The Formula

chuckled as it began to 'almost' flouresce an antifreeze green. He wondered ifit would really work and decided there was only one way to find out - and hewould have to be the guinea pig. Scott was 19 and a junior in college - or at least he would be a juniorcome September when school started again. He was also one of the (if not*the*) greatest minds in bio-chemistry, a kind of idiot savant - brilliant inone specialize area but not too far from average in all others. He wasworking on a very specialized chemical compound - an elixir - during overtimeat the lab he was helping to run over the summer. For now, he was officiallyonly a lab-tech but his work under Dr Buench would assure him an assistant'spost within the next year. Of course, if his compound worked the Universitymight just make him a full professor even before he graduated. Scott was a handsome youth - tall, light haired, with a swimmer's body. Hewas quite popular with the ladies, having had a number of 'conquests' among theco-ed portion of the student body. He was seldom without a night's date unlesshe had work to do. He had been instructed in the art of sex by a sophomorewhile a 17 year old virgin freshman. Sharon had been - in fact, still was - anextreemly well educated lady and she had been an excellent teacher. If notfor her talents, patience among them, Scott might well have ended up scarredfor life by his first sexual encounter. You see, one of the few areas Scottwas below average was in cock size. He had only five and a half inches. Of course, it's not supposed to matter - cock size, that is. And withSharon it didn't. She reveled in everything there was of Scott and taught himover many nights of mutual pleasure how to use his endowments to the utmost ofhis ability. And those teachings served him well enough to persuade less thanenthusiastic partners that less *could* be more. He had yet to have acomplaint. But even so, he had always wanted a bigger cock. In X-rated videos andmagazines and in bathroom talk, bigger was better. Scott knew better, andfirst hand, too, but that didn't stop him from wondering and wishing. It seemed almost like fate when the project in Dr Buench's lab waspresented to him: it was on researching a method of increasing the size ofa****ls by external processes - i.e. not a breeding program and not hormones,but a potion/lotion/pill/whatever that would enlarge the average cow or pig bytwo to five times its normal size without harming either the a****l or itsmeat. It didn't take Scott long to begin to redirect Dr Buench's research intoavenues that worked for him. To be fair, he did his own research after hoursand never stinted on Dr Buench's requests. And finally he had his elixir - achemical compound that would, if his theories were right, increase the size ofhis cock. After making a few notes in his lab book next to experiment number X-21, hestoppered the beaker containing his elixir and closed up the lab. He couldn'tdo his experimentation there, so he took the beaker (and, of course, his notes)home to the apartment that he shared with his best friend George. A briefhello to George, who was in the living room studying, and Scott went into hisroom and locked the door. Putting his favorite blue tape in the VCR andchoosing a few good magazines, he got ready to apply the first dose of hiselixir. The fluid felt tingly and warm as he slowly massaged it into his cock.Beyond that, it wasn't much different from baby oil, at least until his orgasmhit. Aside from taking quite a while to arive (was that normal, or a productof his anxiety over his experiment, or something to do with X-21? He didn'tknow), it was absolutely amazing! It hit almost without warning with a spasmthat sent the first wad of cum to hit the ceiling, and the 10 or so thatfollowed almost matched the first. When he had recovered from the experience,he was sure that his work hadn't been wasted: even if it didn't increase thesize of his cock, he could still sell it as a sex aid! For four days Scott continued to jack off after work with his elixirwithout detecting any change in his cock (though the feelings generated whileusing Green X-21 (as he had come to call it) were consistently mind-blowing).He wasn't sure whether this was because it took time to work or because itwasn't *going* to work. He took to using it twice a day in desperation andthen, in a last almost futile gesture, a week after he first produced theelixir he used it on himself three times in a row and fell asleep exhaustedwith exactly the same endowment he ever had. He had bad dreams that night - nightmares of pain wracking his body,concentrated in his groin. Scott got little rest for his 9 hours of sleep andwas glad when the alarm finally woke him to sweaty and twisted sheets. Hestumbled out of bed and dragged himself to the bathroom - he had a wickedpiss-hardon. It was several seconds into a most relieving piss when Scott realized justwhat he was holding in his hands. There, grasped in both fists and beingalmost painfully forced to point downwards as a golden stream flowed from itsblunt time was a two inch thick, 14+ inch long cock! When his bladder was empty and his new cock soft, Scott raced back to hisroom to take measurements and found that his initial estimates were almostexactly correct: 2.5 inches thick, 14.25 inches long. To say he wasecstatic would be to underestimate the word: not only had his elixir worked(and far better than he could have hoped!), but he also had his wish - a cockthat any porn-star would envy. To go from 5+ to 14+ inches was phenominalgrowth - he would have been happy with 8 inches, but he wasn't about to looka gift horse in the mouth. The trouble began almost immediately. He had pumped himself up to fullerection to measure his gains and he found that no matter how long he waited,it wouldn't go down. He tried to get dressed anyway but he found that hisunderwear was just too skimpy to do any kind of covering to his hard rod.Normally this would have been okay - going underwear-less wasn't that bad - butwith his cock like this he couldn't even zip up his jeans! So he did what he had to do - he jacked himself off, resulting in anorgasm using just baby oil that was intense as when he had used Green X-21(which was an added bonus). Even flaccid, his cock was now huge. He foundthat his underwear still couldn't contain tis augmented basket so he left themoff. He was barely able to close the zipper of his denims though it left himfeeling compressed like never before. He discovered incidentally that hisscrotum had also increased in size which didn't help his fitting into hispants at all. He had just finished tucking his shirt in when the phone rang. Scott letit ring a few times to make sure George wasn't home. He caught it after thesixth ring and found it was Elizabeth, his most active current girlfriend. He hadn't seen her in two weeks - his researches at the lab had been takingup his time as he closed in on the right formula - and just the thought of hergorgeous body barely covered by a halter top and short shorts - or her pinkstring bikini - made his balls start to boil. He felt blood begin to flow intohis cock and the contstriction down there got worse and worse. He continued totry to talk to Liza but soon he was in too much pain to do more than grunt inassent or dissent every now and then. Finally, just as he was about to go for the button of his fly he heard thesound of ripping cloth and an immediate lessening of the pressure at hiscrotch. He looked down and saw his new tool sticking out of his jeans throughthe hole it had ripped where the zipper met the cloth. His hand began tostroke it automatically as he began to pay attention to Liza again. Eventually she gave up on trying to coax Scott out that night and saidgood-bye. Scott returned to his room as fast as possible and tried to figureout what to do now. He hit upon a possible solution and called George at work both to ask himto let Dr Buench know that he wouldn't be in and to ask him to bring homecertain chemicals and equipment from Scott's lab - it sure was fortunate thatGeorge worked for the same company (though on a different project) as Scott,because there was no way that Scott could go out of the house until hefigured out a way to reverse the effects of his formula. In the time before George got home, Scott experimented with ways to straphis cock down. The most effective, and consequently the most painful, methodwas taping it to his leg with duct tape. He found that if he was carefulabout what he thought about, he could keep himself from erecting which wasimportant because duct tape was strong and hard to remove. He then gathered together what equipment was lying around the house and setup a mini-lab in his room. When George got home, Scott stalled off hisquestions, thanked him for the box of chemicals and aparatus, and lockedlocked himself back into his room leaving poor George puzzled and on his own. The calculations had already been worked out, so Scott set right in tomixing as soon as he had everything sorted out and in place. When he was donesome two hours later, he had a beaker of luminously blue fluid labeled X-22in his notes that should, if his calculations were right, take a few inches*off* his cock. Scott eagerly removed the silvery binding from his cock and arrangedhimself comfortable on his bed. A stroke book provided impetus as he massageda bit of the blue X-22 into his cock. The orgasm he generated with the new elixir was just as powerful as thatfrom Green X-21, but just as it was fading away into little spasms that barelymanaged to shake his cock a tingling began somewhere far behind his balls.The sensation grew and grew, tickling madly and spreading until he was justabout to scream fromthe agony of the pleasurable sensation when it stoppedsuddenly and he blacked out. Disturbing dreams followed as he drifted from u*********sness into sleep.He felt strange sensations throughout his body which generated odd, distortedimages in his mind. But the dreams weren't bad enough to rob him of sleep, sowhen sunlight through the window woke him the next morning, he felt wonderfullyrested. His alarm hadn't been even been set so he wasn't surprised to find out thatit was several hours after he was supposed to get up. Not worried, therefore,that George would still be around, Scott trotted to the bathroom naked. Once again, it was standing before the porcelain throne that Scott made astartling discovery. As he stared down at the ripples his urine was making inthe bowl, he gradually hoticed that there was an obstruction in the way. Theobstruction turned out to be his chest - or rather his breasts! Closer examination - i.e. a good long stare into a mirror - revealed thatthe blue X-22 had worked: his cock was now fully two inches shorter at fullerection. Unfortunately, there seemed to have been some side effects, for therest of his body had also been altered as if by some kind of very powerfulfemale hormone: his chest now sported two adolescent-sixed 32-A cup breasts,but they were only the most obvious alteration. His face had become softer androunder, his arms and legs were sleeker and more shapely, his stomach and waisthad shrunk and inch and become very flat - not even a hint of washboarding -and he could swear that his ass had plumped a bit and become more tear-dropshaped. Intrigued, Scott decided to experiment a little further. Back in his room(locked in, of course) he settled onto his bed with his book and the Blue X-22.It took a bit longer this time to bring himself off, but the effects of theorgasm were as before: strong orgasm, a building tingling sensation, andblackout. When he drifted from dreamless sleep into full wakefulness, Scott noticedthat the clock showed that only five hours had passed. A quick glance at hisbody showed that the X-22 had indeed done something to him in that short time. Another visit to the full length mirror showed that a) his cock had shrunka further three inches and b) his body was much further feminized. His hairhad been lengthened and lightened from its normal business-length brown to ashoulder-length blond. His face had further rounded and was now decidedlyfeminine, with high cheekbones and a wide, sensual mouth. His breasts hadincreased to 36C, now a respectable presence on his chest and very beautiful.His waist had lost six more inches and was flat and perfect, with a cure littlebelly button right in the perfect place. His arms and legs had become moreslim and feminine. And, his ass was now definitely that of a female -lusciously teardropped and sensuously rounded. He stared at himself for a long time, strange thoughts running through hismind. Finally he pulled himself together and went to find his camera andtripod. He set them up and took several pictures of himself, some showing hiscock, some hiding it. He them made himself breakfast-lunch-dinner and lockedhimself back in his room before George got home. Scott intended to use his green elixir, hoping (somehow *knowing*) that itwould counteract the blue's changes. If it didn't he was in big trouble. Butbefore he got rid of his female self he had an urge to experiment a bit. So he fired up the VCR with another of his favorite XXX tapes, got outsome more magazines and other such aids, and once again began to jack off, thistime using only oil as lubricant. After making spending a minimum amount oftime getting his cock well on the way to orgasm he began his experiment - hebegan to play with his breasts. The sensations he was able to generate by stroking and pinching andcaressing his breasts were indescribable - both unique to his experience andvery powerful. Combined with the pleasures of stroking his inflated cock andballs, he was almost convinced to forgo the return to full masculinity. Hemade it to orgasm before he tossed the X-21 out the window and then grew sofrightened by his wild reaction to his feminized self that he set intoreversing the effects of Blue X-22 as soon as he could, which meant immediatly. Just for good measure, Scott brought himself to two orgasms in a row withhis original formula. It took quite a while to make it to the second (reallythird) orgasm even with the added effects of the tingly green fluid but when hedid the orgasm was just as powerful as all the others had been. Scott just lay there and stared at the blue movie distractedly as hedrifted into sleep. He did his best to keep his hands away from his breasts asthe hot action on the screen began to penetrate his exhausted mind and startedto counteract his wrung-out balls and slightly sore cock. He was successfulright up until just before he fell asleep, and he was so out of it by then thathe didn't even notice the sensations his right hand generated as it began idlystroking his right nipple. In fact those sensations both lulled him fully tosleep and directed him into erotic (if a little kinky) dreams. He woke up some time after midnight out of those same dreams to findhimself liberally covered with his own cum - he had had a wet dream, severalactually, by the amount of sticky fluid coating his chest and legs. Heexamined his body by moonlight and was relieved to see that it was back toits pre-X-22 state - no more breasts, a properly masculine stomach and ass,and a 14-inch cock once again. So one problem - his effeminization - was solved, but he still had oneleft: a monster cock capable of ripping through a pair of 501s. He had tofigure out what to do with his new endowment to keep it under control. He also wanted to determine the ultimate effects of his two formulae. Inparticular, he wanted to know whether Blue X-22 could have made him into a fullwoman, and whether X-21 was capable of transforming a woman into a man. Buthow could he find volunteer test subjects if he couldn't leave the apartment? He thought about the problem for a long time. Finally he realized thathe was just going to have to get George's help. But George presented a personal problem for Scott. George was two yearsyounger than Scott and very handsome. They had met just the year before in achem lab Scott was TAing. They had moved in together at the end of theschool year and were getting to be really good friends. Still, at times George made Scott nervous. He seemed a little - well, odd.And Scott, at times, felt a little odd around George. In vulnerable moments,especially when drunk or when inhibitions were down, he sensed in himself somerather strong and uncomfortable feelings for George. There were times when hewas sure that George reciprocated those feelings, which only made Scott evenmore nervous. Scott was very sure of his sexual orientation - he was not gay!He was as completely heterosexual as it was possible to be, and he often calledup his list of conquests in his mind when he was feeling "strange" aroundGeorge to prove it. Too bad no one had ever told him about bisexuality. What this meant was that he felt funny about asking George for help in thisarea. Though George was only a Freshman-soon-to-be-Sophomore, he had a largestore of practical physiological knowledge. Scott knew what would be the bestway to 'fix' his newly-created problem: a valve that could be opened andclosed externally that would prohibit or at the least curtail the flow of bloodto the erectile tissues of his cock without restricting the flow of lifesustaining blood. Scott knew that it should work - George would know whetherit could be done, and he could design it. Installation was another wholekettle of fish, but Scott had a few friends at Wilstone General who were likelycapable and might even be willing. So it was with a bit of trepidation that Scott rehearsed a little speech topresent to George when he awoke that morning. He went over it, touched it up,and when it was a perfect as it was likely to get he went into the kitchen toawait his roommate. George arrived eventually and listened with apparent calm to Scott's littlediscourse. Scott was so taken aback by George's total lack of reaction that hefelt compelled to prove he wasn't telling a story by opening his robe andrevealing the newly augmented equipment in question. The exhibitionisticdisplay made the cock rise swiftly into full erection and Scott's hand began toautomatically stroke it into orgasmic submission. George's eyes lit up when he saw Scott's enormous cock. He knew then thatScott's story was true because he knew for certain just how long Scott's cockhad been before. He wasn't surprised by Scott's actions either - Scott'sspeech had been brief but complete. However, George couldn't let the erectiongo to waste so he casually slipped out of his chair and between Scott's legs,and replaced Scott's slowly moving hand with his own hands and mouth. Scott gasped as George took the head of his cock into his mouth. Scott hadbeen blown before but he knew right from the start that George was an expert.His tongue was silky soft and feather light and his fingers moved with anamazing delicacy as if George was playing a musical instrument. Scott leaned back in the kitchen chair and closed his eyes as Georgeslurpped his mouth over half of his massive cock - the most he would be ableto ingest without more practice. Scott began to drift into ecstasy, becomingless and less aware of who was pleasuring him and more and more aware of thepleasure itself. The orgasm that finally hit him was as massive as ever andwhen he opened his eyes he saw that George had a faceful of the cum he wasn'table to ingest as Scott's cock had spewed it forth. George wiped his face clean and said, "Scott, I'll be happy to help youwith your 'little' problem if you let me test your blue formula - all the way." "You mean...?" "Yes, " said George. "I have always wondered what it would feel like to bea woman - a complete woman, inside and out. Your formula is a perfect way tofind out, and it is both cheap and probably reversable. I'm volunteering withfull knowledge of the expected results - you aren't going to find many who willdo that, you know. What do you say?" "Okay, sure, if you want to. How if I can just find a woman who wants acock I can test X-21 as well...." George called both of them in sick at work then went to work on Scott'spreliminary designs for the cock valve. And, after a nice lunch, George madeready for his first test of Blue X-22. He went into his room and stripped, then came back out to present himselfto Scott and his camera. Scott took several pictures of the very handsome andnaked young man before George took the beaker of the blue formula back into hisroom. Somewhere around midnight, George came into Scott's room and woke him up.Scott opened his eyes to see a changed roommate. George had only been slightly feminized, in much the same way he had beenafter his first use of the blue elixir. But, though the change was just alittle more than minimal it proved that Blue X-22 worked on someone who hadnever used Green X-21. George's face was just a little longer than before, with highercheekbones. He had tiny cones jutting from his naked chest bearing pert littlenipples right at their tips. His waist had been thinned a bit, and his hipshad flared by about the same amount. His ass had filled out somewhat, too.The rest of his body had softened in a general way, and his hair had grownabout two inches longer and several shaded lighter than its original goldenblond. And his formerly 8.5 inch cock was now just a fraction over 6 incheslong. Scott took more pictures and found that his cock had erected somewhere inthe midst of the photo session. When he was through with the pictures, Georgecame over and boldly began stroking Scott's cock. He just stood there and lethis roommate excite him at first, but after a short time of examining George'shalf (plus or minus a few eighths) feminized body Scott decided that it wasn'tfair to his roommate to be doing all the work. His pre-conceived notions ofhis own orientation were casually ignored as he took George in his arms andkissed him. He didn't even bother to try to rationalize his heterosexualityback into the picture with the argument that George was going to be a womantotally very soon as he lowered his head to George's little nipples and beganto suck. His mind had expanded beyond the point of assigning labels topartners and he just wanted to give pleasure to a friend - who was perhapsmore. When both nipples were shiny wet and standing up stiffly, Scott licked awet trail down George's stomach to his pubic hair. Settling himself on hisknees and bracing his courage (as the old Scott tried to reassert himself),he extended his tongue and touched it to George's reduced cock. Lightning didn't strike him and he didn't even gag. Heartened (andshoving the old Scott back in the garbage can he belonged in for good), hebegan to lick at the cock and finally went so far as to take it all into hismouth. It tasted okay, he thought. Not bad at all. Scott's first blow job was crude and amateurish but that was to beexpected. George still got off and he thanked Scott by returning the favorwith a lot more style and flair. Then, after both reassured each other aboutwhat had happened, George returned to his room for another session with theblue formula. George was even more feminine the next morning. Face, hair, waist, armsand legs were all more female. His hair color was corn-silk blond and Scottthought that it would probably end up naturally platinum. His chest - nowundeniably breasts - had filled out to a nice 36C cup, gaining the proper pearshape along with the added volume. His hips and ass had also filled out,giving him a very sexy behind, and a comfortably curvy figure. His cock hadshrunk to barely three inches when erect and almost invisible when soft. Hisballs had shrunk at a pace with his cock. George made some phone calls to a messenger service (doing his best todeepen his voice), some engineering friends, and a womens' shop that delivered.After a good hearty breakfast, he posed for another set of photos. Then, asthe last time, Scott sucked George's tiny cock after a suitable and excitinground of foreplay with his very nice breasts. Both were surprised by theamount of cum generated by that little organ. And George once again returnedthe favor and relieved Scott's cock of its build up. The two deliveries came at almost the same time. George gave the messengerthe plans for the valve and the address of the friends he had called, and hegenerously tipped the young man who came with the lingerie and clothes from theboutique. Then he said, "Well, it will take time for the boys at the shop toproduce your valve, Scott. Why don't we use the time wisely, eh? Care to helpme go the final mile?" Scott readily agreed and he followed George into his bedroom, joining himon the bed. They both took a handful of the slightly viscous blue liquid andbegan to massage George's groin with it. Scott employed his other hand andmouth on George's breasts, and Geroge stroked Scott's cock with his un-bluedhand. They worked slowly and intensely, generating as much pleasure as theypossibly could. Scott wanted to suck George's cock one last time but he wasn'tat all sure of what would happen if he ingested the blue formula. So hesettled for masturbating it fervently, which was a bit difficult as it was sosmall and George was at work down there as well. But they both cooperated andGeorge loved it. Midway through, Scott added another portion of the blue liquid, just to besure. He wasn't at all sure (again) just what would happen if the fulltransformation couldn't be made all at once, and he didn't want George to endup in a dangerous half-state. They spent almost two hours fondling each other and George's cock beforefirst George and then Scott exploded in massive and moving orgasms. Georgefell asleep immediately and Scott was contented enough and tired enough tofollow suit. When Scott woke up he was alone in George's bed. He rolled over andstretched, then sat up. He briefly wondered where George was and was aboutto go find him when the subject of his interest arrived in the doorway with alittle "ta daaa!" Scott's jaw dropped open and his cock rocketed erect. George stood therenaked and all woman, and more beautiful than ever. The blue formula had doneits work to perfection - in fact, there was very little of the old George leftin the person standing in the doorway. He - she! - now had waist-length platinum blond hair framing a very longand oval face. Only the nose and eyes were even faintly the old George, andboth were considerably more feminine. Her arms and legs were sleek and slenderand shapely. Her waist was tiny and flat between a pair of 40D breasts thatwere creamy and round and mouth-watering, and wide sexy hips that sported anice cushiony ass. Centered on those hips was a brief strip of silvery pubichair just above a pair of bulging and purely feminine cunt lips. "Um, hi George...uh, what should I call you now anyway? You certainlyaren't a George anymore!" "I decided I wanted to be called Alicia after looking at myself for an hourearlier. Like it?" "Definitely. Alicia. Beautiful, just like you." "Speaking of beautiful, Scott, I seem to have acquired a full set offeminine cravings with this body and that huge cock of yours is making my newcunt itch something awful. Could you maybe do something about it for me?" Scott grinned a cheshire grin and said, "With the utmost pleasure, Alicialove. For both of us, of course, or I won't be doing it right. Come here,you gorgeous thing, you..." And he fell back on the bed spread-eagled, hiscock hard enough to stand perpendicular. Alicia nee-George walked up to the bed between Scott's legs and hugged hiscock, rubbing it all over her stomach and stooping so she could rub it overher breasts as well. Scott decided to let Alicia have the lead - after all, his cock wasmonstrous and Alicia was a virgin. Besides, what she was doing felt so goodthat he didn't need to do anything more. Scott's augmented cock was thin enough to fit within Alicia's mouth, whichhadn't changed much since she was George. When she had had her fill ofstroking herself with it, she held his cock straight up and closed her lipsaround the head. As she began to feed as much of it as she could get into hermouth, she repositioned herself over Scott's knee and began to grind her cuntinto it. Scott thrilled to the wet and warm feeling of Alicia's cunt on hisknee, and the identical but different feeling of her mouth over his cock. Hewas incredably excited, but he could tell that his orgasm was a long way off. Uncountable minutes later, Alicia's cunt-itch got the better of her and shestopped sucking Scott's cock. She scooted him around so he was completely onthe bed and stood up over his groin, his cock aimed directly at her needingcunt. She lowered herself down until the head of his cock touched her opening.Then, moving slower, she sank onto the cock, stretching her virgin cunt wallsexcitingly. Her progress continued until she felt Scott's cock come up againsta thin blockage of tissue, and she knew that she actually had a hymen for Scottto break. Alicia lifted back off a bit, then dropped several inched. She felt amoment of pain, very brief, and a warm wetness that she knew was blood. Shewas so exhilarated by the concept that she let her full weight bear on theirunion and she sank down all the way onto Scott's cock. Almost miraculously, Alicia was more than able to accomodate Scott'sendowment. After the slight discomfort of the initial too-fast intrusion, hercunt began to gush like a waterfall and they began to fuck like a well oiledengine. Scott grabbed Alicia's hips and helped her piston up and down for thefull f******n inches. There was little but the standard up and down in that,their first fuck, but what they lacked in variation they made up in passion.Still and even so, her last and their mutual orgasm didn't come for almosta full hour. As they fell asleep in each other's arms, they were both wellsatisfied with life and each other. The valve came eventually and was installed, finally allowing Scott toleave the apartment. A black market deal got Alicia a real identity and sheand Scott were married. And they both got incredibly rich from carefulunderground sales of both the green and blue formulas, while living a coverlife selling derivatives of them as sexual aids confering staying power andorgasm enhancement. And they lived, of course, happily ever after.