The Hotel Across the Street

It was on a Wednesday, when the truck deliveries took place in the afternoons. This day was different because the normal truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel the night before and crashed into a ditch. So the company dispatched another truck driver but he would be running several hours behind schedule. I was set home early that day, so as not to get any overtime. I came back into work wearing my home clothes, just a T-shirt, jean shorts, underwear, socks, and sneakers. It was just after 10:30pm when the truck arrived. The night crew at the pizza place was just finishing cleaning up and the manager gave me the keys to lock up once I finished. The truck driver, Steven, smelled of smoke as he exited his cab and handed me the delivery invoice. He had rough good looks, a few inches taller than me, 6'1", had a thick moustache, had strong thick hairy forearms, he was very tan with thick dark hair that went down just past his neck. Even though he looked tough, Steven was pretty easy to talk to and he smiled alot. He started unloading his truck as I rotated inventory to put things in the back. Things were going pretty normal, aside from him taking breaks to talk with me. I kept working and didn't notice him staring at me. Steven asked tons of questions and I answered them as I worked. I just wanted to get it done since I had to be at work the next morning. Then Steven asked if I had a girlfriend, I'm not sure why I was so willing to talk about it with him.... he just seemed to put out this cool vibe where I didn't feel he'd judge me. I told him my story and even shared my money problems. It was just after midnight when Steven was closing up his truck. He asked about a hotel nearby and I told him about the one across the street from my apartment. He shook my hand and he held it longer than usual. I was feeling weird the way Steven looked at me. He told me we should hang out sometime. I gave a fake smile and said it'd be cool. He was so much older than me, I think he was in his late 30's or early 40's. I'm pretty sure he knew I wasn't serious about hanging out. He released my hand and started walking back to his truck. As he walked, Steven said...just loud enough for me to hear "I think I can help you with your money problems." At first, I just locked up acting like I hadn't heard him. It was late and I was tired. Then my curiosity, made me run up to his cab. I asked Steven what he meant. He told me to follow him over to the hotel and he would explain. I did follow him to the parking lot of the hotel just across the street from my apartment. I got out of my car and walked over to Steven, who had lit up a cigarette while standing by his truck. He was silent, just looking around. I asked again what he meant. Steven stared at me as he finished smoking and stepped out the cigarette on the concrete. He said wait here and he went inside the hotel. It was getting chilly outside and I was rubbing my arms to keep warm. Steven emerged out of the hotel and walked past me to get into his cab. He grabbed a dark bag out of his truck and asked me to follow him into the hotel. I wanted to warm up and followed him into the side entrance of the hotel. He had a room on the lower floor just inside the doors. We got inside. I followed Steven in and he asked me to sit on the bed while he took a piss. I was surprised he didn't shut the bathroom door while I heard him pissing. What shocked me more is when he came out of the bathroom naked. I was embarrassed and stood up looking away from him. Steven laughed and said it was OK to look. I did. He was muscular, not tone but buff, his cock was longer than mine and it dangled as he moved towards me. Steven was very hairy all over. He put a hand on my shoulder and said "nothing is going to happen unless I want it to." Then he asked if I wanted to touch him. I said no thanks and moved past him. His junk rubbed up against me. I moved to the door and said I better go. Steven unzipped his bag and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. He put it on the dresser with the TV. "It's yours if you touch me." I know now that doesn't sound like alot of money but I was making less than five dollars an hour back then. I asked if I could wash my hands first, since I hadn't washed then after doing truck. Steven laughed loudly and said sure. As I washed my hands, I figured it was easy money besides...I jerked off for nothing in my apartment. Steven was laying on his side on top of the bed. I went over and touched his penis. I gently ran my fingers around his tip. Steven started swelling. The more I touched the bigger and longer it got. Steven reached over to his bag sitting in a chair. He pulled out two more twenties and handed to me. He held the other end of the bills and said "if I can touch you?" I took the twenties and put them on top of the other one. I turned around and started taking off my clothes. I was shaking nervously but kept my mind on the money. I took my underwear off last and Steven moved over to the edge of the bed. He sat up as I slowly walked to him. He touched my chest first, then my arms...his hands felt warm. He moved them over to my abdomen then down to my small shriveled cock. He cupped my balls gently and played with my tiny cock. I just watched his hands touching me. I couldn't get hard after a few minutes of playing and even Steven's cock has softened a little. I reached down and touched him. Steven stood up. He reached into his bag, for what I thought was more money. Instead it was a Polaroid camera. Steven asked if he could take a picture. He bent over and pulled out another twenty. I shook my head yes and took it. He had me stand on top of the bed and took a picture of just my body. Then he took a few more of me in various positions. I noticed the time when Steven took a picture of me on all fours facing the clock on the nightstand. It was almost 2am. I wasn't feeling tired and I liked the attention and compliments Steven was giving me. Steven put down the camera and while I was on all fours. He came up behind me, grabbed my ass and opened it up. What he did next made me jump up. Steven put his face into my ass and licked me. I curled up in a fetal position and looked at him. Steven told me it was OK and he pulled out more money and put it on top of my pile. Without a word he motioned me back into position and I let him do it again. His moustache tickled me and I squirmed as he kept burying it into my crack. It felt amazing, I had never had that done and I felt myself getting hard. Steven had reached around one of legs and gave my cock a few playful tugs. I was so turned on. I felt weak and alive at the same time. A few more minutes and Steven flipped me over and began giving me oral.I watched as he swallowed up every inch of my small cock. His moustache tickled me just under my bellybutton. I couldn't help myself and moved my body. I reached out for something to touch or grab as he sucked. My mind was exploding from what was happening. I didn't want it to end. Then unexpectedly, Steven thrusted a finger up into my ass. As he did, I yelped as I lost control. My cock surged and cum exploded out of me. I grunted hard each time cum came out of me. Steven milked me until there was nothing left. I was completely spent. I felt so good, relaxed....I didn't want to move. Steven pushed me over onto my back.At first, he rubbed my back. It felt nice to be touched. He moved down to my lower back. Then he spread my legs apart. Steven rubbed his enormous cock up between my ass cheeks. He was so warm as he pressed his body down on me. It was like a warm blanket. I felt his tip pressing up against my hole. My body reaction was to push back and keep it out. Steven's advances were too much and he plowed through. My relaxed feeling soon became one of discomfort and pain. I had never been stretched open but I kept my face down and cried into the pillow. He pounded over and over. The pain was stressing me out to the point. My body's defense kicked in and I got lightheaded. I was just about to lose consciousness when Steven pulled out and spewed his juices onto my backside. His sweaty body collapsed on me and as much as I wanted to get up. I stayed still until he rolled off me and spooned me.Steven left the lights on and we fell asleep. I awoke just before him with an awful pain in my ass. It hurt to move and walk to the bathroom. The sun was coming in through the curtains. My whole body felt weird. I felt like I had walked into a brick wall. Everything was in slow motion. Steven was smiling at the sight of my weary, weakened state. He told me I looked sexy but I felt like shit. I looked at the clock. I had just ninety minutes until I had to be a work. I told Steven. He had to get going too. Steven got up and moved much quicker than me. By the time I was lacing up my sneakers he had showered and was dressed. Steven noticed how slow I moved. He suggested i call in sick. I told him it wasn't an option, even though I really wanted to. Then he asked how much I got paid. I told him and Steven threw another forty on the pile of money.Steven said we should do it again but was unsure when that would be. I put the money in my shorts pocket and we walked out the hotel together. We said goodbye and I decided to just walk to my apartment across the street. Steven asked where I was going without my car. I turned around and told him how much my ass hurt and wanted to avoid having to sit down. He laughed and drove off.