The first argument (MF true story)

I hate fights but Kristen always knew how to push my buttons and there was one time in 2010 that was no different. Me and Kristen had been having issues pretty much since December (I should of known the break up that lasted all of summer 2012 would be coming but At the time..) Anyways we already had a big fight/break up/ make up in January when I drove up to her college (a story I may tell on here eventually) but this time it was a little different. "I don't think I am being unreasonable when I am asking you to stay the night" Kristen said"Look you know my parents get upset with this stuff and since I live there" " yeah but your my boyfriend" she responded angrily "who are you going to listen to them or me?""Look once I get my own place this whole argument will be null and void. It makes it special." I said "beside your parents aren't exactly ok with it either""They aren't in the same state as us now" she responded"And what if they catch us" I said"How? They are three hours away" she responded "And what if one of your neighbors rats on us" I said"Why would they?" She responded "don't you love me""Kristen I drove from my house with my mother crying hysterically to your dorm room I think you know I love you. I have done so much for you over the past few months and I am not going to be boxed in for being respectful to both sets of parents" I saidShe knew I was right and that I had been amazing to her. I was about to storm off when she stood in front of me and said "wait hi can't leave like this" she then kissed me and put her arms around me pulling me close to her. My hands went straight to her ass I lifted her up and put her on her parents kitchen counter. Our kissing be and more and more passionate as she pushed my leather jacket off of me I could hear it fall to the floor as I lifted her top off of her and tossed it to the ground. I began licking her neck "oh fuck Mac" she said as I undid her bra tossing it to the grounding licked her neck and moved my tounge toward her 32 b breasts. I heard her moan.She pushed me away for a second and hopped off the counter and kissed me again. She used the pile of clothes on her kitchen floor as cushion and got in front of me "I have been a spoiled brat today let me make it up to you" she said gleefully she undid my jeans and pulled out my 8 inch cock. She began licking the head and teasing my dick."Fuck Kristen you are really good at that." I said "Mmmhmm" she said agreeing as she sucked me off more. Moving her head back and forth till she started face fucking my dick. "Omg I am gonna cum " I said she finished with a handjob and let me spray my cum all over her angel face. "Your right spending the night together just in my dorm is more romantic. But I still can't let you leave until you fucked me so you can see how sorry I am for losing my temper at you."She took me by the hand to the bathroom and turned the shower on. "Give me a second to wash the cum off my face and I will be more then happy to really let you give it to me" she saidSo I waited a few minutes as requested and then joined her in the shower to see her completely naked and soaked. The sight of which caused me to get hard again practically instantly. "Come on baby don't just stand there" she said smilingI didn't need any more of an invitation and joined her in the shower. She began to kiss me. I pinned her against the shower wall and lifted her up. Her legs were wrapped around my torso as she began to put my dick in her slowly inching each inch in and moaning as she did."Fuck you are so big." She said as she slid me inside her. I started humping her and pounding her. She started moaning more and more" fuck me Mac fuck me hard" she said as I began to bang her harder and harder"OMG Mac I am gonna fucking cum" she screamed. Her pussy juices exploded all over me. I then had her stand and bent her over and started taking her from behind."Yeah Kristen fuck your tight" I said as I began to bang her"Mmm cum in your gf baby. I need your cum in my pussy so bad" she saidThat was enough to send me over he edge in a few more strokes I came in her pussy."Mmm fuck that was amazing" she saidAs I left her house that night I realized how lucky I was with having such an amazing gf who was just so good in bed.