The First Time Sharing My Wife

The next couple weeks went by. I was working as a cab driver here in Vegas. I was sitting outside a casino, New York New York, to be exact. She texted me this mind blowing text, I remember it almost word for word. “If you want to see what you said you wanted to see, I have a few conditions. He must be white, He cannot be hairy, and he has to have a big dick.” I was so shocked, excited, and flabbergasted. I didn’t know how to respond. It took a few moments for me to compose myself and figure out what I wanted to say, questions rushing through my mind. When can we? Where do you want to do this? Things like that. Keep in mind, we were very green at this, and knew absolutely nothing of what adventure we were about to embark on. At the time my wife was forty years old, I myself was forty-one years old. My wife is what some people refer to as a “bbw.” She had beautiful red hair which was short at that time. The “Kate Plus Eight” look was in style then. She has big voluptuous breasts, with some of the biggest nipples that protrude from her breasts. Like Silver dollars with those gummy drops in the middle. I love them. We both have been very much into keeping very well groomed in our fun spots. She has a wonderful ass, I mean, wow! It’s not skin and bones, it has cushion, but it’s perfectly placed so it has a great curve, I can grab her ass in my hand and give it a squeeze, and revel in the pleasure of how wonderful she feels. I responded to her with the best answer I could think of for a guy in such bewilderment, I felt it was appropriate, and to the point. I said “Okay.” Okay, maybe it wasn’t as exciting filled as it probably should have been. But, I did not want to leave her hanging too long. I then asked her if she was sure? She responded back “Yes.” I told her we would get to work on placing an ad, and finding a perfect someone for our adventure. Come Friday afternoon, she was at work, I had the day off. I got on a site we could place an ad for local hook-ups. I tried thinking up an exciting, detailed, but clever ad. Very descriptive of what we were expecting, what our do’s and don’ts were, and most of all “You have to have a big dick”. Now believe me when I say, over the years we have almost perfected our ad, become less shallow(lol), and her variety of options have opened up to include all races, nice cocks instead of Big cocks, and just relaxed in what we do. So back to the ad. I placed a great ad, at least I thought so. It read: After I hit publish on the ad, that’s when the nerves started flowing. I was so excited, but worried I would fail. Fail you ask? Yes, fail at making this fantasy a reality, and doing it so she would enjoy herself, fail at protecting her from an asshole who has nothing better to do with their life other than make fun of bigger women. Believe me they are out there, and it’s sad they have no life. So I decided I would be the filter for her… I would not let her read anything negative, nor see anything too harsh. Out of fifty responses I deleted twenty or so, from being too weird, over whelming, or just flat out dicks. I read through so many responses. Oh my gosh, there are so many horny guys out there. I was getting brain numbness from reading so many responses, and seeing so many cocks wanting to fuck my wife. I finally narrowed it down to ten guys. When my wife came home from work, I showed her the ten guys I picked. She like most, she then decided on the one she wanted. So I responded to him, and within thirty minutes or so, he wrote back. His name was Joe. Joe was a five foot eleven guy, early thirties, white, medium build, dark brown hair, and he had a smile my wife liked. His body was nice and smooth, and a fairly nice size cock. I sent him my cell number so he could call and verify we were real, and there was a real wife, and discuss where we would meet. My wife and I like to have a few drinks before we meet up. So we agreed on a bar down on Fremont street, so we could sit and watch people, and enjoy a couple drinks. My wife and I hung up from talking with Joe, we looked at each other and got very excited. I started pealing her clothes off so she could get in the shower, and prepare. I slowly slipped her shirt off at the same time I reached back and unclasped her bra. Letting her bra slide slowly off her breasts, and down to the floor, she stood there so vulnerable, I could see she was nervous, I took her into my arms and assured her everything was fine, as long as she was okay. She told me she was concerned for us. I understood, but, reassured her we would be fine. I dropped to my knees and slowly worked my hands up her legs to her waist, slipping my fingers around the band to her panties. Firmly I pulled them down to her ankles. She steps out of them slightly spreading her legs. Again my fingers work their way back up her inner thighs, I end at her smooth wet pussy. I slowly begin to separate her pussy, working the tip of my finger into her. Rubbing back and forth slowly, gently, and brushing her clit. I was making her weak at her knees. Then I applied my tongue. While she stood in front of me, legs apart, allowing me to slip my tongue into her pussy, running my tongue all over her clitoris. She was getting close, she was so horny, I asked her if she wanted to cum. She didn’t think she could. Turns out she was right, she stopped herself. She has this barrier issue; she wouldn’t let herself cum very often. Or at least would not allow me to make her cum very often. It is a control thing. We showered, and got dressed in some nice causal clothes. I was in shorts, and a nice dress shirt. She wore a black sexy short dress, I love it because it reveals her breasts somewhat, very sexy. On the way to Fremont, we stopped off at a store to pick up some bottled waters, and some new condoms. We always carry our own condoms, still do to this day. Too many guys are into Bareback, cut the ends of the rubbers so they can cum inside the wives, then play it off like the condom broke. Yeah, we don’t chance it. Even being as new as we were, safety was totally on our mind. While at the store, we held hands, I kept checking with her, making sure she was doing fine. She was quiet. Then Joe called us. He informed us he was on his way and would see us shortly. So we hurried out the store after paying, and scurried down to Fremont Street. We arrived at the designated bar. No signs of anyone resembling Joe. So we sat at a table facing the street, so we could watch people. We ordered a couple drinks, and then a couple more. Wow, the drinks went down way too easy. Definitely nerves. The phone rang again, it was Joe. He was standing in front looking for us. I stood up looking around, and then I spotted him. He saw me and began walking my way. Upon arriving at our table, I reached out and shook his hand introducing myself. Then introducing my wife. I could see in his eyes, he was interested. I could see by the way my wife was acting she was more at ease. Joe was definitely a nice looking guy. Clean shaved, professional business man type. Early thirties, gentle smile, and a gentle tone in his voice. He was genuinely happy to be there, I’m sure he was nervous also. So we talked for a while, small chit chat, talking about Vegas, the weather, life, you know, boring stuff. So I felt we were hitting it off, I broke the ice by talking about what we were thinking. He was in total agreement. My wife went to the bathroom, that is when I went over the boundaries. No kissing on the lips, no means no, condoms are a must, and have fun. I also told him about my pics, and assured him there would be no face shots of him. I went over what type of pics I was looking for. He was cool with it all. My wife texted me and said she was all good, and liked Joe. Asked me to go get the room, and she would meet us up there. So I explained to Joe, him and I were going to walk around the corner to the Gold Spike Hotel, and get a room, she will meet us there… she is just nervous and wants to meet us there… He was cool with it. So away we went. We arrived at the Hotel, and I approached the front desk to get a room, Joe hung back and waited. After getting the room, and headed up. I texted my wife, letting her know what room number. She responded “Be there in a few minutes”. I let Joe know she was on her way up. I was honest with him. I told him this is our first time, and we don’t really know what we are doing, so we are just going at our pace, and what makes her comfortable. Again, he was so cool about everything. He actually recommended once she arrived, he would get in shower to rinse off. That way gives us a chance to undress and get comfortable. That was great. My wife arrived at the room. I let her in and Joe greeted her. We all stood there for a awkward moment. Then Joe suggested he would get in shower to rinse off. We smiled and agreed. He stepped into the bathroom, and my wife started to panic, she wasn’t sure what to do. As little as I knew, any more than her, I took the lead and began to help her undress as I slowly kissed her. She in return helped me get out of my clothes. Once we were naked, we laid down on the bed, kissing deep, and passionately. Then we both heard the shower water turn off. She looked into my eyes. I asked her once more “Are you okay?” She responded, “yes, but, are you okay?” I told her I am doing very good, and reminded her she looks very sexy right now. She smiled at me, then the door opened. Joe stepped out into the room with us. He joined us on the bed. I moved off to the opposite side so he could have access to her. There were no words spoken, just smiles of acceptance. He began to rub her legs back and forth very softly. Slowly he worked his hand between her inner thighs. He positioned himself where he could run his hands over her breasts, and tease her nipples with his fingertips. She lay there, her eyes closed, taking in every touch, every movement, her nipple getting more erect at every touch. He moved his hand back down between her thighs. She spread her legs wider, he had full access to her now very wet pussy. She was moan very lightly as he ran his fingertips of the outer parts of her pussy. He began sinking his fingers in further, the spreading her lips. He finally thrust a finger into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure, letting out a louder moan. I was getting so excited seeing my wife being pleasured by another man. The view was amazing. But, I was so unprepared for what was about to happen. Joe didn’t lie to us when he said he loved eating pussy. He got her so worked up and wet. He crawled between her legs, lowered himself down, and started working her pussy with his tongue. He was doing something different. “Oh My God!” Started coming from my wife; she was Cumming. He had only been licking her for like two minutes, how can this be? She came hard, and I’m pretty sure she squirted in his mouth as I could hear a gushing sound hitting his face. He kept licking her pussy. Normally, after my wife cums when I was licking her, that is if she actually let me make her cum, she would be done, No more licking. Joe kept licking her more and more. This went on for nearly an hour maybe longer. Joe made her cum nine times in that time. I was impressed, flabbergasted, jealous, realized I had to change my technique of licking pussy. After he rolled off from between her legs, she crawled over between his legs. She very slowly began running her tongue over his body. She slid her hand around the shaft of his nice size cock, then slowly licking the head of it, moving down the shaft to the base. Then she began to take each one of his balls into her mouth, and gently sucking. Running her tongue back up his shaft after releasing his balls, she took him into her mouth, at first just the head, then she showed him her deep throat skills. He was moaning with pleasure. She began moaning along with him, indicating she wanted him to give her his cum. She worked his cock with her hand and mouth in sequence. He was getting close. He was going to fill her mouth with his cum. She took him down her throat a few more times and that was it, he exploded! She pulled it out of her mouth and let it squirt all over her tongue spurt after spurt… He was loaded with cum… After he came they took a short break, then she got him hard again by stroking him, and sucking. He slipped on a condom, and crawled between her legs. He guided his cock to the opening of her pussy. Slowly he penetrated her, then he thrust his cock into her. In and out his cock pounded her pussy. She was screaming in pleasure by this time. He pushed her legs up near her shoulders, and really pounded her hard. He was good, she was loving it. He would suck her nipples, then, thrust into her again. He would slowly pull out of her pussy just to where the tip of his cock was right at the opening. Then he thrust back into her… He did this several times until he blurted out “I’m Cumming”, “Oh I’m Cumming”. He pulled his cock from her pussy, and tore off his condom, and began to stroke his cock, aiming the head over her breasts, he squirted another massive load of cum all over her breasts… She was so in heaven at this point. Joe was done. He was worn out, and wanted to get out of there so her and I cold have some alone time. So, he got up out of bed, dressed, said his thank you, and left. Just that fast. So this was a perfect opportunity for me to try perfecting my skill of licking her pussy. I crawled between her legs, she looked down at me as she was still running her fingers all over her cum soaked breasts. I went right for her clit with my tongue, I could taste the sex. I loved it, I could smell his scent on her, again, very arousing. I began licking in long strokes with my tongue, she said it wasn’t working for her. I shortened my strokes to little tongue flicks, but with the flat part of my tongue on her clit. That was it, it began to drive her nuts. I began to think (hmm, less work, less tongue, more precise position), I drove her to three orgasms. With her help, over the years I have perfected it. I can make her cum as much as I want, and even squirt. Joe schooled me on how to eat my wife’s pussy. He also helped her overcome barriers, Our first time was very positive, and memorable.