Spectacular Pleasure, Baby! (Part 1)

By: SueATTENTION:THESE STORIES ARE NOT CONNECTED IN ANYWAY.THEY ARE THREE SEPERATE PIECES!STORY #1: PLEASURE'SKevin stepped out of the group's tour bus and stretched his body. His lean body cracked all over as if he were 70 years old, not the young age of twenty-two. He took his $60 sunglasses out of his pocket and put them on to sheild the bright sun rays from his pecan eyes. As he took a walk down the long, empty alley Kevin hummed a tune. He liked this walk to have time for himself, to help him get his mind clear."Im sorry ma" a young girl ahead of him said. Her right hand held a blue cell phone pressed to her ear." I know I forgot to pick up the bread before I came to work. I'll get it on my way home" She continued as Kevin came into sight. He glanced at her as he took a seat at the brown bench three feet away from her. The young girl nodded her head as she listened to her mother on the other end."Alright ma benny is calling me back from break! Love ya see you later" She said and rushed herself off the phone. The young woman seemed to be between the ages of eighteen to twenty-one sighed and leaned against the brick wall of her workplace. Kevin licked his dry lips and stopped humming the tune that was on his lips seconds before."There's room for you over here young lady" he told her with his southern accent. The brown haired female turned her attention in his direction."Me?" she asked pointing at herself. He smiled and nodded his head.She bit her lips and ventured over to the bench. He slid his body over to give her some space, he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable and maybe she wouldn't notice who he was too. Taking a seat nex to him on the bench the female looked at him. He spread his lips and gave her a big cheesy smile. She shook her head laughing."You're goofy" she told him."I know"he replied."How's your touring going?" She asked Kevin, taking him a little off guard."It's cool. A lot of work" he said and leaned back on the bench."That's good! My name's Brook Nash by the way" She put her hand out for him to shake. He reached over and shook her hand."Kevin Wells, Nice to meet you" He said as she smiled."Pleasure is all mine" Brook licked her lips at him. Kevin watched with interested eyes at her teasing."So Miss Brook do you happen to be going to our concert tonight?" he questioned turning his body to hers."No... When I got around to trying to buy them they were sold out" She sighed and looked at the brick building across the alley.Kevin tilted his head to think and put his hand on her hand."Would you still like to go to it?" Brook looked at him with her mouth open."Are you serious Kevin?" she said using his stage name. The evident excitement in her voice."Yeah! I have a couple in the trailor you and one of your friends could come to the concert have a good time and than hang out with me and my brothers after that. Sound good?" he asked as her stood up.Brook bit her lip and looked at him. He was a sexy man. She weighed her options to go to a Pretty Ricky concert and have the time of her life or go home and watch some television."Okay! you persuaded me. The tickets would be good" She agreed and stood."Good! You know you couldn't resist me" he teased with a big ass grin."Right! Well Mr.Wells I have to get back to work, so ummm is it okay if I pick up the tickets in a hour when I get out of work?""yeah thats cool! Later Brook" he said.The two gave each other a look than Kevin gave her a hug before they departed and went their ways.Three hours passed since Brook and Kevin met behind her workplace. She and her best friend Eden were pulling into the parking lot. Kevin told her to wear something pink so he could see her. Brook’s nerves were high and her hands were shaking a little bit.“Girl calm down!” Eden told her seeing how nervous she was at the moment.“I’m trying too. It’s just shit Eden, this is about to be something else” stated walking up to the side doors.They flashed their tickets and passes at the man. He told them to stand over by a group of poles. The two did what they were told. The guard spoke into his walkie-talkie to someone. Brook and her friend stood close to each other to keep themselves warm. The friends watched people go through the arena doors. Many of them young women and teens, some were carrying posters like the one’s Eden and Brook had while other’s wore shirts with their pictures on it.“Good evening ladies” A male voice said behind them. They spun around and smiled at Kevin. He was wearing an all black outfit. The hoodie was covering his face, hiding his identity from others. Brook’s smile was real bright.“Hey What’s up! Im Eden” She said introducing herself to him.“Nice to meet you Miss Eden” he said as she nodded her head and looked at Brook. She was biting her lip.”Im sure you ladies are cold and would love to come inside, so just follow me and we’ll head to the dressing room” he told them as he put his arms out as into escort both of them.The girls took his arms on both sides and than they were off. After they were safely inside, Kevin shook off the hoodie hat showing who he was. He peered over at Brook who smiled at him and blushed as she turned away. She was trying to keep her focus on meeting the others and having fun, even if she had some nasty thoughts in her mind at that moment. Them and Pleasure soon came up to this door with a big star across it reading “PRETTY RICKY”. The friends excitedly gave each other looks.“Here we go! Right through here!” Kevin stated opening the door and guiding them in before he entered.They stepped in the room and all eyes were on them. Brook looked around and seen all the peoples eyes on them and her cheeks filled up with bright red color. Erica looked and smiled.”Everybody these are the two ladies that’s going to be spending the night hanging with us. They are Brook and Eden, say Hi” Kevin said as everyone told them ‘hi’.Kevin’s brothers looked them up and down. They were checking them out and such. He put his hands on their backs and lightly pushed them further into the room toward one of the couches in the area. The two girls took their seats and sat back looking over at Spec, Blue, and Slick. They were getting their face and things right to look good for the ladies. Kevin leaned forward by Brook’s ear.“See you in a couple hours ma. Enjoy the show” He said and kissed her ear before he too sat in his spot to get fixed up for the concert.They all got acquainted and such before it was time for the group to perform. A member from their camp took Brook and Eden and showed them where they would be sitting/standing during the concert. The crowd was loud and the arena was full of people. Brook and Eden laughed and smiled feeling excited and blessed to be there front row for the concert.The two heard the announcer tell the arena to look at the stage for Pretty Ricky’s opening act. A female group “Butta Creame” walked onto the stage and performed. The two girls of the group were good but not as good as Pretty Ricky. Boy were them four freaky as hell. They had the crowd going wild and crazy from start to end. Brook shook her head at all the clothing changes they did during it all.She caught Kevin glance her way every now and than making sure she knew he remembered her being there. Brook was ready to get some more hanging out time to get to know Kevin even more. Not just on the mental note but also on the physical note. He was just that gorgeous and talented, and it made her wet between her thighs every time she watched him do something sexual on the stage. Eden watched Baby Blue the whole time, watching his sexual gestures. She even gave Brook a couple hugs while the show was going on to show her thanks for inviting her to the concert.“That was crazy B! I loved it!” Eden told her friend with a big smile on her face. They were being escorted to the tour bus by a security member.“I know girl! Me too” Brook agreed holding her poster closer to herself.”I hope we’re going somewhere to eat. My stomach is growling” She confessed rubbing her stomach as Brook giggled and shook her head.“Ladies just step into the bus and you will be joined shortly” The tall security guard told them as he stood by the door. They opened the door and went into the bus. Their eyes popped open looking at many fan things that the guys had on the bus. Plenty of stuffed a****ls, posters, candies and things spread out around the seats and things. Brook shook her head at their messiness and took a seat. Eden followed suit and took a seat too.”Did I tell you how much I love ya for this B?””Yeah a couple times” Brook replied.“I just want you to know that Im really happy and thankful” her best friend said.” I don’t know how this night could get any better””I think it’d be better if we were here ma” Spec said as him and his brothers came into view.Brook and Eden looked their way. They watched as the guys walked over and fell into a seat. Spec was across the bus sitting spread out, Slick sitting opposite of him, Baby Blue by Eden and Kevin by Brook. Brook felt his arm go around her waist and slightly pull her body closer to his own.”True it is better with you guys here” Brook declared and sexually looked up at Kevin.”It’s about to get betta cuz we’re heading to McDonald’s for some food and then back to the hotel rooms to chill. You ladies up for that?” Baby Blue said with his sexy southern accent.They nodded their heads and smiled at each other. In no time they bus began to move and they were on their way to find the nearest McDonald’s to get something to eat. The group all engaged in a conversation about relationships and sex of course. Brook and Kevin gave each other glances now and than, as well as small touches. Brook moved away a couple times trying to distance herself from the sexy man sitting next to her and every time he’d pull her back to him. She soon gave up and just gave in. She wanted to relax and have fun for the rest of the night.The bus arrived at the hotel around 11:30. Everyone checked into the hotel rooms,under alias' of course and starting to get things poppin'. The guys got two suites right next to each other, which made it easier for them to hang out all together and such. Brook and Eden's eyes opened wide as can be as if it were Christmas Morning when they looked around at the suite. Pleasure and Spec were sharing a room and Baby Blue and Slick was sharing the other. They all decided to crash in Kevin and Spec room."Oo I have to go pee!" Brook announced to the group as she set her drink down and stood up."Like we wanted to know that Shorty" Slick said making a face."Maybe you did punk!"She smiled and tossed a fry at him before she walked off to the bathroom. Brook unzipped her jean pants, pulled them down along with her blue panties and sat down on the toilet seat. A shot of coldness hit her butt cheeks sending a shiver go down her spine as her bladder began to release the waste known as urine. She sighed with a goofy smile as her body emptied itself of all that liquid. After checking herself out in the mirror and washing her hands, Brook opened the bathroom door and went back to the group. She came up to where they were but there was no one there."What the hell?" She said out loud looking around with a dumb found look on her face."They went down to the pool" Kevin told her walking up behind her, tugging at her waist. Brook closed her eyes and bit her lip."How? The pool is closed" she stated keeping her ears as far away from his sexy lips as she could at the moment."When you're famous Miss Brook, you can do things like that" Kevin stated and kissed her neck. Her body tensed up and bit her lip at his lips sucking on her neck's flesh."Why are you still here?" she asked pulling herself away from him and turning to face him."I stayed to wait for you! You weren't going to stay in the hotel room.You might take something of ours and sell it on Ebay" he smiled as Susie laughed and shook her head."No Im not like that" She said picking up her trash."I know. Leave that ma, someone will clean that up! Let's get to the pool!" He told her and grabbed her arm.He slid his hand from her arm down to her hand. Brook bit her lip as he squeezed it a little, while walking with her down the hallway. His hands were real warm and smooth. She was loving it. Brook watched Kevin's nice behind as he hurried them into the elevator. He leaned forward to hit the first floor button while she licked her lips."I don't have a bathing suit! What am I going to wear?" Brook asked with a confused expression on her face.Kevin smiled at her. He looked her over and licked his lips before he pressed his body up against hers."Hopefully nothing!" he replied and put his lips on her.He put his hands on her waist and began to kiss her. Brook's hands found the back of his neck as she joined in the kiss. Their tongues twisting and turning in each other's mouth every 5 seconds as their wet lips met and pulled apart."Mmmm..Kevin we shouldn't be doing this right now" Brook said as he kissed her cheek,and neck."Why not? We're alone" He said now going to her ear. She jerked her neck away. He gave her a look and than a smirk went across his face. "Somebody's sensitive on their ear, aint they?" He teased eyeing her.Brook shook her head and leaned on the bar in the elevator. She watched the digital numbers countdown until it finally reached the first floor and the door slid open."Ladies first!" Kevin said letting her walk out before him. He stepped out beside her, grabbing her hand once again. The two rushed to the pool avoiding any possible Pretty Ricky fans. Upon entering the pool area Brook and Kevin seen the others in the pool splashing each other and shit. Eden was in the middle getting triple teamed by the others."Damn took ya'll long enough b*o" Spec said looking at them. Brook bit her lip."Something came up" Kevin told them taking off his tshirt."We bet!" Eden smiled and eyed them as they all chuckled at the two."Don't be shy! Come on girl strip!" Kevin instructed Brook as he tapped her arm. She looked at him and quivered at the thought of whats under them boxers, she wanted to reach out and touch it. Susie looked down at her closes, than starting stripping them off. She soon found herself in the pool with the others. The six of them hung out at the pool for another hour or so. They played chicken,raced each other and of course dunked each other acting like twelve year old k**s. The time soon crept to 12:45AM. They didn't have a show the next day but the group still needed some sleep."Ay Kev?! We all about to head back to the rooms, you two coming?" Baby Blue asked wrapping the towel around his waist."Naw..We're gonna stay here for lil more" He told them. Brook leaned against the wall of the pool and looked at them."Aight than..see yu when ya get up there" After that Brook and Kevin were alone once again. Kevin swam over to Brook, and pinned her to the side holding her at her waist.They looked into each others eyes as Brook spread her legs to let him enter the space between them. He smiled and did just that. He was soon standing between her spread out legs, kissing and sucking on her neck as she held his shoulder and moaned."MmMmm...""Put ya legs around me!" Kevin told her, whispering in her ear making Brook's pussy tingle."Mmmk" She mumbled wrapping her legs around his torso area. She could feel his erect dick pressing on her cloth covered pussy lips. He wanted to be in it at the moment. She gripped his shoulders tighter as his lips found her ears and began to kiss and suck on the earlobe."OoO Fuck Pleasure!" She moaned arching her back a little."You like that?" He said kissing her neck again and than went back to her ear. His fingers unclipping her bra."Yes" she mumbled with her eyes closed. She felt her bra slide down her arms, he yanked it off of them an tossed it by the pool. His full pink lips, engulfed the left breasts erect nipple in between them and lightly sucked on it. Brook closed her eyes as her breath was caught in her throat from the pleasure he was putting on her. He started to grind into her,which Brook did right back. Kevin found her right nipple next and was working on that one when Brook's cell phone went off."Fuck!" She groaned out of frustration. She told her mom to call her if she needed help with her aunt's k**s for the night but she didn't think she would, well more like she was hoping she wouldn't need her help."What? Forget it Brook!" Kevin told her kisses her chest."Im sorry Kevin. That was my mom and she needs me to help her with my cousins" Brook said. She really didn't want to go, especially now that she was about to fuck." If it wasn't anything big and there was someone else who could do it I would stay here with you, BUT it's not like that and I can't" She explained to him. He moved back a little and looked at her. He could see the hurt in her face that she was really sorry she had to stop what was happening. In his mind he was upset because he wanted to have sex with her and whatnot but that would have to wait."It's okay...You gotta do what ya gotta do Brook" he sighed grabbing the latter and stepping up it. He got out and grabbed her hand as she stepped up too."Are you sure your're okay!?" She asked making sure he was alright. He scooped the towel from the chair and wrapped it around her body."Im sure" He stated and kissed her cheek,while he put his towel around him."Let's get you home Young Lady" he smiled picking up her bra and handing it to her. Brook smiled and followed Kevin out of the pool area.Days passed by and before Brook knew it, it was Wednesday. Kevin called her two days before to tell her he’d be back in town for a radio station event, and instructed her to be ready, wearing something sexy at nine o’clock. He had one of his assistants going to her home to lift her up and take her to their dinner destination.“What am I going to wear?” Brook said looking over the four outfits she had laid out on her bed. They were the sexiest outfits she could find in her closet. She picked up a silky lavender colored cocktail dress, put it up to her body and seen how she looked. Tilting her head, Brook looked it over, the way it was laying on her body, the flow of it and made sure it would be easy to pull of when her and Kevin finished what they started five days ago in the hotel pool.“That's cute!” Brook’s younger sister Ashileena said walking into her room and taking a seat on her bed.”When did you get here?” Brook asked turning around putting the dress back in its previous spot.“Oh, just a few minutes ago! I think you should wear this light blue NC jersey top with the jean mini skirt” She replied running her hand over the jersey top.”I think my ass will fall out of it” Brook confessed to her younger sister.”So! You and he are going to be fucking, it gets him going seeing some flesh” Ash as Brook called her said standing up.Brook bit her lip and thought about it. True her and Kevin were going to be having sex with each other, but she didn’t want to look like a ho.“Are you sure Ash?””Yeah wear it! It’s hot! Im going to find something to eat, good luck and have fun on ya date!” She told her and disappeared from Brook”s room.“He better like it!” Brook told herself snatching the outfit up and walked to the bathroom to finish getting ready for her date.Brook was picked up on time at her home. The assistant told her where they were eating and what to expect. She nodded her head and listened to him as she also thought of Kevin’s penis. She was in one of her Piscean “day dreams”, thinking about how long it was, the width of it and if it had a mushroom looking head. Brook bit her lip and quivered at the thoughts.The restaurant was in front of her eyes in no time. The driver pulled up to the building and parked. He got out of the car, reached for the back door and opened it to let Brook out. She reached her arm out for help as she exited the beautiful car to see Kevin standing in front of her looking sexy as ever.“You made it” He said with a smile. Brook blushed and took his out reached hand.“I wouldn’t miss this for the world” she replied and walked hand in hand with him into the restaurant. A couple security members watching them to make sure there is any crazy fan around or anything like that. Brook stepped closer to him and took a whiff of his aroma. He smelt so delicious! She wanted to pulled him into a kiss right there in the middle of the restaurant.“You look sexy!” He whispered into her ear as he pulled the chair from under the table for her. Brook smiled and sat down.”Thank you” He nodded his head and went to take his seat across from hers.” You look good too Kevin” She declared as a big smile spread across his face.The waiter came to their table with his order pad, pen and menus in hand. He took hold of the menus and set one in front of her and him.”Good evening! My name is James and I will be your server today. What would you like to drink?” The waiter asked pulling his pen out to write it down.”Umm I would like some water, and she would like…”Kevin looked at Brook.”Water is good for me too” She announced with a nod of her head.”Alright that will be two waters coming up!” James replied and went off to get the water for them.”So, Miss Brook did you miss me?” He asked looking at his menu.“Yes I did. Did you miss ME?” she asked back, skimming her own menu.“Why wouldn’t I? We still have unfinished business to attend to ma” He reminded her looking over at her. He watched Brook bite her lip and wink at him.”Oh yeah” She said as if she just remembered. “That unfinished business we have to attend to” She lifted one of her small feet out of her sneaker and lifted it on his lap. Kevin licked his lips, and eyed her with a seductive look.”I can see this dinner will be over with quickly” he chuckled as Brook put her tongue between her teeth and twirled it, while her free foot moved up his leg.“Damn right it will!” She stated as the waiter came near.James sat each of their waters in front of them, smiling really big. Brook shook her head.”Do you know what you guys will be eating tonight yet?” He questioned.“Yes we do James. I would like the shrimp alfredo, with a Caesar salad on the side. I’d like Italian dressing with that. Thank you James” she told him as he wrote down what she said.“And for you sir?” He said turning to Kevin. Brook bit her lip and twirled a strand of hair as Kevin leaned forward, keeping his eyes on her.”I’ll have the same as her” he told James. James wrote the rest of the order down and nodded.”Here is your breadsticks. Your food will be here shortly” He stated and went on his way. Kevin lifted himself from his seat and moved it around the table to sit right next to his date. Brook smiled and watched him with lustful eyes. She wanted to fuck him so bad. The little stunt he pulled whispering in her ear earlier made her all bothered. Brook took a sip of her water as Kevin leaned in and kissed her cheek and neck.”You smell good babe” he hissed in her ear, sending a tingle down her back. Brook closed her eyes. “ You know what I want to do to you?” He asked rubbing her thigh under the table.Brook looked at him and nodded her head no as he kissed her ear and neck some more. Her legs slightly split from his ear teasing. He was getting her even hotter and bothered.”I want to sit you on the edge of my hotel bed and eat your wet pussy up” he cooed, his southern accent heavy and enchanting. Brook held back a moan. He was torturing her and she wanted to reach over and grab his tool and stroke it, making it grow bigger in her hand. It would make the veins fill with blood, and direct the penis to “jump”. That shit drove her almost as crazy as the ear teasing.”Let’s go to your hotel room” Brook said. “Eat the food later””I’m down! Hotel room here we come!” Kevin eagerly agreed as the couple stood up. He gestured for one of the security men to come to him. The security man obeyed and walked up to Kevin. “Juan, when the waiter comes back tell him we decided to take the food with us, and pay the man””Yes sir” he replied.Brook grabbed her purse and excitedly took Kevin’s hand and took off. They didn’t want to waste any more time than they already did.Mmmm! Take this off!” Kevin commanded Brook tugging at her shirt, as he kissed her.“Move back a little!” Brook said. He moved away from her body to take off his own shirt as she took of hers along with her bra and dropped them on the floor. Kevin pushed her back on the soft comforter, and got on top of her body. Brook pulled his lips on hers as they kissed. Brook licked his bottom lip, than Kevin pulled away and moved down to her now perky nipples. The red buds sticking up in the air for some attention. Brook watched as he took her nipple into his mouth and starting sucking on the sensitive flesh.”MmmMM Like that” Brook moaned, while she spread her legs for Kevin’s hand to creep between them. Her hand found the back of his head. She rubbed his head as he went to the other nipple and sucked on that one. He wouldn’t want any part of her body feeling left out. She laid her head back when he stopped sucking on her nipple and yanked her panties off her pussy,”Scoot down!” he growled at her. Brook bit her lip and did as she was told. She LOVED the control ness.”Better?!” She asked with her legs spread open. Her wet pussy in front of Kevin.”Hell yes!” Kevin said and than dipped between her legs and flicked his tongue across her wet lips. Brook grinded her hips forward at that gesture. He smiled than opened her moist lips with two of his fingers, sticking his wet tongue inside of her. Kevin’s tongue flicked in and out of Brook's pussy quickly.”OoOo” she moaned grabbing at the comforter laying on the bed. Kevin pulled his tongue out and started sucking on the lips. They were so phat and wet. Brook caressed her breasts as he enjoyed himself between her legs. Gripping her thighs and butt, Kevin dove his tongue back inside of her pussy. He began licking fast and quick, while rubbing her clit with one of his fingers.”MmMM Pleasure!” Brook moaned grinding at his face while he rubbed that clit faster. His tongue was still at work to make her cum in his mouth. Brook wanted his dick in her REALLY bad. She liked the pussy eating but she wanted that nice brown dick inside of her. He ate her pussy for a little longer, until Brook’s breathing started to quicken and her legs slightly jerked. He removed himself from between her legs, stood up and dropped his boxers to the floor.“Bend over shorty!” He instructed her as he reached in his pants for a condom. Brook took off her skirt, and got on all fours on the bed. Her ass stuck in the air. Pleasure got onto the bed and smacked her ass before gripping her hips and thrust his dick into her.”Fuck!” She groaned at his dick size. He was a well endowed man. Brook backed on his dick as he slowly pushed it in and out of her very wet pussy.”Like that!” he groaned holding her hips tightly. She bucked back and forth helping his big dick enter and exit her pussy.”How do you like it?” He said putting a hand under her body, and starting rubbing her clit once again.”Mmmm rough!” Brook replied as he pushed in.”Aight!” Kevin pulled out and jammed his dick back in her making a sharp pains hoot through her body. It was soon gone as Pleasure fucked her pussy just right. Brook was moaning like crazy, and contracting her pussy muscles on his dick making the sex even hotter.“OoOo Fuck Me!” Brook loudly moaned as Kevin obliged and started to pound into her 5’3 frame. Kevin’s pelvic was bucking like crazy thrusting his dick in her. He pushed the dip in her back down more, and thrust upward in Brook’s body.”Ahhhh!” She pushed her body back faster, meeting his powerful thrusts. “I’m gonna cum on that dick!” Brook announced, getting her pussy punished.”Shit! Cum on this dick!” Pleasure told her as he took a hold of her hair and lightly yanked on it. He spread her legs even more apart, moved his knee and went at it quicker, hitting it at a different position.“Oh my god! Fuck!” She moaned rubbing her clit at a fast rate. She could feel her orgasm coming on and it was going to be explosive. His new angle was hitting her just right and any moment she was going to cum on that hard dick of his. He dug into her a couple more times when her body tightened up. “OOOo yes!” She moaned. “Pleasureeeeeee!” she screamed as her orgasm took her body over. The pussy muscles clamping down on his dick as she came. He pushed a couple more times.”Ahhhh Shit!” He groaned holding her hips as his seeds shot out of his body into the condom. His head fell on her back. Both lovers were full of sweat and were breathing hard, catching their breaths. The two laid like that for at least a minute before he sluggishly pulled his now flaccid dick out of her pussy. His disposed of the condom in the trash and she found her way underneath the covers. Her lower half sore.“I’ll be back, I’m going to get the food!” He said slipping his boxers back on and went to get their food. Brook nodded and leaned against the soft pillows. She closed her eyes to enjoy her high when Kevin rejoined her and got into the bed. He handed her, her food and than got under the covers next to her with his own.“I’m sorry for the soreness ma. It comes along with the great sex “Kevin apologized before taking a bite of his food.”I’ll be good. That was…” she shook her head.” It was Spectacular!” she announced smiling. He chuckled and smiled.”It was my Pleasure!”THATS STORY ONE