The Best Sex Ever (Chapter One)

The place was called Dream On Research And Development. They were just looking for someone with a bit of basic maintenance experience; Electrical, plumbing, and such; And, like I said, I’ve been through enough jobs I figured I was qualified; So I answered the ad. When I went for the interview; A pretty brunette receptionist greeted me, and told me I would have to wait a few moments for an interview. While I was impressed to advance to the interview stage; I was also excited for the opportunity to check out the receptionist while I waited. Let me blunt: I'm your classic girl watcher; And like to do more than watch when the opportunity arises, as much as the next guy. Whether I'm dating someone or single; I take care of my sexual needs; And having been single for awhile, The usual porn sites one might imagine are bookmarked back home. I took a chair that conveniently allowed me a side angle to the receptionist; And immediately began admiring how form fitting her dress was. She seemed too busy to notice me staring; And it wasn’t long before I was mentally undressing her, and fantasizing further. But my imagination hadn’t wandered too far before another woman emerged from an office and called my name.And what a woman she was-! If the receptionist had been pretty; The lady who would be doing my interview was a no doubt fox! She was nearly as tall as my own 6’1” frame; Which was impressive enough in itself – In addition; She had flowing, blonde hair; Striking brown eyes behind sparkling glasses; And a downright incredible rack! She was wearing the kind of power dress that said she knew it, too; With a V neck that didn’t plunge all the way, But still showed plenty. She introduced herself as Vera; And asked me to sit in the chair facing her desk. I did the best I could to make eye contact; But was sneaking every glance I could. There was no small irony in her authority over me here; Because I could not help thinking that her breasts were like a boss. She asked me a few, very standard questions; Asked me to tell her a little bit about myself, previous experience, yada yada; And then she stood, and said; “Stefan, I think you may be just what we’re looking for this position; But I would appreciate it if you could give me a moment or two to consult with colleagues.” I nodded politely; But was taking another mental note of her legs as she’d stood. Down, Boy! I couldn’t help but think. They’re talking fairly decent pay for this gig; You don’t want to blow it by coming off as a perv.Vera was gone for no more than a minute; When she reemerged from a door behind her desk she’d entered, and extended a hand. “Congratulations, Stefan. You’ve got the job! Can you start tomorrow?” I was pleased at how painless this whole process had been; And immediately agreed. “Then we’ll see you in the morning; At 8.” Vera said. I thanked her, and left.Vera and the young receptionist (I would later find out her name was Debbie) had my mind racing enough; That later that night before turning in, I relieved myself to thoughts of both of them working on me, So to speak.I soon found out that for a place in need of a maintenance man; Dream On Research was a pretty low maintenance place. I was usually called upon for the most menial tasks – Changing light bulbs, Looking at thermostats in offices; Clearing a blocked drain in a break room. But these things hardly took up the bulk of my 8 hour days. Vera assured me that times when I had nothing to do weren’t a problem; They just wanted me available whenever something should pop up. While tasks weren’t popping up that much; I certainly was often. Though long stretches of my day were spent in the small storage room they gave me for an office; Whenever I was making the rounds, It didn’t take me long to realize that of the small staff Dream On had, The majority of them were women. And seemingly all of them fairly attractive, at that. Yet it was hard to get to know too many of them too well; Not wanting to disturb them once I was done with whatever chore I’d been called upon for, Or be absent if needed again. I did see quite a bit of Vera and Debbie; But Vera was married, and Debbie was engaged. While it was a fairly piece of cake job that was paying quite nicely; It was probably the most sexually frustrating workplace I’d ever experienced. More than once during the slow days; I’d lock the door to my windowless office, And rub some out to thoughts of a world where Vera or Debbie were single. I also satisfied myself to what extent I could by checking out my other lady coworkers in the rare moments of interaction with them.I was beginning to feel like this was just one more uninspiring stop in my life; When one day, Vera buzzed me on the intercom, And asked if I could make myself available after hours that day to assist the CEO of Dream On, Professor Wyland. I had no prior commitments, and merely asked the time. Just after close, Debbie said; And told me that she would show me into his office after the facility closed at 5:00. I couldn’t imagine what the head honcho might have in mind for me to do; But held out the faint hope that maybe if I left the right impression, I might be in line for a raise.When 5:00 came; I arrived at Vera’s office, And she gave me that brilliant smile I’d developed such a soft spot for; Greeted me, and showed me towards the door behind her desk she’s used the day of my interview. “Good luck”, She said. And turned off the lights to the main office, and left. It occurred to me that the timing for this meeting was unusual; Which only left me more curious, As I entered the door behind Vera’s desk. It led to a small, dimly lit hallway with another door at it’s end. A plate hanging on the door read, “Laboratory”. More intrigued by the moment; I knocked, and stepped in.It was the classic laboratory you might imagine a mad scientist having. Clinically sterile; There were devices, diagrams, parts, and compounds on tables all around. At the east end of the large room there was a transparent tube with a walk in door; And a chair inside. On a small table on it’s right sat a somewhat comic looking device that looked like a motorcycle helmet with the occasional small wire sticking out. As I looked around; An elderly man emerged from behind a table cluttered with devices. “Hello!” He said, Coming forward to extend his hand; Which I shook. “I’m Professor Albert Wyland. And you are no doubt Mr. Stefan Ricci; I’d recognize you anywhere!” I gave the man I’d never met before a peculiar look and asked, “How could that be, Sir? We just met.” “Well; You just met me, Stefan. But I’ve been observing you through others, and through hidden cameras in this facility, since the day we met!” Somehow, When you’ve probably been caught masturbating, Your first reaction is embarrassment; Even it when it should be something more along the lines of shock or anger. But the Professor cut across me before I could saying; “Everything you’ve been doing is quite alright; And please understand I’m no voyeur. You were hired, and studied; For scientific purposes.” NOW I was truly intrigued; And the professor beckoned to a chair, and said; “If you’re not upset, Please allow me to explain.” I was mildly upset; But there was no way I was going to miss whatever this crackpot wanted to share!I sat down, and listened for several minutes to what sounded like the craziest explanation ever. The Professor explained that he was an independent researcher; Kicked out of government research years ago because of his fascination with the study of human sexuality. In recent years; He’d been able to build his own private facility from the ground up to further his preferred areas of research: Enhancing sexual pleasure; Particularly the relationship between sex and the human brain. Over time; He’d contributed to the porn and sex novelty industry in enough ways to finance Dream On. As the Professor continued; I felt kind of silly that I’d never really given much thought until now as to what field of research the company did. The Professor further explained that he’d spent more than a year making what he felt were rapid breakthroughs in the field of self pleasure by means of projecting virtual reality directly into the brain. The Professor said that if his testing and theories to this point were correct; He had created a device that would literally allow the entirety of any sexual experience as though in real time; Through brain wave manipulation. I wanted to laugh him out of the room; But the implications of such a discovery, if indeed he’d really achieved it, weren’t lost on me. The Professor seemed to realize I was still taking him seriously; And he explained that he’d had trouble finding what he considered qualified volunteers. He felt his device would produce the most ideal results with a test subject who’d already shown high degrees of sexual imagination and appetite. Then the Professor admitted my entire hiring had been with the real goal of determining whether I might be such a candidate. Two previous applicants had been terminated for showing little obvious sexual inclination. But Vera had noticed me checking her and Debbie out on day one; And I was hired as a promising prospect. The Professor told me that watching the hold the female staff he’d made sure was attractive had over me had led him to believe that I was the ideal candidate for field testing of his VR device; Which he’d come to call ‘The Best Sex Ever.” The Professor looked apologetic; And admitted that there could be some unforeseen risk to usage of the device – But he’d decided it was time to openly ask of me whether I’d be interested in serving the real purpose I’d been hired for: As the first to experience the machine; And, if all went well; To be tested with it multiple times to ensure the marketability of the device, And ways that it might be improved. The Professor said while there could be psychological symptoms; Or possibly even brain damage – That he would compensate me to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars if I submitted to testing. I had no wife and family to consider, I realized. This choice was mine alone to make. I frankly thought the Prof a total crackpot; And at best, I might have an experience similar to watching a cheap video. But I simply couldn’t say no to the kind of money the Professor was offering. He waited while I seemed to ponder everything he’d said for a few moments; And then I piped up, “Sure! I’m game! What do we do; Start testing now?” The Professor asked me to sign a few waivers (Which did bring home how serious the man considered the situation to be – I inwardly laughed); And then said that immediate testing was exactly what we’d do.The Professor began by leading me over to the table with the helmet; And said, “Behold! My finest creation! The Best Sex Ever!” The Professor then went to a nearby closet; And pulled out a pair of white men’s briefs. “Unless I’m much mistaken, Stefan;” He said, With the oddest grin; “You’ll be needing these when testing is complete.” Then the Professor simply explained that for testing to take place; I only needed to strap on the helmet, and enter the observation tube I’d noticed before. The Professor would activate my first simulation; And monitor all necessities through the device itself, and the tube, from there. I laughed, Grabbed the undies and the helmet; And said, “So I just need to take these in there; And put this on my head?” The Professor gave me a knowing nod. It must have been apparent even to him I thought he was a quack. Yet he seemed oddly confident, even so. I figured I’d get a lot of laughs from someone someday with this story; Grabbed the hardware, and entered the tube.Once I’d strapped on the helmet; The Professor encouraged me to sit on the chair provided for my own safety – That the experiences I was about to receive might prove overpowering. I knew I was failing to keep a smirk off my face. When I sat, The Professor told me to press the small button just above my forehead to power up the device; And that from there, He would activate my program from a computer terminal on the south wall that was linked to the machine. I shrugged; And did so. The Professor then entered a few things on the computer; And called out to me, “Be ready, Stefen! We begin now!!” I watched him press a button; And instantly I was elsewhere.I was sitting in my office; In the facility. I wasn’t thinking at all about the experiment; Somehow, the ‘unreality’ of what I was experiencing had completely escaped me. It was just another one of those days that d**g on; Watching all the beauties that worked here, When some menial task called to allow me to venture among them. I was horny as hell; And even more bored. Just when I’d begun to think about locking the door for a little private time; There was a knock at it. In what probably seemed an irritated voice; I called, “Yeah??” And in walked Vera, followed close behind by Debbie.They were both wearing two of the sexiest dresses ever; Debbie’s was black, and fit her small, athletic form superbly; And Vera’s was red, and satin like. Vera’s huge bosom was practically bursting from the low cut collar. “Hello, Stefan.” Vera said in an oddly sultry voice; And she motioned to Debbie to close the door. I swallowed, As I noticed Debbie lock it behind her. As soon as she did so; Vera gave me a look that could melt a man, and said; “Stefan; Debbie and I have noticed how much you appreciate us. Your eyes are all over us every time we pass by here.” My mouth gaped; I couldn’t deny it. I found myself speechless at wherever this might be leading. Debbie nodded at Vera’s words; Blushing. Vera continued; “We just wanted to take a quick break today to show you how much we appreciate everything you do around here!” And just like that; The minx boldly stepped forward; And bent to kiss me. Aahhh…Her lips were wonderful. So soft. Our tongues dueled hungrily. And Vera took my hand that wasn’t running through her hair; And brought it up to her breast, Yanking down her dress to provide access. Oh, Wow. Her tits were as incredible as I’d dreamed. I felt Debbie’s hands snaking their way around my shoulders; And heard her purr in an uncharacteristically lusty voice, “Why don’t you stand up, Stefan? I want access to our maintenance man’s best tool!” Still kissing Vera hungrily; And groping both of her bare breasts now for all I was worth; I did so, And saw Debbie out of the corner of my eye immediately drop to her knees, And busy herself undoing my fly.I realized I still hadn’t spoken a word to these ladies I’d spent so many idle moments fantasizing about. And what was there, really; To say-? Every man’s dream was playing out before my eyes. The two hot chicks at the workplace were throwing themselves at me; At the same time, no less! Vera was moaning slightly; As I pulled away from her mouth, And brought mine down on her massive, erect nipples. Feasting back and forth on both breasts; I simultaneously felt my pants pulled down past my knees; And smooth, small hands take my already engorged cock and guide it into a place of warm, soft beauty. I could not help but gasp as Debbie sucked slowly, powerfully on my freed erection. She took me full into her mouth (I was impressed; Tiny thing that she was) And slowly sucked back and forth along my length. Vera pulled free from me; A look of lust in her beautiful dark eyes that I could only imagine was equally reflected in my own. In a smooth motion; She dispensed with her dress. Meanwhile, Debbie, even while deep throating my full length; Danced her tongue in random, gliding motions on the sensitive bottom of my cock. Even as Vera lowered herself to Debbie’s side, Burning my eyes with hers all the way; Debbie’s tongue labored slowly all around the head of my cock as her mouth backed up just a bit. I couldn’t help but wince for a moment. If this receptionist kept this up; She was going to ‘receive’ something herself pretty quick!I looked down at these two angels hovering before my manhood; And could feel my eyes bulge, As Vera pulled Debbie off my cock just long enough to pull down her dress; And even as I marveled at Debbie’s firm B cups; Watched Vera slowly lower herself to them, and give Debbie’s breasts the same oral treatment that Debbie immediately went back to giving me. My God…My God; I thought. I couldn’t remember being this turned on in my life before!Again, For as much I wanted to forever behold the two beauties sensual treatment of themselves and I; I couldn’t help but scrunch my eyes as Debbie’s mouth sank full back up to my cock, Picking up where she’d left off. While just below; Vera’s long tongue and ruby lips ran all along Debbie’s bosom. Vera commented idly; “I think it might be our turn to help our maintenance man clear a blocked pipe, Debbie…” And Debbie mumbled an affirmative even as her mouth did it’s best to ‘clear me out’ then and there! “Alright, Debbie; You don’t get to hog that lovely shlong forever!” Vera said; Easing her face back up towards my cock. Seeing her huge breasts dangle below my manhood was intoxicating. Debbie smiled, and said; “By all means…” And gripped my cock towards Vera’s face. Vera engulfed me, lashing my man meat with quick, fluttering licks all the way. I could hear myself emit a slow, a****l groan. Vera may have been an even better cocksucker than Debbie. After allowing Vera a little time to herself on my cock; Debbie said, “Look at him, Vera. Like all the rest; He can’t stop gaping at your boobs. I think you’d better titfuck him. He’s being such a good boy; He deserves it!”Vera smiled; Removing her mouth from my cock - And while that was a disappointment; I didn’t remain that way long – As Vera took my cock from Debbie’s hands; Spit down her cleavage; And thrust herself upon me. Oh, My God. I thought. Then I realized I was saying it out loud. The girls just smiled; And even as I struggled with disbelief at how incredible Vera’s big, smooth knockers felt, bouncing along the length of my cock; Debbie lowered her face to the top of Vera’s breasts, and licked whatever she could of my cock on each down stroke of Vera’s breasts. I was so overcome by how incredible this all was that it hadn’t even occurred to me yet to take any real initiative in all this. They were having their way with me; Breasts and tongues everywhere – And seeming completely satisfied just to observe the effect they were having on me.Before I really knew what had hit me; Vera had quit holstering my gun in her bosom; And was slapping my cock lightly with her hand against the side of Debbie’s pretty face. I could hear my ragged breathing, and groaning. Debbie just smiled; And planted quick, sidelong kisses on my cock as Vera toyed with it, and her. The next thing I knew; Both women had lowered their mouths to my cock; And were giving me an incredible dual blowjob. Their tongues crisscrossed; Their mouths incredibly soft; Massaging against one another, and me. Vera spit on my dick again; And some landed on Debbie’s face. She just giggled. They began to take turns deep throating me. I was now moaning continuously. Then it was back to both of them; Sucking along the sides and tip of my cock together; Their tongues rolling over and around me. Before I’d even realized it was really building; I suddenly felt a surge of pleasure cause my whole body to buck – And just like that; I was almost blinded by a sudden, massive orgasm. I might have tried to hold back so as to have my own way with the girls had I felt it coming; But it intensified so suddenly, I was helpless to do anything except ride the wave upon wave of pleasure, with what had to be a ridiculous look of ecstasy on my face – At first; My eyes closed with the intensity of it – But then, I remembered to look down; Wanting to see the sight of my cock coating the girls of my office fantasies. Vera was lolling a huge glob of cum in her open mouth for me to see; And two long strands of sperm were plastered across Debbie’s laughing face. I just leaned back against my office chair; Luxuriating in the moment. And then suddenly; There was a flash of white light…My eyes were having real trouble adjusting. One minute I was in my office, enjoying an absolute dream at the hands of two women I’d recently fantasized about often; And the next I was in some bright, white room. As my eyes adjusted; I realized I was in some kind of clear, shower stall like tube. Suddenly, My memory began catching up to me; Even as the Professor called out to me, Looking at me with a mix of concern and anticipation; “Stefan! Can you hear me, Stefan?!” I squinted; And looked to him. “…Yes.” I groaned back. The women of my dreams were gone; But my body was still tingling all over, and my breathing was shallow. The physical sensations were exactly as one would expect immediately after incredible sex. And…And My God; It began to sink in just how incredible – How 100 percent lifelike – The experience I’d just had was. Until roused from the test; I had no inkling whatsoever that I wasn’t actually having an encounter with Vera and Debbie. My physical senses continued to catch up with me. My dick was rock hard; So hard that my jeans restraining it was mildly painful. And I could feel a mass of sticky moisture in my underwear. The test had clearly led me to orgasm physically just as intensely as I’d felt I was in my brain. The Professor was talking; With a knowing smile. “I deliberately gave you a short first session, Stefan; So as to have a good experience to take note of, While minimizing risks. I’m sorry if I rudely interrupted your fantasy; But once you’d climaxed, I thought it the ideal time to end your session; And start recording and sifting through data.” I still felt I was sort of getting my bearings; And I certainly couldn’t stifle the feeling that the Professor had, indeed, rudely interrupted. After what I’d just experienced; The last thing I wanted to do was discuss it with him – I wanted to be back in my office; And give the girls a proper fucking to answer the sucking they’d given me! The longing to do so was severe; I could still perfectly recall every sensation – Every soft touch and contour of the girls’ mouths and bodies. I realized that the sensation I was having was probably a bit like coming down off a high; How addictive this could be. And I didn’t care. I wanted more, anyway. But rationally; I realized that the only way to get more such sessions with the device was to fulfill my duties as test subject with the Professor. Embarrassed; I spoke up. “…Umm, Professor. You were right about my need for some new underwear. In fact; If we do this again, I think not wearing pants at all might be a good idea. Would you mind giving me a little privacy while I change; And then we can go over things?” “Not at all, Stefan!” The Professor said; With a pleased expression. His satisfaction that my experience had clearly been vivid as he’d hoped was evident. “I’ll turn on the steam emitters in the tube. They’ll be temperate; And obscure you from view. Come out of the tube once you’ve changed; And we’ll start comparing notes!”From there; I eventually recapped my entire experience with The Professor. He insisted on knowing the details. And, while slightly embarrassed; I was happily willing to share them all, If it would accord me future sessions with the device. The Professor knew that Vera and Debbie would be the subject of my experience; He had apparently observed me gawking at them enough to conclude they would be satisfactory partners for the simulation, And programmed that much. But The Professor said the details of one’s experience were entirely a result of the individual’s brain interaction with The Best Sex Ever; And thus he was quite interested in the details, Right down to vivid descriptions of the authenticity of my experience. I still thought The Best Sex Ever was a corny name for the device…But in all honesty; I couldn’t argue with the description. And even as The Professor bombarded me with one question after the next about my experience; My mind kept wandering to how much I already wanted another go with the device.Finally, After more than an hour of discussion; The Professor said he thought he’d collected a sufficient amount of observations from me. “I imagine you’d like another session with this, Stefan?” The Professor said; Holding up the helmet I’d taken off after exiting the tube. I just nodded vigorously; And The Professor chuckled. “And you shall have it!” He said. I felt a sense of immediate relief. “But not tonight.” He continued; And I immediately felt a flash of anger towards him. But I realized it would be very ill advised to lash out at this man; Who had introduced me to a whole new world of gratification. “It’s late, Stefan. Too late for the next test I’d like to run; Which will be a considerably longer session.” The thought of a more thorough encounter left me with a lump in my throat. I had to admit I was already in love with The Professor’s invention. “I’m going to give you homework; In hopes of providing more data for my purposes – And with the added bonus of likely providing an even more satisfying session for you!” The Professor said; A note of teasing in his voice. He had me; And he seemed to know it. I couldn’t think of a lot of suggestions he could have made offhand that I would have been opposed to; But was surprised when his request was a simple one. “My device should be able to effectively simulate any sexual partner, Stefan. And I want you to think bigger for our next session. And to study accordingly.” My mild confusion must have shown on my face; And he continued, clearly trying not to sound patronizing. “I want you to spend some time between now and our next round of tests tomorrow evening, Stefan; Thinking of women that have been the object of your fantasies for years. Celebrities are fine; Models…Women of porn; If you appreciate such material. Pick a few such women of your choosing; And spend a little time between now and then just thinking about them. Perhaps admiring them in some fashion; If you can. But I would advise you not to masturbate while so doing – Your session will be more intense if you don’t. Then we’ll start at the same time tomorrow night; And see what sort of results we get. Ok-?” I nodded; But my mind was racing. I was literally being put in position now to have the experience of sex with any woman I’d ever wanted. I must have seemed to be waiting for something, when what I was really doing was simply pondering the possibilities; Because The Professor gave me an odd look for a moment, and then said; “Oh! Yes; Compensation…” I watched him with some renewed confusion; As The Professor moved quickly to a desk in the center of the room; Took out some kind of binder, And scratched something on a piece of paper. He tore the paper from the binder; And came back to hand it to me. It was a check from Dream On for $50,000. It took my brain a minute to catch up to the fact that The Professor had actually agreed to pay me – And a fortune, at that – For this. Having now experienced the device; I would have gladly paid a great deal myself for further sessions. What a remarkable turn of events my life had taken. I was now the subject of research that seemed too good to be true. The Professor grinned at me awkwardly; And I came back to Earth. “You’ll get the rest of what you’ve been promised when testing is complete, Stefan.” “Aah – Thanks! …I…I guess I’ll just see myself out.” I volunteered. “Very good.” The Professor said; “And remember, Stefan – Have a few ladies – Some true fantasy girls – In mind by tomorrow night. Take a little time to ready your mind; And I suspect we’ll both be very pleased at the results! And no need to come in for your maintenance shift tomorrow, Stefan. You’re serving your real purpose here now. See you after 5 tomorrow!” The Professor said, as I exited through the door; Nodding back at him. As soon as I left the lab; My mind was racing again. This was just…incredible. Unbelievable. I would have to stop at the bank on the way home, I realized; But that was almost an afterthought. I was coming back here tomorrow night; To have another experience like the one I’d just had, Only with any woman I wanted. As I walked the now empty, dimly lit halls of the facility toward the exit; I began to focus on who I might choose. Then my urges seemed to formulate almost immediate preferences. First; No question – Olivia Wilde. The beautiful actress had long been one of my biggest celebrity crushes. But…The Professor encouraged me to have in mind more than one. As I walked through the doors; I imagined a greedy smile coming across my face. I had a brunette…If I could have whatever I wanted; Then it seemed only appropriate to come up with a blonde, and a redhead; To complete the set. Quickly, One of the celebrity blondes that had been high on my list of late came to mind – Margot Robbie. And…a redhead. I quickly realized that the number one redhead I’d lusted after over the years was Leanna Decker; The former Playboy Cybergirl. Now my mind was truly at warp speed; As I unlocked, and got into my car. By this time tomorrow night; I would be having sex with all 3 of those epic beauties-!! It was hard to focus on the road; As I realized that, as test subject for The Best Sex Ever; There was so much more to ‘cum’…TO BE CONTINUED