Stuck On You

One night I was reading some lovely stories on Xhamster whilst lying on my bed wearing only bra and panties. My daughter Sophie walked in and on seeing my rock hard cock point out of my panties said “Daddy you know I told you that anytime you have a hard on it MUST be inside me” and proceeded to pull down my panties and lifted her silky mini skirt revealing a beautiful pussy which she pressed down so my cock went deep inside her. “Oooh fuck Daddy I love you so much” whilst bouncing up and down. I held her hips and pulled her close pushing my hips upwards until I could feel my cock pressing against her cervix. Because I had been stroking myself before she found me, I came pretty quickly pumping pulse after pulse of cum deep inside her. She screamed with passion and kept bouncing on my now very slippy cock for another 30 mins until she subsided in a heap alongside me. “Daddy I love you so much I am completely stuck on you – I want your cock in me all the time – weeks on end!!” …………………………….Sophie had stayed with me after her mother left home after finding me dressed in lingerie. She said she loved having a feminine Dad and thought I was very sexy when fully dressed up with makeup earrings and extra large lashes. We did lots of girlie things together spending hours buying clothes and sexy underwear for each other. Lying in bed with her with both of us wearing sexy nighties it wasn’t long before she asked me to put my cock inside her. I was her first time. We made love all night and pretty much any spare moment after that. When we were driving she was always stroking my cock whilst I had my fingers up her skirt parting her labia to stroke her clit. Eventually she became pregnant and we now have a lovely baby girl called Jane. Sophie was 13. A year later along came our son Robin. I decided that it was time I became more of a real woman so I could help Sophie.Sophie insisted that whatever I did to become more feminine I must still be able to penetrate her. I had my testicles removed but left the sperm tube intact. I took estrogen and progesterone hormones and eventually developed a good 38D pair of breasts. The later hormone helped me produce milk for Robin. My cock did get smaller but because my prostate was still in place and so even though it took a lot of concentration to get hard I can still pump lots of cum into Sophies pussy even though this cum had no sperm in it, Sophie wasn’t completely happy so I had an electronic prostate ejaculator implanted with a remote control and take lots of Viagra. Occasionally if I was desperate for a piss my sac the pressure would cause a back flow and my sac would fill up with pee so I used to wear a tight band around it’s base.……………………………….. So back to the present. Sophie was now a gorgeous long legged woman of 16 years. Her breasts were 34D. Her pussy was hairless after electrolysis and I so envy her wide hips. Mine are too small and skirts can fall over them too easily. “So you are Stuck on me are you” I said.“Yes” she replied “but I want another baby”. “OK” I said “ I have an idea”. We will have a BYOC party with all my friends. “What??” - “It’s Bring Your Own Cum” I said. Everyone has to bring a sample or spurt it here. They will expect you to help them though!!” The party was great success with both of us in our sexiest lingerie we spent the night stroking cocks sometime two at once. No one was allowed to waste any even though they wanted to put it in our mouths!! We ended up with about 2 pints of precious cum.Sally agreed to look after our babies so the next night I prepared everything for our mating. Sophie was intrigued. We stayed on liquid meals and I made up lots of bottles for us to drink. I took the band off my sac and fitted a canula. With this I filled up my sac with a pint of cum – it looked immense – the skin was stretched so tight it was shiny. I took the tube from the canula up to a tap near my face. “Darling are you ready – get naked and lie on the bed” I said. She saw my sac huge between my legs and gasped “Is all that cum going to fit inside me?” “I hope so” I said “now open your legs”. I applied some surgical super glue to each end of her labia leaving just a cock sized hole. My foreskin is very loose since my cock shrank and I applied super glue all round my foreskin and knelt forward pressing it around her labia hole until it had set. I pushed my cock inside her – it felt wonderful with my foreskin peeled right back. “We are now joined at the hip” I said “You are stuck on me!!”“Oh my darling” she said “ you feel so good” as she pressed remote and I ejaculated inside her. “We are together now” I said. “Forever please” she replied. “How long will it last” she said “About 2 weeks “ I replied. “Oh this is heaven”. “It needs to be so long so we catch your fertile period” I said. Lying on top my cock slipped in and feeling so erotic with my foreskin pulled right back and when I pushed even deeper her labia curled inwards. She came so many times screaming in ecstasy. We both fell asleep. When we awoke it felt sublime to be inside my lover with our legs and arms entwined even though my cock was soft. “What is this” Sophie said “I need you hard!!” “OK” I replied and proceeded with the next part. I inserted a canula in my hand connecting it to a drip I had set up alongside our bed. “What is that?” she said. “It’s a Viagra solution and will keep me hydrated as well”. I watched the drips start and very soon my cock started to stiffen. She grabbed the remote and made me come again and again with her screaming each time because she waited until her orgasm had started before pressing the button. My own cum had long since dried up so the prostate was using the cum from my sac. I hope this BYOC will make you pregnant” I said “but we will not know who the father is!!”I had purchased a pair of clear rubber panties. They were special with 4 leg holes and two electronic dildos welded in the rear. Besides being able to expand and vibrate via a remote control there was also a tube in the centre. I smeared jelly on both dildos and with difficulty pulled the panties up inserting the dildos into my boy cunt and Sophie’s ass. God they felt good – so tight. Sophie said “ I can’t wait to spurt some cum in your cunt darling”. I was shivering in anticipation. I programmed the prostate remote to activate both dildos at the same time. Actually the main reason for the panties was to stop us rolling apart in our sleep and tearing my cock. While my cock remained rock hard all the time I said “Right next we need to be joined at the nipple as well” “Oh goody” she replied. So I squirted superglue on our 4 nipples and pressed them together. Everytime we moved our breasts jiggled together. When she lay on top of our breasts were squashed together. It felt so wonderful being together like this – every movement caused our breasts to move together - I slid my cock in and out for hours with Sophie pressing the remote which now made the dildos do their stuff. I had orgasm after orgasm feeling the hard vibrating dildo through the thin skin of her cunt and so did Sophie. Even though my own cum was not fertile the sperm loaded cum in my sac found its way to be spurted by my cock deep inside her. We eventually fell asleep with exhaustion. I awoke to see Sophie looking at us in the tall mirror I had placed at the end of the bed – she was smiling her head off. We carried on fucking for the rest of the day until Sophie said “I need to piss” “So do I “ I said “just do it” and I felt a warm surge flow into her vagina around my cock – this made me want to go too and her stomach was quite enlarged with 2 bladder fulls in her vagina – when I pulled my cock out my foreskin filled up like a balloon. But we carried on fucking anyway. With all our pee swishing around in her cunt“Lastly” I said “do you want to be joined in a forever kiss?” “Oh Daddy I can’t think of anything more lovely “she replied. So then I glued a feeding tube into the corner of Sophie’s mouth and I spread superglue on both of our lips and gave her a long loving kiss. After a while our mouths were one with our tongues stroking each other. We now really were ‘Stuck On Each Other’. We could still talk in a muffled way. The cum in my sac was now used up and after we both pissed a second time the pressure forced the pee into my sac which grew to the size of a football. Sophie muffled that she was thirsty so I joined the sac canula tube to the feeding tube and after gently massaging my sac forced the pee into both our mouths. Sophie drank and drank a wonderful cum-pee mixture for breakfast. Better than any food. My cock now slid into her empty cunt with ease.It was difficult moving around now but lots of fun trying. My drip had run dry so I squirted a small bottle of cum mixed with Viagra down the tube – we both drank some cum which made us randy and my cock got hard again and we carried on fucking for the rest of the day. The Viagra made Sophie’s clitoris so large and hard that I could feel it pressing against my cock as I slid in and out.This time we woke up so thirsty I attached bottles of liquid food to the tube – mainly dextrose – and we drank. Skin on skin felt so lovely. We were one person now. “This must be the longest kiss on record” I said. Sophie pushed her tongue in my mouth and nodded. I filled up my now empty sac with fresh cum, attached a new Viagra bag to the drip and started fucking again. Sophie just wanted more all the time. It was so special falling asleep with my hard cock inside her and waking up the same way!! We went on like this for a week using up most of our cum supply. Drinking all our pee and sleeping a lot as we got weaker. I started worrying about running out of cum so I texted my friend to ask if he could get the boys to make some more. Amazingly only 2 days later I got a message to say there was more waiting at the front door. With difficulty we shuffled there to find 3 bottles waiting. Bob must have worked really hard to get everyone to contribute. On our way back upstairs naughty Sophie pressed the remote and we both had orgasms with dildos whirring, my cock supporting all of Sophie’s weight while I pumped cum into her trying not to fall down the stairs. We now had so much cum that it didn’t matter if we wasted some by letting the pee fill my sac before it was empty of cum. It just meant that there was more cum and hence nutrition in our cum – pee meals. So whenever we wanted to piss we just did and my sac stayed bugling full all the time. Once when I was sleeping Sophie connected the sac tube to my dildo and squeezed cum –pee into my boy cunt and then pressed the remote. I woke to feel my cock pumping cum into Sophie whilst the dido got larger then smaller as she squirted the cum-pee past my prostate and I could feel it filling up my colon. Oh life is good.After nearly 3 weeks without food we were getting very thin and weak. We were dozing when I felt Sophie’s warm pee flood past my cock feeling so warm and loving. Shortly after I could feel pee swishing around our rubber panties. I woke Sophie saying “I think we are coming apart dear”. “So soon” she replied “ I wanted to stay like this for a year!!!” I ran a hot bath and after a long soak we became completely apart. It was a strange feeling after so long. What shall we do with all that left over cum” asked Sophie. I had an idea – we were pretty dehydrated and our bladders were empty. “ Lie on the bed with your legs apart” I said “I am going to fit a catheter in you” . I pushed the catheter in her pee hole – the run was quite short with her bladder so close to her vagina. As it entered I inflated its balloon which would stop it coming out. Then I attached one of the remaining bottles of cum – squeezing it so that the cum ran up the tube and into her bladder. “Tell me when you feel full and need to pee” I said. Sophie then did the same for me though my tube had to go in much further before inflating the balloon. We then removed our catheters. I attached the Viagra drip to the canula still in my hand. “Don’t pee yet “ I said. I am unable to pee when my cock is hard so my bladder would remain full of cum. Soon my cock was rock hard and we stepped back into our special panties. I slid my cock into my lovers pussy while lying on top of her.We fucked faster and faster Sophie started to moan and then scream then pressed the remote which made me pump my own cum deep inside her. As her ecstasy died down and with my weight pressing on her Sophie said “I need to pee now” . “OK” I replied. I felt some slippyness as I continued to slid in and out of her pushing the live semen up into her cervix. “It feels funny”she said “Its like I am peeing forever – the sticky cum is coming out so slowly”. I kept pushing my cock in and out as it got more and more slippy as her cunt became full of cum. We did this for hours – Sophie just wouldn’t let me stop until with total exhaustion I fell asleep. When I awoke my Viagra drip bag was empty and my cock was soft again so I started to pee my cum into Sophies cunt. The feeling was strange – it was like peeing for an hour or so. I put a pillow under her bottom to elevate her cunt to keep the cum inside. She woke up when I did this and smiled at me. I took a Viagra pill and when I was hard again I pushed into her cum filled cunt – some of it splashed out but most of it I pushed past her cervix as we fucked for the rest of the morning. For the next couple of days our pee was cum coloured so we saved it in glasses to feed each other with our meals. It tasted so great. We carried on wearing our 2 person panties most nights sometimes attaching our catheter tubes to each other’s dildo tubes so we could fill each other up with pee. At other times I would stay inside Sophies wonderful cunt. Sophie made a pretty 2 person silky nightie for us to wear together so we would look more sexy if we had visitors. Naturally it was pink with 2 head holes and 4 short sleeves covered with delicate lace trimmings. We did get some visitors who responded to our “Cum on over” invites usually leaving our faces and breasts covered in their cum. Eventually we found out that Sophie is pregnant and expecting twins!! I wonder whether they are from two different cum shots. “When I have had my babies I want us to try ‘Stuck on you 69’ ” Sophie said smiling. I couldn’t wait.The c***dren arrived home from their visit with Sally along with a supply of cumsicles which Sally said they really loved. Jane was looking quite grown up wearing a very pretty short dress – when she sat down it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing and panties. I asked why? “Oh Robin insisted on borrowing them” she replied. Robin then walked in wearing one of Jane’s older, smaller dresses which he lifted and proudly displayed the pretty pink lacy panties. I then noticed that Jane had pushed her cumsicle into her pussy and was sliding it in and out as it melted. “What are you doing” I asked. “Oh Sally said I might like it especially when I am older – it does feel good though – Sally said I could get pregnant doing this later on”.Sophie and I discussed Robin. He obviously has a female gender identity like I had at about his age. The question is does he want to be a she-male like me or an almost complete woman. I explained to Sophie “I have always enjoyed female company and still do. I loved doing girlie things and hated all the boy things I was made to participate in. I have never had any male friends just acquaintances soon forgotten. After puberty I developed a male sexuality and as such was physically attracted to females. Best of both worlds in a way – having female friends and female fuck-buddies!!”“Oh so I am a Fuck-buddy then” retorted Sophie. “No you are my best friend as well” I replied. “However all my life I have wanted to be a complete woman – but after puberty that was not possible – plastic surgery cannot change what is inside you. If I had known then what I know now I would probably have castrated myself and bled to death” .“In that case” said Sophie “we need to castrate Robin as soon as possible and remove his sac sewing his cock back in the gap. That way she will have to sit down to pee. No one will be able to tell without close examination. When she is old enough we will give her hormones and she will have a female puberty and probably be attracted to boys”. I agreed completely. “She can have a full SRS when older”. I wish I had been allowed to go through a female puberty – I dream about it often. I wish I did fancy men but then Sophie and I wouldn’t have become a couple.“With luck and without the testosterone Robin should grow up smaller and less muscular and hopefully with wider hips” I said “if she wants she could keep her cock and be a female version of me”. “I am going to miss sucking his cock and drinking his pee” replied Sophie. Sophie had been in the habit of licking Robin’s cock to make him pee just like any mother cat would do!! It saved a fortune on diapers. Now that Jane is bigger I miss my sessions with her though the pee did splash everywhere.Six months later Robin with nice long curly hair had her castration and is now our lovely little girl. Jane says it’s much nicer having a proper sister.