Training Course 1

A true story by jeni45, though the names have been changed. Thanks to davylad1234 for the inspiration to put pen to paper (so to speak).My night of excitement and naughtiness started at the end of a four day training course. It had not been an interesting course but I met some nice people from across the region. Most left for home after class on Thursday, though a few of us were staying over until Friday. Along with two guys from the course, we decided to go out for dinner and drinks. I had never met them before but the three of us hit it off from the start. Bob was about my age, loved golf, great sense of humor. Sam was a little younger, quite fit, a runner I think. He was also quick with a good joke; and very witty. We had great conversation and some laughs during dinner. After dinner we found a nice bar to hang out in for drinks and more laughs. It turns out the bar had a band on that evening so we stayed to enjoy the show. It also turned out that both my new acquaintances enjoyed music and dancing as much as I do. The band and music were excellent and we danced until closing. They took turns dancing with me on the dance floor, though a few times all three of us danced together. There was nothing sexual about any of it. It was really just a fun night after a long week and we had some real laughs together. Everyone was having fun and there was nothing too serious about any of it.In the taxi on the way back to the hotel, the three of us in the back seat, I was feeling slightly drunk, but very relaxed and happy. We continued to joke and laugh but we were not too over the top with drink. At one point, though, after saying something particularly funny, Bob innocently put his hand on my bare leg (I was wearing a skirt). Wow…..not sure what happened but I felt electricity pass through my body. On reflex I reached down and put my hand over his. And, after a brief moment, I slowly guided his hand up, under my skirt. A look of surprise came over his face….I just smiled and continued to chuckle at his joke. Then I noticed that Sam was looking at what had just happened, also with a surprised look on his face. But both were very cool and no big scene developed in the back of the taxi. I felt Bob’s fingers press on me through my panties, and at one point he slide a finger under my panties and slightly penetrated me. Sam calmly put a hand on my other leg but just lightly caressed it. We all continued to laugh and, I think, act relatively normal.Back at the hotel, one of them paid the taxi and we walked into the hotel. I could tell they were both discretely hiding their obvious erections. Bob, I think, suggested a night cap. The hotel had a small shop that sold individual beers and such. Sam said he would grab some beers and munchies and we could go to his room. Bob and I waited, and once he had his purchases we all went with Sam back to his room. While we were all still laughing together I could sense some new electricity in the air. Back at the room they opened some beers and we had a little toast for our completed training course. I then excused myself and went to the bathroom. I still don’t know why, but, impulsively I took off my bra and panties. This left me in a tight fitting sleeveless top and shortish skirt. Not sure why I did that, other than I was already starting to feel a sense of arousal and wanted to be provocative. I’m sure the drink helped too. When I rejoined them they were both on the couch (it was a suite style hotel), so I sat on one of the chairs. I think I noticed both of them glancing at my nipples, now showing clearly through my top. I am sure the fact that I was starting to feel aroused made them harder and even more noticeable.As we sat across from each other, we were still joking and laughing, but I could sense some nervousness as well. Or, was it anticipation? This is probably why we made it through the first beers pretty quickly. While Sam was getting refills, I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes, listening to the music he had put on. I think, u*********sly, I also opened my legs. When Sam came back I opened my eyes and saw Bob looking at me very intently….or rather, he was looking between my open legs very intently. Sam looked over to see what he was looking at and said, “mmm, Very nice.” That broke the ice and Bob stood up, walked over to me, leaned down and kissed me; deeply, passionately. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and found my tongue. Soon his hand was on my breast, squeezing my nipples through my top. I sensed that Sam was also standing there so I reached out for him, found him, and began stroking his obvious erection through his pants. Next a hand was moving up my leg, under my skirt, and soon discovering how wet I was. One of them, Sam I think, then suggested that perhaps we should move to the bedroom.The covers were pulled back and I layed down on the bed. Doing so it hit me, “What am I doing here???” But I did not have much time to think about it because soon they were beside me, one on each side. Bob started kissing me again and Sam began to explore under my skirt. I reached out again for Sam and, to help make it easy, soon all of his clothes were off. I reached again, found him, and suddenly had to stop kissing to see what I was holding. I was more than a little surprised. I have seen and been with many cocks in my time, but surely he had one of the largest and nicest I have ever been with. It was long, thick, perfectly formed, accompanied by a large sack with two big balls. And now, in my hand, his cock was very hard. While I admired and started stroking Sam, Bob took off his clothes. Glancing at him I saw he too was very hard. He also had a lovely looking cock and balls, but of a size more normal to most men. Soon Bob was removing my top, Sam my skirt, and then Bob was between my legs with his mouth. I felt his tongue inside me, and the tip of his tongue teasing my clit. I was enjoying this when I felt Sam move closer. I looked up to find his cock inches from my face. I smiled and started stroking his long hard shaft. I began running my tongue up and down his long shaft, then down to his large sack. There I licked, and sucked, and lightly bit before returning to his cock. Precum was dripping from his tip so I gave that my attention, taking his cock head in my mouth as far as I could. I love sucking cock and have always wanted to be able to deep throat. Unfortunately I have always been limited by my gag reflex. I tried, and Sam gently pushed himself deeper, but there was only so much I could handle. Bob’s tongue on my clit, and fingers inside me, Sam in my mouth, all contributed to my very high state of arousal. Suddenly, a thought hit me and I blurted out, “Do either of you have condoms with you?” They looked at each other, then at me, gave slight shrugs and said “Sorry”. For a moment I felt frustrated since I was so aroused. But Sam said quietly, reassuringly, “Don’t worry, we’re all clean and I’m sure we keep ourselves safe”. And with that, he gently rolled me on my back, got above me, and before I could react he was inside me. I was surprised how easily he had penetrated me with his long, thick cock, even though I knew I was very wet with arousal. He slid in and out of me slowly, with a quiet rhythm, letting me feel his length and thickness. While I became even more aroused a random thought went through my head. Since both of them wore wedding rings that probably meant they were fine, I told myself. Of course, I know better, but by then my arousal and desire had taken over, and those thoughts left my head for good.As Sam continued to fuck me, slowly, my desire was becoming overwhelming. I pushed against his shoulders firmly, pushing him off me and on to this back. I then straddled over him, took his large hard cock in my hand, and guided it back inside me. I squatted over him, raising myself up and down on his cock, so he could see himself disappearing inside me. Bob was enjoying watching and stood next to me so I could take him in my mouth at the same time. He was dripping with lovely tasting precum. But by now I had an orgasm growing inside me, and needed to release it. I laid myself flat on top of Sam, stretching myself until our bodies were touching head to toe. This allowed me to take his cock fully inside me while being able to rub my clit against his groin. In this way I rode him, fucking him for my own intense pleasure. His hard cock, penetrating deep inside me, filled me and felt a part of me. My arousal was now so intense it was not long before I was ready to explode. I put my hands under his ass and forced him deeper. He put his hands on my ass and thrust himself into me. Soon I was screaming out, “Fuck…..I’m going to cum” and with that exploded. WOW!!!! Waves of orgasm passed through me, I could feel my vagina clenching around his cock. My orgasm seemed to go on and on for a long time. And then, suddenly, I felt spent and collapsed on top of him, though waves of pleasurable feelings kept coming from my vagina. I think he said, “Wow, that was huge.” My pussy was so sensitive he felt enormous inside me. After a short spell of rest and recovery I started tensing my vagina, slowly squeezing myself around his cock. In response, he started pushing himself deep into me. He was squeezing my ass and pressing down on it as he began to fuck me harder, deeper, with more urgency. I was now feeling his full size inside me, and as he thrust harder I could feel him bottoming out inside me. This was a little uncomfortable but I was too aroused to care. Then he started to groan, saying “yes, that’s it, that’s it, fuck, that’s it”. After a particularly deep thrust he stopped, held himself there, and I knew he was climaxing inside me; emptying those big beautiful balls of their sperm deep into me. Mmmmmm was all I could think as he filled me up. As he started to relax, me still lying on top of him, I heard him say again, “Wow”. Smiling and feeling very satisfied, I looked over and saw Bob holding his cock, hardly daring to stroke it. His cock was streaming precum and he looked like he was ready to climax just watching us. I gave Bob an encouraging smile. He reached over, took me gently and rolled me off of Sam, onto my back. Bob said, “Fuck, I have always wanted to do this”. “Do what” I asked. “Fuck someone who has just been filled by another man” he whispered. And with that he lowered himself on top of me. I spread my legs, giving him full access. I could feel his cock slide easily into my very wet and semen filled pussy. It was still sooooo sensitive. Feeling Bob inside me gave me another sense of intense arousal, though I knew I could not climax again so soon, or in this position. He moved his cock in and out of me with some urgency right from the start. He lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders, tilting me back so he could get deep penetration. He started fucking me hard, wanting to get himself as deep inside me as possible. I don’t think it was too long before he thrust really hard, held himself, groaned, and said “fuck me, take my cum too”. With that I had the satisfaction of knowing he was climaxing inside me. He held that position, not moving for a time. Then, he started to slowly move his cock in and out of me. I could feel, semen I assumed, dripping on to my ass. As I felt his cock softening inside me, Bob lowered my legs back down, lay on top of me for a bit, then rolled off and onto his back with a sigh. He said quietly, “Fuck, THAT was fantastic”. And I thought, smiling, “yes, it was”.End of Part 1