Str8 Man Fucks Guy For $100

Anyways, I was working in the kitchen this night as a dish washer. During the night shift, it's pretty quiet. Most people are going to bed, smaller staff, no bosses around. You're kind of on your own. At night, only two people worked in the kitchen, the cook and the dish washer. The cook that I was working with that night, his name was Bill. Bill was a man's-man type of guy. Deep voice, white man, graying hair, in his probably mid-40s. Stood at around 6'1 or 2", decent build, thick legs, kind of a belly, but a nice chest. He had two tattoos on his arms. I got along with Bill pretty good. He was a hard worker and I respected him for that, plus he was good eye candy to jerk off to when I was alone. Anyways, Bill had been working here at the nursing home for about a year at this point, this isn't really relevant to the story, but just trying to paint a detailed picture for you. Earlier in the evening he had asked me if I had $20, so he could put gas into his truck (why I remember this, I don't know, but it was a 1985 Ford F150). I hesitated when he asked me, as I only had a $100 bill in my wallet. Now, at this point, I'm a pretty confident person, sexually. I've been around the block for a bit and not afraid to beat around the bush, however, I wasn't out of the closet yet and this was my place of employment, which people know my parents, so I had to play my cards just right but be blunt about it. I joked with him, but seriously, that I'd give him the money if he took me in the back office and fucked me. He looked at me with kind of a disgusted look and said very sternly that "I'm not a fag" and that he should kick my ass for even asking him. I kept my cool and retorted back to him that I didn't ask or think that he was a "fag", that I was willing to give him $100 (no pay back) to take me into the office and show me how much of a man he was... Still with the disgusted look on his face, he walks away calling me a "fucking faggot." I didn't take offense to the term, but I did for a second worry that he was gonna tell someone. A few hours later, closer to the end of the night shift, whenever most of the other people working in the dining room left to go home, he came back to me and begrudgingly said "alright lets do this." He had a kind of, I don't want to do this but I need the money kind of attitude about himself at this point. He clarified to me that all he was gonna do was fuck me. He didn't want to do any "faggy shit like kissing or whatever." I agreed with him, as all I really wanted was to be bent over by this rough older straight man and fucked and bred. He knew my age and told me not to tell anyone, as he didn't want to go to jail... I think not telling anyone for 13 years is good, btw, my state, age of consent is 16, so...He locks the doors to the kitchen and we go to the back office. Bill is wearing his normal uniform, black jeans, black boots and a white Chef's shirt. He's already a little sweaty because it was always pretty hot in the kitchen, as we didn't have air conditioning. I give him the $100, as I am a man of my word. He very aggressively tells me to pull down my pants and lets get it over with. I drop my pants around my ankles and turn around to unbuckle his pants... The sound of a zipper coming down and a belt being unbuckled, totally gets me hard. I pull down his pants to his knees. He's not hard at this point, so I get on my knees to suck his cock. Just as I was going to put his cock in my mouth, he hesitates for a second and then mumbles out "fuck it" and closes his eyes, I guess as his sigh of submission. I suck on his dick for a few minutes. Took him a minute to get hard. His cock was pretty thick, probably the size of a Red Bull can, maybe a little thicker and around 6.5" in length with a nice fat head on his cock. He finally gets hard and I spit on his cock for lube. I turn around and bend over, arching my back for him. He puts one hand on my shoulder and the other hand guiding his cock to my hole. I feel his wet cock pressing against my hole and then he shoves his cock in me full force, causing me to collapse onto the desk in front of me. When he shoved into me, he grunted and in a gruff voice called me a faggot and said to me that I wanted it, so don't run away from it.Every thrust into me felt like a knife being rammed into my prostate. The desk that I was bent over on had a mirror in front of it, so I'd occasionally look up and see this almost demonic look in his face. As he fucked me, he had that look like he wanted to hurt me, that it gave him some pleasure to cause me pain while he fucked me. His thrust were pretty violent and hard. Me being the good faggot that I am, I winced in pain from time-to-time and stayed quiet for him, as he told me to shut up. He called me a faggot a few times, even the N-word slipped out of his mouth once. Didn't phase me, as I was used to hearing that word slip out of a man's mouth, mostly from the redneck white guys that had been fucking me for years... personally, in the bedroom, I find that kind of hot (I'm weird that way). Anyways, he fucked me for about 15 minutes, just slamming me hard. Whenever he was close to cumming, he'd stop for a second, pull his dick out and wipe my ass with a towel that was on the desk. The only lube he used was the spit that I spat on his dick when he started and his pre-cum from fucking me. He precummed a lot, so, when he didn't want to cum, he'd pull out, wipe my ass and he'd wipe off his dick because, as he said to me, he liked it dry, gave him pleasure to have more friction... hurt me, pleasured him. Also, he made the note that if I was a bitch with a pussy, I wouldn't complain about it, because pussy lubes itself. Faggots don't deserve lube, as he said. But after about 15 minutes, he finally made a loud grunt and slammed into me again full force, never stopping even while he came. I could feel a major burning sensation inside of me every time he'd thrust. I knew he was knocking me up at that point. Once he was done filling me up, he pushed his cock all the way inside of me and pushed even harder to get it as deep as it possibly could go. I could feel his cock pulsating while he did this. Eventually he pulled out of me and pulled up his pants. Sweat was dripping down his face. I was sweaty, the room smelled of man sex. He was out of breath and my ass was so numb from his ass r-ape. Let me tell you, r-ape is no joke, but how he fucked me, if in the middle I decided I didn't want to do this anymore, he wouldn't have stopped... Been with guys like him, kind of like that. You can't r-ape the willing but I definitely love a man who skirts that line. As he was leaving the room, he was still zipping up his pants, belt still unbuckled, he looks at me with disgust and calls me a faggot. I catch my breath and start to pull up my pants and leave the room, this took no more than a few seconds. By time I walked out of the office, Bill was already gone. He fucked me, took the money, and left. I wasn't mad at him. I didn't even get off, but I was pleasured by carrying his seed inside of me. There's something special about having another man's cum inside of you. I, if you've read my other blogs know that I totally get pleasure off of letting another man use me to get off. I don't care what the guy looks like, if he's horny, his balls are full, he can use me, willingly or unwillingly, to get off. I know that urge and need to get off, I also top when I'm not a bottom faggot. So, I sympathize with the needs of a top and a man who needs to get off.Bill worked at the nursing home for another six months or so, but he quit and moved to Arizona. We worked together a few times, but when we were in private with each other, he'd call me a faggot or he'd degrade me by calling me less of a man or a cum dump. He'd also egg me on by grabbing his crotch and telling me how much I need it or how my little pussy was itching to have him again... we never had sex again. I offered and even made the same offer to give him $100 again, but he again said he wasn't a faggot, but totally loved making fun of me for being 'pathetic' and wanting a man like him.I'm not really into the humiliation aspect of sex, much, but when done right, it can be a turn on. I did want his cock again, he was a good fuck, so he wasn't lying and he knew that I liked it. I think he liked it too, even though he wouldn't admit it, no guy gets their cock hard and grabs it to tease a gay guy, unless you're tying to say something to him. Now, I worked at this nursing home for a few years, over that time, I had sex with two other men, one was a nurse and the other was a CNA, both hairy bear-daddy type of guys. One looked like Santa Clause and the other kind of looked like Bill Mays... hell yeah I hooked up with them, you would too. I'll share those stories in another blog/story. I was a total horn dog as a teenager, I needed cock 24/7. Didn't care if the guy was str8 or married or whatever, if I wanted to taste his cock, I went for it.