Swim team

I met the rest of the team and we got along well. After a few meets one of the guys suggested that I shave my arms and legs for less drag. I noticed that none of the guys had body hair,so I asked the coach about it. He said most swimmers think so, and in some cases it may be true. I asked if I should do it, he said if I wanted to I should come early Saturday morning before the rest of the team shows up and he'd help me. I showed up bright and early Saturday, the coach was just getting out of his car. We went to the locker room, he said to strip everything off. I undressed and went to his office, he laughed and said do you have no shame, grab a towel. I went back and got a towel, wrapped it around me. When I came back he said to lay down on the table, I hopped up and laid back. He rubbed cream on my arm and ran the razor down it,then the other arm,then he rubbed cream on my chest,pits, and stomach, then shaved them. He said to spread my legs, he shaved up one till he reached my crotch. His arm brushed over my dick causing it to ster. He started at the ankle of my other legs and worked his way up to my crotch touching my dick again. He said to roll over and relax. He shaved my back,and the backs of my legs. When he finished he asked if I wanted the full body job,I said sure if you think it would help,he laughed and said it wouldn't hurt. He said to bring my knees up and push my butt up. He rubbed cream between my butt cheeks and shaved my crack. As he did it felt like he rubbed my hole, when he did it caused my dick to stiffen which embarrassed me,he said not to worry about it. After he finished he said to roll over and relax. I laid on my back, dick standing straight up. He smiled and said I bet the girls like that. I blushed and said I've never been with one,really he said, what about the boys. I said I've never been with anyone. Using scissors to cut away most of the hair,he asked if I played with myself, I said no, why? He said you don't know what you're missing. As he rubbed cream around my dick and balls, my dick jumped. As he shaved my dick started hurting, the coach said the head is turning purple,I should do something about it. I asked him what I should do, he said just relax and I'll do it for you. He started stroking my dick and massaging my balls which felt good, then he said to lift my knees and spread my legs. My heart was beating a mile a minute and my breathing quickened, I did as I was told and opened my legs exposing my butt hole. While he stroked my dick, he rubbed against my tight hole. My breathing quickened as he did this and my dick began to jump,suddenly I felt my dick pumping and liquid shoot out of it,my head spun and I could hear my heart in my ears. After a few minutes I could breath normal, the coach said that was a good job. He finished shaving me and said to take a shower.