The BNB Cuckold: Episode 2

When he came in he set his bags on the floor. "I will have the same room as last time, right?" he asked."Yes. At the end of the hall", I replied."Good. How is Kelly? Will she be around this evening?" he inquired."Yes. She is out at the moment" I told him."Wonderful. I expect when I return this evening she will be able to assist me with anything I need" he said as he walked down the hall to his room.I didn't reply. I wondered whether he thought he would be using my wife like he had last time. A few minutes later he came back out."I should he back around 11 PM. Make sure she knows so that she will be prepared to assist me. And like last time, when she makes my breakfast, she only wears the apron when nothing underneath" he said as he walked out.Well that answered my question. I didn't know whether he could still peruse legal action from what happened last time when he blackmailed us into letting him fuck Kelly. Was it worth the risk to resist?That night, Kelly and I waited up for lawyer. 11 PM came. Then midnight. Then 1 AM. No lawyer. We decided to go to bed.We were woken up around 3 AM by the front door opening. We could hear a voice talking as if he was in the phone. It was the lawyer."I gotta go man. Time for my booty call" he said to his partner on the other end of the call. We heard steps. They were getting closer to our door. Then, we heard the clicks and low squeak of the door open slowly. I could see his tall silhouette in front of light coming through the door from the hallway. He approached the bed."You're in the wrong room, sir. Yours is at the end of the hall" Kelly told him. But he continued to approach the bed."You're in the wrong room" she said. More sharply this time.But he continued toward the bed until he got right up to her side. She turned her lamp on. It was the lawyer. He quickly removed the blankets off Kelly and grabbed her legs. He pulled her toward him until her ass was right on the edge of the bed with one leg on each side of him, then yanked at her shorts until they were off. He somehow managed to remove her underwear in the same motion because he was staring down at her bare, bald pussy. He grabbed her hips and flipped her around onto her belly and her feet braced on the floor. He held her down by placing one hand in her shoulder. Like last time she did not resist. She was turned on and she wanted his fat cock.He thrusted into her, forcing his cock in until his balls smacked against her clit. Kelly grabbed my leg and gripped tightly. The lawyer fucked her from behind for 15 minutes without slowing down. He must have been drinking because he took so long to cum. When he had finished with my wife's pussy he simply left and went to his room. My cock was rock hard."Lay on your back. I am going to ride you" she ordered."Really?! After that?!" I asked surprisingly."I didn't cum" she said. She was still a little out of breath.When she got on top of me, a glob if his load fell out of her pussy right onto my cock. Then she sat down in it. She rode me hard and fast for about 4 minutes. She stopped gasping for breath."Fuck!" she yelled angrily."What's wrong?" I asked."I can't feel you so I won't be able to cum" she said still gasping for breath."What do you mean?" I asked. I was a little concerned."His dick is a lot bigger than yours and it stretched my pussy too much. Now I can barely feel you" she replied."Well now what?" I asked.She dismounted and sat on her edge of the bed. She then got up, grabbed her robe and left the room. A large wet spot from the lawyers load was left on the bed where she was sitting.After about 5 minutes she didn't come back so I got up to see where she was. The lobby and kitchen were empty. I could hear talking. It was coming from down the hall. I followed the voices to the lawyers room."I need to you get it up so I can cum" I heard Kelly say.I opened the door quietly just enough to peek through."You'll need to get it up for me" the lawyer replied. I watched as she removed the blankets and put his cock in her mouth."Can't your husband help you?" the lawyer asked."He is too small and your dick stretched me too much. I can barely feel him inside me" she said with a single chuckle in her statement.When she had him up she mounted him and sat down on his thick cock."I can definitely feel you, though" she said as the pace of her riding quickened.It only took her about 30 seconds to come. Far quicker than she ever did with me. When her orgasm tapered off, she looked back and caught me watching through the door. After a brief pause she started fucking him again. Looking right at me until she came. Then did the same again. And a 3rd time.She met me back in the room. By this time 30 minutes or so had passed. She took off her robe and got on top of me. She sat down on my cock. He left his load on her tits which were bouncing in front of my face as she rode my me."Make it quick. My pussy is sore and I am tired" she told me as she started fucking me.Her pussy was loose from being used by his huge cock. It was hot and I came quickly. In the morning, she dressed as she was asked. With just the apron, leaving her ass and tits exposed while she prepared the meal. The lawyer and I watched her while she worked for us. Kelly loved being watched and made frequent passes by the lawyer while setting the table. And the lawyer was not shy about touching her. He would grope her ass every chance he had.We all are breakfast and when were finished, Kelly started cleaning the table. Kelly bent over the table next to the lawyer. She was slowly moving things around on the table pretending to collect things to bring back to the kitchen when she was in fact waiting for the lawyer to fuck her over the breakfast table. He didn't hesitate.He casually got up and got behind her. Almost with a sense of confidence. Like he knew he owned her. She placed both hands flat on the table bracing for his cock. For the one last quickie before her bull left again.He forced his cock into her and she winced and moaned. It hurt but with him it usually does at first. And she loved it. He fucked her hard and fast over the table for about 3 minutes. Then he pulled out and left his load covering her ass."Don't clean that off" I told Kelly. "I want to see you finished cleaning with his load on you."Watching her walk around covering in his load was a huge turn on. "You'll have to finish yourself off. I'm too tired to help you after taking him" she said to me.She stood in front me facing the opposite direction. Her cum-covered ass right in front of me to masturbate to. I would try to grab her ass but she wouldn't let me by stepping an inch out of reach. I was about to cum. I got up and blew my load on her ass.She loved cutting me off of sex while she fucked other men. She knew I loved it also. And she knew we had adopted a new lifestyle which was in her favor.