Still in the Closet Maybe? Gay

I'm a 42-year-old businessman with a lovely wife, two k**s in high school, and a great home in the San Diego suburbs. I grew up like any other k** with the usual sexual experiences, except that in college I roomed for a year with a guy who was a closet gay. Both of us dated girls and I screwed some, but I could always count on my roomy to blow me if I didn't score on a date. I didn't reciprocate. I got married right out of college, started a family, and got a good job in sales where I traveled a couple of times a month. On these trips, especially after a few drinks, I would occasionally get a blowjob in a men's room, but nothing very serious until one night I brought a guy up to my hotel room because the men's room was too busy. I had been drinking more than usual. We both undressed and he was sucking my dick in bed. I still remember exactly what his dick looked like. It was a circumcised six incher with a bright pink head. He was sucking my dick and lying next to me so that his hard cock was close to my mouth. For reasons I still don't understand, probably because I was drunk, I leaned over and started to suck it. This was the first time that I had ever had a dick in my mouth. I was thirty years old. When he pumped his load into my mouth I got a thrill like I had never known before.After that experience I still frequented men's rooms when I traveled, especially after I had a few drinks, but now when I saw a hard one I remembered that thrill and was tempted. Finally, one night after a lot of drinks, I yielded to the temptation. It was a big uncircumcised cock that I couldn't resist. It was not long before I was on my knees giving blowjobs on a regular basis when I traveled. I still fucked my wife, but my fantasies while I fucked her were about the dicks I had sucked, especially those with big loose foreskins.I have a regular golf foursome at the club consisting of my next-door neighbor Charlie and two guys from work. We play every Saturday morning, sit around drinking beer in the clubhouse and telling stories, before we shower, clean up and head home. One of the guys, Phil, loves to tell fag jokes and every week he has a new one. I don't mind the jokes because I don't think of myself as a fag – for me fags are limp-wristed female impersonator type guys. I did have a problem though. Charlie is Black and hung like a horse and is uncircumcised with a huge loose foreskin. When we shower he skins it back and washes the head of his black dick. I found the sight irresistible and sometimes tried to sneak a secret look as he washed it. He caught me doing it a couple of times, but never said anything. Then later on he started turning toward me and washing his dick in an exaggerated manner. I tried not to look, but I couldn't always resist the temptation. A few weeks after he started showing me his cock in the shower we had a Saturday night party at my house and everyone was drinking a lot. We ran out of Baileys and Charlie said he had some at his house next door, so the two of us head over there to get it. When we get in his kitchen he unzips his fly, pulls out that big black uncircumcised monster, and starts to stroke it. "Got something for you, Billy boy," Charlie said smiling.I was drunk. My mind was hazy. I still can't remember much about that night except watching him stroke that big thing and smiling at me. I don't even remember getting down on my knees. I barely remember sucking his cock. But, somehow, I was sure that I had given him a blowjob. I don't remember anything about the rest of that night. Not even going to bed. It was not until Sunday morning when I woke up that I had a vague memory of being on my knees in Charlie's kitchen sucking him off. Thinking about it, I got sick to my stomach with fear. How the hell could I have done that, I asked myself. It was stupid!Sunday afternoon Charlie calls me and asks me to come over to his garage workshop. I had a good idea what was on his mind. When I get there he's ginning at me."I knew you were a cocksucker by the way you looked at my dick in the shower You couldn't keep your eyes off of it.""I was drunk, Charlie. I didn't know what I was doing.""You're not drunk in the shower at the club. You can't resist the sight of me washing my black dick. You always look at it. Lately I've been skinnin' it back and giving you some really good looks. You've almost been licking your lips. You're a cocksucker Billy boy and you're gonna' be my personal cocksucker."With that he unzipped his fly and took out his big black cock. He started to stroke it, pulling that big loose foreskin back over the head of his cock and then back down, then back up again. He just kept doing it slowly. He was starting to get hard. My eyes were frozen, looking at it. I couldn't help it – I just had to look. Somehow I shook my head no, still staring at his dick, and said, "I'm not a cocksucker. I'm not going to suck it." I'am not gay.He laughed. "You're a cocksucker, all right. Wait till I tell Phil you gave me a blowjob. You know how he feels about fags."Oh my God! If he told Phil there's no telling who Phil would tell or what he would do or say. I couldn't let him tell Phil."Please don't tell Phil," I said, "He'll never understand. I was just drunk, Charlie. Please, give me a break.""On your knees cocksucker! I'm gonna whitewash your tonsils."His cock was hard now. That big loose foreskin was stretched around his thick shaft just above the head of his dick. I couldn't let him tell Phil. I dropped to my knees, and for the first time in my life stone cold sober, I started to suck his huge black cock. I ran my tongue under his foreskin and experienced that familiar taste of an uncircumcised cock. I could tell by his taste that he hadn't showered that morning. I took his cock deep, feeling it hit the back of my throat with my tonsils embracing that big purple head. Then I swallowed feeling my throat constrict around his thick dick."Oh yeah, Billy boy, that's the way! Work on that thing!" He liked the feeling when I swallowed. He put his hands on the back of my head and pulled me closer. I didn't gag. My face and lips were buried in his thick curly pubic hair every time he pulled me towards him and humped his hips forward. I smelled his sweat. His taste and smell excited me.Charlie set the pace. His hands held my head firmly so that his hips could drive that massive cock deep into my throat, then back out again till that big black head was at my lips. Each time I took him deep, I swallowed the moment I felt the head of his dick between my tonsils, so that the muscles of my throat massaged his cock. Holding my head, he was fucking me in the mouth brutally, and I put my arms around his hips and took every inch he shoved into me. It didn't take him long. Before I expected it, I felt his hot ejaculate pumping down my throat and spurt after spurt filling my mouth. I started to swallow his thick, creamy, musky tasting cum. Damn! It tasted so good! When he was finished pumping his load into me, he backed away and looked down at me on my knees. He grinned as I swallowed the rest of his cum. His big dick started to get soft. I watched that heavy loose foreskin move slowly back down to cover the big black head of his cock. God, his cock was beautiful! It was the perfect, thick, uncircumcised cock that I will fantasized when I fucked my wife, imagining my tongue slipping up under a big loose foreskin and tasting that sweaty muskiness I loved so well. "Damn good blowjob Billy boy. Better than last night. You're a better cocksucker when you're sober. I'm going to have to get a rug for my workshop so you won't bruise your knees. You're gonna be on you knees a hell of a lot in here suckin' me off."I looked up at him. "Please don't tell Phil.""I won't tell him as long as you keep servicing this thing," he said shaking his dick. Then he milked it down producing a big drop of thick, creamy white cum, shining like a pearl on the tip of his cock. "You missed a drop, Billy boy," he said with a grin.I crawled forward on my knees and licked that thick sticky drop of cum off the head of his dick. I looked up at him and savored the taste before I swallowed it. He was grinning, looking down at me on my knees."You're a talented cocksucker Billy boy. I'm gonna' use you a lot," he said. Well, that's how it started. From then on, Charlie got regular blowjobs several times a week in his workshop. I quit blowing guys when I traveled – I felt safer that way and, besides, I never saw another dick as good as Charlie's. Charlie kept my secret. So, I was still in the closet – well, almost. Oh, and Charlie did get a nice soft throw rug so my knees never got sore, and I was on my knees a lot.