However in November last year I celebrated my 48th birthday by taking early retirement from a very demanding career by selling our business to our other two partners, and my wife decided that we should mark this and her 44th birthday by taking a ten day break in the states - five days with friends in New York and five days on our own in Boston.About a week before we were to go, we held a bash at the golf club for friends, staff and customers. I was surprised when I saw her dress, which left nothing to the imagination, a tight low cut black number, with thigh high split up the front and nothing underneath but a pair of hold ups - I thought I was in for a really special night - I wasn’t disappointed. Normally she tends not to wear anything too revealing at the club as she says it encourages my mates to grope her. However, with quite a few drinks in her it didn’t seem to worry her that night. Her creamy, heavy breasts and deep cleavage were well pushed up by the taut material of the dress to display a very deep cleavage, while the slinky rather clinging material emphasised the ripeness of her big unbraed breasts and her thick nipples. The dress also clung alluringly to her big rear emphasising the ripeness of her jutting buttocks.Most of the guys there couldn’t take their eyes of her cleavage, rear or stocking tops and she got lots of compliments and plenty of guys asking her up to dance. I am not really a dancer and I didn’t mind having a drink with a few of my closer mates while she had a dance but it did annoy me slightly that she seemed oblivious to the fact that she was showing a fair bit more than creamy thigh above her stocking tops when she rather carelessly let her dress fall open as she sat at the bar with us. Quite a few guys remarked that they had seen a flash of the 'golden fleece'. As she has a rather large prominent mound it is certainly worth a look but it did take me back a bit that she was displaying it to all and sundry and I also noticed a few guys copping a feel at her bum when they were dancing with her. Needless to say she was the centre of attention and when we were leaving quite a few guys gave her a kiss and a fondle.I realised she had been turned on by being the centre of attraction when we got home and I asked her what she would like for her birthday, she smiled and (extremely crudely for her ) said get a lot more c***. When I jokingly asked her from me or some of the guys who had been fondling her, she smiled and said preferably me, but that I had been neglecting her for the last five years and she realised she could and did want a bit of fun while she was still attractive. She said now that I hadn’t to worry about work, she hoped she could have a bit more attention. Needless to say, I rose to the occasion and with her spurring me on we had one of our best nights ever and for the rest of the week we were like newly fangled lovers and I looked forward to a brilliant holiday in the States- I didn’t realise just how good it would be.The first week in New York was fun but unspectacular apart from Eileen being more adventurous in bed the only noteworthy incident was when she wore a low cut slinky silver dress to a country club dinner and our friends k**ded her about the attention she was getting from the young black waiter.The first day in Boston, she spent shopping in a well known basement store, for what she described as clothing to keep my interest going and on the first night some ex customers of mine treated us to dinner in a well known sea food restaurant and she treated me to her body in a body hugging red dress and a good night of sex. The sex was partially due to our friends commenting once again on the attention she was getting from the black barman in our hotel as we all had a night cap. At the time, I had k**ded her it was becoming a bit of habit and in our lovemaking that night I had asked how would she fancy a bit of black cock. She said she hadn’t really thought about it before coming to the US but thought some of the black guys she had seen were very sexy.On the second night, her birthday, when we dressed for dinner in our hotel a downtown Howard Johnson, I was delighted to see that Eileen had gone for quite a classic but sexy outfit. She wore a low cut cross over black see through blouse with a lacy push up bra - it certainly did wonders for her cleavage and a longish black very tight skirt with a thigh high split up the side with new tall heels. The new heels emphasised the length of her muscular legs and together with the skin tight skirt seemed to push up and part her big hips most excitingly when she walked. It was obvious she had no underwear on other than her black hold ups.In the bar, while we waited to go into the restaurant for our meal, when Eileen sat down on the low leather seats and crossed her legs her skirt rode up to expose her stocking tops and I noticed a group of young guys at the bar, take in the same view and I was a bit annoyed to hear a few ribald comments about her tits and ass, as we passed them going into the restaurant.However as we relaxed over a romantic candlelit dinner Eileen admitted to finding it quite flattering that guys in their late twenties would still find her attractive. When I asked her if she wasn’t with me would she be tempted, I was really turned on when she admitted she probably would be but it would be purely for sex. Over a leisurely dinner, with quite a bit to drink we developed the thought over her having a younger lover and I was quite shocked when she admitted that if she was to be tempted she would fancy Rob the black bar tender more than any of the young white guys in the bar. She admitted that since coming to the states she had wondered what it would be like with a black guy especially because of their reputation for being well hung. After two k**s, Eileen has a very big box, and she admitted to wondering what it would be like to get really filled by a big cock.When we left the restaurant and went into the bar for a final night-cap, it was obvious the crowd of young guys had got quite lickered up and they had crowded round the piano player to create their own entertainment. As the only woman in the bar Eileen drew a bit obvious interest including quite a few ribald comments. I got a bit annoyed because Eileen seemed to be encouraging it by crossing her legs apparently quite carelessly and was giving the guys a good flash of stocking top and thigh. When the barman came across and said the guys wanted to buy us a drink for Eileen brightening up their evening I wasn’t too pleased and she was a bit annoyed with me and said I don’t know what your worried about - if they find me attractive I don’t mind them looking . It’s not as if I’m really showing it off - so what if they see a bit of cleavage and thigh and - its your cock I’ll be taking tonight. She rather stormed off to the loo.I was getting quite worried when she hadn’t come back in about ten minutes and I had my back to the entrance getting a couple of drinks when I heard one of the young guys go 'wow that really is something'. I turned to see Eileen stride into the bar in very high heels and the shortest tightest skirt she had worn for over twenty years. As she came up to the bar I could see that she had not only discarded her long skirt and her shorter heels but also her bra.The bounce of her big heavy pendulous breasts with their thick nipples and purplish brown aureoles were very obviously clearly defined through the thin material. She smiled and the bar tender grinned when she said I thought I’d give them something to look at and you something to complain about. Rob smiled and said Sir I don’t know what you’ve got to complain about but Ma’am you’ve sure got plenty to look at. She smiled and getting up on to the high stool, she very deliberately crossed her legs she flashed acres of creamy thigh as the skirt rode up over her stocking tops. I don’t mind them looking as it really is good for my ego that k**s like that still think I’m attractive but then very huskily she whispered 'but I’m even more pleased that you like what you see. As I told Tom earlier he has more reason to be jealous of you than them.'Rob called last orders and the three of us had a drink while the young lads filed out all taking the opportunity to take a look at Eileen’s assets and as Rob came round the bar to pull down the shutters, I realised that Eileen was game to take things further when she slowly uncrossed her legs and gave him and I a good glimpse of her big fat knickerless mound. As she huskily suggested that Rob bring us up a couple of bottles of champagne to the room.I was a bit shocked at my previously prudish wife behaving so flirtatiously but was fascinated to see how far she would go. It was obvious she was interested in this guy and him in her. I felt a real mixture of emotions as I followed the big bouncing cheeks of her ass well displayed in the very short very tight skirt, to the lift. As we went up I asked her what her intentions were and she said she if things worked out right she would get a special birthday present. When pushed she admitted that if I was game she would quite like to have both Rob and me.About five minutes afterwards Rob came to the door with two ice buckets and champagne and Eileen said 'mmm my birthday presents have arrived'. You open one while I open the other and with a wicked grin she leaned up and kissed Rob.By the time I had opened a bottle and closed the d****s, Rob had her on the bed with her skirt rucked up round her waist exposing her ripe creamy thighs and big blonde mound. I saw him try to free his trousers with one hand while he grabbed a handful of her pussy mound muttering that cunt can take some meat, as he shoved a couple of fingers up her box. As she moaned with pleasure, I ripped off my own trousers and joined her on the bed.As I delved into her top and pulled out her big boobs with the nipples sticking out in obvious excitement, I saw Rob step out of his trousers with a huge erection and I mean a huge erection. I thought I had a large cock but this was more like a donkey's. Fondling her breasts roughly I bent down to kiss her as he mounted her. She had a sharp intake of breath as he entered the head of his cock and although she has a big box she moaned as he rammed his length home, before writhing to meet his urgent thrusts. As I kissed her she was moaning Oh that's really good, really really good what a bloody great cock. It was an unbelievable experience to be kissing my wife and fondling her breasts as she writhed and moaned with enjoyment at the cocking she was getting from Rob and to see his big black cock disappearing into her blonde pussy.She broke free of my embrace as her body wracked in a heavy climax I almost felt Rob come to his as he hoisted her off the bed and shot his load. Eileen lay moaning for a couple of minutes before reaching up to kiss Rob and I heard her whisper that was truly brilliant, I’ve never realised I could be so filled up by any cock .Pulling her skirt off to leave on the hold ups, she said come on guys lets see what more you’ve got. By the time we had our clothes off, I could see Rob was ready for action again and I was at bursting point. Pulling him onto the bed Eileen went down on him with her big ass in the air and like a flash I had spread the big cold smooth globes and was embedded in her well lubricated pussy. The pleasure of riding her big ass was heightened by being able to watch her try to take Rob's big black length in her mouth and to hear her gagging as it went into her throat while his hands roughly groped her big breasts and especially to see my previously prudish wife avidly take cock at both ends.Once again it seemed no time at all before she was writhing with a climax on my length and as I let go with my own climax I heard her moans stifled as Rob shot his load into her throat. After lying with us both embedded in her for a few minutes she excused herself to go to the loo and as she did with her tits and ass bouncing, Rob murmured you really are a lucky guy that really is a well built randy lady - is there anything she won’t do?'Eileen is there anything you wont do?' she smiled and said 'I’m open to persuasion'. I was stunned when he said 'would you take it in your ass' and when she said 'I haven’t to date but if you take it easy I’ll give it a go.' I was slightly jealous that she was going to put out for him what she hadn’t done for me, but I was also turned on by the thought that his large cock would open her up for my future use. Using some of her body cream he turned her over and parting her hips he gently opened her little rose bud and inserted a lubricated finger. With her big creamy ass in the air, she writhed to meet it murmuring 'mmm that's really really good'. Rob murmured 'wait to you get the real thing'. She moaned as he eased the huge helmet of his cock into her opening and must have tensed at the prospect of this huge intrusion into her virgin anal tract as I heard him whisper 'relax baby, you really have the size of ass to take a good bit of black meat. I’ve been wanting to give it to you in the ass since I saw you.' She moaned 'OK but take it gently - you really are huge' as she moved her ass up further to ease his entry.It was a real turn on to see my previously modest wife lying face down on the bed pushing up her ass to let this big stud sodomise her and when she relaxed enough to let him enter her while still moaning 'mmmm that's good but take it verrry slowly', I heard myself mutter 'to hell with going slow give her what she wants.' Rob didn't need any encouragement and her scream as he rammed the full length up her actually turned me on even more. As he withdrew she moaned 'oh please take it slowly, I didn't realise it would be so hard to take'. Grabbing her big cheeks he drove in again - as she screamed again he gritted 'that big white ass can take it - come on ride it, you bitch.' In spite of her moans of protestation he started to really ride her with the full length of his big cock, disappearing deep into her and his balls slapping against the creamy cheeks of her big ass. After about ten or a dozen deep rough thrusts she obviously became lubricated and stretched because I noticed that her moans of pain were now mixed with pleasure and that she was pushing up her bum to meet his thrusts. Realising this he started to tease her by going slower moaning - 'you’re enjoying it now aren’t you - you big assed white bitches love it once you’re opened up.'My erection reached bursting point when I saw her starting to really move her hips to take his rod and to hear her plead for him to 'spunk in my ass'. The two of them became locked in a total frenzy of lust and as he climaxed she appeared to climax also. She fell forward on the bed moaning and as he withdrew she murmured 'that was brilliant'.As he got up from the bed to go into the bathroom to wash he smiled and said - she’s well opened up for you Tom. I didn’t need any encouragement and parting her hips, I put two fingers into her semen seeping rosebud. 'Oh please take it easy Tom, it was good but he did hurt me.' Ignoring her protestations I muttered 'you're well lubricated for it.' Pulling her hips up I eased the head of my cock into her bum. In spite of Rob’s lubrication she was nice and tight and I also ignored her moans and really stated to stallion her ass. Once again she relaxed enough to meet my thrusts and in spite of my earlier exertions the tightness and newness of this orifice plus the memory of Rob's huge dick opening it up ensured that I soon had a climax.I poured a couple of glasses of champagne and the three of us lay sipping a drink with an odd sense of intimacy between us. When I asked Eileen had she enjoyed herself she said with a wicked grin - its been brilliant so far but when I told you the other day I wanted a lot of cock, I really did mean it. I trust I’m going to get a lot more tonight.To cut a long story short she did. Her mouth and pussy were kept well filled with cock throughout the night, with us taking her both individually and together. She seemed totally tireless and when I called at halt at about 7.00 both Rod and I were literally shagged out. She fell asleep sucking Rod’s limp cock while mine nestled in the crack of her ass. A few hours later I was wakened to find Eileen holding her boobs up while Rod tit rode her. I watched fascinated as he vigorously thrust his big black cock between her large creamy mammaries before with a moan coming off and spraying her neck and shoulders. Wiping a bit of it with her finger, she sucked it and said mmm that's made me hungry. I’m too sore for any more cock - even if you guys could do it, so I’m going to have a shower before I order breakfast.In spite of what I’d just shared with Rob, it all felt a bit surreal and we both felt a little bit awkward as we had a coffee and waited for Eileen to come out of the shower. She broke the ice by snuggling up to both of us in turn and said 'guys that really was the most brilliant night of my life.' We both agreed that we also had fun and she said - well lets do it again tonight. Rob said as it was his night off he’d join us for a meal. Both Eileen and I agreed it might be fun.Rob phoned the next day to give us the venue and I heard Eileen ask is it fairly dark inside, when he obviously answered in the affirmative she said 'well if you’re sure it is I’ll wear something special for Tom and you.'She wouldn’t let me see what she was going to wear and by the time our taxi arrived she was wearing a long black coat. When I helped her into the taxi, I could see she had on a short dress but apart from a high lacy neck I couldn’t really see much of the rest of the dress.Rod was waiting in the lobby of the club where he had booked a table and I heard him exclaim 'wow' as he helped Eileen out of her coat. I turned round to see my previously prudish wife dressed in an almost completely see through, skin tight black lace dress with very high hemline. You could see the swell of her heavy pendulous breasts emphasised by the tautness of the material, with her thick nipples and dark brown aureoles very clearly defined through the diaphanous material.The dress was so short that it appeared to only skim her stocking tops and was so transparent that it was fairly obvious that she was wearing only a suspender belt, stockings and the merest scrap of material over her pussy mound. As she turned to ask Rob did he like her dress, it was even more revealing from the rear with almost the full length of her curvaceous legs well displayed and with the transparent material virtually sculpted to her big rear, it was very obvious that the creamy globes of her ripe buttocks were split only by a g string. Rob obviously as taken with the front view as he was with the rear murmured 'its fantastic' she murmured 'I wanted to let you guys see what could be on the menu after dinner.'As I gave her coat to the cloakroom girl, I saw Rob cup one of Eileen’s ass cheeks and the girl blushed as he murmured 'mmm that looks good - how’s it after last night?' and she murmured back 'a bit sore but if you're gentler ready for a bit more.'Although the restaurant really was quite dark, Eileen’s assets could still be seen quite clearly as she strode confidently to our table and she drew the gaze of virtually every male diner. The conversation turned to the previous night and Eileen said she had been surprised at how far she had let herself go - especially having anal. Rob admitted that he really liked taking big white asses and to having broken in quite a few mature white women anally. He said that with as good an ass as Eileen’s he was surprised she hadn’t had it before. He admitted that he had really fancied having Eileen’s ass when he saw it in the tight skirt. Rob like myself seemed to have lost his appetite and we agreed to skip sweets for coffee and a few brandies in the bar. In the brighter bar Eileen’s outfit once again drew quite a few glances especially when she sat down with the skirt riding up her big thighs to show acres of creamy thigh above her stocking tops.She sat between us in the cab and as she turned and kissed me she slipped her right hand on to my erection and muttered 'I want plenty of this tonight' before turning and kissing Rob and similarly murmuring and plenty of this too as she groped his erection. Rob followed my lead and as her hands were busy at our crotches our hand were busy at her breasts and crotch. I had never seen her so aroused as she writhed to meet our questing hands and if it hadn’t been for the driver announcing we had arrived I am sure she would have taken it in the taxi. As I paid him off he said 'she’s really up for it - give her one for me mate'.If anything the sex was even better as we were all more relaxed and Eileen was up for anything. We both rode her tits and mouth and very excitingly we mounted her cunt and anus together. As she mounted Rob I took her ass and the exciting feeling through the thin wall separating both of our two cocks going into her was something else.When we changed places it was equally exciting because although Eileen's big box takes some filling with Rob's big cock in her ass, her muscles really clamped down on my own cock.More importantly I realised that she was now really opened up for anything.For the next two nights Rob was working late and we were invited out by friends so we were well rested for a special evening on our last evening in Boston. Rob managed to get the last night of our holiday off and suggested he take us to a nightclub where we could meet up with his friends. I think his intention was to show Eileen off and she didn’t disappoint us by wearing a see through skin tight white lace mini dress with obviously nothing below it white stockings and g string.The club was mainly patronised by black guys and girls with the odd white couple. Rob took us in and introduced us to a table of three friends Carl, Joe and Billy. The guys looked her over appreciatively, when we were introduced and the drink flowed while we watched the pre dancing entertainment. I was fascinated to see Eileen’s reaction at her obviously displayed assets being ogled by so many black guys and turned on by the thought she might want to take things further.When she went out to the loo, all eyes followed the clearly defined big round globes of her ass highlighted by the UV light on her dress. Carl said man that really is a great bit of mature ass and turning to Rob he said I bet you’ve been servicing it all week. Rob smiled and said you wouldn’t believe she only took it in the ass for the first time a couple of nights ago but since then she can't get enough of it.When she came back Rob said that Carl and the guys had been admiring her ass and couldn’t believe she hadn’t taken cock in it until earlier in the week and asked was she up for more. I realised just how far she had come in the couple of days when she turned to Carl and pecked him on the cheek and said 'I’m tempted but I think I’ll have my hands full with these guys tonight - maybe when we come back later in the year.' 'Guys I should make it clear, I don’t mind you looking, having a dance with you or even a kiss and a cuddle but only Rob and Tom will be sharing my bed tonight.'After this we all relaxed and Eileen danced and smooched with all of them and I found it a real turn on to see these three young studs run their hands over assets that Rob and I would be enjoying. However true to her word only Rob and I had her that night. It was really special with Eileen once again really taking it in every way and positively relishing Rob taking her ass.When we came home it all seemed a little like an exciting dream and while we have tried it again with a couple of local guys, Black is still tops for Eileen.