The Unknown Risk.

The next day being 25th, I sent her pics of my dick and she went gaga, she became horny and desperate begging me to come to Port Hacourt, saying she would pay my flight fare to and fro, I said I cant make it because im working which I just started a week ago, she pleaded and pleaded but I stood my grounds. I suggested I hook her up with a friend in PH and she obliged, I sent her the friends contact number and I also informed my friend and sent him her number as well. They got talking as I confirmed from both persons. She calls me back later in the day saying she doesn’t want my friend as im bigger in size than he is, I said there is nothing I can do except she comes down to Lagos, we spoke for 32 minutes talking raw and planning on how to meet. She called the next day again saying she would be coming to Lagos with her sugar dad but wouldn’t have time to spend with me as she would spend just 30mins with me at the airport, I said ok by me at least we would get to see. She calls back later in the evening and says what if she told me she was in Lagos would I be able to come see her that night I said no, because I had work to resume the following day and that it was impromptu as I didn’t prepare for it. She said ok we will see the following day. The following day she called and gave me the address of the hotel she was lodged in Festac and said I should come after work, I closed from work, got home about 6pm, ate, showered and I hit the road for Festac about 8.30pm, I got to the hotel by 10.30pm. On arrival at the hotel, I called to let her know I was around, she then said I should be careful so as not to let anyone know I was coming to see her if not we will both be killed, I wondered who this sugar dad was that could do such a thing, she said I should go through the restaurant that there is a stair which leads to the floor where her room is, I followed her instruction and I got to the room and she quickly jammed the door asking me if anyone saw me coming up to the room, I said no and asked why she was so scared of someone seeing me, she said I wouldn’t understand that she would tell me later. She was drinking red label when I got in and she offered me but I declined, as I don’t drink, asked if I wanted malt I said yes and she gave to me with snacks. I wasn’t disappointed at her looks because she was beautiful but a little bit hairy on her chest. We sat and got talking, it was then she told me who her dreaded sugar dad was, my heart started beating rapidly as I got to know is one of Nigerian foremost militant in the Niger Delta region. I asked her why she didn’t tell me all along, she said she knew if she had told me I wouldn’t come, I said truly I wouldn’t have taken such risk, I was restless as I even got to know that he had his boys lodge in the same hotel but in rooms downstairs. She assured me that neither her sugar dad nor the boys would come knocking on her door as her dad had gone home to meet his family but could be back in the morning as early as 7/8am. She was wearing a black silk night gown with no pant or bra on, she got high and horny thanks to the red label she was drinking, she came towards me and begged me to fuck her that she couldn’t wait to have my dick in her pussy, as she was saying so she was undressing me as I sat on the chair, I got up to make her undressing me easier, she went for the belt and loosed it, brought out my dick and marveled at the instrument in her hand and said this is marvelous, I smiled and said but there are lots more out there bigger than mine, she said she doesn’t care that this is the biggest she had seen, she opened the drawer and brought out a condom and wore on my already stiff dick, she assumed the doggy style and I rammed into her mercilessly as that was what she asked me to do, we did the standing style, touch your toe, 69 and gold digger before I finally came. We rested for 15 minutes before we began the 2nd round, then her phone rang with a call from her fiancé in Europe that she is to marry by October, while I was fucking her she begged her fiancé to make love to her on phone as she didn’t want me to stop fucking her, he did as she asked and I was just laughing inside my mind saying this girl is baaaadddddddd, she ended the call several times and he called back, she claimed it was the network, we fucked for about 20 minutes or so and did all the doable styles, she came severally during the 2nd round, after I ejaculated we both went to the bathroom and cleaned then went to bed. While I was sleeping I was sleeping with an eye open because of fear. At about 4.30am I woke up and we had another round of fuck for 35 minutes, during that time that gate of the hotel kept opening and closing, each time it did we stopped to check who it was, it was then we discovered the boys went clubbing and just returned. After we finished fucking, I bathed then left the room by 5.20am with my heart pumping faster than it had ever done in my entire life. I successfully left the room and boarded a bike to my friends house who stays in Festac, didn’t get to see him until 7.30am, I waited outside for 2hrs as I didn’t know the exact flat his house is. He saw me and asked where I was coming from I told him I came to see him, he said I must be mad that I should tell him the truth, I then told him my ordeal, he said I was lucky not to have been caught and probably been killed. We later ate breakfast and I left for a chat mates house who stays at Alakija, I got there, spent 3 hours and then hit the road for home, then she calls me back saying I should come back and spend the night with her again, I told her I was yet to get home from the previous night and besides I had no fare to come back, I lied.