The Cell Phone and the Pager

…and why I switched to a panty girdle rather than panties…When I was on the road, doing troubleshooting for a large company, there was a lot of driving involved. Getting there then, driving around to company reps. in the area I was working. Other than the nights, it could be pretty boring. I carried a company pager then, because cell phone coverage wasn’t anything like it is today. Since I have a pretty perverted mind I was thinking about things one day and started to play. At that point I’d found a non-slip butt plug that hit me just the right way. As I said in the one story; it was a great stimulator, on a long boring trip. Little did I know that the ‘stimulation’ could be a lot better.It happened when I read a story about a submissive woman whose husband had made a ‘pocket’ in panties for a pager that kept it right on her clit. Since I didn’t want to destroy the plug I had, I bought another ‘non-slip’ one. The second one was eight inches long with the widest part of the plug being two and a half inches across. As it turned out – I should have tried to market it.I took it home to examine, along with a pager I’d bought, to find that the butt-plug was almost hollow inside. It was thick and pretty stiff but hollow. I removed the latex plug in the end of it and then took the pager apart. The only thing that there was a problem inserting inside of it was the circuit board from the pager. Latex is easy to work with; I picked up some high quality super glue and a small amount of liquid latex. The only thing that needed to be removed [for occasional replacement] was the battery. Everything else was put inside, held in place by pouring in the latex solution then; I waited for it to set.Once that was done, I put in a new battery, placed that inside and replaced the latex plug. The fit was good enough that the plug would stay in without anything needed to hold it in place. The butt plug would probably stay inside of me no matter what. I tried it and the amount of vibration seemed to be just what I wanted.I lubed it up very well and inserted it in my cunt. Getting it in took some work [enjoyable kind of work] but, once seated, it wasn’t coming out without some help. I got dressed and went for a ride. Just sitting and occasionally wiggling on it felt great! It was hidden and set to vibrate only; no one would even suspect that I was wearing it and, all I had to do was call it to have some wicked fun. It was also in the perfect position to hit my ‘G’ spot…just having it inside of me put some pressure there and that felt very good.As I was driving along I called the number and waited. What I hadn’t considered was; once you call the pager, it vibrates until you push the button to display the number! Once it went off, I almost jumped out of the seat! Now, buried inside of me, the vibrations were super intense and yes, it was happening right where I wanted it to. The stimulation was fantastic! I enjoyed it until the vibrations ceased; I’d made one hell of a nice toy. By the time it stopped I was wiggling around in the seat like crazy. It had been nice, the sound of the vibrator was silent [unless someone had very good hearing] and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. Fifteen or twenty seconds later it went off again! That was a surprise and I jumped about a foot off the seat! It kept going off at regular intervals all the way home; by then I’d had to pull off the road and wait while a very intense orgasm threatened to blow my little clit off! Talk about seeing spots!I was going to need some extra batteries. Once I got it out, I pulled out the battery holder and removed the battery. I also had to change my cum-soaked panties. Since I usually wore slacks, while on the road and visiting clients, I couldn’t walk around with a big wet spot in the crotch of them. I thought the solution would be a panty girdle – one with no ventilation holes in it. I went shopping and came home with two. One was a normal one [like panties] the other had short legs with removable garters. I couldn’t solve the problem with canceling the page so I’d just have to deal with that. What I failed to consider were ‘wrong number’ pages and, the one I’d bought was second hand.On the next trip, out of town, I slipped in the plug, put the panty girdle on [the panty style one] and headed for Morgantown, West Virginia. That was a two hour drive.By the time I pulled into the motel I was a wreck and the battery was almost dead. It was still vibrating when the pager went off but they were little weak ones. I’d had five orgasms. Twice I had to pull off the road and just let things happen – those were the most intense ones; the ones that brought tears to my eyes. I’d cum so much that it was leaking out around the leg openings of the girdle. I couldn’t wait to get to the room and get the butt-plug out! For the past, what was now nearly three hours, it had turned me into a trembling mass of sexual delight but, it had become almost painful. While I was checking in, it had gone off again.While trying to remove it, it went off again. I’d had a plain butt-plug in for some trips but this was a new experience completely… a ‘draining’ experience. I didn’t even think about going out that night. Once I had the plug out, I just crashed on the bed and relaxed for a few hours. Of course, getting out of the girdle was enjoyable too.I did contact a friend in the area and we made plans for the following evening. I ordered a pizza later, got the same delivery guy and tipped him the usual way. Between the trip and the fuck I really didn’t want touched, my entire body was like one big exposed nerve.Monday, following a weekend of great BBC, I decided to try the girdle with the short legs. It was a short day and all in the country; if I had to get the plug out, there were a lot of places to pull off the road and go into the bushes. About a half hour into the day, the vibrator went off! The fresh battery really woke me up and shocked the hell out of me…I hadn’t called the pager! After an hour of unbelievable stimulation [in the company of others] I had to get it out! I also had to pee so; a long trip to the bathroom was in order. I then decided that I wouldn’t wear it anymore – when I’d be around people. The shock and surprise was just too much to try and hide. It wasn’t worn any more during that trip but, with a fresh battery, I did wear it on the way home. It went off almost constantly during the trip! I lost track of the orgasms after a while and, again, finished the trip a total sexual wreck. At least one had me pull off the road and sit for a while. It had been a true multiple one and I couldn’t even see straight after the first one hit – the rest of them were like being hit with a tidal wave of pure lust.At least the girdle didn’t leak.Once home, I struggled out of the girdle but didn’t take the plug out. Once I’d cleaned myself up a little, I stripped off the slacks and girdle then just crawled in bed. Curled up in a little ball of pure lust; I spent a few hours letting the pager pleasure me until I could no longer take it. That was quite a toy!The previous owner obviously had a few friends that were still using the number.