Béa was sexy femboy when she found a wild runaway boy. She decided to take care of him and raise him like her little brother. Together they discovered and revealed their feminine side and grew up into beautiful transvestites girls. Discovering each others body and transforming together they soon became lovers, living perfect life together until zombies attack the city. Béa was transformed into zombie but Lilly changed her back by having sex with her. Now more zombies got into the house --Name: Béa Chan --Lilly ChanAge : 23 --18Job: Student in sciences --SchoolgirlMood: Shy --Enthusiastic slutCock size: 15cm --22cmFavorite position: Against a wall --DeepthroatHobby: Volleyball --Sex with BéaEpisode 2: Making a zombie cumMartin, the neighbour’s son is walking slowly from the kitchen to the living room. He had always have a crush on Lilly, always checking out when she was coming home, sometimes even staring at the windows to see her get dressed. Two days before, he was spying on her from his window and saw the two sisters kissing so tenderly, getting naked together, jerking and sucking before having sweet sex. Discovering that they both got cock was a shock but their love making was so intense and full of tenderness that it appeared very natural to him, only making his desire for Lilly stronger. When the zombie attack started, he wanted to get to the girl’s house to warn them and keep Lilly safe but his parents didn’t want him to go out. He finally managed to sneak out but as soon as he was on the lawn he got bitten by zombie mailman Neil. Lilly and Béa hug together in fear. The boy is not moving fast but they are like paralysed. Béa finally shakes Lilly, moves with her to the bathroom and lock the door. They hear the zombie stomps at the door and they freeze in one another arms, wondering what to do. “We must do it, s*s” says Béa, “we must grab his cock to stop him like you did with me! We have no choice!” Just then the door cracks open. It’s getting closer and girls realise that Martin is still wearing his trousers, unlike Béa which cock was all free when she was turned into zombie. The monster had them cornered and there is no choices left. They rush on it together, both grabbing the zombie cock and balls and caress it through the jeans, hoping it will work. The cock is already hard beneath the thin fabrics. Martin stops right as the girls start to touch it. None of them ever touched another boy cock before but they know they have to make him cum in order to change him back and have a chance to escape from this situation. The cock easily slides out the jeans and soon both girls are masturbating the hard shaft. The cock is not so long, even shorter than Béa’s yet it looks pretty cute. The two mouths soon are licking from each side of it. Watching each other over the cock they can both feel the other arousal raising slowly. Their tongues meet on the pole and dance together for a while. In her heart Béa feels a bit bad to see her cute lover suck another cock than hers yet she knows she would never have strength to do this on her own. Lilly is far less confused about the situation and even grabs on her s*s head to make her blows the cock’s tip while she licks on the cute boy balls and jerks the base. Soon the whole short cock is stuffed in Béa’s mouth and she can’t help playing her tongue on it. The taste is nice even though she prefers her sister’s big cock to fill her throat much better. Béa can feel Lilly’s big cock on her back and after a few minutes a finger sliding between her naked ass cheeks to rub on her tiny pink sissy hole. As her tongue caresses the lower side of the hard shaft a huge load of thick cum invades her throat and she barely manages to swallow all of it. She blushes bright when her sister pull on her hair to give her a long wet sticky kiss while not stopping to jerk the zombie cock and keep him steady. Lilly realises that Martin didn’t turned back to normal like Béa did when she came. Maybe it just works with people you love… or maybe the zombie cock got to cum in someone’s body. Béa was freaking out to take another cock then her loving Lilly inside her, scared to lose a special connexion between them. Yet she knew she had to take this stranger cock. Her ass was already so wet from the fingering. The short cock easily came inside and just like that Lilly was not her only lover anymore. The zombie starts to pound her rough in front of Lilly. Lucky enough, Martin comes pretty fast inside her and fell down on the ground, totally back to normal. The pleasure she got from his cock is not even slightly close to the bliss that she gets from her s*s big cock. She takes Lilly in her arms when it’s done and whispers in her ear that she loves her so much and never want to loose her. The hug is not very long before they decide they must close every doors and windows and lock in a room upstairs. Béa simply never wants this to happen again ever. They turn on the Tv to see how things are going. News are showing some apocalyptic scenes. It appears that more than half the population as transformed. Some groups of resistants are using force to defend themselves, shooting all zombies they can in the head, killing without knowing so many people that could be saved with just little sex. It seems no one else had the weird idea of touching the zombies cock to paralyse them and have sex with them to turn them back. Soon the two girls agreed that people need to be informed. Best way to do that: go seek for the Tv news star announcer Jim J.J Johns!