Sissy in the Woods

I had recently procured a a nice ensemble of lace black bra with a black thong with a pink satin design in the middle that felt exquisite on my cock. I complimented that with some black lace suspenders and black sheer pull up stockings. Over that I wore some tight blue yoga pants and a black hoodie. It was feminine but subtle enough to pass while I walked out the door and the excitment of knowing what I had underneath, with all the nylon and lace rubbing against my body was almost too much to bare. I couldn't wait for the boys to take it off me. I put a little make up in my backpack to apply on our drive and then was ready to see what the night had in store.The boys arrived at ten to six, beeping the horn as my signal to go. I made my exit from the kitchen table bidding my father adieu and recieving a wink from our lodger, James who was aware of my sexual practices. With that I escaped to the back seat of David's Nissan Micra where Pete was sitting to welcome me. As we drove I attempted to put on some make up as Peter started to caress my body. His hands still managed to made me weak as I started to kiss him and work my hands down to his waist feeling his impressive bulge through his trousers. He managed to get his hands into my pants and ran his hand over the satin of my panties rubbing my excited clitty through it making me wet. I started to moan as he stuck his tongue into my mouth and we started to swop spit."Settle down", said David from the drivers seat. "I don't want you two blowing your loads just yet."David was taking us out of town, over the Old Bridge and up the mountain road. I figured he had intentions of taking us some place secluded and fucking me under the stars. That really got me hot and I needed to taste cock. I went for Pete's zipper and he sat back to give me better access. I unbuttoned him and saw his beautiful cock trying to burst its way through his boxers. It left a wet patch in his shorts so I dutifully licked it through the material. He groaned in agreement and I pulled his shorts down to see his throbbing cock head staring up at me. I gave it a kiss of encouragement before wrapping my hand around his shaft and pulling on his hard dick to give him some sweet sensations. I then swallowed his cock in my mouth and started to suck on his glorious meat while his brother drove us to our destination. I continued to suck him in the back seat till we pulled up outside of a heritage spot on the outskirts of town. The remains of an old castle were there and a patch of flat land in the middle of the woods was a popular picnic spot. He ordered us out of the car and told me to open the boot. Inside there was a blanket, some cushions and a box of condoms. We had been going bareback until this point so I did question them at the time, he responded,"They're for our guests. Put them on the bonnet and set up the blanket for us. "Guests? The last time David had guests I ended up sucking off half a rival school on sports day, I went into that uncertain but having benefitted greatly from that experience I had learned not to question David when he has ideas. I set up the blanket and the cushion and waited to see what unfurled."Do you have anything to show me?", David asked in relation to the clothing requested of me earlier. I started to unzip my top and revealed my padded bra. I undid the string on my pants then bent over showing my ass to them as I pulled my pants down to reveal my thong, suspenders and stockings. I turned to see too smiling faces. My eagerness was showing as a damp patch was visible where my precum was seeping through the pink satin of my thong. David made his way over to me and kissed me grabbing me in his strong arms. He then positioned me on my knees and told me to start sucking his cock. I happily got to work as Peter made his way over behind me and started grabbing my bum, he pulled aside the string of my thong and started to finger my asshole, one finger at first as he warmed me up for what they intended to be an eventful evening. I tried to moan as Pete fingered my hole but my mouth was busy with Dave's hard cock. After warming him up stroking and sucking he was starting to get excited and was thrusting it in there face fucking me. His pre cum drooling into me as I tired too control my breathing. At some point Pete started licking my boy pussy and I lost control filling my panties with cum. It did nothing to stop my hunger for cock but it did settle me down enough to notice the headlights of another car pulling into the picnic site. Pete backed away but Dave just laughed and said, "Come on up."2 men stood out of the car and made there way over to us. They were older gentlemen wearing baseball caps to conceal their faces a bit. I had stopped sucking David but he told me to carry on. I obliged and got to suck on his juicy cock at my own pace. I looked over to see our latest guests had dropped their pants and were eagerly jerking off to the sight before them. I encouraged them to join us and they then made their way over. Dave stood back to allow me to welcome our guest properly. I took turns sucking each of their dicks jerking one off as I sucked the other. It wasn't long before one of them shot their load on my face, I managed to turn ontime to get the last spurt on my tongue so I could taste that sweet necter.As I continued another two cars pulled up and one fucker stepped right out of the woods. He had been watching since we pulled up and now seeing that this was a free for all was here to take his turn. I was encircled by men. Six maybe seven cocks all waiting for their turn on my sissy mouth. I was eager and kept jerking and sucking tasting a different cock every minute another two loads were shot in this time one down my throat and one down my back which I could feeling rolling down me in the cooling night air. It gave me a shiver but there was plenty of dick and body heat to keep me warm. My own clit was standing on end by this point and one of our visitors had no problem reaching down and rubbing me through my soaking panties."This dirty bitch already came!" he declared.It didn't stop him from stroking my swollen member as I continued to let his companions take turns in my mouth. One man stepped away to the car having spotted the condoms and decided to try my pussy out. He got down behind me as I continued to jerk two men off while the others stood back to see the show. He pulled aside my thong again and with one thrust plowed his cock into my asshole. I yelped as he continued to fuck me. I put a dick in my mouth to mask my moaning but that didn't last long as he shot his sweet hot cum into the back of my throat. The old man finished in me shortly after that but there was no respite as another contender arrived to shove his cock into my gaping hole. I was much more prepared this time having already been opened up I was able to enjoy this fuck. Another dick came to my mouth and I welcomed it in. It tasted familiar, I looked up and saw David grinning down at me."You're good little sissy aren't you?""Yes Daddy."The pace increased as I got fucked on both ends, I was already moaning for joy as Pete reached in and started pulling at my cock literally miking me in the middle of this field. I shot my second load into the grass as the next man finished. The remaing onlookers made their way back in and took turns unloading their spunk on my already showered face. As the night neared its climax Dave entered me. I could feel the difference as his bare cock made his way up my well fucked hole. I could see the finish line as Pete put his dripping wet cock in my seed filled mouth and the brothers proceeded to give me the last fuck of the night. They were practically insync as Pete filled my mouth with its last helping of spunk and Dave shot his helping of cum right in my gaping hole. I collapsed in a heap covered in the sex of several strangers and filled with the sperm of my two lovers. This sissy had been well fucked.As everyone left I heard Dave call out "Same time next week." Seven days recovery seemed about right.