Spanish holiday - not fiction but a factual accoun

Each time that I anticipated Loma’s arrival into our room, I would get twinges of excitement. Often I would suggest to my wife that she go down to the pool with our family, as I would wait just to see this perfect goddess enter our room and I was never disappointed.My wife had decided to go on a trip and with the rest of our party she got on the train to Barcelona whilst I remained behind. I could relax and watch endless television or read, or sleep and I did fall asleep for a wee while. Suddenly the door opened and Loma asked if she could clean the room, I readily agreed and sat upright on the bed and with a smile, Loma began her work and as she did her breasts were swinging. I could make out the perfect shape of them, pointed and pert, yet firm and large. Suddenly, I noticed that I had the mother of all erections and had to try and hide this but whatever I tried, this now usually docile shadow of its former self was standing loud and proud, much to my embarrassment and worse was to come as Loma caught sight of it and me.I tried to brush it off and carry on as usual but what happened next truly surprised me for in the most broken English, Loma asked me if her ‘titties were causing my sticky to get hard.’ I burst out laughing and tried to make out I needed the toilet, just woke up, full bladder, blah blah blah. Loma then said, ‘my titties, you no like?’ I’m not usually stuck for words in any situation but this time, I was fumbling. ‘Yes, I love your tits; I waited in here today, just to see your tits.’ Without saying anything else, she lifted her blouse off over her head without even undoing the buttons and told me to lie back on the bed. I did as I was told and she came over to me and placed her hand of my now throbbing and near to exploding dick. She placed her tits around my cock and began to move up and down, up and down and then she took the head of my cock in her mouth. I told her that she’d better stop because I was going to explode but she just continued and she knew I was coming because she looked up, stopped for a second and told me to cum and cum I did, she swallowed every last drop and I fell back on the bed, totally drained.She got up of the bed, and continued to clean the rest of the room but she didn’t put her top back on, so I had this wonderful view whilst I was lying there, totally fucked but happy. She disappeared into the bathroom and was cleaning the shower and toilet when I heard her voice call me. It took every ounce of energy to get off that bed and when I went into the bathroom, Loma was there totally naked in the shower, water dripping off her breasts and she bade me to come into the shower with her. I duly obliged and she pushed me on to my knees and thrust her hairy, beautiful vagina into my face and I ate that pussy for as long as I possibly could, whilst Loma moaned and shuddered her gorgeous, curvy, black body and she whimpered often but suddenly, her thrusts became quite violent and she grabbed my face and buried it deep in her pussy and this lasted until she finally signalled for me to get up and go to the bed. She lay on the bed and took my head onto her breasts – she knew what she wanted and she got me to suck on those nipples, she got me to lick her again and then she turned me on my back. Surprisingly, I was rock hard again (a complete novelty for me these days, once a month hard on is good for me, now two in the one day, wow) and she climbed on top and put my cock up her, she bounced up and down and all I can truly remember was the whites of her eyes rolling in her head and those gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down as she rode me like a bronco until I shot my load deep inside her and it was a load, because when she got up there was stacks of it running down her thigh, on the bed, on the floorLoma got dressed and said, ‘thank you’ and left the room to carry on with cleaning the other rooms. I’d see her around the hotel each remaining day of our stay, but we didn’t have the chance to have a repeat performance but on the last day, as we were preparing to leave, I gave her a gratuity for cleaning our room and she gave me a deep, passionate kiss and said goodbye.It was the best holiday in Spain, I’ve ever had!