The Rebound Sex Years – Part Two

***This is chapter three of my sex memoirs following on from:1. 2.After several requests, I’ve decided to continue this in chronological order which features this unusual encounter with a sex-date site meetup***The AFF Meet6 interesting months had passed since my last sex session with my friend John. I had met and begun a very active, long distant relationship with a girl, Corrine, I had met on a yahoo group. We were having daily cybersex and web-cam masturbation sessions on Msn messenger, but with her living in Pinner, a town just outside London, and me being stuck without my own transport on the other side of the country in a small town on the North Somerset coast she might have well be living on the moon for chances of meeting up until I could get some time off work – and that wasn’t going to be for some considerable time. My blue balls were beginning to reach a crisis point.I had invested in a huge range of sex toys, ranging from a Fleshlight and a blow-up doll, to a variety of dildos and anal toys in a desperate attempt to ease my over active sex drive with no real results. During this time, I was also on a very popular adult site, AFF. This was back during the time where non-fee paying members could still use the message function and I had loads of older, bi-curious men clamouring for my hot body. I had got as far as a few meetings which inevitably ended in just a bit of mutual masturbation, or maybe a blow job (I honestly think these older, micro-cocks just wanted to experience a large cock in their hands).The problem I was experiencing was entirely down to my unusual approach to my sexual preference. I really should clear this up, especially given how the last chapter ended. I just love sex. All types of sex. If it involves genitals, I’m all for it, men and women. I had been struggling to get it across to the people I talked to on this website that all I’m interested in was sex. I’m not attracted you, I have no emotional interest in you – I just want to fuck and or be fucked by you.I still wasn’t getting any closer to meeting up with Corrine, so when another guy offered a meet up with me I took it. Only this one was different. This guy, his user name was PaulCockForYou596, wanted to fuck. He wanted my arse on the end of his unusual looking cock. His profile picture didn’t show his member clearly, but that alone was enough to interest me. There was one problem however. He didn’t want to meet me at my flat which was just off the High Street as he didn’t want to risk being seen by anyone who knew him in this small town. I thought about a way around this and suddenly remembered something from many years ago with my friend, John.I suggested to Paul that we meet up at the beach access in a road called Trinity Rise (which was a little way out from the main part of town) and go to a place down on the beach. Now along this beach were some extensive sand dunes, and in my younger years, John and I would frequently go up and over into the thorny scrub and grasses out of the prying eyes of beach walkers for an outdoor wank session. I suggested to Paul that this would be a nicely secluded area for us to enjoy each other. He agreed and we set a time and date.I went to meet Paul wearing only a tshirt and a loose fitting pair of jogging trousers. I struggled to keep my erection down which was all too obvious in the joggers. I waited and watched as a small white van pulled up and a thin, tall guy got out, looked around him and walked up to me. “Tyet85?” he asked me, we had never exchanged real names. “Yup” I replied and smiled knowingly. He gestured for me to lead him to our sex-spot, and as I turned to walk off he grabbed my arse. This should prove very interesting, I thought.We made small talk as we made the short walk to the Dunes. “so, what do you want to do?” I asked as we got into the hollow I had led him to. “I want to see that huge cock” he said. I quickly obliged by whipping my joggers down and my growing shaft bounced out. Paul smiled and without a word grabbed my cock, gently rolling back my foreskin to reveal my engorged helmet. Before I knew what was happening he was feeding my shaft down his throat and filling his mouth with me. I gently rocked back and forth, fucking his face.Before long, he pulled back and began to unbuckle his trousers. I got in close to his crotch as he slowly uncovered. A well-kept pubic bush came into view followed by his 6 inch long, slim cock which seemed to be shaped like a banana in a right hand curve. As his shaft cleared his clothes I also noticed the length of his foreskin – IT WAS HUGE! The final 2 inches on his penis was all skin.I ran my hand from his leg into his crotch and gently wrapped my fingers around his member. I tried to pull his foreskin back over his cockhead with no result, it didn’t seem to want to go that far. I lent in and sucked up the tip and with my tongue, got up into that tube of skin and found his tip. He tasted of coffee and pre-cum. His cock continued to grow as I tried to find a way to give him a blow job the way I was used to. His hands were in my shoulder length hair, guiding my mouth over his shaft, then, with a gentle tug, he indicated he wanted me to stop.I knew what was expected of me, and I took up position in front of him, on all fours with my arse in the air. I saw from the corner of my eye, Paul putting on a condom before sliding behind me. I felt him exploring my cheeks with his shaft before settling on my bum-hole and gently pushing in. With only a little resistance, my arse swallowed his shaft all the way to his balls. I was battling a dual experience of relief that I was finally have sex again, and slight disappointment of how small Paul’s cock felt in my tight hole.Slowly, Paul built up a smooth rhythm that was pleasurable and really gentle. I moaned, trying to encourage some more vigorous fucking, but then I felt him slowly pulling further and further out of me. I wondered if he had cum already, and when I hurt the elastic snap of his condom being removed I thought that was the case.Suddenly, Paul rammed his cock back into my arse with a hard, unrelenting pounding. YES! I thought, he wants to cum in me! The pumping of Paul’s cock in and out of me was finally giving me pleasure I was seeking. I began to cum hard as Paul started to grunt and jerk in his movements. To my surprise, he pulled out of me and I watched as he stroked himself to climax. I sat, half naked on the sand and watched in slight bemusement as he did his trousers up, patted me on the shoulder and walked off calling “Thanks, mate” after him.I remained still on the warm sand. Hang on, I thought, I’ve just been totally sucks.***This is the last of my true gay encounters. My next entry will deal with my first encounter with Corrine (my first pussy!!!) and the surprise return of my school-years ex, Lara***