The Sunday before my husbands overseas business tr

Unfortunately I was on my period that weekend and waking up Sunday morning early my husband was too awake and while I laid cuddling him my hand moved over his handsome body. My hand eventually made its way onto his cock, and he had a morning glory. What's this I asked my man.It's a lollipop with cream for you to suck he replied. Oh really I replied and I then made my way on top of him. I gave him a passionate kiss and then kissed him down his handsome chest and belly until reaching his hard cock and taking it into my mouth. I sucked his cock hard, up and down and deepthroating my man as I listened to him give soft groans of joy. I gagged on his cock two or three time and he then said "fuck yes" and as I sucked up and down on his cock it exploded shooting his cum up into my throat. I sucked him dry till all his cum was in my mouth. I then got up and went to the bathroom where I spat his load of cum into the basin and rinsed it as well as my mouth. I returned to bed and my husband and I made out kissing passionately for a while, while I laid on top of him. His hands went under my pj's pants and while we kissed he massaged and squeezed my bum. Once our lips aparted he move his middle finger onto my bum hole and said, " I'm going to fuck your ass later today."Really now, what makes you think you deserve that? I replied.He replied, cause you love me and want to give me a good send off so you will let me.I smiled at him and gave him another big passionate kiss before saying ok my babe. He smile back at me and we cuddled a few more minutes before getting up. Our daughter was soon up and about as well. His parents arrived at midday for a braai and to spend some time with their son before he flew overseas. But throughout the day ever chance my man got when him and I were alone he would place his hand under my jeans and let his middle finger run over my bum hole for a few seconds as he whispered into my ear how he's going to enjoy fucking my tight sexy ass. All the fourplay that my husband was doing made me rather horny and It really was a pity that I was on my period as I would have loved to have my man fuck my pussy hard and rough. A late sunday lunch soon finished and after 17h30 my man's parents left for home. I quickly help bath my daughter and there after she laid on the couch watching an animation while my man and I had a few drinks and chatted in the kitchen. After our 2nd drink my walked up to me and leaned me down on the counter top which faced the lounge. He stood behind me and his hand went down my jeans again. He rub my bum hole as he told me to imagine how he could fuck me if I wasn't on my period. He then said think about my cock sliding in and out of your ass while you fuck your pussy with the vibrator. I became real horny and wet and I really wanted to be fucked hard and rough. My man's hand left my bum and I turned around to face him and place my hand on his cock which was rock hard which made me more horny. We then cooled down for a few minutes and had one more drink before going to check on our daughter. She was fast asleep on the couch and we then took her to her room and tugged her in. My hubby and I then moved to our room and he didn't waste any time. He grabbed my ass and pulled me into him and kissed me passionately. Once our lips aparted we stripped each other and he then threw me down onto the bed. He fetch the lube from the bedside draw and then moved to sit down on my back while I laid on my belly. He gave me 2 stinging spanks on each of my bum cheeks and afterwards i felt the cold lube landing onto my bum crack and running slowly down onto my bum hole. My man's finger soon started rubbing, massaging the lube into my bum hole as he prepared me for his horny cock. After a few minutes of fingering my ass my man got off me and turned me around, he kneeled between my legs and I watched him stroke his cock as he lubed it up.He then moved down and placed his cock at the entrance to my bum and while looking me in the eyes he pushed his hard cock into my tight ass and I could feel how his cock stretched me. He move back and forth in and out my bum gently at first as he moved down to kiss me while making love to me. Once our lips aparted he started thrusting harder in and out my bum. He then pulled out and turned me onto all 4s and re-entered his hard cock into my tight bum. He grabbed onto my hips and pulled me back into him as he drove his cock deep and hard into my ass. I moan from the way I was getting fucked anally and the more I moaned the rougher my man fucked my bum. He then started groaning and shot his cum deep up into my ass enjoying every second of it. After he finished cumming he pulled out of my bum and then gave me two spanks on my bum before saying thank you my love. I made my way to the bathroom to clean up a bit and remove my tampon before hopping into the shower. While showering my man joined me and we washed each other. His hands massage my boobs and pinched my nipples while standing behind me. I moaned from the pinching as well as the way my man touched my body. His right hand slowly made its way down to between my legs while his left hand move up and around my throat. His middle finger rubbed up and down my pussy stimulating my clit while he started choking me with his left. My moans soon as louder and my man choked me harder as he brought me to orgasm in the shower. After a while needed orgasm we finished washing each other and then got out and dried off before heading to bed, where my man moved to lay on top of me to give me a big passionate kiss allowing our tounges to massage each others for a while. Once our lips aparted he said "thank you my love for letting me fuck your sexy tight ass, I really enjoyed it and I'm going to miss you while I'm away.I replied saying that he's welcome and that I would miss him too. He then cuddled me and not long later I was fast asleep, ending a happy Sunday of pleasure for my man.