandra slid down Lola’s body and took her cunt in her mouth. Her expert tongue got to work on Lola’s piss slit until Lola whispered “Don’t” and she continued up flicking Lola’s small clit and sucking on it with her lips. After a few minutes, rarely more, Lola had a small orgasm which barely wet her love canal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“It’s none of my business but is it your wife you drop off at the motel ?”, asked the waitress who had served George for the last two years.“Yeah”, grunted George“I don’t understand”, stated the waitress“I don’t either”, answered George as the waitress shrugged her shoulders and walked away.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Did you finally tell your husband ?”, asked Sandra as she put on her belt“Of course not”, whispered Lola“Better tell him soon or I will “, answered SandraLola started to sob as she did after every meetingThen the alarm clock went off. ==============================================================================THE SEWING CLASSThree times a week, the guards of the women’s prison let in Selma, an attractive middle-age black woman, who was responsible for giving sewing classes to a dozen or so female inmates. The guards liked Selma since she always brought them nice things to eat, or to wear or even some which were i*****l if you were an inmate but not really if you were a guard. Selma also entertained familiar relationships with some of the female guards and some select inmates. That also had a price and she paid.That morning Selma sat in front of the class as usual. The twelve girls walked in and sat at their sewing machines. One thin black girl was new and sat at the front. Tina knew what was expected of her but she was still a bit apprehensive. “Don’t hurt her”, whispered Selma to a Latina inmate who bent over Selma’s desk to listen to her. “Don’t worry. She understands the drill”, replied the buxom womanFor security purposes, the room had no windows and one door with a small window. When everyone was there and seated, Selma got up and pulled the blind over the door window. In prison code, that meant “Do not disturb”. The sewing room had an adjacent much smaller room where equipment was stored. It had enough floor space for a few people.Two older Latina women stood on either side of Tina’s chair. Selma looked at them and gave them a big smile. Tina got up slowly and was escorted to the adjacent room where two other girls waited for the others. The door was closed. The other inmates had their nose to their work and pretended nothing was happening. One could hear muffled sounds and the noise shoes make when they hit a door. About 5 minutes later, Selma got up and asked that everyone remain at their seat until she came back. The women all answered together “Yes Ma’am”. Selma knocked twice on the door of the equipment room and was let in. Tina was on the floor half naked. Selma didn’t like it when the girls were completely naked. She wanted to undress some herself. The four inmates had immobilized the young victim and the Latina woman was eating her out, the other Latina woman was sucking on her small tits. They all stopped what they were doing when Selma arrived.“Keep going”, Selma told the woman who was sucking Tina.She stood and smiled at the sight of a pudgy bosomy woman dressed in her prison frock, her mouth covering Tina’s crack and lips with black curly cunt hair showing all around her mouth. Selma reached under her skirt and pulled off her thong which she gave to one of the inmates. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and straddled Tina’s face, her ass facing the sucking Latina. Selma moved her hips back and forth over Tina’s face. Small Tina was not a lesbian virgin and knew how to please a woman. Selma seemed very satisfied with the tongue work in her crack and the nose rubbing against her large clit. It was black on black lesbian sex. Even the Latina woman stopped sucking Tina’s cunt and began to lick Selma’s ass. Selma soon came on Tina’s face. This encounter nearly turned into an orgy and Selma promised herself to involve fewer inmates next time. Back in the sewing room, all girls, including Tina, sat at their work table. Selma pulled up the blind. Minutes later, a guard opened the door:“Everything ok here Ma’am ?”“Yes , everything is fine, just fine”, smiled Selma.========================================================================= THE HAIR SALON“It won’t be long Sylvia”, gushed Suzy, the young hairdresser, when her next client arrived. “Don’t worry Suzy, I’ll just sit and enjoy the sights”, smiled Sylvia, as her eyes were glued to the perfect silk-covered thighs of the woman Suzy was working on.The woman was mid-30s, a few years older than Sylvia, and had lovely large eyes, with long eyelashes which fluttered at Sylvia. The client was also dark skinned, much like Sylvia, but had long hair and purple lipstick. Both looked like models: thin, tall, small-breasted, and long-legged with, of course, a beautiful expressionless face. Sappho’s Salon, located in a large American city, did not hide what it was: a hair salon for rich lesbians, and more, a meeting place for women who didn’t want to have to rent a hotel room. The six hairdressers were, of course, lesbians but their main role was to pair up clients who were there not only to get a haircut. Small private rooms were tucked away on the second floor for those who preferred to have a cut and sex in the same building. Whether it was client with client or hairdresser with client, the place was always buzzing. “I just love your perfume”, gushed once again Suzy, who was obviously also very taken by her client, a newcomer for her. “It sounds snotty I know, but I bought it in Paris where I live”, answered Brigitte with a slight French accent. “Hopefully it will linger here for a few moments, enough for Sylvia to smell it also”, added Suzy, who was enjoying the three-way lesbian dance. Sylvia did not wait for an invitation and stood before Brigitte who handed her her wrist to smell. “Hmmmmmmm…..Très bon….it suits you very well”, purred Sylvia“Thank you….I insist on having the same …how do you say….treatment”, answered the totally seduced French woman, making a point of pronouncing her “th” like a “z”.“I will show you more of a selection of perfumes if we can have some privacy”, Sylvia said, going straight to the point.“Would you ladies prefer a relaxed “like a hotel room” place or a more “risky frisky” stand-up place”, asked Suzy, the perfect brothel ownerThe two women looked at each other and said at the same time ”risky frisky” and laughed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The room was small and was made to look like a ladies’ room (including a toilet which worked). The purpose was obviously to excite two women pretending to have sex in a public washroom when they were actually in a private locked room. The two women hung their purse on the hook inside the shiny door and kissed each other with passion, Sylvia pushing Brigitte against the wall then the French woman taking charge and gently pushing her American lover against the other wall. A nervous pause served to take off the jackets which were hung with the purses. The women kept their heels which made the whole seduction scene more realistic. Sylvia reached under Brigitte’s short skirt while the French woman slipped her hand inside the waistband while the other hand of both women was busy with the blouse and bra. Sylvia reached her lover’s tits faster but Brigitte’s hand slipped inside Sylvia’s thong.The American dyke pushed the French woman’s thong sideways enough to slide her finger inside the wet crack. The two lesbians danced on their heels, positioning themselves to have the best access to the other’s cunt and tits. Finally thongs were pushed down around the thighs and eventually fell around the ankles. Skirts were hiked at cunt level. The two beautiful and passionate lesbians furiously masturbated each other, trying to keep their balance. Faces were smeared with lipstick, and so were their small tits and black nipples. Sylvia made a move to kneel and suck her partner but Brigitte prevented her. “Fuck” screamed Brigitte, using the universal word, grabbing Sylvia by the asscheeks with both hands, pulling the American dyke’s cunt against hers. Sylvia got the message loud and clear and slipped both hands between the wall of the cubicle and the French woman’s little round buttocks. Skirts were moved up as both women frantically moved their small bellies against each other. Even with all their passion and desire, the two lesbians could not rub their cunts together with enough contact. What had to happen, happened. Brigitte pushed her lover to the floor and pushed her skirt up around her waist while Sylvia, stunned but full of lust, pulled her skirt up so that both shaved cunts could rub. Brigitte turned out to be a perfect butch, rubbing her puffy cunt lips against the American dyke’s wet crack. It didn’t take long for the two fashion models to squirt inside the other’s love canal. Both screamed (a scream which everyone in the salon heard) and kissed after the fact. It took a while for the two women to dress and to clean up enough to be able to walk out of the salon and be presentable, at least until they reached their apartment or hotel room. Brigitte was in town for another three days and gave her phone number to Sylvia. The French woman left first while Sylvia ran into Suzy.“You reek of sex”, smiled the hairdresser“No k**ding”, answered Sylvia with a sigh“You lucky bitch…I would have loved to get into her panties”, whispered Suzy“It was worth it”, winked Sylvia “Is that all I get ?”, asked Suzy, obviously horny and willingWhile everyone looked amused, Suzy grabbed Sylvia by the arm and dragged her upstairs to the “risky frisky” room.========================================================================THE HOOKERS“Slow night ?”, asked Trish as she sat on the stool next to a woman“You’re not k**ding”, answered Wanda, taking a slow sip of her drink“I tried the hotel”, added Trish“And ?”, asked Wanda“I’m here, aren’t I “, grinned TrishBoth girls had been sharing the neighbourhood for two or three years. Both were about 25 but looked ten years older. Trish was blonde, short but with a rack and an ass to match. She was a hooker for men. Wanda was a tall brunette with small tits but high cheekbones which gave her a Russian look (hence the name she chose). She was a lesbian hooker. The territory included the bar they were sitting in, a medium-size hotel with a small restaurant and bar, two regular family restaurants and Marsha’s, a lesbian bar catering to older women. “Did you visit Marsha’s ?”, asked Trish, thinking the lesbian bar would be a good place“The old gals know they can get it for free if they wait long enough”, mumbled Wanda“Join me for a drink ? It’s on me”, said Wanda“Sure. That’s nice.”, answered Trish, gently bumping her shoulder against Wanda’s“The worst is that, for once, I’m horny”, laughed Trish“Yeah…I know what you mean. “, added Wanda“The problem is that as soon as the guy grabs me, I’m not horny anymore and I want to puke”, whispered Trish, close to tears.“Hey…baby….We all feel the same way, in every dick town, in every dick country, in the whole fucking world”, slurred Wanda putting her arm around her friend’s shoulder.“How many of those have you had ?”, asked Trish“It’s the third one and I am stopping now…or else I’m gonna get drunk”, answered Wanda“You’re a nice girl, you know that, hey ?”, said Trish, her voice quivering“Yeah…you too….are you still horny ?”, asked Wanda grabbing Trish’s chin with two fingers“Yeah….and you ?”, asked Trish“Finish up your drink”, said Wanda as she gulped hers downTrish took two sips, left the drink on the bar and picked up the key the bartender slipped her.Holding each other by the waist, the two young hookers headed for the ladies.Trish unlocked the door while Wanda was kissing her neck, trying not to fall off her heels. Trish had done girls before but mainly for customers with curious wives. Wanda had never done men, not since she could remember anyway. Wanda unbuttoned Trish’s blouse and began to suck on her large headlights. Trish was grabbing at Wanda’s mound through her tight skirt. Wanda reached under the blonde’s skirt and pulled down the small silk triangle. She shoved her hand up there and fingered her friend. “Suck me off, please Wanda, suck me off”, begged TrishThe brunette lesbian squatted in front of the other hooker and lifted her skirt, pushing it up with both hands, the material rolling against the blonde’s plump thighs. Trish had a shaved cunt and Wanda opened the crack with her fingers, as she had done a hundred times before to a hundred paying lesbians. She ran her tongue along Trish’s cunt lips and over the blonde’s hard clit. Trish moaned. Wanda serviced her friend like this for minutes while she also grabbed her wide ass. Trish came in her friend’s mouth and Wanda kept licking until Trish’s cunt was nearly dry. Trish had to pull her up by the shoulders otherwise she would have continued sucking all night. “What do you want me to do ?”, asked Trish, kissing the mouth which was covered with her own cunt juices.Wanda straddled Trish’s bent thigh, the blonde leaning against the wall of the stall, her legs wide open. Wanda moved her hips back and forth against the top of her friend’s thigh, her shaved crack opening wider at every movement. She sucked on Trish’s nipple and came, covering the blonde’s thigh with sticky cunt juice. Trish slid the key back to the bartender.“Where are you going now ?”, asked Wanda“I think I’ll just go home”, answered Trish, “Wanna come ?”.“Yeah”, answered Wanda, her face buried between the two large bumps in Trish’s blouseTO BE CONTINUED