The ex files - Watching Josie.

During the meal I found myself feeling quite envious of Max who was tall with an athletic body and an easy going personality and despite the fact he was a good 10 - 15 years older than Carole a very handsome face and slightly greying hair that gave him a distinguished air. Carole was a looker too, tall and leggy with long blonde hair that she wore tied back in a ponytail and big blue eyes that seemed to spend a lot of time checking me out.Throughout the meal Josie tried to play it cool but it was obvious to all of us that she still had the hots for Max and the more she tried to hide it the more apparent it became much to Josie's embarrassment. Carole seemed to enjoy Josie's discomfort and began to tease her while Max sat there seemingly unaware.After we had eaten we all sat down in the living room drinking chatting and listening to music when the subject inevitably turned to the subject of Josie's ex. Josie was a bit surprised when both Carole and Max admitted that they had never liked him and described him as arrogant and selfish. Josie looked a bit crestfallen when Carole suddenly said "Don't worry about it, he's gone now and you've got yourself a younger better looking model, in fact i'm thinking about getting one myself now!" With this we all started laughing when i said "From what Josie was saying earlier i think she wants to try something a bit older!" Carole burst out laughing and Josie went bright red and started to deny everything when Carole said " Oh come on Josie, this has been boiling away for years now, don't you think it's about time we took the lid off and let it out?" The room fell silent until Carole tuned to Max and said " And you've always gone on about how much you'd love to bone Josie or are you all talk?"Josie looked at Carole and said "Is this for real? Do you honestly think i'm going to fuck your husband?" Carole took a long draw on her cigarette before saying "You've always wanted to now i'm giving you the chance" Josie stood up and stormed into the kitchen followed closely by Carole while Max and i sat in silence while they talked in private. A couple of minutes later Carole came out and told me that Josie wanted to see me so i went off to the kitchen. Josie began to tell me what Carole had suggested and asked how i felt about it and while i was nervous about the whole thing i told her that we should go for it so i went off to the living room while Josie went to the bedroom. I walked into the room and Carole looked at me and said "Well?" and i nodded back and sat down. Carole came and sat next to me leaving Max alone on the sofa and we made awkward conversation for a few minutes until Josie walked in. She'd changed her clothes and was now wearing a little black dress and stiletto heels. She looked so hot as she walked across the room and stopped in front of Max and began swaying to the music. She unzipped the dress and let it fall off revealing black stockings and suspender belt with black bra and panties. Max sat up and reached out running his hands up and down her legs as she undid her bra and dropped it on the floor as max slowly pulled her panties down. He leaned forward and began to kiss her body as she held his head thrusting her hips toward him parting her legs as he buried his face in her pussy. Carole came and sat next to me and i reached out for her but she pulled back and told me to be patient adding " I want to watch this"Max had now stood up in front of a kneeling Josie who had undone his trousers and pulled them down and was playing with his cock finally leaning forward and taking it into her mouth. Max continued to remove his clothes as Josie's head bobbed back and forth until he pulled her to her feet and sat her down on the sofa. He kicked off his trousers and knelt between her legs holding them wide open and began to lick at her pussy as she moaned loudly pulling his head in and grinding against him. I looked at Carole who now had her hand between her legs rubbing herself slowly as she watched her husband lick her best friend. Max then came up and positioned himself between Josie's legs and slowly inserted his cock into her making Josie squeal loudly. He began to fuck her with long strokes and it wasn't long before Josie came loudly but Max just carried on pumping away never once breaking his rhythm until he withdrew and pulled her onto the floor before climbing on top of her and began to fuck her again. I'd been fucking Josie for a while now and i had seen her fuck her husband on film but i'd never seen her like this, she was totally submissive laying there with her hands above her head just taking Max's cock as he fucked her machine like, the same hard strokes at the same pace, leaning over her on his hands like he was doing push ups and every stroke was met with a loud moan until Josie came a second time even louder than the first.Carole had her panties off now and had pulled my hand between her legs allowing me to finger and rub her very wet pussy as she continued to watch her husband who had now flipped Josie onto her knees and was deep inside her from behind as she lay like a rag doll with her arse in the air, knees apart with her face and hands on the floor, still moaning at every thrust. Carole leant over and said "How does it feel to watch my husband fuck your slut?" I told her it felt good and she kissed me hard forcing her tongue into my mouth as she came on my fingers.It suddenly dawned on me that i was watching a masterclass in fucking as Max brought Josie to her third orgasm, each one seemingly more intense than the one before it until he finally pulled out and flipped her over onto her back once more. He straddled her face and began to wank his juice covered cock right over Josie's face telling her to open her mouth which she did as he began to moan and shoot jet after jet of hot come over her face and into her waiting mouth all of which she greedily drank down.Max climbed off of Josie and went to the bathroom as she wiped her face and licked spunk off of her fingers. Carole stood up and led me into the bedroom treating me to a very intense masterclass of her own, making me come twice and leaving me feeling like i'd been to heaven.When we got back to the living room Max and Josie were sitting there drinking wine cuddled up together on the sofa until Carole decided that it was time for them to leave. As they left Max said that he hoped we could do it again some time but sadly we never did.