Sylvia's mom part 4

"We're going to fuck in every room of the house including on the front porch in the middle of the night. I even want you to fuck me in Sylvia's bed before you take her virginity in it. I have decided I really do want you to make her bleed for you. I am sure she might be a little frightened at first, but I know she will be thrilled afterwards," Sheila said to me."Darling, I think you want me to make Sylvia my slutty little fuck toy just as you are," I smiled and said to her."I do! I do! With both of us always ready and eager satisfy your hunger for sex and willing to please you in every way, you will never have a reason to want anyone else. You will have your own private two girl harem," she whispered breathlessly.Sheila had become a super charged sex machine and I hoped would never change. She had already given me Carte Blanche sexual rights to her body and she seemed determined to make sure I got the same thing from her beautiful daughter, Sylvia. I did not yet know how she would accomplish it but I put my trust in her to make it happen. Everything that was happening seemed to be a dream as if it was a dream.When she got my jeans off, she was in no mood to wait for anything. My cock was already standing at full attention and she pushed me down on the coach and climbed on top of me. She had no interest whatsoever in foreplay this time. She was a woman possessed and the only thing driving her was to impale herself on my throbbing cock and fuck herself into oblivion on it.She bounced wildly up and down on me. Her words were so garbled I could not understand anything she said. Her was so overwhelmed by her passion and lust that she did not care about anything but reaching her orgasm. She was a totally committed slut in every sense of the word. At that moment, I am not sure if she knew or even cared who she was fucking but I am glad it was me. There was very little I could do to help her, not that she needed help, but I did try to kiss and suck her wildly thrashing breasts. She was thrashing so wildly that I do not think she would have noticed or cared if I had bitten one of her nipples completely off. Sheila was hell bent on coming as hard and a fast as she could manage it.I was thoroughly enjoying her ravaging my body. There was actually little else I could do. I almost felt like this was a bull rider competition at a rodeo except Sheila was the bull and I was a nearly helpless greenhorn rider hanging on for dear life. Her normally beautiful green eyes were blazing if they were burning with flames of emerald green.When she finally exploded in her ecstatic orgasm my cock, my balls and the sofa under were so saturated from the eruption of juices that gushed from within her that I felt as if I was lying in a swamp. I do not know if she actually squirted but judging by the copious amount fluid flooding from her I felt she must have. She collapsed against my chest as if she had just completed the Boston Marathon. She was totally spent and utterly exhausted. I could only imagine what she had gone through during the day while waiting for my arrival. I was completely stunned and totally in awe of the state of her arousal and the passion with which she quenched her desire for sexual release. Sheila actually fell asleep while laying upon my chest. I just held her close to me and gently stroked her lovely long red hair and the smooth soft alabaster colored skin of her back as she slept quietly and serenely on top of me. Although I knew it was totally wrong I had to admit, at least to myself, that the feelings I had for Sheila went far beyond the boundaries of a merely sexual relationship. I was almost certain her feelings for me were the same. After about thirty minutes, Sylvia stirred and smiled up at me. "I'm sorry, Michael, I didn't mean to fall asleep and leave you high and dry," she said softly."It's OK, sweetheart, you gave yourself quite a workout and while you may have left me high, judging from the swamp in my lap and on the sofa you certainly didn't leave me dry," I chuckled to her."I thought about you all day and the later in the afternoon it got, the hornier I got. When you got here, I completely lost control of myself. All I could think of was satisfying the burning lust that had been building up inside of me all day. I wouldn't have really done it, but I did consider going out tonight and looking for a man if you had not come over. I guess I really am turning into a little cum slut but honestly, Michael, only for you.I gave her a playful slap on her ass and told her, "You had better be only for me. After all, you now belong to me."She didn't say a word. She merely purred like a kitten."Sheila, are you really going to give me back to Sylvia when she comes home," I asked earnestly?"Oh, yes my love, I am but not 'cum-pletely'," she giggled while winking slyly at me. "I'm never going to give you up 'cum-pletely'," she continued coyly."Get up my little vixen, I'm still hard and horny and you are going to take care of me now," I told Shelia.Sheila was always eager for sex and this was no exception. She jumped to her feet and said, "Your pussy is always eager, wet and hungry to satisfy you."She padded down the hallway toward her bedroom. I couldn't help but notice she was swinging her hips from side to side with a little more exaggeration than was necessary, however, it was exceptionally erotic. Sheila was an extremely sensuous and beautiful woman who absolutely exuded sexuality and she had given herself to me with only one condition... Keep her daughter's virginity intact and even now she ready to push even that condition aside. Sheila was my personal little pleasure doll.When we got to the bedroom, Sheila pirouetted very slowly in front of me. Her body was magnificent, she knew it and she loved showing it off to me almost as much as I enjoyed seeing her beautiful naked body.My cock raged and expanded every time I even thought of her much less when I actually saw her. I reached out for her and pulled her against me. My cock was throbbing upward against her soft wet cuntal lips. I felt her squeeze her legs together thereby entrapping my engorged cock between them. I could remain like this almost endlessly without ever entering her but, alas, I was not a saint and I wanted her desperately.I pushed her back onto the bed and began kissing and licking her. I could never seem to get enough of the feel of her soft skin, her heaving breasts and writhing hips. The scent of her arousal which emanated from between her legs was almost intoxicating and the sweet feminine nectar which flowed so freely from within her tasted as if it was honey as I licked it from between her open thighs.She acted like a slut, she fucked like a whore and she gave herself to me with complete and absolute abandon but in spite of all of those things she was still a lady. I yearned to taste every drop of her marvelous juice and to feel her squeezing my cock with the strong vaginal muscles. She could make it feel as if she was milking every drop of sperm from my cock and it pulsed my load deep inside her.I was almost in as much of a hurry to feel her cum for me as she had been earlier in the living room. I pushed her legs apart and clamped my lips on her hard sensitive clitoris. I licked, kissed and sucked her clitoris with fervent passion. I wanted her to explode her female jism into my mouth with such power and lust as she had never before experienced. Our sexual session this afternoon was to be anything but sweet and gentle. I was going to fuck her like my little rag doll fuck toy and use her like a mindless whore whose only purpose in life was to please me. There would be no soft, gentle entries into any of her eager and wanton openings. Every entry into her soft yielding body would be powerful and with blatant disregard for anything but our mutual pleasure. She had not yet told me but I knew she was ready for me to take her both powerfully and roughly. I knew she did not want me to hit her or physically cause her other than sexually, but she did want me to use her as my whore and my slut. To be gentle and tender with her were not in my thoughts at that moment.I grabbed her legs and forced them very widely apart. As I thrust the full length of my raging swollen cock into her in one full deep hard stroke, she screamed, "You fucking bastard, you'll rip me apart!""Be quiet, you little slut. You wanted me to fuck you and fucking you like you've never been fucked," I almost snarled at her.She sobbed softly and said, "Yes! Fuck your naughty little cunt. Your slut whore. Use this pussy! Own it! Tear me apart with your mighty cock. Make me cum! Oh God, Michael, Make me cum! Then ram it into my ass! Hurt me! Then fuck my mouth and make me lick and suck you clean. force your big hard cock all the way down my throat and empty your cum into my stomach. I don't want anything except to belong to you and be your slut, your whore and your fuck toy."Relentlessly, I took every part of her using her for my own pleasure as she had with me but I knew she enjoyed every moment of it just as much as I did. When our passion subsided, I pulled her closer to me and I felt her trembling in my arms. I looked deep into her soft gleaming emerald eyes, kissed her deeply and passionately and whispered softly to her, "Sheila, I truly love you and I want you to be mine forever."She clung to me tightly and her entire body seemed to melt into me as she whispered back to me, "I love you, Michael. I belong to you, only to you and I am yours for as long as you want me. I will do whatever you want me to do whenever you want me to do it."